Night at Work | Instrumental Chill Music Mix

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Night at Work | Instrumental Chill Music Mix
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An instrumental chill mix featuring the finest in deep, calm and atmospheric electronic music, with genres such as chillout, downtempo and future garage. Uses for the music include music for background, working, studying, concentration, focusing, stress relief, etc.
0:00 Ptr. - Genesis
- Ptr-1546547572276423
- ptrmusicofficial
3:56 Liam Thomas - Could We Say Goodbye
- liamthomusic
- liamorganthomas
7:47 Audial - Silhouette
11:33 Daminika - The Colors of the Evening
- daminikachill
- katerina_daminika
- daminika_music
15:48 Emiliano Secchi - Crossroad
- Emiliano-Secchi-108595727360132
19:07 Sillage - Ethereal Traces
- sillagegc
23:06 4lienetic - Fade
- 4lienetic
- 4lienetic
- 4lienetic
27:32 Himalia - Growing Upwards
- HimaliaUK
33:59 tondchee - Enter Forever
- tondchee
38:38 Evocativ - Lost In a Dream (feat. Arch Origin)
- evocativ
- markevocativ
- ArchOrigin
- ArchOrigin
43:20 Hello Meteor - Smoke Notturno
- hellometeorofficial
- hello__meteor
- hellometeorofficial
46:36 Speh - Torn
- spehmusic
51:15 Liam Thomas - Alinio
- liamthomusic
- liamorganthomas
54:58 Hiatus - Relic
- hiatusmusic
- hiatusmusic
58:46 Liam Thomas - The Last Time I Saw You
- liamthomusic
- liamorganthomas
*This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artists and download the best quality versions of the tracks from the links above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (contact[at] and I will remove it immediately.

Fluidified 2 miesięcy temu
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Melvin Hooker
Melvin Hooker 3 dni temu
@Gia B. Ree5ee
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 5 dni temu
This was unfunny. Nothing like this:
Sleep Surgeon
Sleep Surgeon 5 dni temu
Hey Fluidified, how do I submit a track for consideration?
Matteo Volante
Matteo Volante 29 dni temu
Is 'Night at Work' available on Spotify, too?
You are a kpop star
You are a kpop star Godzinę temu
oscar 2 godzin temu
thats rockwell in manila philippines
micnpark 3 godzin temu
People are very inspired here in the comment section.
Vanessa Andrade
Vanessa Andrade 12 godzin temu
Mr. Roy
Mr. Roy 15 godzin temu
Everything is going be alright....right as rain. Sending kindest regards & very best wishes from Texas....
Antonia Skeete- Vegan & Alkaline Wellness
Antonia Skeete- Vegan & Alkaline Wellness 15 godzin temu
So beautiful 💜
Lu'a Po'Ka
Lu'a Po'Ka 20 godzin temu
маленький островок русских буковок
Meditation Music Clubhouse
Meditation Music Clubhouse 21 godzinę temu
Very relaxing and soothing. Whoever reading this comment, I really hope you find peace and strength to live through the day. Whatever you're going through right now, I promise it'll be okay.
James Tantra
James Tantra 22 godzin temu
bad homburg
bad homburg Dzień temu
Just Relax
Just Relax Dzień temu
breezy breezy
breezy breezy Dzień temu
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iEndure2015 Dzień temu
To everyone in the comment section, we will never meet, sadly, but i just want to tell you that i love you and I care.
John D
John D Dzień temu
Hey you. Random person who found th... Oh screw it. I can't do this corny rubbish. 🤣
brittanieschwedner46 Dzień temu
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gbmwaz Dzień temu
Despite how bad the last year in particular was for many.... the incalculable emotional, fiscal, and personal permanent loss certain individuals foisted on us...... think about what the world would be like without music? I personally use it everyday many times a day to set whatever tone i need to continue on...Thanks for this channel...check out Gerhard Daum trumpet rhapsody set
GozerTheGozerian Dzień temu
I used to have a view like this in Manhattan, 20 floors up in my brother's apartment on the west side, with floor-to-ceiling windows. I'd dog-sit for him when he was away, sit with my laptop facing the windows and the glorious view, spark the leaf and just write.
breezy breezy
breezy breezy Dzień temu
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Sameer Das Dzień temu
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Meigs Heather
Meigs Heather 2 dni temu
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Nathan Lomas
Nathan Lomas 2 dni temu
This is sick!
