Priscilla Presley Breaks Down 15 Looks From Marriage to 'Elvis' Premiere | Life in Looks | Vogue

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The iconic Priscilla Presley shares the secret to her 1960s bouffants and how she managed to buy her dress incognito when she planned to marry "The King," Elvis Presley.
Director: Blair Waters
Director Of Photography: Stephen Tringali
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Producers: Naomi Nishi, Nicola Pardy
Associate Director, Creative Development: Alexandra Gurvitch
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Gaffer: David Sheetz
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Filmed on Location: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
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Komentarze: 3 471

  1. Julia Flowers
    Julia Flowers
    Miesiąc temu

    I literally can't believe she is 77 years old! She looks absolutely gorgeous and she seems like such a lovely person to be around

    1. Lori Clarke
      Lori Clarke
      11 dni temu

      Oh puleeese she’s been operated on numerous times wake up

    2. Alicia Gabriel
      Alicia Gabriel
      15 dni temu

      Of coursw 101 surgeries.

    3. Jay Bird
      Jay Bird
      17 dni temu

      That’s because she was like 14 when she met Elvis and married him as a minor. Pretty huge age gap.

    4. Ruth Bashford
      Ruth Bashford
      17 dni temu

      @TM Martin, Esq. I believe Priscilla is dead as she looks like an animated corpse!

  2. celestialnubian
    Miesiąc temu

    Elvis was pretty much broke when he died. Priscilla built Graceland into an empire, saved Elvis' legacy, while raising a child and even found time to do some acting. Priscilla Presley is a real woman.

    1. Wessley
      5 godzin temu

      @Laura Bock how can he be his "personal saviour" if god exists, he just stood back and watched him suffer and eventually die while taking a sh!t, don't harp on about Jesus... He died a very long time ago, and there's no sky-daddy looking out for anyone.... Clearly.

    2. Laura Bock
      Laura Bock
      16 godzin temu

      Broke? If any lack of monetary worth, it was thanks to the “Colonel” robbing him. It certainly was not because Elvis failed. It is a tragedy how some people prey on and suck the life out of others. That is what grieved me so much while watching the 2022 Elvis movie! I love the movie! It was so real that it uncovered a lot of that grief for a life lost so young. I praise God that Elvis called for Rex Humbard to lead him in praying to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord. “We’ll see you again…” Indeed, we will, Elvis ♥️🙏🏼

    3. Isa Melo
      Isa Melo
      2 dni temu

      Amen to that! Great post! 🥰

    4. TKM
      3 dni temu

      @A 🤍 😶

  3. melanie
    Miesiąc temu

    I love that she’s supposed to be talking about her clothes but she’s talking about Elvis and her in that moment ❤️

    1. Iwona Yvonne D.
      Iwona Yvonne D.
      Godzinę temu

      No, she was only interested in what she had had and has

    2. Olivia
      26 dni temu

      @Jongen Even after their divorce, they remained close friends and talked every day. They definitely had more positive times, than negative times, and she proved to be a very influential person in Elvis’ life past and present.

    3. Shannon Lee
      Shannon Lee
      26 dni temu

      She's not stupid, she knows what people really want to hear.

  4. heyhopebarker
    Miesiąc temu

    She just breathes elegance and class. I could listen to her talk all day and what an honor it would be to meet her! Oh she is just wonderful. ❤️

    1. Carole Griggs
      Carole Griggs
      12 dni temu

      @Renee Bloggs Absolutely...

    2. Marleen Brown
      Marleen Brown
      18 dni temu

      Money works wonders...she should have taken care of his matter's while they were married.. isn't she someone else now

    3. Marleen Brown
      Marleen Brown
      18 dni temu

      Why did she fool around on him with his friends... couldn't wait...xhusband.

    4. Renee Bloggs
      Renee Bloggs
      22 dni temu

      I agree she is elegant and classy. After Elvis died, his legacy could easily have turned into cheapness, especially it has to be said with Lisa Marie, but Priscilla gave it dignity and has respectfully honoured her late husband's memory and ensured that others do too to this day.

  5. Another Moon
    Another Moon
    Miesiąc temu

    I‘ve seen the ELVIS movie and loved it but now I wanna see Priscilla‘s point of view and story. I lover her personality and how soft spoken she is. I think she has that „gentle strength“ on her that doesn’t destroy what is holding her back but make her opponents respect her and willingly letting her go. She‘s wonderful.

