An Impossible Perpetual Motion Device?! 😳

Chris Ramsay
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Komentarze: 11 994

  1. casper the friendly cooking apple
    casper the friendly cooking apple
    12 dni temu

    That's nothing. I invented a time machine next month.

      Dzień temu


    2. George Varughese
      George Varughese
      2 dni temu

      I can't believe ppl ordered that and got ripped off 😳 😭

    3. Nick Shamas
      Nick Shamas
      2 dni temu

      Lol next month

    4. A1UpTop
      5 dni temu

      @Chris I have a crush on my girls sister too. I’d totally trade.

    5. D Johnson
      D Johnson
      5 dni temu

      You WIN 😂😂😂

  2. Johnny M
    Johnny M
    3 dni temu

    I wanted to get one, but my dad said in our house we obey the laws of thermodynamics 😕

    1. Supreme 1
      Supreme 1
      2 godzin temu

      L dad

    2. COM Vous zet'
      COM Vous zet'
      3 godzin temu

      Love this

    3. Approx
      6 godzin temu

      @the Unnamed there is actualy, it's called vacuum energy or energy of nothing, it is believed that only that can break laws of thermodynamics. So we still search for it.

    4. Approx
      6 godzin temu

      Well that thing still obeys laws of thermodynamics

    5. Joaquin Solis
      Joaquin Solis
      14 godzin temu

      Well you just violated the first law of thermodynamics- DO NOT talk about thermodynamics!!!

  3. Matthew Currey
    Matthew Currey
    8 godzin temu

    I'm curious how this one does actually work. I'm guessing an electromagnet that is activated while the marble is on the downslope only.

    1. Ghossler
      2 godzin temu

      Its easy....

  4. Luke Baehr
    Luke Baehr
    Dzień temu

    The Perpetual motion machine that's viewed as the (goose that lays the golden egg) is one that can do what you're seeing but has the ability to dump any excess energy into a storage device like a battery bank which can be used to power a light or turn a motor aside from continually completing its asigned route.

  5. Focus Foust
    Focus Foust
    Dzień temu

    Now, use a plastic or ceramic track, use a magnetic ball and place toroidal coils under the track and line up a dozen or so of these, hook all the coils together in series, a rectifier, capacitor and voila you'll have a psudo-perpetual motion device. I say psudo because the magnetts will eventually lose their magnetism, but can be easily replaced while other magnets are added to the system. A simple magnet sensor on each would be sufficient to keep track of the magnetic input. This would actually solve some energy issues for a anything stationary. Use said device to power batteries and the worlds energy needs would be met. Scale it up and power whole cities 🤷‍♂️

  6. Vincent Thien Pandey
    Vincent Thien Pandey
    9 dni temu

    The hardest thing about designing a perpetual motion machine is figuring out where to hide the batteries.

    1. Same SamV
      Same SamV
      Godzinę temu

      He did say "It doesn't exist but IF it did, it would sorta look something like this." You're so smart you don't even know how to listen. lol

    2. Tyler Patterson
      Tyler Patterson
      5 godzin temu

      Instead of perpetual motion why not very long time motion like 50,000 years? Then even at that point when it’s over just start up another one

    3. Club n Bone
      Club n Bone
      7 godzin temu

      I think magnets are a source of energy, we just haven't discovered how to extract it yet.

    4. Try Hard McGee
      Try Hard McGee
      10 godzin temu

      @J B Because of the way magnets work like that, the ball wouldn't have a net increase in speed. The reason batteries are required is because batteries can power an electromagnet with an alternating current. With this, the magnet is going to be constantly switching poles back and forth, so the ball gets attracted initially, but then as it goes past, it gets repelled afterwards to finally get that effect. Another way to disprove the idea with permanent magnets is that we know that perpetual motion machines cannot exist. If it were just a still magnet without the magnet experiencing any sort of change, it would be perpetual motion, with no energy lost. The battery is needed to supply the energy lost.

    5. Try Hard McGee
      Try Hard McGee
      10 godzin temu

      @J B When the ball falls, the magnet attracts the ball to make it go faster. That part is true, but as it starts to go up again, away from the magnet, where it would supposedly slingshot back to the top, the magnet is still attracted to the ball. The ball is moving forwards, but the magnet is attracting the ball backwards. Because of this, the ball loses the same amount of speed gained by the magnet, and there is no change in speed, meaning magnet or not, it would get to the same place in an ideal world In the real world, this magnet interference would result in an even shorter distance traveled in the air.

