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So you guys like backstories? Cuz things sure did happened.
WARNING: for daddy issues.
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  1. Vivziepop
    14 dni temu

    HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop WANT MORE? WATCH OUR OTHER EPISODES! Pilot Episode ► plpost.info/base/wideo/HeTaGkeVZLx S1 Episode One ► plpost.info/base/wideo/Xe4I7a_YCG1 S1 Episode Two ► plpost.info/base/wideo/digpKZvz1-J S1 Episode Three ► plpost.info/base/wideo/KZalZdSDXWZ S1 Episode Four ► plpost.info/base/wideo/uS-lXRIfd5d S1 Episode Five ► plpost.info/base/wideo/avSfO5WXs-1 S1 Episode Six ► plpost.info/base/wideo/rQ9kEbLUqQJ S1 Episode Seven ► plpost.info/base/wideo/1sr_JjnE1OF

    1. nikki ♡
      nikki ♡
      9 dni temu


    2. Kideto Hellfire Mibu
      Kideto Hellfire Mibu
      9 dni temu

      Was that what i think it was at the end?

    3. GaSpAr GaMeS
      GaSpAr GaMeS
      10 dni temu

      Wonder what is happening to Octavia after Stolas and his divorce

    4. Hispanic American
      Hispanic American
      10 dni temu

      Eps 6 is definitely one of my favorites but I am so glad we get season 2

    5. Johan Estefano Villacres
      Johan Estefano Villacres
      11 dni temu

      Hola, Vivziepop primero se que no entenderas porque como es español espero que estes bien XD,, no nada aqui tranqui esperando a que se estrene el cap en español para disfrutar tu contenido unico y bueno que llevo esperando por lo menos el tiempo que subiste el ultimo ya que esta buena la serie cada vez subiendo su calidad grafica y su trama. Gracias por este unico contenido y tank you

  2. Jerica
    14 dni temu

    The fact that adult Stolas and his father react the same way to the circus is adorable.

    1. Silvermoon91
      2 dni temu

      @eSseM it's easy to become a mirror of the generation before, it's harder to become a new and unique person and there will always be pieces of your origins.

    2. Helluva simp
      Helluva simp
      5 dni temu

      It’s adorable too

    3. MomoLilli Del La Fleur
      MomoLilli Del La Fleur
      8 dni temu

      @Krzysztof Zalewski you don’t remember as much as you think after 20 years. And that was potentially his like best memory of his father

    4. Lenn
      12 dni temu

      @Gacha Firefly I'd say it is Stella now

  3. 88sexy.patato88
    2 dni temu

    I love the detail that Stella is ALWAYS wearing her crown yet Stolas only wears his when he needs to. Just shows who really wants the power and who is somewhat humble here.

    1. PattyPlayz
      Godzinę temu

      thats very obvious just saying

    2. ahmed mohamed1
      ahmed mohamed1
      7 godzin temu

      plpost.info/base/wideo/aY09y0YnIe1 It's here finally

    3. gacha _mythology
      gacha _mythology
      14 godzin temu


    4. The Cringe King
      The Cringe King
      16 godzin temu


  4. Flaxy Us
    Flaxy Us
    3 dni temu

    Okay but let's appreciate how Blitzø really made a circus in office

    1. ahmed mohamed1
      ahmed mohamed1
      7 godzin temu

      plpost.info/base/wideo/aY09y0YnIe1 It's here finally

    2. Metharos
      16 godzin temu

      @jae's messy Rollercoaster hair Then oh boy do I have some fun news for you about Family Guy.

    3. jae's messy Rollercoaster hair
      jae's messy Rollercoaster hair
      23 godzin temu

      @serry ciok i absolutely live for this information 💀

    4. serry ciok
      serry ciok
      Dzień temu

      Fun fact: Paimon and Bltiz' dad have the same voice actor, so when you see them exchange is just the same guy talkin to himself.

  5. asos zan
    asos zan
    2 dni temu

    The fact that Stolas was only acting kinky since the start of the show just because he assumed that was what Blitz wanted is both hilarious and so depressing.

    1. QuotableGnome 8
      QuotableGnome 8
      9 godzin temu

      Agreed. It was a nice detail that made me see him in a different light.

    2. Hermes Carraro
      Hermes Carraro
      19 godzin temu

      Years of pent up sexual tension exploded in one decisive moment

    3. Oswin Oswald
      Oswin Oswald
      Dzień temu

      I think it's more that's how he actually is in bed but he was never attracted to or felt wanted by his wife. So that first time unlocked something.

