Amber's multiple personality reactions 不不不 look the way she smirks

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  1. Tiger Shark
    Tiger Shark

    It's exhausting just watching and listening to her talk, I can't imagine what's going on in her head...she needs deep therapy

  2. Andry Zwakhalen
    Andry Zwakhalen

    She smirks cause it seems she gets strength out of these moments being relived when she abused him on purpose. Really sadistic and a sick mind.

  3. Sala Mander
    Sala Mander

    Wtf she can't look around with out people accusing her of having multiple personalities!?!

  4. Janis Ganey
    Janis Ganey

    Amber has ruined lives and she has ruined her own life. No ones fault but her own. Im just really upset she has a baby, which I didnt know and I fear for that baby.

  5. aleshia mccaw
    aleshia mccaw

    Did anyone see when she put her glasses on for two seconds and then took them off and acted like her eyes were so irritated from having to read with them on

  6. Y A
    Y A

    Can't wait for cross examination next wk!!

  7. Yvonne

    Narcissism! Mind blowing how unaccountable people can be. Just to be right! Waste of time and money how sad儭

  8. Caren

    That smirk is called Duping Delight it means whatever she was hearing she thinks shes succeeded at deceiving people with

  9. Debbie Martin
    Debbie Martin

    Narcissist thrive on drama and chaos, they live for it. If there is no drama, they'll make up the drama. It makes others that hate it physically sick!

  10. Kay Collins
    Kay Collins

    I don't know about anyone else but I will never contribute one nickel to This Woman's livelihood.

  11. Re Fra
    Re Fra

    So shes not aloud to have different emotions at the same time? Welcome to being a woman

  12. Love L
    Love L

    Its disturbing to watch she looks like she has Zero remorse ? h

  13. Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole

    Having BPD doesn't mean you have DID. You're just straight up spreading misinformation about mental health disorders with your video description. Having BPD doesn't mean you have multiple personalities and is just a fucked up assumption

  14. AT_312

    Its even worse when shes on the stand, her personality chages every 5 seconds hahah

  15. ShadowForGod1012

    Watching the trial is deeply tiring because of her, only reason I'm there is for Johnny

  16. Iris Espindola
    Iris Espindola

    That's an evil woman! Wow!

  17. Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    Who cares of he is upset and smashing things up !! He had to pay for it... she needed go leave him alone.

  18. Isabel

    She's so innocent she has to turn to TMZ and social media instead of presenting on court all the evidence. Poor thing.

  19. Brenda R
    Brenda R

    How come she only showed emotion when she was testifying?

  20. Trolling Leftists
    Trolling Leftists

    You can just see the dishonesty in the cee you next Tuesday.