  7. Nirmal Gopinath
    Nirmal Gopinath
    Dzień temu

    When the metal ball falls through that hole it activates a feather touch switch below that top container. This switches on an electromagnet momentarily placed under the base, which accelarates the metal ball further. Plz note how the base is elevated. Wow what an imagination...

  8. Sourav Bhattacharjee
    Sourav Bhattacharjee
    2 dni temu

    To those wondering how it works, this thing is literally a rail gun. The two rails are actually not made from the same piece of metal, but are actually disconnected. They are two conductors connected to a battery hidden in the base. There's also a small permanent magnet hidden there. When the ball rolls on the rails, the circuit closes and a small electric current starts flowing. This pushes the ball according to lenz's law. The force is tiny as it depends on the strength of the magnet. But that is enough to give it just enough boost to make it back to the top. So it's not a perpetual motion machine, since the battery feeds energy into the system.

    1. Universe Devon
      Universe Devon
      Dzień temu

      but at least it looks cool

  9. Manny Aguilar
    Manny Aguilar
    3 dni temu

    Amazon seems it for under $40. It uses a battery to propel the beads hard enough to jump back up. With out the battery the bead won’t go up to the top.

  10. JeffT
    2 dni temu

    If you spring load the "landing area", it could actually produce impact energy on a small scale everytime the ball lands.

    1. andgray
      2 dni temu

      Jeff you have passed the men in black test and you can now join the aliens.

  11. Bryan Turner
    Bryan Turner
    8 dni temu

    As anyone that ever had a HotWheels track can tell you, the loop can never be as high as the feed ramp.

    1. Blaine Trarop
      Blaine Trarop
      12 godzin temu

      Ok I am familiar with the name and idea. I am not a physics person. Wouldn’t something in space be able to accomplish something close to perpetual motion since there is not as much gravity?

    2. C&L E
      C&L E
      12 godzin temu

      The video doesn't lie.

    3. Phantom Aviator
      Phantom Aviator
      16 godzin temu

      @vase heresy

    4. vase
      18 godzin temu

      @Phantom Aviator what would you call an electric heater? It's 100% efficient

    5. Guitarplaya
      2 dni temu

      Anyone else use the track as a weapon against siblings?

  12. OverTaxed42Long
    3 dni temu

    Even if this uses magnets the friction would eventually cause wear that would make changes to the thing that would cause it to fail. Perpetual means infinite, constant, forever ongoing. Perpetual motion doesn't allow for time out to make repairs or upgrades or changes.

  13. caliope knows
    caliope knows
    Dzień temu

    Very cool. I wonder if with enough time the balls would wear grooves into the wood eventually changing the physical properties of the bowl and altering the downward spiral until the balls no longer spiral in sync with the design of the unit thereby losing their perpetual motion...

    2 dni temu

    What if there was a lot of spheres. And we could draw energy from the railing as it gains energy to jump back, pushing another ball into the hole perpetually?

  15. Kurtis Burkett
    Kurtis Burkett
    12 godzin temu

    Ok so I have a question obviously this thing will run out of energy and stop one way or another but is it not possible for this to be used to create energy and be like a energy making machine with low outside energy required? A more effective energy making machine if you will?

  16. Matthew Currie
    Matthew Currie
    2 dni temu

    “Why isn’t it possible?” “It’s just not” “Why not you stupid bastard?”

    1. That one dude You don't know
      That one dude You don't know
      5 minut temu

      @Kenna Shafer yeah but what he stating is that there only so mutch energy in the universe therefor finite just because its is always in use in one way or another and is never destroyed its not created at all mutch less in infinite abundance making it finite ....finite doesnt mean your gonna run out just that theres only so mutch thinks you may have spent a wee bit too mutch time on sience and not enough on language thats like skipping leg day my guy get better

    2. DivineAtheistWannabe
      37 minut temu

      "Because Bateman won't give the maitre D, head"

      Godzinę temu

      Theres batteries

    4. Zalle Syn
      Zalle Syn
      Godzinę temu

      potential energy from a fall < (energy required to get it back up + energy lost in friction + air resistance + other minor losses)

  17. Simpson Home Renovations
    Simpson Home Renovations
    3 dni temu

    Years ago I was painting this lady's den, she had this cool hammered copper coffee table. She also had these cool glass watering bulbs. I set one of these glass bulbs on the copper table and it rolled back and forth all day long without ever stopping.

