Trapped In A Family Guy Cutaway

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3d work done by the ever amazing @Hoolopee
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Alex Walker Smith:

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  1. MeatCanyon

    Sorry I had to mute a section of the audio everybody. I recreated bird is the word and the surfin bird owners claimed the video. So just pretend that the song is playing in that section! LOVE PLpostS COPYRIGHT SYSTEM WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Smile

    Only meatcanyon can make a silly family guy cutaway into an uncomfortably creepy animation.

  3. Wielder of the Triforce
    Wielder of the Triforce
    28 dni temu

    The anxiety I felt during the mute section was undescribable, I think I've discovered a new fear of mine.

  4. SonicFan478

    Pros: he's getting better at animating

  5. Ray Mak
    Ray Mak
    14 dni temu

    The 3D is impeccable

  6. Andrew Odette
    Andrew Odette

    The only thing crazier than the fact that they’re still making family guy is the fact that they’re still making the Simpsons

  7. Brandon Withnell
    Brandon Withnell
    21 dzień temu

    this would actually make a good horror game where peter could warp reality by making cutaways

  8. tuv

    the way this channel always surprises me is genuinely amazing

  9. NotSoGoodDoctor

    Fan theory: The five peters hiding in the basement represent Mearcanyon's opinion that the first five seasons were the best, and the twisted grotesque abomination that bursts down the stairs represent his opinion that season 6 onwards is the ever-growing decline of the show.

  10. Rockin Chomper
    Rockin Chomper

    I don’t know why. But this makes me sad for Peter more than anything else. But the house itself was beautiful. The way the camera turns and shows it in a 3d environment was awesome. Also the basement part reminded me of little nightmares 2. If ya know. Ya know

  11. TheBritishWolf
    21 dzień temu

    The line "Maybe I should've left a long time ago" is what pulled the horror together for me. Because it went from "Spooky Peter Griffin" and became a horror where he's tried to escape but is trapped in an endless realm of suffering by useless writers who just keep using him over and over for the same shitty weed and fart jokes he's aware nobody likes anymore.

  12. foxotic

    I gotta imagine the 5 "normal" Peters downstairs represented the first 5 seasons people thought were good. It's been a long time since they've been down there, but they're hiding away from the rest. But in the end the bad outweighs the good

  13. kerryk graham
    kerryk graham
    21 dzień temu

    I know that part wasn't meant to be silent but for some reason it still works and is arguably more terrifying because of it

  14. BiddyBud

    I honestly think that no matter how uncomfortable, how disgusting, or how unnerving meatcanyon gets, the thing that scares me most is the underlying themes of unfulfillment and inability to change.

  15. Alexcodexx The kinereader
    Alexcodexx The kinereader


  16. wolfgangouille

    It was much scarier to have no audio when they are dancing. Gives a sense of vertigo as the protagonist realizes he is not in a dream.

  17. ujustgotpwned2008
    21 dzień temu

    For those who didn't see it, the dialogue during the muted segment is:

  18. tutorial: brush him
    tutorial: brush him

    Peter Griffin is no longer just a random comedy protagonist, he's a symbol of exhaustion and tiredness. He no longer wants to be with his family. He is trapped in a cutaway.

  19. chargedpanic
    21 dzień temu

    Honestly the 3D animation was awesome, the shadows and lighting really must''ve taken a long time so whoever worked on all of that really dedicated themselves to their work on this video and really did an amazing job here. It's a shame the music was striked, but even so this is one of my favorite animations on meat canyon. The way peter clashes with the 3D atmosphere almost gives a sense that he is an unnatural entity here let alone with his strange transformations and variations in this. My favorite part might be when they run down the stairs and you see the shadow as they run across and peter crawls then pops up in your face.

  20. MatMicMar

    Sound design, animation, all of it is simply amazing. As a long time Family Guy this was very cool and trippy haha, thanks for making this!