    1. ava s
      ava s
      7 dni temu

      @NoFear 64 i agree but i think a big reason is also that priscilla was working on the movie very closely and that might explain why they didnt criticize their relationship too closely!!

    2. Christine Hasse
      Christine Hasse
      12 dni temu

      @NoFear 64 you have to remember that Elvis was born in 1935, almost one hundred years ago, look at how much things have changed since then! This kind of gap year was acceptable, you can't judge old times with today's eyes.

    3. brizzle
      15 dni temu

      @NoFear 64 it’s like u guys forget that it was practically normalized back then so it wasn’t such a big deal at the time. if it was taken place now, it would’ve for sure been mentioned.

    4. thecl0udpuff
      18 dni temu

      @Maggie Karabel inspiring

    5. thecl0udpuff
      18 dni temu

      @Maggie Karabel frr

  6. pobeaxk plays
    pobeaxk plays
    Miesiąc temu

    How she talks about how people used to dress up all the time and no one wasn’t dressed down makes me wish everyone still dressed up all the time

    1. Lisa Slater
      Lisa Slater
      9 godzin temu

      @Mario Gmajner Because even tho they got a divorce it's not against the law to keep your married last name. Plus her maiden name was hard to read and pronounce. The press slaughtered it. Last but not least Presley goes very well with Pricilla don't you think?

    2. Adaija Packnet
      Adaija Packnet
      Dzień temu

      Right same? I’ve lately just been dressing nice and not caring

    3. Isabelle
      2 dni temu

      I agree. I would love to wear heels and dresses everywhere ugh. People get angry because of the issues back then, but I really wish I was born in 1955, what a time that would be!

    4. Jaro Jaric
      Jaro Jaric
      2 dni temu

      Come to Europe haha

    5. No more War!
      No more War!
      3 dni temu

      @Carole Griggs yeah I know what ya mean.

  7. Christine Wilkinson
    Christine Wilkinson
    16 dni temu

    Priscilla was absolutely stunning when she was young, shes still beautiful now. They made a stunning couple.

    1. Krystal Donnise
      Krystal Donnise
      Dzień temu

      @Christine Wilkinson Priscilla herself spoke out about how her surgery was botched.

    2. Dun Can
      Dun Can
      3 dni temu

      If she was related to me, she would be the MOST attractive grandmother i ever had!😍💕

    3. Christine Wilkinson
      Christine Wilkinson
      10 dni temu

      @e z r a she does and always looks nicely dressed.

    4. e z r a
      e z r a
      11 dni temu

      I actually think she looks even more gorgeous now with the red hair

    5. Christine Wilkinson
      Christine Wilkinson
      12 dni temu

      It's not big to criticise someone's appearance. What did she do exactly?

  8. Yarelis Serrano
    Yarelis Serrano
    Miesiąc temu

    Everything about their relationship was messed up. He was controlling of her, met her as a young teenager, and had multiple affairs behind her back but the way she talk about him in the video and their relationship is crazy to me. Such a wonderful lady

    1. Francesca Golding
      Francesca Golding
      4 dni temu

      tbh it’s not really anyones place to make comments about their relationship simply because how could we know the true nature of it, back then age gaps in relationships were very normal and they both did love eachother, yes elvis did have affairs but there’s much more to it than meets the eye, elvis was being exploited terribly by tom parker and was being pumped full of prescription drugs by his doctor like many hollywood stars which was a huge contributor to his death. it’s not fair to make elvis out to be a bad guy when he really wasn’t.

    2. Tiffany Sanchez
      Tiffany Sanchez
      5 dni temu

      @ches doesn’t matter who cheated first, they both cheated that’s my point.. And thus neither are innocent both have done wrong, just because one did it doesn’t mean the other doing it in retaliation is in the right and gets a free pass…. Wrong is wrong PERIOD!!!!

    3. ches
      5 dni temu

      @Tiffany Sanchez i kinda do seeing as how i don’t groom minors.. and yeah she did after he cheated on her publicly many times💀

    4. Tiffany Sanchez
      Tiffany Sanchez
      5 dni temu

      He may have done that but you have no right to judge and she’s no angel either, she messed around on him too!

