Iga Swiatek vs. Aryna Sabalenka | 2022 Rome Semifinal | WTA Match Highlights

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Watch the Match Highlights from Iga Swiatek vs. Aryna Sabalenka at the 2022 Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome.
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  1. WTA

    5th final in a row. 10th consecutive victory in Rome. 27-straight match wins. Iga Swiatek, signore e signori. 👏

  2. Jacek L.
    Jacek L.

    Prawdziwy brylant. Pisze historię na naszych oczach.Niesamowita zawodniczka. JAZDA!

  3. Xxxx Xxxx
    Xxxx Xxxx

    There is something special in Iga. As much times she wins, i never get tired from that. All her victories, especially in her winning streak period, are maken in so beautiful way. Even when she dominates with 6-0 and 6-1, it's cool for watching. It's just pleasure to see how modest and humble person and extraordinary talent, like Iga Swiatek, in which the tennis is huge passion, is the current #1 and defends it more than convincing! Also love the way how she is from these few players nowadays, which really care more about the sport than about the marketing and dramas. This is the perfect #1 for me!

  4. Dandiusz Channel
    Dandiusz Channel

    To co wyprawia Iga jest niepojęte, nigdy nie spodziewałem się że nadejdą takie czasy.

  5. virvln 281
    virvln 281

    Iga Swiatek is in a different class as a tennis player. She just brushes past top 10 players as if they were very ordinary. Fabulous precision and power She has brought a breath of fresh air to the sport and is showing what playing great tennis is all about.

  6. Xavier Anmore
    Xavier Anmore

    It's time to admit that a real strong, stable leader has established itself in women's tennis and it's Iga Swiatek.

  7. Khaled AlSaoub
    Khaled AlSaoub

    This great lady is unbelievable.

  8. Abhijit Daimari
    Abhijit Daimari

    Iga has become one of the most likeable assassins on the tennis court ever. Her level for the past few months has been mind boggling!

  9. Vlada

    Ига, поздравляем с красивой Победой!!! Вы такая молодец!!!Желаем дальнейших успехов во всем!!! С любовью, белорусские болельщики!!!❤️❤️❤️

  10. Bart Pickford
    Bart Pickford

    Swiatek is all round class. Sabalenka, as usual, making more noise than a maternity unit

  11. Mateo Rolle
    Mateo Rolle

    Iga has incredible reflexes. She played exceptional, her ability to absorb sabalenka's power is rare.

  12. szecek

    I love the fact that Iga is demolishing Lukaszenka's minion again and again and every time wearing Ukrainian flag on her cap.

  13. DamienYok

    I can tell Swiatek was comfortable hitting those winner shots. When you are comfortable hitting shots from all angles, all positions and all courts, you are meant to be world No.1.

  14. JSB

    What a refreshing and calming presence Swiatek is . She is exceptional in her talent and as a person .

  15. Skadess

    Iga is such a brilliant champion. We Poles can only be proud that we have someone like her. JAZDA IGA!!!

  16. Invision Hope Healthy Living
    Invision Hope Healthy Living

    Congratulations Iga! I have consistently watched your matches since your win in Rolan Garros, and with that progress, we will see you winning more tournaments and Grand Slam titles.

  17. paari raaju
    paari raaju

    Brilliant tennis!! Iga was merciless. Spectacular winning shots👌👌👌. Aryna's serves were given a bad treatment. Congrats Iga 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  18. DJ JR
    DJ JR

    Alcaraz and Swiatek are made of the same wood, ...wait..., steel. They don't look back on mistakes, they are both agressive on court but nice people off the court, they respect their opponents, properly shake hands when the match is finished, don't complain about conditions or umpires all the time, don't scream with every shot (Sabalenka is so annoying). They are both out there to win and nothing else matters. That's what I call focus and that's why they are rare true professionals.

  19. Anna Barbara Biczyk
    Anna Barbara Biczyk

    Iga walczy o każdy punkt, to jest niesamowite, wielką przyjemnością jest oglądanie Jej meczy, pełna koncentracja im groźniejszy przeciwnik. Gratulacje IGA JAZDA!

  20. Henrylavie5912

    Can someone just educate Ms. Sabalenka that the winning points is NOT proportional to the volume of screaming? Just check Iga who just quietly and gracefully won the game.