Testing 5 Unique and Weird Bottle Openers

Vlad SlickBartender
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companies are getting creative with some of the bottle openers they have been making so I decided to buy a lot of them to see how well they work. Here are five of the most unique bottle openers are found. Which one is your favorite and would you like to see more?
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  1. Vlad SlickBartender
    Vlad SlickBartender
    12 dni temu

    FACEBOOK facebook.com/vladslickbartender INSTAGRAM instagram.com/vladslickbartender/

    1. CalicoComet
      8 dni temu

      Buy the hotwheels bottle opener

    2. Stanley Bochenek
      Stanley Bochenek
      9 dni temu

      SUSUSCIBE bruh

    3. Quicksnipez2011
      10 dni temu

      The knuckle duster was the wrong way round, the small part goes into your palm to give your hand support whilst punching, so the bottle opener should be on the top of your hand not at the bottom 😄😄

    4. Jayden Euen
      Jayden Euen
      10 dni temu

      Them knuckle busters will be painful for your knuckles if you decide to hit someone with them.

    5. Stix Jonathan
      Stix Jonathan
      10 dni temu

      Order a butterfly knife bottle opener

  2. Jake
    12 dni temu

    I swear, I could listen to you talk for hours.

    1. Cody Ethan
      Cody Ethan
      21 godzinę temu

      Yea should get him a microphone while he is working at the bar.

    2. Hatslayer
      8 dni temu


    3. Dark Vincent
      Dark Vincent
      8 dni temu


    4. Nwpha ni mai chaya
      Nwpha ni mai chaya
      9 dni temu

      @Mr postman he sounds better than you

    5. Alex Crazy
      Alex Crazy
      10 dni temu

      He should do audiobooks

  3. Lil-Pony
    12 dni temu

    No matter which one you use, you open it flawlessly.

  4. BRUH
    10 dni temu

    The among us at the end tho. I love how he casually is sarcastic and edits his videos to perfection, man’s an amazing bartender 💪

    1. LlamaGibKarma
      Minuta temu


      2 dni temu

      How convenient i was about to play amog us

    3. business cat with internet access
      business cat with internet access
      5 dni temu

      @epicpuppyman amog us

    4. Catzly
      9 dni temu

      So suscribe

  5. Finnley Haggett
    Finnley Haggett
    10 dni temu

    “Since we open doors with our phones or keypads” when did this become the norm lmao he said it so confidently and shit like it’s just been the way we do it for years now

    1. Enderchicken12
      4 dni temu

      Dude I have like 12 keys.

    2. Agent California
      Agent California
      7 dni temu

      It pretty much is in a lot of places as it’s far harder to gain access to a house with a phone, scanner, or pad lock than a standard key lock. Pretty much anyone can pick a basic house lock.

    3. Jessex
      8 dni temu

      I don't know anybody that lives like that, not even the rich snobs at my school

    4. Z4KK
      10 dni temu

      Bros living in the future

  6. Bookwarrior199
    12 dni temu

    never gotten to a video this fast, cool

    1. Yung Bake
      Yung Bake
      8 dni temu

      Really cool! Thanks for letting everyone know. I don’t think I would’ve slept tonight without knowing you had never gotten here this fast!! Cool!

    2. ViralFails
      11 dni temu

      Its finally here plpost.info/base/wideo/gVp2rTimdTR

    3. scorcher117
      12 dni temu

      And it’s one where he says he’ll do the rest tomorrow so we can’t even skip ahead.

  7. Martin
    12 dni temu

    Who gets into their house by their phone? That sounds like some awful security

    1. Nooxi
      4 dni temu

      i have to slide in through the window

    2. Killer Ski
      Killer Ski
      4 dni temu

      @Chris Tina i would rather say ass bad there are some smart locks that open just by gently knockout in the rigth spot but yes masterlock is ass but who even uses master lock for their house

    3. ICJMK2
      8 dni temu

      My friend apartment the way u get in is using a keypad and some biometrics it’s actually pretty cool

    4. Agent California
      Agent California
      9 dni temu

      @Γιώργος Π those systems always have a physical key as a backup

  8. rændðm_düdę420
    10 dni temu

    That last one was probably the most practical so far, I'd definitely get that one

  9. Ab C
    Ab C
    11 dni temu

    Him : *uses bottle opener His father's teeth: are we joke to u?