    5. ches
      6 dni temu

      @melz she admitted they dated secretly before she was 18 lmao… and even if they didn’t date until she was 18 that’s still GROOMING

  9. azalea
    15 dni temu

    priscilla is an incredible woman. still keeping elvis’s legacy, even after all these years. in all honesty, she’s the main reason elvis’s legacy is still upheld. you can tell she really cared for him and loved him.

  10. Savannah
    Miesiąc temu

    She seems so lovely, I could listen to her talk about stories forever, she’s so soft spoken.

    1. Savannah
      3 dni temu

      @Johnny Cage my grandma is loud so it’s nice to see a change 😅

    2. Johnny Cage
      Johnny Cage
      3 dni temu

      Dude she is an old lady she is almost 80 how else did you expect her to talk?

  11. rhianna r
    rhianna r
    Miesiąc temu

    so difficult for me to enjoy this knowing elvis courted her when she was a 14 year old girl but her stories are fascinating

    1. bella donna of sadness
      bella donna of sadness
      5 dni temu

      @Natasha exactly

    2. Bonile Bacon
      Bonile Bacon
      6 dni temu

      @TrueLaila r/ wooosh

    3. evergreenrider
      6 dni temu

      Societal norms change. I cant go around saying gamer words anymore

    4. Aimin Bara
      Aimin Bara
      6 dni temu

      @Star Obviously lol

    5. TrueLaila
      7 dni temu

      @CADO JACK SHORTS are u slow? Goofy

  12. Matt Moseley
    Matt Moseley
    Miesiąc temu

    You can begin to understand why Elvis fell in love with her. Her class, grace, wisdom, etc. are all quite mesmerizing. I could sit and hear her talk for hours.

    1. анни елниф
      анни елниф
      7 dni temu

      so true

    2. g0lddustt
      7 dni temu

      He literally cheated on her. Multiple times.

    3. Olivia Rogers
      Olivia Rogers
      Miesiąc temu

      @I'm a Person his first girlfriend would beg to differ.

    4. I'm a Person
      I'm a Person
      Miesiąc temu

      @Olivia Rogers a girl can be wise but not for her age. There are always gonna be people who are smarter than others it doesn’t matter the age group. Elvis was just into little girls.

    5. Olivia Rogers
      Olivia Rogers
      Miesiąc temu

      @I'm a Person there absolutely is.

  13. Jackie Wyers
    Jackie Wyers
    Miesiąc temu

    Priscilla is so lovely. amazing video!!

    1. Vintage Kitty
      Vintage Kitty
      Miesiąc temu

      Hi Jackie!! Time to do another Priscilla inspired video???

    2. Lindsay J
      Lindsay J
      Miesiąc temu

      Hiii Jackieeee

    3. Ery 88
      Ery 88
      Miesiąc temu

      Yay Jackie! Love your channel so much. I'm watching this vid and immediately remembered your vid on priscilla's wedding makeup and out of nowhere I saw your comment. You and Priscilla are so lovely😊

  14. Tanya
    22 dni temu

    She is absolutely beautiful and her eyes are stunning. She has aged so gracefully and she is still so well put together. I adore her style and how she looks since she was young. She speaks so elegantly and just everything about her is charming. Honestly would love to see a biopic on her.

  15. MalBell03
    Miesiąc temu

    She tells these stories in a way that is so mesmerizing. I love her voice and demeanor!

    1. Elizabeth
      23 dni temu

      Daisy... and dance instructor.

    2. MyNameHere
      Miesiąc temu

      @Scm Report why do you say that? She’s not ill, that we know of. She just had botched plastic surgery, that’s all.

    3. Scm Report
      Scm Report
      Miesiąc temu

      I don't think she has too much time left which is sad. She's a living legend!

    4. Selina Barua
      Selina Barua
      Miesiąc temu

      Yeah I noticed that too. A great storyteller; pulls you right in.

    5. Daisy Mae
      Daisy Mae
      Miesiąc temu

      So did the karate instructor she cheated with!