    4. ALIEN On LSD
      ALIEN On LSD
      Dzień temu

      no he clearly was into it as well. 16:52

  6. Afonso Carlos N. C.
    Afonso Carlos N. C.
    21 godzinę temu

    the coolest thing about stolas is the fact that he's not just a rich pervert, but someone who's never had the chance to learn to express his feelings properly, and dealing with a lot of them with someone with a lot of emotional baggage like Bllitz can bring us. lots of character development between them

  7. The Ghost
    The Ghost
    6 dni temu

    Y'know, Blitz's dad selling him for 5 bucks and a condom has the same energy and Mr. Krabs selling Spongebob's soul for 62 cents

    1. Clockwork The Equestrian
      Clockwork The Equestrian
      3 dni temu

      And Clay’s parents selling his egg for two cows

    2. staring cow
      staring cow
      5 dni temu

      IM LMFAO

    3. Halvos
      5 dni temu

      I still don't get that one, the guy was offering to write you a blank check but instead you decide to rob him after getting 5 dollars from him.

    4. AliveGaming
      5 dni temu

      Straight facts

    5. ~-ItzAkko-~
      5 dni temu


  8. Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
    Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
    2 dni temu

    Did anyone else notice Stolas specifically taking “happy pills” after he was married, the engagement broke him inside, the only joy was his daughter

  9. Aidan Hall
    Aidan Hall
    2 dni temu

    I love how Blitzø's plans as a child were just as absurd and nonsensical as adult Blitzø

    1. Whiteog
      18 godzin temu


    2. Surreal-Starwhale
      Dzień temu

      And yet he made his dreams come true! ♥️

  10. Charles Wingard
    Charles Wingard
    2 dni temu

    Ya know what. Good for Stolas. As someone who has looked a toxic relationship dead in the eyes and told them to pack up and fuck off, I sympathize. It's not easy, but I'm sure this will be empowering for Stolas in episodes to come.

    1. caileyanimates
      2 godzin temu


    2. Whiteog
      18 godzin temu


  11. sd1gaming
    2 dni temu

    Even if Stolis doesn't have the greatest friends, Blitzo was enough to give him... confidence.

    1. Jason jason
      Jason jason
      Godzinę temu

      Yes... "Confidence"

    2. SandwichForEverybody
      16 godzin temu

      Stolis 😍

    3. JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
      JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
      17 godzin temu


  12. TFP
    13 dni temu

    Stolas's dad being worried about the smell of poverty while watching the circus remotely had me dead.

    1. FEI AAAHH
      2 dni temu

      @Mela (AMAZING CONTENT) we all know ur lying bruv helluva boss episodes don’t have part 2s. Plus theres no S2 Ep2.

    2. Lavishly Lavender
      Lavishly Lavender
      5 dni temu

      @big ball lover YESSS lmao

    3. big ball lover
      big ball lover
      6 dni temu

      watching from the mirror gave me gabriel agreste watching from a tablet vibes

    4. Nicholas Farrell
      Nicholas Farrell
      6 dni temu

      It reminds me of the Monk short that NBC/Universal released in the early days of the pandemic, where Mr. Monk stays 6 feet away from his computer during a Zoom call to maintain social distancing.

    5. Jack's Dad Is In Hell (Click pfp)
      Jack's Dad Is In Hell (Click pfp)
      12 dni temu

      Season 2 episode 2 out now... plpost.info/base/wideo/rew6khuGt-5.

  13. Trxcy
    3 dni temu

    Stolas deserves the world. I’m so happy he stood up for himself!

  14. Her
    2 dni temu

    Did anyone notice Stella, describing stolas in bed she had mentioned Quote “stoles is terrible in bed and he stays there staring at the wall” This line shows he found no enjoyment or anything I’m the relationship and only did it to have a kid to continue the goitia bloodline

    1. 0ffic¡Al.Gl0w
      4 godzin temu

      Also the bottle of pills says “happy pills”

    2. Tʜᴇ Silent Vᴀɢᴀʙᴏɴᴅ
      Tʜᴇ Silent Vᴀɢᴀʙᴏɴᴅ
      6 godzin temu

      Wouldn’t that be obvious to her guests? Wouldn’t that be the bigger insult that he clearly shows no interest in her?