  10. UnclesLumbago
    12 dni temu

    I have that key opener. It’s really cool even though I don’t get to use it much since most of my bottles are twist off or have a cork

  11. Stagger
    10 dni temu

    Virgils rootbeer is amazing. Completely different drinking experience compared to mug or aw

  12. Helix
    10 dni temu

    Oh man I hope you try a balisong / butterfly knife bottle opener! Some flippy tricks just before opening the bottle seems right up your alley!

  13. Jewel Vang
    Jewel Vang
    2 dni temu

    The dog bone might be the simplest in terms of design, but you used it with so much style I felt like it was the best one XD

  14. Hito Rabu
    Hito Rabu
    10 dni temu

    That copper key would be great for me since I have my opener with my keys on a chain. What a great disguise that would be!

  15. Cash Eye
    Cash Eye
    11 dni temu

    I genuinely want the antique key one for collection purposes

  16. Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem
    8 dni temu

    I'd definitely use the bullet one if I ever planned on drinking from bottles like that.

  17. G M
    G M
    12 dni temu

    Even if i had all of them i wouldnt be able to find them when i needed to open a bottle 🤣🤣

  18. fastraptor
    12 dni temu

    Me: Why do I feel like it’s not only going to be used for opening bottles? Vlad: uses it to open a wine bottle.

  19. Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg
    10 dni temu

    My favorite bottle opener that I've ever seen is one that I bought my dad, a metal green army man crawling with his rifle in his hands. Effective, if heavy, and very fun looking

  20. xxxmoist crip
    xxxmoist crip
    10 dni temu

    i’ve had one of those key bottle openers before, i got it at a wedding, i thought it was pretty cool until it started to smell like iron 😵‍💫

  21. nat
    4 dni temu

    That key one is really cool, it’s like ur always ready to party😂

  22. tacowarj5
    10 dni temu

    We have one made from a broken hockey stick and it’s really high quality with great leverage, my personal favorite

  23. Northeastern Coasters, Trains and Skiing
    Northeastern Coasters, Trains and Skiing
    12 dni temu

    I got my brother a custom strainer bottle opener, as well as a deer horn one. He likes them both.

  24. Zechariah Cifuentes
    Zechariah Cifuentes
    12 dni temu

    The circle ring in the dog bone is actually for removing pour spouts off bottles it’s very handy.

    12 dni temu


  26. Leonardo 2007
    Leonardo 2007
    12 dni temu

    Imagine a customer telling you "there's too much ice" and you pull out the first bottle opener

  27. Gali 	**Check Me N*de
    Gali **Check Me N*de
    8 dni temu

    No matter which one you use, you open it flawlessly.

  28. doliio volay
    doliio volay
    8 dni temu

    The way you introduce each one of them is satisfying for me

  29. Cameron Sisneros
    Cameron Sisneros
    9 dni temu

    I can watch this man pop bottles all day

  30. Octagonalsquare
    10 dni temu

    I like seeing Virgils Root Beer in this. I don’t drink, but love a good glass bottle soda, especially root beer! And virgils is top 10 for me

  31. EKKUSU00
    10 dni temu

    The way you introduce each one of them is satisfying for me

  32. Damocles54
    3 dni temu

    My favorite was actually a bit of rock climbing gear. A black diamond chock pick. Multi-use piece of gear lol

  33. ♡ Fluffy ♡
    ♡ Fluffy ♡
    4 dni temu

    the last one would be useful for energy drinks, because it’s impossible to open one without needing to wedge something under it.

  34. NebuLaynē
    11 dni temu

    Wow you're so good at opening bottles. It was so fast it looked like you just smacked the lid and ta da, bottle opened

  35. OreoDa_Sellout
    12 dni temu

    I just watch his vids on repeat to listen to his voice

  36. Gespy
    10 dni temu

    Liking that copper key Gotta see the other openers you got next 😁

  37. Some Guy
    Some Guy
    7 dni temu

    My favorite bottle opener is an inert .50 BMG round with a cutout near the rim where I can hook the bottle caps.

  38. Kameron Myles
    Kameron Myles
    7 dni temu

    Spoons work pretty well for opening cans as well

  39. PeKツッ
    10 dni temu

    The last one was good, the strainer was a nice touch.