  16. Marlene Nava
    Marlene Nava
    26 dni temu

    I love how this is mainly about her. In so many of her interviews she’s only asked about Elvis and their relationship. Not that it’s a bad thing , I’m sure she loves talking about him after all she loved him very much and still does but I’m sure it must’ve been nice for her to talk about herself , her taste, you know very personal . Beautiful humble woman ♥️can’t believe she’s 77 ✨

  17. Kelly 孤独死
    Kelly 孤独死
    20 dni temu

    I just realized how young she was thrown into the spotlight…she really has done so much to preserve Elvis’s legacy and bring tax revenues into Memphis, TN! I am a local and totally appreciate it. She didn’t HAVE to do all that. Thank you Pricilla! 🤗

  18. Twila Tharp
    Twila Tharp
    Miesiąc temu

    I hope Priscilla does more of these videos. To be honest I wasn't an Elvis fan, but I've always liked her and she had so much to cope with through the years. Thanks Priscilla! I should add, even if I wasn't a fan, you couldn't help knowing about him back in the say, he was everywhere!

    1. no1nestandsalone
      19 dni temu

      Why weren’t you an Elvis fan? He’s an icon.

  19. Navier Ma’s Channel 🔮👻
    Navier Ma’s Channel 🔮👻
    Miesiąc temu

    Her voice is so youthful! Forever young and I love how she tells everything like it just happened yesterday.

  20. Olivia Pires
    Olivia Pires
    Miesiąc temu

    I met her several years back when I assisted her in a store I worked in. I did not have any idea who she was until after our interaction when a co-worker informed me. Just thought she was a super nice lady who was crazy about her bulldogs! Honestly it’s hard to believe how down to earth and personable she actually is considering what a life she’s had.

    1. Ruth Bashford
      Ruth Bashford
      18 dni temu

      @junejunejuniejune Priscilla has never lived her own life as she has lived off the corpse of her dead ex husband for the last 45 years.

    2. StimuliKing
      19 dni temu

      @postersandstuff i didn't believe it i just asked

    3. postersandstuff
      19 dni temu

      @Dirty Dan no celeb is perfect , for ex Bruce Lee had many women on the side and was a bit of a bully last 2 yrs he lived......he was also big timed hooked on coke but his estate tried to cover it up

    4. postersandstuff
      19 dni temu

      @StimuliKing no he wasnt , dont believe everything you hear

    5. no1nestandsalone
      19 dni temu

      @Dirty Dan that’s not true he didn’t hire a hit man

  21. Echo Starr
    Echo Starr
    Miesiąc temu

    It amazes me how positively she speaks about the past after all he put her through with grooming her at 14, cheating on her over and over during their marriage, and refusing to be intimate with her after their child was born. What a horrible man, but Im glad she never allowed him to crush her spirits.

    1. Yvette Ihemesinwa
      Yvette Ihemesinwa
      9 dni temu

      I never knew all this. No wonder thier marriage didn't last long

    2. Wanda Stevens
      Wanda Stevens
      19 dni temu

      @elvis78ale And also she got unhappy at being bored ,so she started taking Karate lessons and her instructor was Mike Stone and in a little while they went on to having an affair that lead to Elvis divorcing her...he still loved her all those years...

    3. Colleen Shea
      Colleen Shea
      24 dni temu

      Elvis was not a horrible man and Priscilla certainly never viewed him that way. This was a real love story and it transitioned and endured as some lucky marriages do after divorce.

    4. Julie Eales
      Julie Eales
      Miesiąc temu

      Get your facts right

    5. elvis78ale
      Miesiąc temu

      He wasn't horrible and she's not a victim. I advice you to read a lot about their story (also the book Chilbride about Priscilla) Don't listen only what she says. If she was so unhappy she could have not marry him. Elvis had pressure too for the marriage. This couldn't be a love story for both.

  22. Sunny
    7 dni temu

    Priscilla's voice is so calming and beautiful. Definitely could listen to her for hours 😊

    1. Mariana VB
      Mariana VB
      5 dni temu

      Yes! It is almost ASMR

  23. Natasha
    Miesiąc temu

    That was lovely. I love how positive she is about every phase of her life and the people she spoke of

  24. Jane Lensch
    Jane Lensch
    Miesiąc temu

    It was interesting to hear about her career as a socialite. Yes, very elite parties and affairs, years ago, dress code was very important. Designers made and crushed lives on red carpets. Just a moment of fun to see her describe her social moments. My social moments were important to me, too.