    1. alvarojm750
      21 godzinę temu

      @Zuzus Petals illuminati confirmed.

    2. Ric plays
      Ric plays
      Dzień temu

      @Zuzus Petals if its free do it yourself then

    3. Rocketdog11
      2 dni temu

      @Zuzus Petals 🤦🏼‍♂️

    4. Zuzus Petals
      Zuzus Petals
      2 dni temu

      Copper ya say …..hmm just like all the copper in domes and spheres of many of our buildings when energy was free, before these demons decided to charge us for something free.

  18. Nathan Eddy
    Nathan Eddy
    2 dni temu

    The balls are most likely negatively poled magnets and in the wood or below the wood is another negatively poled magnet. This applies a repellent force as the ball goes to the bottom of the rails. The magnets could also be along the hole that goes onto the rails forcing higher acceleration and velocity.

  19. David Tatum
    David Tatum
    11 godzin temu

    To achieve warp speed, make sure balls go through hole where rails are magnetized by dilithium crystals.

  20. Haley Praytor
    Haley Praytor
    7 dni temu

    My dad taught me about the impossibility of a perpetual motion device when I was a kid and I thought for sure I would be the one to finally invent it 😂

    1. Daniel Daniels
      Daniel Daniels
      16 godzin temu

      I was pretty obsessed with figuring out how to do it as a kid too

    2. moto2016
      4 dni temu

      @The Dark Lord I use a shovel to open worm holes.

    3. The Dark Lord
      The Dark Lord
      5 dni temu

      @Rich well the laws of thermodynamics are pretty solid. But you’re correct. It’s only impossible for us. If you believe in multi-verse theory, you are 100% correct. Could be that our universe has limitations, but other universes have other limitations. They could be so weird. If there’s an on switch on ours, there can be an off switch on theirs. Which means the laws of thermodynamics could be completely useless in another universe.

    4. Jim Mooney
      Jim Mooney
      5 dni temu

      I lived in a hilly town and used to ride my bike different ways to see if I could find a way to go downhill more than I went up hill

    5. Melbourne Stacker
      Melbourne Stacker
      6 dni temu

      @The Dark Lord bring on chaos I say

  21. Ki-Sean Excell
    Ki-Sean Excell
    17 godzin temu

    I don’t think that’s unnatural it reminds me of those satisfying videos that go in a continuous loop. I’d definitely just be staring at this for as long as I could if I had one.

  22. happy gilmore
    happy gilmore
    Dzień temu

    watched a documentary on it one time..this dude created a machine that kind of generated perpetual motion that would technically last forever, dude was from either Denmark or Sweden

  23. RepealSection230ForBigTech
    2 dni temu

    it's obviously battery operated; the energy supplied via the 2 curve rails: the metal ball is propelled with Lorenz force or magnetic field induced by an electric current.

  24. 12XU
    Godzinę temu

    The metal ball completes a circuit that makes the ball shoot faster than mere gravity! It looks too fast! It is well done though!

  25. mustang607
    12 dni temu

    Perpetual motion, as long as you keep the batteries charged.

    1. Kenna Shafer
      Kenna Shafer
      4 godzin temu

      That's not perpetual

    2. Ric plays
      Ric plays
      Dzień temu

      @Gryn the Bandito no because it will also pull it back when it goes up

    3. terrypussypower
      2 dni temu

      @PlatinumEagleStudios Looks like you have no batteries…in your head! 🤓🧐🤣😎

    4. terrypussypower
      2 dni temu

      @Gryn the Bandito No, it wouldn’t. It has to be an electromagnet. An ordinary magnet wouldn’t work.

    5. Eff Yoo
      Eff Yoo
      2 dni temu

      @PlatinumEagleStudios yes it does, you don't be stupid. He takes off the bottom snd shows the batteries and motor. You can buy these all day called newton's cradle 40 bucks, includes power supply.

  26. UFFEII
    2 dni temu

    I think you can basically win energy in the ring while it circulating until it is in the hole. Can we say that we win gravitational energy then? It might be possible in my opinion, I mean what can possible drain energy from the bead other than the speed which we will exclude draining energy from? Edit: I saw some comments about electromagnet in the ring, but if we would remove the magnet and lower the ring and bend the device more into the ring so that it aims the beads right into the ring, this might be possible? Second edit: nevermind, I just woke up and I am tired I realized if we would do that, there would be no acceleration and lower velocity 😂

  27. Blaine Trarop
    Blaine Trarop
    12 godzin temu

    My dad invented a perpetual motion car but these guys from GM took him for a ride in their van and he never came back. The car was gone the next morning. My mom took me up in our space ship powered by hydrogen made from water in a quart jug using a 9V rechargeable battery that only needed to be charged one time and invisible wire made from glass.