  15. Aion Lover
    Aion Lover
    2 dni temu

    Helluva Boss needs like 125% more Stolas per episode. The beginning just melted my heart and soul, and the end of the episode just shattered them. This show is truly amazing, magic even and soooo damn funny.

  16. yassine Farah
    yassine Farah
    2 dni temu

    So basically Stella has always been hateful and abusive, hated Stolas enough to humiliate him at every turn for being terrible in bed and that his affair gave her a reason to be malicious towards him since it was an embarrassment rather than a betrayal considering she using the affair as leverage to hurt him. Even with Stolas actually doing himself and Stella a favor with the divorce along with her having Via in the weekends, she threatens him by having the Goetia involved and makes it clear that his divorce will end on her terms by any means.

    1. Blankeye-Sigma
      5 godzin temu

      Stella gives me some really bad Amber Heard vibes.

    2. mllop aeet
      mllop aeet
      9 godzin temu

      I love how the kids in this episode actually acted like kids.

  17. Matthew Letterle
    Matthew Letterle
    13 dni temu

    Stolas endured years of abuse and torture and didn’t leave because of his daughter but still managed to stand up for himself at the end. What an amazing man and father

    1. Alex_2004
      2 dni temu

      Vivzie did say we were going to be able to see why Stella is like that. I have this feeling she allways liked Stolas but it was never mutual, feeling 0 interest in her as a partner and as a female im guessing she became the way she is now.

    2. Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3
      6 dni temu

      @TheDark King "maybe she is horrible to him too in hopes that he will end the marriage" ok now all your what if's just sound like you trying to write off what she did..but THAT one is borderline insanity; you literally see in the episode she doesn't love him but doesn't WANT a divorce because she loves making his life hell. She wasn't nice before the cheating! Hell, the first photo we saw of her as a child shows her trying to kill something, she obviously ISN'T a nice person. Also, how do you know she hasn't physically abused him? We see in the episode she goes for a hit, and it may not be her first based on his reaction..she's abusive and a straight up bitch.

    3. bbew 2
      bbew 2
      11 dni temu

      @TheDark King she definitely hits him, when she raises her hand he blocks it already knowing what's gonna happen, it looks like it's the first time he stood for himself too. tbh, just the fact she raised her hand in a big ol 🚩

    4. Rose Asuko
      Rose Asuko
      13 dni temu

      @TheDark King I would disagree when saying that she didn't physically abuse him before. Stella seems like an aggressive person and the abuse most definitely ramped up when he cheated, like throwing pots and people. But at the very least she slaps him frequently enough that he goes to block it instead of dodging or protecting himself. The most telling thing was that he didn't flinch when that hand came down. Now we can say that all of it started happening within the one year, but let's be honest would a person who creates a party to openly mock her husband not slap him or hit him in the back of the head when he's being "stupid"?

    5. TheDark King
      TheDark King
      13 dni temu

      @HolsovanUltimate I totally agree, just wanted to say that it's not all Stella's fault. As for how she sees him... hard to say we see that she disrespects him and apparently hates him and i agree what we see of her borders on abuse otherwise true she was much more at ease before stolas cheated on her, i would say that at least she didn't physically abuse stolas. I would say she sees Stolas as the son of the person who arranged this marriage and takes her anger out on him (and yes I agree that makes her a bad person) maybe she is horrible to him too in hopes that he will end the marriage. at the moment we don't know enough about stella.

  18. Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛
    Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛
    Dzień temu

    As much of a jerk as Paimon is, I liked the fact that he doesn't talk down about imps. He talked down about the poor, but didn't make any negative comments about imps specifically. And, he genuinely enjoyed the circus

  19. Monsieur Dorgat
    Monsieur Dorgat
    2 dni temu

    Young Stolas's "Owl laugh" seems underappreciated

    1. MiaYoutubeTrash
      9 godzin temu

      @Manga Animefan Ohhhh! Thank you.

    2. Manga Animefan
      Manga Animefan
      22 godzin temu

      @MiaPLpostTrash 4:21

    3. MiaYoutubeTrash
      22 godzin temu


    4. Manga Animefan
      Manga Animefan
      Dzień temu

      It was sooo Cute!!

  20. Aurora Kitty
    Aurora Kitty
    18 godzin temu

    Notice how Blitzo calls his father, dad while his mother, mama. And when his father says “Don’t you want to help me and your mama out?” Blitzo says “Of course I want to help mama out!” These lines just show how much more Blitzo and his mother have a better relationship than his father.