  25. beautifulibra
    Miesiąc temu

    This woman is not only Elvis’s wife, but at one time she was Michael Jackson’s mother in law. Having to know 2 legends like that! Incredible!

    1. GT1977
      2 dni temu

      @LvRed Grl with a last name like 'PRESLEY' - why would anybody remarry???!!!!???💲💲💲

    2. LvRed Grl
      LvRed Grl
      7 dni temu

      @Marleen Brown she never remarried.

    3. m dahlia
      m dahlia
      7 dni temu


    4. m dahlia
      m dahlia
      7 dni temu

      ​@JoAnne Pazara

    5. Debbie Porter
      Debbie Porter
      8 dni temu

      @Marleen Brown For Money. Same As Her

  26. M Styles
    M Styles
    Miesiąc temu

    The first biography I ever read was about Priscilla. I couldn't have been older than 9 which would make it around 1989/1990. I was never an Elvis fan just a Priscilla fan. She was very cutting edge with her looks and sense of style and I don't know I always found her beauty to be unique and stunning. She also seems like a very kind and genuine individual.

  27. Nneka Chapman
    Nneka Chapman
    Miesiąc temu

    Elegance personified! This is what being a 'lady' looks like. A true beauty, and force to be reckoned with.

  28. lar
    21 dzień temu

    She has lived through lots of decades and she was able to dress authentically with every trend. Furthermore, it amazes me she was actually married to Elvis. Elvis!!! He had been dead way long before I was born so he sort of feels as if he lived a thousand years ago. Remarkable

  29. Hiyori Iki
    Hiyori Iki
    17 dni temu

    I saw the movie yesterday and I'm getting these videos in my recommendations. I have never been so inspired by 2 individuals, Elvis and Priscilla. 2 strong people with an amazing heart. Priscilla is such a strong and lovely woman, the things she did and still does are spectacular. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  30. Zara Crespo
    Zara Crespo
    Miesiąc temu

    Mrs. Presley has all the beautiful class that most First Ladies should exhibit. Her chose of words, her poise. She understood the sacrifices and understood what it took to be able to bring her family together and survive. In a World where she pretty much had to fend for herself and her child. God bless her always

  31. Tara Smith
    Tara Smith
    Miesiąc temu

    She will forever hold an elegance and grace that you don't see much anymore. Beautiful on the inside and out. You can see why Elvis fell for her!

    1. Michael Frazia
      Michael Frazia
      Miesiąc temu

      @Imani Jade worked out well for her I'd say .

    2. Imani Jade
      Imani Jade
      Miesiąc temu

      *Groomed. He groomed her.

  32. Andrew Plaisance
    Andrew Plaisance
    Miesiąc temu

    I love this woman so much! She is a class act all by herself! You can see why Elvis was so in love with her. Thank you Mrs. Presley for keeping Elvis legacy alive for new generations!

  33. AmyYin80
    Miesiąc temu

    Such a comforting voice and demeanor. The definition of class. ❤️

  34. Suzanne Vilicich
    Suzanne Vilicich
    Miesiąc temu

    I wish this would never end!! Class personified. I want more!!! She is an impeccable and eloquent lady. What an inspiration!!!

    1. Robert Duggan
      Robert Duggan
      Miesiąc temu

      She is total class personified your so right

    2. Atyskiet*
      Miesiąc temu

      Yes is really interesting

    3. Debbie Potter
      Debbie Potter
      Miesiąc temu

      Right! I wish this was longer!

  35. marty jones
    marty jones
    Miesiąc temu

    This was beautiful! So beautiful and extremely touching. The entire piece is so elegant.. just exactly like her..Vogue, you did Priscilla proud ❤️

  36. Adaija Packnet
    Adaija Packnet
    Dzień temu

    Wow she’s stunning and i love her outfits. I really miss people dressing up, so much lately people encourage dressing down and looking kinda sloppy, I wish people took more pride in their outfits. She’s gorgeous

  37. Calling_4_all_angels
    Miesiąc temu

    Watching her over the years evolve out of the glitz and glamour of her early days and take the reigns as she emerged triumphant finding her own trail to blaze. I am still in awe of how she appears to navigate her way through it all so effortlessly with such grace and elegance. She is still so kind & I consider her to be our beloved Mistress of Memphis, the muse that made Elvis magical & such a beautiful blessing we adore today & forever more!

