Snowfall in Central Park, New York | Walking in Central Park in the Winter Snow

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Nomadic Ambience

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Snowfall walk in Central Park, New York. Early apologies for all of the cuts in the recording. I did a long walk in the snowfall around Central Park, the most visited urban park in the United States. Many people say that New York has no trees or nature, but thy forget there is a massive park in the middle of Manhattan that is bigger than some small countries. When I was living in NYC during the Summer, I would spot all kinds of wildlife here from chipmunks and squirrels to a huge array of bird species. This video was filmed the same day as my Times Square video. I actually walked from Times Square to immediately start this video. Winter is great, but I really want to return for Autumn. Early apologies for all of the video cuts. I stopped to clear water residue off of my camera lens every so often. Binaural audio for an immersive experience.
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adam boren bennett
adam boren bennett 13 godzin temu
Are you using the GoPro in this? What rig are you using? Thanks
Riky Sonic
Riky Sonic 19 godzin temu
Wow, these new real life engines, combined with latest Nvidia video cards are AMAZING!! Jokes aside, amazing video, as always ❤️
Helvetic Walkers
Helvetic Walkers 20 godzin temu
Thanks for sharing this beautiful winter walk! Well done! 👍😊 Greetings from a swiss walker!
RajiNoT 2 dni temu
Theres nothing stopping you from playing in the snow.
Katsuhira Agata
Katsuhira Agata 2 dni temu
where do the ducks go when the lake is frozen?
Moeseph Jancino
Moeseph Jancino 2 dni temu
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Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 3 dni temu
Lance Link
Lance Link 3 dni temu
This is pretty of my new favorite channels👌
Santi GDU
Santi GDU 5 dni temu
no one thought this was metro exodus?
Ribsy Dibsy
Ribsy Dibsy 5 dni temu
It looks like a nuclear winter. Like holy crap a Cali person like me wouldn’t last.
nixxl gmzRL
nixxl gmzRL 6 dni temu
I love nyc but i live in germany ):
Suraj Topal
Suraj Topal 7 dni temu
Fred Byles
Fred Byles 7 dni temu
5:14 *opens inventory*
Flavio Carvalho
Flavio Carvalho 8 dni temu
Essa Cidade é linda mais eu morreria de frio ,misericórdia
shahryar tavakkoli
shahryar tavakkoli 9 dni temu
wow very nice
Szop Sracz
Szop Sracz 10 dni temu
FrkMusic 11 dni temu
So beautiful. Your content is outclass Getting better day by day.
Rodrigo Cunha
Rodrigo Cunha 12 dni temu
Nevasca pump
The Sir
The Sir 13 dni temu
We call it central poop on the streets.
Мостовенко Микола
Мостовенко Микола 14 dni temu
Imagine, in future peoples will watch this becouse reality will be horrible, and all nature will be destroyed.
호다닥호다닥 14 dni temu
34:20 OMG so cute..He looks like My profile photograph, and wanna tell the video recorder that "Do you have some food??". cute, awesome.
anil burud
anil burud 14 dni temu
Oland ID
Oland ID 14 dni temu
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 14 dni temu
Like all of your vidios. This is so watm pretty quiet relaxing perfect its like im there in march of 2021 in phillie your vidios are so great and pieceful no loud music just piece. Thanks. Thanks so mush for making so many happy
Axl Rose
Axl Rose 15 dni temu
@18:42 that Home Alone scene.
Mustafa Saliov
Mustafa Saliov 15 dni temu
27:05 that dude lol :D
Gum Dropzz
Gum Dropzz 15 dni temu
Hello person scrolling through the comment section, just wanted to say, please just give your life to God, you won’t regret it at all, let go of the worldly things and follow God. If your stuffing with life right now, God can help you through it, God can comfort you, God can strengthen you, but you gotta let Him in in order for Him to do that. So please just give it all up and give everything to Him.
Gum Dropzz
Gum Dropzz 15 dni temu
Hell is also not a “party”, hell is a place of torture and excruciating pain, it’s not gonna be “fun”. Your gonna be in pain forever, no way too escape, no breaks.