  28. Lilibeth Jabien
    Lilibeth Jabien
    5 godzin temu

    I thought perpetual motion machines never work but this one broke the laws of thermodynamics lol.

  29. steelmush
    2 dni temu

    If it was turned down a bit so the electro magnetic device that gives it the push was just enough so it just popped back onto the platform would be much more believable. It shoots down the rails way to fast for it to be believable.

  30. Yakigami
    8 dni temu

    For those wondering, the ramp is powered with electric, that's why it's able to shoot that ball

    1. yomuthafuckinmomma
      15 godzin temu

      @R&Y creative unless... the magnet pulls the bearing at the top of the rails (just as it passes through the hole) then the gravity pulls it through the pull of the magnet passes half point. 🧐

    2. SpeedyWithS
      7 dni temu

      @Rishit ok yeah idk why I didn't think of that

    3. Rishit
      7 dni temu

      @Anthony Testagrossa sure sure 🤣🤣. No matter how smooth your surface is you can never get a frictionless surface. And you say very confidently that it's stays in motion. An object can only be stopped if it experiences a component of force opposite to its velocity and there are multiple forces doing that job. Gravity, friction, air resist, etc. Gravity does help it speed up but once the ball goes uphill it works as a resistive force. So yeah PERPETUAL MOTION ISNT A THING.

    4. Rishit
      7 dni temu

      @SpeedyWithS doesn't matter. When ball goes up the ramp wouldn't it's heavy weight slow it down then?

    5. Pete Smith
      Pete Smith
      7 dni temu

      @Collander You say that but it's getting touch detecting sarcasm nowadays since people believe this stuff.

  31. KP
    2 dni temu

    The giveaway is the steel ball, which 1) always jumps higher than the platform it drops from, and 2) the chute is a pair of wires, which the steel ball 3) connects, completing the circuit of an electromagnet hidden inside the 4) "two by four" base, which is hollowed out.

  32. Taktition
    3 dni temu

    If we scale this up, would it not be a perpetual motion machine that can generate continuous energy?

  33. Rob Bell
    Rob Bell
    Dzień temu

    It gains energy from acceleration due to gravity and loses energy to friction. It essentially just gains as much energy as it loses. It doesn't create energy in any way, shape or form.

  34. CINEMAJUAN (Studio Prime)
    CINEMAJUAN (Studio Prime)
    3 godzin temu

    It will not last for a very long time, because the friction will affect the physical texture of all of the components using kinetic energy and therefore it will cause an imbalance.

  35. Saturn666
    10 dni temu

    It looks unnatural, because it is. That's not normal drop acceleration, so there has to be something in the frame that speeds it up. The wooden base is also suspiciously thick

    1. Ryan Lynch
      Ryan Lynch
      4 dni temu

      @Blair Johnson but after reading some comments it seems far more likely (and cheaper) if it were just a spinning wheel you can't see speeding it up as it passes through

    2. Ryan Lynch
      Ryan Lynch
      4 dni temu

      @Blair Johnson it would be possible if it were an electro magnet but would also need a circuit board and potentiometer and/or hall-effect sensor that switches off the exact time the ball passes through the field. This all can easily be made very small and run off a double or even single A battery and could be inside the wood but I've never seen anyone flip one over to show the underside so I don't know.

    3. Kiwipai
      5 dni temu

      @ImonShrooms an electromagnet wouldn't do it either. If you turned it on and off at the right times then it could give the ball some extra energy, but that's like saying the wheels of a car is what gives it the extra energy to move.

    4. Zreknarf
      7 dni temu

      @Imperf3kt if you can harness more energy than the gravity added then it still counts as perpetual. similarly if you can harness more energy by moving something close to a permanent magnet than it takes to pull the thing away from the magnet, that would also be considered perpetual. both are impossible. this is an electromagnet that switches polarity as the ball passes

    5. Imperf3kt
      7 dni temu

      @Aiman Azminovich well maybe but we don't know. What we do know is this might be real, but even if it is, it's still not perpetual motion because it is using energy harnesses from gravity.