  21. TFF-VHS
    2 dni temu

    Fun fact: Paimon and Bltiz' dad have the same voice actor, so when you see them exchange is just the same guy talkin to himself.

    1. The Random Bats
      The Random Bats
      3 godzin temu

      I was wondering why Paimon sounded like Jafar from Aladdin.

    2. LocaLosery
      21 godzinę temu

      @derrick daniels I had a heart attack when i found out Stewie and Brian had the same voice actor

    3. derrick daniels
      derrick daniels
      Dzień temu

      Like Seth MacFarlane does a lot in Family Guy

  22. An Anomaly
    An Anomaly
    13 dni temu

    This show is really starting to become more story driven than comedic and I'm all for it.

    1. Jacob Gray
      Jacob Gray
      6 dni temu

      Agreed, even though all the characters have good development and their time in the spotlight. It wasnt till S1 episode 6 that we got to see Blitzo as the true main character who is laying the foundation of the story arc. S1 Episode 6 also reinforces his relationship with all the introduced characters from the past episodes showing the impact they left on Blitzo's psyche.

    2. Carey Barber
      Carey Barber
      9 dni temu

      @DJ Wingo because it was given more chances to shine, Hazbin only has a pilot when helluva has an entire SEASON.

    3. birdie 💙💎
      birdie 💙💎
      11 dni temu

      @Fluffy Knight you have extremely odd standards if you think everything in this episode is bested by the comedy.

    4. seywe
      12 dni temu

      *It's finnaly here! plpost.info/base/wideo/YzrC27l3Nx1*

    5. Oliver
      12 dni temu

      Honestly if they focused on antagonist more this show would skyrocket

  23. Lil_Elfie
    2 dni temu

    The thing I noticed in this episode is that during the circus scene paimon his laughing and clapping and then In episode 2 of season one stolas is doing the same thing just clapping and 90 miles an hour 😂😂 And his little owl laugh is so freaking adorable 🥰🥰 And seeing as Stella refers to Octavia as an egg proves that she doesn’t really love her as much as stolas does- Sad-

  24. TheCakeIsntEat
    3 dni temu

    Wheezing at Stolas's quiet little "I'm fine" after choking on absinthe

  25. Daniel Tonfall
    Daniel Tonfall
    2 dni temu

    I love how the kids in this episode actually acted like kids.

  26. Toxic Taco
    Toxic Taco
    Dzień temu

    I love how in all of Vivzie’s shows, whenever it’s a zoomed out shot and characters are entering rooms they’re always silhouettes with glowing red eyes. It’s a cool little detail

  27. Monunga
    13 dni temu

    This _hurt_ to watch. Not that it's a bad story, but it's a very realistic portrayal of abuse and manipulation in its various forms. Well done, guys.

    1. toby cruz
      toby cruz
      4 godzin temu

      L father

    2. orphan eater 900
      orphan eater 900
      13 godzin temu

      @UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 I hate these comments

    3. Absolutely Not
      Absolutely Not
      17 godzin temu

      @Iver abusiveness being hidden is still abuse in itself, though. Seems realistic to me

    4. wreathofpalmaria
      17 godzin temu

      no it's not.

    5. The Gaming Birds
      The Gaming Birds
      Dzień temu


  28. Kevin M.
    Kevin M.
    Dzień temu

    3 comments: 1) This seems to explain SOOO SOOO much about Stolas' origin story and dysfunctional family. 2) I'm actually grateful to see that you people decide to show all this early than later or never (like how most adult comedies see to do all the time). 3) I guess the origin stories that are left are the other main characters.

  29. Hadria's Holy Spear.
    Hadria's Holy Spear.
    15 godzin temu

    _"... The one who wants me, is my first ever friend..."_ Dude might be horny, but the way Stolas delivers that line is just... Sad. It shows how he has never received love from somebody he really wants.

