MIGHT - Shrine

Exile On Mainstream
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This is the second video taken from MIGHTs sophomore album "Abyss" to be released on Exile On Mainstream Records on 26 August 2022
Ana Muhi (Bass, Vocals) about the track:
"This song os about appropriation, ownership and dependencies on the one hand and the understanding of being able to have more self-determination than one thinks on the other hand."
Music and Lyrics by MIGHT
Video filming and editing by MIGHT
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Ana Muhi (vocals, bass, piano) and Sven Missullis (vocals, guitar, drums) mix elements from various musical genres in their very own way and sound intoxicating organic. Between instrumental frenzy and gentle, fragile acoustic parts, an exchange takes place that musically brings together different genres: black metal, sludge, doom, post rock, shoegaze. The whole thing happens without any showmanship: Loud and quiet in perfect complement, the power of love as an answer to life’s questions. As large as the steps may seem at times, they always remain comprehensible. The common thread consists of the consistent and honest handwriting of the two - an uncompromising couple.


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  1. Mike Block
    Mike Block
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    Good stuff kinda reminds me of some old thrash Voivod