  36. Cameo64
    Dzień temu

    The problem is the ball falls and launches above where it was when ot fell. Nothing naturally falls down a ramp and flies higher than where it started (conservation of energy). So it's obviously got some kind of motor.

  37. Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins
    20 godzin temu

    The ramp is electrified to somehow magnetically accelerate the ball bearing. I bet it won't work with a glass marble.

  38. The Double Dipped Veteran
    The Double Dipped Veteran
    4 dni temu

    Perpetual would consist of the object having or maintaining the energy from one given point of motion till the end of time. However the ball getting sent back to the bowl is the reset of potential energy.

  39. binatitagain
    Dzień temu

    So I had to go back and look up the laws of thermodynamics (hey! I did uni chem several years ago ok?!lol) and I was struggling to remember what entropy was, the 2nd rule, until I remembered a cool example that our prof gave us: ice cubes don't cool down your soda. The soda 'warms' up the ice until the temperature reaches an equilibrium again (room temperature). I know that this is a super basic explanation but at least it stuck! Isn't the ball accelerating unnaturally/wouldn't it lose speed from friction as it goes down? (1st law: energy cannot be created or destroyed but only changed to another form...)

  40. SD StarkWeather
    SD StarkWeather
    9 dni temu

    A great man once said “the most difficult part of perpetual motion is finding new ways to hide the battery”

    1. The Deck
      The Deck
      6 dni temu

      It uses a magnet not batteries.

    2. M C
      M C
      6 dni temu

      @Jski check out his channel - he takes it apart and shows the batteries/magnet at the bottom.

    3. Kerem Bildik
      Kerem Bildik
      6 dni temu


    4. Darkened Unknown
      Darkened Unknown
      6 dni temu

      @Jski egg

    5. The Big Sad
      The Big Sad
      8 dni temu

      Its powering the magnets for it to keep moving

  41. Goofball Biscuits
    Goofball Biscuits
    22 godzin temu

    I was worried when I saw perpetual motion in the title. I was relieved to hear science instead. It saved a lot of us a lot of commenting lol

  42. Caleb Carroll
    Caleb Carroll
    3 dni temu

    It's losing energy. Gravity is the battery putting energy back in. A true perpetual motion device has no outside input of energy, thus it would work even in zero g. Still cool tho.

  43. Robert Weekes
    Robert Weekes
    3 dni temu

    This thing is so cool !! As long as it launches up fast enough to reach the top it should continue. Eventually it would surely fall the wrong way or fly off the track. I wonder how long it can go ?

    1. Evil Toothpick
      Evil Toothpick
      Dzień temu

      It's fake

  44. Andrew Mcvey
    Andrew Mcvey
    4 dni temu

    It's perpetually going to continue to do that perpetual act. But the breakdown of energy happens once it's launched back to the top. So perpetually the energy increases and decreases.

  45. Ryan Looper
    Ryan Looper
    7 dni temu

    I was really confused as to how the ramp could launch the ball higher than the original drop point, then I realized the ramp is powered.

    1. Doctor Cthulhu
      Doctor Cthulhu
      6 dni temu

      @Matthew McClary In a sense it’s efficiency. It’s why we use them in permanent magnet motors, and as super quiet & “frictionless” bearings in high-end equipment. But, again it is not perpetual motion, because they are an energy/momentum source added to every cycle. The best *fake* “perpetual motion machines” on the market have working/running times measure in years and even decades now.

    2. Daniel Neutra
      Daniel Neutra
      7 dni temu

      @Jordan ???? you can also see it pulling the ball to the hole

    3. Per Westermark
      Per Westermark
      7 dni temu

      @Checkmate No - no permanent magnets gets even close to a perpetuum mobile. It only adds kinetic energy when an object gers closer. And takes back that energy when the object gets away. So use any number of magnets and you still can't overcome friction. Only a battery, solar panel, temperature gradient etc can be used to send in new energy and keep a device running for days or weeks - until it wears out or runs out of the energy source. But any magic fixed location permanent magnets can still not manage someyhing even "almost" perpetual. You can bounce with magnets. But no different from how a ball or spring can bounce. And every bounce is a bit weaker - not because the magnet wears out but because no fixed magnet can add more energy to compensate for losses.

    4. Brian Monroe
      Brian Monroe
      7 dni temu

      Millions of people believe that there is an invisible man in the sky who watches every single person on this planet; however, most would say that this is fake.

  46. John Furnell
    John Furnell
    3 dni temu

    This is honestly the best one of these I seen. Well done.