  40. Jojo
    11 dni temu

    The dog bone is a reference to a tool. A double, closed end ratcheting wrench. Looks exactly the same

  41. Luciferi
    6 dni temu

    When you need a bottle opener to open a soda can. 🤣

  42. Some_rando_in_your_closet
    7 dni temu

    I have actually considered getting a 50 BMG cartridge that was turned into a bottle opener

  43. 98Bones
    10 dni temu

    I have the antique key on my Keychain, it's also good for opening boxes

  44. Shido Sensei
    Shido Sensei
    10 dni temu

    The first one looks super thin, definitely not-so comfortable to hold

  45. Help Me Reach 10k Subs Without a Video
    Help Me Reach 10k Subs Without a Video
    10 dni temu

    My great uncle once had a company that made bottle openers, jewellery from metal in defused nuclear bombs.

  46. Vex
    10 dni temu

    Honestly dude i dont drink but your videos are super satisfying to watch

  47. Andy P
    Andy P
    8 dni temu

    I used to own a Santa Cruz skateboard that had a bottle opener built into the underside of the deck, was such a cool board!!

  48. Tommy 910
    Tommy 910
    7 dni temu

    The Dog bone opener could be used as a connecting rod in a Honda 😁

  49. Tiberius G
    Tiberius G
    10 dni temu

    Be careful with the one on the retractable cord that thing looks like it weighs a lot and you don’t want those nuggets bruised.

  50. Connor Plumb
    Connor Plumb
    12 dni temu

    I was really waiting for a balisong bottle opener

    1. Klicks
      12 dni temu

      @Furno 52470 Stepping away from bali's with bottle openers, Squid Industries Nautilus?

    2. Furno 52470
      Furno 52470
      12 dni temu

      @Klicks nabalis vulp 😎

    3. Klicks
      12 dni temu

      BBbarfly for the win

  51. נחליה ביננפלד
    נחליה ביננפלד
    10 dni temu

    Wow, i have that key in my house, didn't even know it's a bottle opener 😮🤣

  52. Jade The Marites
    Jade The Marites
    Dzień temu

    The last one is great for people with longs nails no trouble on opening cans!

  53. DoiKid
    11 dni temu

    Can't wait for him to say "Let's open a happy little bottle."

  54. Ferchii Alice
    Ferchii Alice
    10 dni temu

    I think the key one is genius… u can use it as necklace too

  55. DeathBySmiles
    12 dni temu

    Me with expensive and vintage bottle openers: wow it can hold my cool stick so well

  56. Hootu’s Room
    Hootu’s Room
    6 dni temu

    Vlad I like your content keep it up

  57. He Il
    He Il
    12 dni temu

    I like you style of laughing when you shake . Love from India @vlasslickbartender

  58. Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha
    7 dni temu

    I do have a key bottle opener. I use it all the time even when there is a different and much better bottle opener right next to my hand.

  59. DrFail
    9 dni temu

    For me the best one is still my ring on the middelfinger... In the same time i hand over a beer or something else i open it with my finger... Everyone is every time impressed and confused at the same time and always asks: how did you do that or was it already open? 😱 My answer: we will never know 😏🤫😂

  60. Hanq
    8 dni temu

    I just realized the key i've been using as a necklace is a bottle opener 🗿

  61. Allied
    10 dni temu

    Virgil's handcrafted root beer?? I never thought I'd see that stuff on PLpost

  62. Sleep_n
    10 dni temu

    Try out the squid industries nano butterfly knife bottle opener. I feel it might go well for a bartender since it’s used for tricks

  63. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    10 dni temu

    Pretty sure all the other ones were able to open soda cans as well. You just wanted to give that one an extra spec

  64. 🌽bhutta🌽
    12 dni temu

    Imagine he is using a voice editor for his pleasent voice and his actual voice is entirely different lol

  65. yutre
    9 dni temu

    I must be one of the few who still use a key to open my door 😐

  66. Boot & Scats
    Boot & Scats
    9 dni temu

    I remember my mom buying me a kids backpack when I was 7. It had a bottle opener and a cork screw on it

  67. Echa Kiut
    Echa Kiut
    12 dni temu

    😂i never know that there is so many different type of opening bottle device

  68. Sirius
    12 dni temu

    That splash text at the end of the video was su…. surely notable enough

  69. Белый Кузнецов
    Белый Кузнецов
    9 dni temu

    Wait, you use your phone to open a door? Is that more safe that a traditional keyhole?

