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  1. 《Edward》 ANIMS Yujin Amuka
    《Edward》 ANIMS Yujin Amuka

    "Why yes you did asked just now"

  2. angry birds grandpa
    angry birds grandpa

    "did I ask?"

  3. ツツMinefranz

    "Did i ask?"

  4. Takoiami

    "Did I ask?"

  5. your mom
    your mom

    "did I ask"

  6. SAW Prod.
    SAW Prod.

    I was playing 4-Square and a kid asked “How am I out?” I said “Because the ball hit your square???”

  7. Evan Schumacher
    Evan Schumacher

    The first one is so true. They're like "HE'S THE CUTEST THING EVER" and I'm like "A human sized turantula is cuter than that thing."

  8. Daytime Scars
    Daytime Scars

    “Did i ask?”

  9. Saksham

    The "did I ask" 'comeback' only makes sense when you're talking to someone else about something and another person just starts arguing if used for no reason it's a really good way to back-fire you in an argument

  10. The Cat
    The Cat

    Whenever someone says “Did I ask?” I just respond with “Do you think I care if you asked?”

  11. Tiffany Cameron
    Tiffany Cameron

    And when mom's said well just go like " uh- yeah😊" but on the inside "ma'am wtf is this creature 👁️👄👁️" 😂

  12. WitcheryWizardrySorceryMagery

    I really relate with the last one. I met some 11 years old "otaku" tryna be cool and edgy using "when did I ask?" As a comeback.

  13. Itsme Yes
    Itsme Yes

    "Did I ask?"

  14. BulletZoid

    Everyone keep referring to "the first one" because they use "Did I ask?" as their go-to-comeback

  15. Samson roy
    Samson roy

    I believed that refreshing increases speed

  16. 現実

    "ohh honey, you don't have to ask :)"

  17. rafiq the coven scout
    rafiq the coven scout

    I had to adopt “ did i ask” because it was used too much against me

  18. Wikipedia

    "did i ask?"

  19. Noob_in_youtube

    theres two come backs that i know for who asked

  20. Somebody

    “People who use did I ask as a comeback”