  47. This is a horse 𐂂
    This is a horse 𐂂
    2 godzin temu

    Lmao, my prodigy friend tells me it clearly has a push, something gives the marble energy and it’s probably in the thick wooden base.

  48. D 5
    D 5
    12 godzin temu

    That IS a perpetual motion device. They DO exist and they CAN create endless energy. The only reason they're not used on large scale is because there's nooney to be made off something that crates free energy.

  49. John Sunlight
    John Sunlight
    2 dni temu

    The fact that the ball shoots up higher than the level that it initially fell from means there is an outside force. Period.

    1. Morning wood
      Morning wood
      21 godzinę temu

      Now explain it. Just telling people “that’s obvious” wouldn’t make anything, this will just make you look egoistic. True scientists EXPLAIN how things work

    2. SilverEye
      Dzień temu

      @Robert Cristian I think everyone should easily be able to tell that this is wrong. We have all seen thing fall in nature after all. Besides, the video literally tells people its faked and yet they fall for it.

    3. Robert Cristian
      Robert Cristian
      2 dni temu

      @Bert U know, not everyone is interested in this kind of stuff. This is like telling a christian: isn't it obvious we are made out of stardust? It's only obvious when you start digging a little

    4. Robert Cristian
      Robert Cristian
      2 dni temu

      @Bert Nope, not everybody knows the obvious physics behind it, mate. And yeah, there's a magnet

    5. Bert
      2 dni temu

      Isn't it quite obvious there's a magnet inside?

  50. Tekno Hobi
    Tekno Hobi
    8 dni temu

    It works as the same principle as the rail gun. Two rails are somehow isolated and energized. When metal ball completes the circuit, magnetism pushes it forward. There must be batteries or a hidden cord somewhere

      5 dni temu

      @Jeff Hoyt This just isn't true (the simply gravity comment). E=K+U, coming out of the loop the ball has more speed and therefore a higher kinetic energy than it started with, to reach the same height would mean a return to the same value as U initial. A greater final kinetic energy and the same final potential energy, unsurprisingly, add up to a greater amount of total energy than existed in the first place, even when not accounting for loss as a result of friction.

    2. Rob Ott
      Rob Ott
      6 dni temu

      Uh, try again genius.

    3. Jeff Hoyt
      Jeff Hoyt
      7 dni temu

      @Spartan Seventyeight buy one and see it's only 139 dollars and some odd cents and cut it apart after you test it and see if I'm a liar...

    4. Jeff Hoyt
      Jeff Hoyt
      7 dni temu

      @The Tayterminator BINGO

    5. Tekno Hobi
      Tekno Hobi
      7 dni temu

      @Tesserex correct. I didn't bother to edit but i should :(

  51. Badger Badgerton
    Badger Badgerton
    Dzień temu

    I don't know if you're right... exploiting gravity isn't a violation of the laws of thermodynamics. Gravity is the energy of this system and there's no decline or shortage of that (unless the earth is about to stop turning). I say you've done it, and all future models of perpetual motion will follow in your giant footsteps!

  52. AmbushKush420
    3 dni temu

    How long would that last, if you made it perfect it should Last forever. It isn't a perpetual motion device, the ball gains energy going down the ramp and loses it all going back up, but since gravity is adding energy every drop it should just keep going.

  53. DRM101
    3 dni temu

    My guess is there’s got to be a magnetic NN or SS to make the bead accelerate through the chute. That’s why it feels like it’s unnatural to him?

  54. STICKY Art Shorts
    STICKY Art Shorts
    Dzień temu

    But it’s not perpetually in motion… the too part/loader for a ramp slows the ball down until it falls down the hole. Still a neat idea

  55. Malcolm Crawford
    Malcolm Crawford
    8 dni temu

    “In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!”

    1. Eff Yoo
      Eff Yoo
      3 dni temu

      @Dale Thomas awesome! I used to think these were all gravity harnessing machines as none would work in zero grav.

    2. Dale Thomas
      Dale Thomas
      3 dni temu

      @Eff Yoo ok cool. Ty for the knowledge

    3. Eff Yoo
      Eff Yoo
      3 dni temu

      @Dale Thomas perpetual motion doesn't require an explanation as to where the energy cane from, but only that it moves perpetually and forever, without loss.