  70. IsaiahOmega
    9 dni temu

    I like my ring bottle openers because they're just plain spinning rings, but have a "grip" on the edges

  71. Shin Malphur
    Shin Malphur
    9 dni temu

    Because the part of the knuckle duster that rests in your palm is so thin, wouldn’t using that to punch someone damage your hand?

  72. curt caudle
    curt caudle
    10 dni temu

    In my Bar we called it a blade👍 like the one with the strainer 🎯

  73. Сава Македонски
    Сава Македонски
    12 dni temu

    The amongus at the end made me drop my phone

  74. Ezra Wind
    Ezra Wind
    8 dni temu

    i actually have that exact key one. i got it at an escape room place for an exorbitant price

  75. Fatalis Hunting Horn
    Fatalis Hunting Horn
    11 dni temu

    We need a amogus Cocktail he can't keep getting away with it!

  76. XaverDerSchnitzelFan
    10 dni temu

    the black diamond nut remover has bottle opening as an official function, its one of the 2 allowed uses according to the instructoon booklet together with removing nuts its by far the best bottle opener smh

  77. Your local A hole
    Your local A hole
    10 dni temu

    I remember I had like two of those key ones and two alternate versions

  78. Mortal Hydra
    Mortal Hydra
    11 dni temu

    Just gotta say it, your Voice is awsome it's so smooth if you can say it that way.

  79. General Danghor
    General Danghor
    12 dni temu

    Can you mix a Bare Knuckle Boxer with that? 😄

  80. Urmas Slow
    Urmas Slow
    10 dni temu

    Opening doors with phones? That sounds like a major security risk. I'll stick to the old tried and true. A key 🔑 🗝 🔐.

  81. Lit Dan
    Lit Dan
    Dzień temu

    I don't know how but you can also use spoon/forks to open bottles trust me seen it happen plenty of times

  82. Pestilenssi
    3 dni temu

    My fiance has the one with the cord and the dogbone one. Uses em at work

  83. Dmitry Vorobev
    Dmitry Vorobev
    12 dni temu

    Can’t wait till tomorrow! Sorry I lie! I can… I can wait ! 😅

  84. chase white
    chase white
    10 dni temu

    The second bottle opener would be a health code violation as well.

  85. lucas
    12 dni temu

    next thing you know he’s gonna be using dinosaur teeth fossils as bottle openers 😂😅

  86. ENGAGE
    10 dni temu

    I would let this man read me a book.

  87. Keith Lau
    Keith Lau
    8 dni temu

    I feel like the cops would have a few questions about that knuckle buster opener if they ever found one on someone...

  88. Dhruv
    12 dni temu

    I feel like the knuckle one is something John Wick would have

  89. Sufia Shireen
    Sufia Shireen
    10 dni temu

    Had many bottles did you had to open for this?

  90. [HMS] Cbrmkn98xs
    [HMS] Cbrmkn98xs
    10 dni temu

    Damn, now i want a .50 BMG bottle opener

  91. Brogle47
    12 dni temu

    The among us impostor wants us to subscribe so YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

  92. Jon Einar Mattias Visser
    Jon Einar Mattias Visser
    12 dni temu

    Or, as an alternative to a bottle opener, you can do it the german/austrian way: with any object😎

    1. Eliza Bradley
      Eliza Bradley
      12 dni temu

      How is that done ~ Have not been to Prussia for 350 years ~ 🤔 {Ancestry is Prussian = German • Russian}. Other than smashing on somebody's knogen ~ How ?

  93. Unknownuser#187
    5 dni temu

    As a German I only usw my lighter to Open my bottles 😂😂

  94. Freddrick Faulcon
    Freddrick Faulcon
    4 dni temu

    Him: "We open doors with our phones or keypads" Me: He must be from the future🤔😂

  95. ChillrendBeats
    12 dni temu

    Was that a…a…amo-

    1. 69. 420ing
      69. 420ing
      12 dni temu


  96. neku1419
    6 dni temu

    as a german, im wondering what those things are, i never saw them for year, we use lighters other bottles our thumbs or tables

  97. Nestamura
    6 dni temu

    I think the mako balisong trainer with the bottle opener would be cool for tricks

  98. Johnathan Krausrig
    Johnathan Krausrig
    8 dni temu

    Another bottle is sufficient to open any bottle, alternatively a table, ruler or anything with a

  99. Veldora Tempest
    Veldora Tempest
    10 dni temu

    Imagine how many bottles he open for this video 👀

  100. Spaghet
    11 dni temu