    1. Mikah riel
      Mikah riel
      11 godzin temu


  30. ReroCherry27
    2 dni temu

    Love the detail on the Doberman Hellhound, his tail was wagging as he presented Blitzo to Stolas, probably expecting praise or the privilege of ripping Blitzo appart, and gets visibly upset and sad when he doesn't get either 😢

    1. Leader of Communist China
      Leader of Communist China
      5 godzin temu

      good eye

    2. NeoPom 420
      NeoPom 420
      9 godzin temu

      What a good boy ! Give the man a headpat

  31. nexywexy
    Dzień temu

    here’s a really good theory i’ve seen buzzing around : blitzø never had the massive white mark on his face when he was younger , and in the looloo land episode it showed him working as a clown , where he never had the white mark. I’d like to imagine that he got that mark when he was working with verosika as her bodyguard - or he got hurt working with fizzarolli at the circus!

    1. nexywexy
      10 godzin temu

      @Cristal omg maybe that’s good

    2. Cristal
      20 godzin temu

      or maybe the Goetia family killed his mother as a payment of some sort she seemed to be alive before Blitzo was forced to steal for his Father everything he could in the mansion another theory could be that his mother died during the extermination day that he went out at the worst possible time and she went after him to protect him maybe he got the scar from that or she just left his father and left Blitzo to the terrible father it is not yet confirmed what happened to his mother hopefully we'll see what happened to his mother soon

  32. delightfulStrawberry
    14 dni temu

    Seeing how uninvolved Stolas' father was, remembering he actually puts in the effort to learn Octavia's passions and be present in her life makes me smile.

    1. Ganja
      11 godzin temu

      That's just like Doffenshmirts from Phineas & Ferb.

    2. Green Enclave Soldier
      Green Enclave Soldier
      Dzień temu

      bro its an animated show about watching demons fuck how the hell do you people get this invested in it

    3. Toben
      2 dni temu

      Stolas is acctually such a great character with understandable development and a full fledged personality, people need to give him more credit tbh

    4. Random dude productions
      Random dude productions
      5 dni temu

      Sounds like dr doof

    5. Max Pops
      Max Pops
      6 dni temu

      Same can be said about Blitz Father sold him for a cheap condom. At least he tries to support loona

  33. StolasLikesTea
    2 dni temu

    14:09 I love the little “I’m fine” that Stolas says after coughing.

  34. vcantdrive
    Dzień temu

    just a thought. but I think the reason why it didn't immediately register to stolas that stella was hiring someone to unalive him (in the harvest moon festival episode) is bc he's gotten so used to her verbal abuse that he's learned to ignore it

  35. Penqin
    22 godzin temu

    Something about Stella yelling "Could you imagine if you didn't have money!" in the background just works so well.

  36. NEOlibertarian
    2 dni temu

    I love Stolas’ character development so much. It’s nice to see that the reason Stolas paired up with Blitz at all was bc of a childhood crush and connection and that there’s more to him than a kinky thirsty owl trope. It does kind of make Stolas less of an abuser too since Blitz was/is using him for access to the living world.

  37. BetaTail
    13 dni temu

    Just learnt that Stolas’s Dad/Paimon is voiced by Jafar from the original Aladdin. This show has some incredible actors in it!

    1. toga himko
      toga himko
      2 dni temu

      HE WENT FROM Kid disney movie TO Adult show indeeed

    2. carlproeditor
      3 dni temu

      @IaMaPh1991 ñ

    3. Zenitsu Agatsuma
      Zenitsu Agatsuma
      6 dni temu

      Wait his name is paimon? IS HE EMERGENCY FOOD?!

    4. MoonOnTheWindyNight
      7 dni temu

      So is Blitzø's dad! They share the same voice actor :3

    5. Tricia Henry
      Tricia Henry
      7 dni temu

      I had to look it up and I am stunned!

  38. Jason Smith
    Jason Smith
    Dzień temu

    I feel bad for Stollas. He seems like a genuinely good dude tossed into the role of being a demon prince, where being a good dude would be a handicap. I think he'd trade his wealth and power to live a humble life with Blitzo if he could.

    1. Thomas Fabian
      Thomas Fabian
      Dzień temu

      Tbh the episode before this was sadder imo

  39. E
    3 dni temu

    I love how they brought in the CLASSIC ‘they knew each other as kids so it’s fate’ plot. The BL webtoons are screaming rn

  40. The Helmsman
    The Helmsman
    Dzień temu

    Alright the thing I noticed is that Stolas' butler imp at the start has the same legs and freckle type near his eyes, also take note that this imp has hair which is rarely not seen on most of them. The butler also shares moxxie's horn pattern. Notice that the butler speaks very modest, or "Satan's Dictionary" according to moxxie, the same way moxxie speaks. Are you getting to my common denominator?