    4. Eff Yoo
      Eff Yoo
      3 dni temu

      @Dale Thomas no. Once the ball leaves his hand, it does not drop right away. It relies on the bowl to start its decent, not his hand. It's gravity that starts the ball moving, not his hand

    5. Dale Thomas
      Dale Thomas
      3 dni temu

      @Eff Yoo Im sure youre studies were much more in depth on electircal, but i am in hvacr school and studied thermodynamics there. As well as basically all aspects of ac electricity. My point was it isnt perpetual motion bc it required energy to drop the ball in the 1st time. I thought perpetual motion had to be intiated without any energy. Im no expert and never claimed to be

  56. Ramadhan Fathurizki
    Ramadhan Fathurizki
    Dzień temu

    I love that the calculation needed is only parabolic motion.

  57. HeWuzNmbr1
    2 dni temu

    It is impossible to drop an object and have it come back to the same or higher height without external influence. Energy is lost through the redirection, either by hitting the ground or being guided along rails. The ball would not make it back to the cup naturally.

    1. Vijay Rajendran
      Vijay Rajendran
      20 godzin temu

      Exactly... Not even once, because the cup has a brim that is taller than the platform...

  58. B b
    B b
    3 dni temu

    Awesome! I wonder if its possible to make some adjustments that would stop the ball from "circling the drain" at the top and instead do a perfect "Swish" into the hole and very quickly go back around over and over. Either way this is awesome! Be cool to see some other takes on this idea!

    1. It's Me
      It's Me
      3 dni temu

      It's definitely possible; The drain circling is just for looks.

  59. Dean DeanN
    Dean DeanN
    17 godzin temu

    The time machine I invented is too powerful. I used it to travel 6 million years into the future, my machine sent me to the future, but it sent the entire visible universe into the future with me. I'm still there, in the future, along with everything and everyone else.

  60. Luke Louis
    Luke Louis
    6 dni temu

    Hidden under the table is the power plant for this “perpetual motion device”, a vintage 351 Cleveland. That was obtained by going back in time.

    1. Wan Heterotroph
      Wan Heterotroph
      5 dni temu

      @Enlightened Rogue had a 1969 GT350 Shelby. 351 Windsor. Rebuilt with a 289 cam and jacked up the horse power! Fun times.

    2. Steve Schartner
      Steve Schartner
      5 dni temu

      @Senpai9000 if it’s a natural magnet then it is a perpetual motion machine because you wouldn’t ever loose energy.

    3. razordu30
      5 dni temu

      @Senpai9000 No, because that would be perpetual motion. It needs to pull the marble down but then not be powered as it goes up the ramp, which a permanent magnet can't do.

    4. Enlightened Rogue
      Enlightened Rogue
      5 dni temu

      I had a 351 Cleveland in my '72 Ford Torino in high school during the mid-70s. Good times. 😁👍

    5. down19992000
      5 dni temu

      @George Lewis I was always amazed at the size of the intake and exhaust ports on a Cleveland. They were massive for a small block. Same head basically as was used on a 302 Boss.

  61. Gigas
    Dzień temu

    It doesn't create energy, it uses potential kinetic energy after an initial gain by pushing the bead with your hand.

  62. Christopher Chen
    Christopher Chen
    2 dni temu

    Eventually, the ball will slow down to the point where it won't have enough kinetic energy to battle the friction and make it over the wall of the circular feed.. thus, becoming a victim to the first and second laws of thermodynamics..

  63. Francesco M
    Francesco M
    3 dni temu

    If there wasn't any external power supply involved, this would violate the law of conservation of energy

  64. The Hungover Moth
    The Hungover Moth
    2 dni temu

    The Modest Mouse nerd in me is freaking out because you called it a perpetual motion device, not a perpetual motion machine. But this is really cool.

  65. Jesus Gutierrez
    Jesus Gutierrez
    6 dni temu


    1. Bryan Harold Fuller
      Bryan Harold Fuller
      4 dni temu

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    2. Bryan Harold Fuller
      Bryan Harold Fuller
      4 dni temu

      @Eddie Dunfield and everything or everybody thought Newton's laws of physics was all that was and all there is until quantum physics came along

    3. Jaqui Cx
      Jaqui Cx
      5 dni temu

      @camelCase_ wow, this is great haha same to you! 😂❤️

  66. Methmal Dhananjaya
    Methmal Dhananjaya
    5 godzin temu

    It seems like there's some negative magnetic reaction going on. as long as the magnet holds it. probably it will keep working.

  67. Shaun Bon
    Shaun Bon
    3 dni temu

    What would stop this from going forever? Other than maybe degradation of materials eventually. Edit: electromagnets?