  38. Ashley Rae Boyd
    Ashley Rae Boyd
    Miesiąc temu

    She is such a Queen. Her voice is so beautiful too ❤️

  39. Daniela _
    Daniela _
    Miesiąc temu

    She is absolutely stunning, even now her beauty is breathtaking.

  40. Dalys Does Makeup
    Dalys Does Makeup
    Miesiąc temu

    I love how classic and lady-like she seems. 💗

  41. l.xtasy
    17 dni temu

    This lady has such a wonderful calm energy and the aura of peacefulness it must be amazing to be around her

  42. Desirae Garcia
    Desirae Garcia
    23 dni temu

    When I was in high school I wanted to base my looks off hers. She is such a beautiful fashion icon. She has such a niche for clothing design. Really ahead of her time/ Wish she still designed!

  43. Natalia De Anda Ruiz
    Natalia De Anda Ruiz
    16 dni temu

    She’s very exquisite! The way she speaks, dresses and everything, just mesmerizing! He looks way younger than she actually is… amazing

  44. Ben Schaeffer
    Ben Schaeffer
    Dzień temu

    She's DEFINITELY a classy and elegant lady. She's like the first lady of rock n' roll.

  45. Just Megs
    Just Megs
    11 dni temu

    Wonderful idea for a series. I love these episodes. It’s great looking back and being in the now with them.

  46. Tessa Maye
    Tessa Maye
    Miesiąc temu

    She exudes poise and you can sense wisdom and grace in her. So proud of how she's built her own narrative.

    Miesiąc temu

    She’s an underrated icon of culture - absolutely stunning, just like her daughter.

    1. Ragna touya
      Ragna touya
      Miesiąc temu

      But over all she got over elvis and she didn't want to talk about him because she was like married 3 time or so....

    2. Claire Mooney
      Claire Mooney
      Miesiąc temu

      pricilla is the only woman i have ever envied and thats because she met elvis a nd married elvis she was so lucky

    3. Ursula Mullikin
      Ursula Mullikin
      Miesiąc temu

      @Jj F that is true she accumulated I think 50 million and yet Lisa Marie supposedly is broke

    4. Jj F
      Jj F
      Miesiąc temu

      @Ursula Mullikin yeah that's true..... But she did that also for her own benefit so she didn't go broke lol

    5. WehoPsychic
      Miesiąc temu

      ​@Jj F The limelight only beckons those worthy of it's shine.

    Miesiąc temu

    Her voice is like a warm hug. Full of warmth. 😭

  49. Benedetta Tramontozzi
    Benedetta Tramontozzi
    Miesiąc temu

    I love the fact that she always mentions Elvis in every snapshot and every moment, she really loved him 🖤

    1. Antonella Bria
      Antonella Bria
      24 dni temu

      did not love him

    2. Benedetta Tramontozzi
      Benedetta Tramontozzi
      Miesiąc temu

      @Monday Quarterback Source “trust ne bro”

    3. Monday Quarterback
      Monday Quarterback
      Miesiąc temu

      @Benedetta Tramontozzi He S A her in a motel room during their divorce hearing. She was DONE with him & dated Chuck Norris,then his instructor, Mike Stone for protection.

  50. Paula Buck
    Paula Buck
    Miesiąc temu

    Wow! What a classy lady inside and out! She still looks absolutely beautiful. Her voice is so calm & soothing too!

  51. chumdoggie 🐾
    chumdoggie 🐾
    Miesiąc temu

    Priscilla is so beautiful, elegant, classy and her voice is soft and sophisticated. An incredible and talented woman, actress and businesswoman.

  52. Selina Gibson
    Selina Gibson
    Miesiąc temu

    I love to listen to her talk about her life with Elvis. She was so classy and just beautiful!! Still is! I love her look, her hair, her clothes...everything!

    1. Lunaxlo
      Miesiąc temu

      L comment 🤣

    2. Siobhan McShane Hill
      Siobhan McShane Hill
      Miesiąc temu

      She was groomed

    3. emma
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    Savvy's 2nd Act. Beauty & Vibrance over 50.
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