  41. Anita Bun Bun
    Anita Bun Bun
    2 dni temu

    This one really did hit hard for me. I've been in this spot of just wanting to feel wanted. almost all of your episodes viv makes me cry it just impacts me so deeply and it's like everything that I thought is translated in to your characters. I'm an abuse victim and the way you presented Stella almost hitting Stolas just jarred me it had so much power when he grabbed her hand. I'm in a spot where I wish my parents would divorce and just being emotional can be soo hard for me, but your episodes viv make me feel comfortable to be emotional. Keep up the hard work cause you've accomplished some dreams that we can only just dream of so keep up the hard work I know there is more out there that you are moving as well. So Viv Thank you so deeply! Keep up the Hard work were all cheering for you!

  42. Wheeze Tease
    Wheeze Tease
    13 dni temu

    Everyone's talking about Stolas growing up but seeing how emotionally manipulative Blitz's dad was really has things making a lot more sense for how he acts

    1. who dis?
      who dis?
      2 dni temu

      *sadness ensues*

    2. MMM
      4 dni temu

      @Wheeze Tease may you rest in peace... In hell *cue the cliche ominous music*

    3. the hero killer nico
      the hero killer nico
      6 dni temu


      7 dni temu

      Here finally plpost.info/base/wideo/Y4MC2DF5_JZ

    5. Fierce •
      Fierce •
      8 dni temu


  43. Phoebe
    14 godzin temu

    “You’d be a good boss” He certainly is one helluva boss, Stolas!

  44. KnT Upcoming
    KnT Upcoming
    2 dni temu

    When stolas and blitzø get in a loving relationship the ENTIRE fan base is going to be over excited I promise you

  45. JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
    JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
    17 godzin temu

    Blitz and Fizzaroli!!! The theorists already had all this figured out but to see the rifts forming between the two of them that early on is really heartbreaking. I'm glad that the team took the time to flesh all this out in a full episode with the time in the present being minimal. Also, the imp plushie Stolas has is so adorable!!!

  46. Husky Lemur
    Husky Lemur
    2 dni temu

    Blitz looked like he was an invasive deadbeat when he was caught by those hellhounds, but in Stolas’s eyes 14:15, Blitz could’ve had a lucky love life with Stolas had it actually turned into an elope since that’s how Stolas could’ve divorced his wife that way earlier of course. And oh what a lucky guy Blitz almost could’ve been with Stolas 16:51, had he not just broken up with him in the end of Helluva Boss S1E7 like that.

  47. TheLeoLover
    14 dni temu

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      Milk Midget
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    Boop My Snoot
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    Challenging Armadillo
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      CL .AnimeMonbebe
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      @Renard Dubois he just wanted Stolas and Blitzø to spend time together because like Paimon himself said he didn't want to "deal" with Stolas sadness due to his arranged marriage, of course he is a bad father

    2. CL .AnimeMonbebe
      CL .AnimeMonbebe
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      Renard Dubois
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      Све је битно
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      Γιώργος Βουρδανος
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    Vim Vandalism
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    M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
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    danielle matthew
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    Rockin Blaze
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    Natalie Peters
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    Fox in Disguise
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      Theodore Alenas
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    Emma Dones
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    1. Beyond the Light UNITED
      Beyond the Light UNITED
      9 godzin temu

      Emma, thank you for bravely sharing your story. Please know that the abuse you endured was NOT your fault. No matter how your abuser attempted to rationalize his/her/their behavior, you were NEVER responsible for said behavior. It's NOT your fault. I want you to know that you are a kind soul that is worthy of love and acceptance. You truly deserve the world. I dearly hope that you are in a much better situation currently. Remember, you are WORTHY! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and your bravery in helping to break the silence. Sending the best of wishes and love your way.

  77. Gravity Love
    Gravity Love
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    1. Animated Depression
      Animated Depression
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      Just a viewer
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      Zane Le Bush Genie
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    4. Just a viewer
      Just a viewer
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      @Zane Le Bush Genie true I did kind of take it of topic, calm when mad is just a quality which in my opinion some men that I know don’t have and I wish they did because it would be easier to talk to them. That’s all I’m gonna say and sorry for the confusion.

    5. Rock Cactus
      Rock Cactus
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  78. Plexiux
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  79. 🐱FancyCat🐾
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  80. Edible_Ginger
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