  68. RanchRange 45
    RanchRange 45
    5 godzin temu

    It exists, but the problem is resistance. You just have to go to a place in space where you will find no resistance. Which does exist but…you’ll die before you reach it. Any type of gravitational pull is resistance folks…(for the ones who don’t know)

  69. Illuminate me
    Illuminate me
    3 dni temu

    That energy isn't being dispersed.. well.. at least not very fast. If there were an electrical load or something physical that the device has to accomplish; energy WOULD be lost. Very cool device though! 🔥

  70. Xornedge
    8 dni temu

    Guys, he said “It WOULD LOOK something like this.”

    1. S3RV3R 3RROR
      S3RV3R 3RROR
      Godzinę temu

      @chantelle.mp4 isn't it just gravity at play? I mean the bowl is not flat and the ramp can make the bal fall fast enough to jump back up the spiral platform!🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. Magneticitist
      Dzień temu

      If more people just knew wtf an electromagnet was it wouldn't be confusing. You could use a 'railgun' kind of system but that's not what is being done here since the rails are all shorted. The rails come conveniently close to the wooden base which is the dead giveaway. This means at a certain point that ball is real close to the electromagnet underneath, making it real easy to provide a pull at the right time.

    3. Willam Mathieu
      Willam Mathieu
      2 dni temu

      Thanks bro. All the neg bashing in the comments made it obvious that they didn't listen.

    4. Jason Warton
      Jason Warton
      5 dni temu

      @chantelle.mp4 you are great 👍👏

  71. House
    4 dni temu

    I wonder if you could put a paddle on there so the ball bearing would flip it over and generate some power as it goes down the ramp

  72. 𝓢𝓪𝓶𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴
    𝓢𝓪𝓶𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴
    3 godzin temu

    Surely, if perpetual motion existed then it wouldn't technically have a starting point?

  73. Tamer Elberry
    Tamer Elberry
    3 dni temu

    There is a magnet in the base which help the metal bead to accelerate. Therefore, it is not perpetual motion due to the magnetic force.

  74. SomcallmejameS
    2 dni temu

    if it’s not electromagnetic then it’s still gonna wear down the bearings eventually from friction. that’s why it’s impossible.

  75. Daniel Koh
    Daniel Koh
    7 dni temu

    "Lisa, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!!"

    1. GameGirl Lisa
      GameGirl Lisa
      6 dni temu

      Nein Nein Nein!

    2. L N
      L N
      6 dni temu

      But my house is freezing! ☹️😂

    3. iLLWiLL
      6 dni temu

      That’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear thermodynamics

    4. Caio de
      Caio de
      6 dni temu

      first thing i thought of

    5. adult dirtbag
      adult dirtbag
      6 dni temu

      Lisa Loud?

  76. Chuck Starwar
    Chuck Starwar
    Dzień temu

    I had something similar, but I had a battery installed inside the wood base

  77. Himanshu Sukhpal
    Himanshu Sukhpal
    2 dni temu

    The hardest part of making a perpetual motion machine is hiding the battery

  78. Cheyenne Pavon
    Cheyenne Pavon
    Dzień temu

    Is it just me or is it not actually making energy. The gravitational potential energy turns into kinetic energy which then gets used up to launch the ball back onto the platform. It’s a loop, energy is created and used up equally but it’s not creating any “net” energy.

  79. KingofUSA PhilosophyTime
    KingofUSA PhilosophyTime
    Dzień temu

    If this was magnetically charged properly it would be a great design..

  80. ÆGØN
    6 dni temu

    Him : this is a perpetual motion device. Also him : *perpetual motion is impossible according to thermodynamics.*

    1. ÆGØN
      5 dni temu

      @Super Rambo it has an electromagnet in the base and those wire track act as a switch. So when the ball touches the track it closes the circuit which activates the electromagnet and it accelerates the ball.

    2. Nicholas Szabo
      Nicholas Szabo
      5 dni temu

      @Super Rambo u right, I saw his other video. Btw a magnetized version still would not be a PPM

    3. Super Rambo
      Super Rambo
      5 dni temu

      @onee some guys don’t understand that

    4. Super Rambo
      Super Rambo
      5 dni temu

      Guys stop Being stupid infinite mouvement isn’t possible without externe energy that’s a rule

    5. Super Rambo
      Super Rambo
      5 dni temu

      @Nicholas Szabo Sorry for you it’s using electicity my friend get one of these