Mr Moss
Mr Moss 2 dni temu
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Mindfulness 360
Mindfulness 360 2 dni temu
This is very well composed. Great work!! 💗💗
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 2 dni temu
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Christopher Alex
Christopher Alex 2 dni temu
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Sparrow L
Sparrow L 2 dni temu
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breezy breezt
breezy breezt 2 dni temu
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sait JTA 3 dni temu
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Retro Girl
Retro Girl 3 dni temu
The artwork is very similar with my home office 😱 I N C R E D I B L E 📚
Sophie Parker
Sophie Parker 3 dni temu
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خالد الغامدي
خالد الغامدي 3 dni temu
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Alfreda Eddie 3 dni temu
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Thank you for keeping these comment spaces gentle
Snake Pissken
Snake Pissken 3 dni temu
Yes! Found ittttttt!
SuisseMusicSelection 3 dni temu
Perfect mix!
Curtis Krawczyk
Curtis Krawczyk 3 dni temu
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Saranga Peiris
Saranga Peiris 4 dni temu
Good Vibe. Hope all you have a relax mind to focus on your life.
linda pawle
linda pawle 4 dni temu
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Jelani Bobcombe 4 dni temu
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Janetta Filiberto 5 dni temu
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Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxation and Meditation 5 dni temu
Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day
gowtham varadhi
gowtham varadhi Dzień temu
Thank you 😊💐
Nermin 2 dni temu
Thank you.
ENS Ninjaaa
ENS Ninjaaa 2 dni temu
Thank you 🙏💕
Aziksgu Y
Aziksgu Y 3 dni temu
Thank you for these words ! It’s make me feel good. I wish you all the best.
YAZRIN WISE 3 dni temu
Thank you for those kind word, even though i will never meet you in this current life, maybe in another life or realm or universe, i will meet you and thank you again, 😌
Philip Alagao
Philip Alagao 5 dni temu
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ThinkBeFree99 5 dni temu
Isn't that second track from CREED II?
Ryan Weathers
Ryan Weathers 6 dni temu
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daus alll
daus alll 6 dni temu
so great! Take it easy!
Lynn Greene
Lynn Greene 6 dni temu
Just so damn easy on the ears!!!!
John MJ
John MJ 6 dni temu
The white bean floats in the cereal and the weasel bites the grass
Daniel mm
Daniel mm 6 dni temu
I really like listening to these songs when I'm studying or when I'm preparing for something... thanks a lot for this uploaded this video!!!!
Deepak T
Deepak T 6 dni temu
Working at night....needed this👍
Nia Young
Nia Young 6 dni temu
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Moon Daniel
Moon Daniel 7 dni temu
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MindfulVacation 7 dni temu
Sometime, the best thing to do, is just to relax :)
Seatio YT
Seatio YT 7 dni temu
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Edwin Sammons 7 dni temu
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1390pedrito 7 dni temu
victor 003
victor 003 7 dni temu
This is exactly what I’m in the mood for
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson 7 dni temu
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one relaxilion - comfy, warm & relaxing sounds
one relaxilion - comfy, warm & relaxing sounds 7 dni temu
Just what I need to slow down and reflect on the day 🎶🎧🎺🎵💆
FJA - entertainment
FJA - entertainment 8 dni temu
top top, classismo e elegância no bip.
Salvatore UR
Salvatore UR 8 dni temu
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Marco Carhuamaca
Marco Carhuamaca 8 dni temu
Maciek 8 dni temu
Sooooo nice!
carlongos93 8 dni temu
its me or the thirld song....sounds a lot like a No More Heroes 2 boss theme? Im pretty sure that piano is familiar....Alice Twilight?
용석진 9 dni temu
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Cherish - Relaxing Music
Cherish - Relaxing Music 9 dni temu
Spread Love And Smile, It Will Return Back To You With Great Fortune. Thanks For Sharing Such Healing Creation. Lots Of Love.
Amador Mak
Amador Mak 9 dni temu
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Casey Habich 10 dni temu
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Eric Banana
Eric Banana 10 dni temu
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Rhats Kicks
Rhats Kicks 10 dni temu
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Bobby's Sneaks
Bobby's Sneaks 10 dni temu
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Larry Jackson
Larry Jackson 10 dni temu
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Jennifer Roehsler 10 dni temu
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Confessions of Christ
Confessions of Christ 10 dni temu
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Ryan Samsonov
Ryan Samsonov 11 dni temu
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Lorraine Yarbrough 11 dni temu
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Jennifer Roehsler 11 dni temu
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Lia Dzi
Lia Dzi 11 dni temu
breezy breezt
breezy breezt 11 dni temu
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Maissa Missou
Maissa Missou 11 dni temu
So beautiful ❣️
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