Milad Official Uk
Milad Official Uk 15 dni temu
Hello brother which camera you use
Needfun Kerala
Needfun Kerala 15 dni temu
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سہلومہيہ ᏞᎡᎯ ᏅᎥ
سہلومہيہ ᏞᎡᎯ ᏅᎥ 15 dni temu
I'd like to come to America, but how and when, oh, I'm bored🤕💔🇺🇸❤🇮🇶
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 15 dni temu
بعد اختج كلنه كاعدين نباوع ونحلم بخيالنه 💔
Cristiane Luttigards
Cristiane Luttigards 17 dni temu
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Double 3
Double 3 19 dni temu
Woow....I never experienced snow fall
A. S.
A. S. 19 dni temu
Me: love spring in Paris, summer in Italy, autumn in Pushkin, winter in NY. Someone: WTF is Pushkin?? :) great video!
aryan mumbai
aryan mumbai 19 dni temu
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Guehtto 19 dni temu
lol... the division 1 made such a good map.
Ian Clark
Ian Clark 20 dni temu
Yes! Thank you for the new upload. I work 3rd shift, form home and a wild extrovert. Stuck at home as me all willy wonka and your walkaround videos and ambience of the city videos have really kept me feeling alive and social. Thank you!
AnonymuceTV 20 dni temu
Look at all them NPC walking around.
Synysterrr 21 dzień temu
2:25 wtf
Weerada V
Weerada V 21 dzień temu
Thanks !
ferdinand mesina
ferdinand mesina 21 dzień temu
masarap po siguro dyan malamig, pag nakapunta ko dyan magnenegosyo ako ng halohalo at mais con yelo kasi libre na ice hehe
Catherine Leigh
Catherine Leigh 21 dzień temu
How good this video makes me feel ✨
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 22 dni temu
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Sys Vinit
Sys Vinit 22 dni temu
At minute 8:28, the glass of the lantern has a word written on it that I can't understand: either it says "SLAVE K" or it says "SOFT K (in Spanish)". I comment on it because it caught my attention
no one
no one 23 dni temu
In this year the degres was -12 in algeria The coldest in africa
I had my PS4 controller in my hands as my brother entered the room. The prank went on for 4:35 of him trying to guess what game I was playing 🤣😂 I told him that I was in "Nomadic Ambience Mode" which makes me invisible to the public🤣😭
TrailBlazer5280 24 dni temu
I thought this was going to be mostly city but it was a nice walk through the park. I've never seen central park so this was great
asmr on
asmr on 25 dni temu
Central Park is so beautiful. ❄️❄️❄️ I feel like I'm actually walking down this street.🌲⛄️❤️
Rainsky 25 dni temu
I don't know why but that sort of walking videos makes me relaxed and even sometimes helps me study 😇🤞Your channel is one of my favourites , thank youuu 😊😊
Ronal Hernandez
Ronal Hernandez 26 dni temu
Omg this soo beautiful it feels so magical
Ami Humairah
Ami Humairah 26 dni temu
We dont have this in Indonesia:(
no one
no one 23 dni temu
Because its so hart
Martin Meramdzhiev
Martin Meramdzhiev 26 dni temu
I'm already 8 minutes in to the video and haven't heard yet an english speech at all, damn
ridge 26 dni temu
that part reminded me of home alone for some reason 3:05
ridge 26 dni temu
just came here from japan walkthrough videos, new york has never looked so backward
Tattooed Ladies
Tattooed Ladies 27 dni temu
The snow makes the park beautiful.
Kelly Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds 28 dni temu
Is it just me or is it when he got to the fountain that the sound and talking and stuff started to get echoey, almost like a flashback sort of thing?
Brooke Shaffer
Brooke Shaffer 28 dni temu
So pretty!Thanks for the share😊
jacqui jones
jacqui jones 28 dni temu
My favorite part when we get to the boat house and its so quiet we can stop and listen to the birds........Beautiful Thank you xx
Philip Minecraft Philip
Philip Minecraft Philip 29 dni temu
I wanna touch snow ❄️🥲
khaled ebadian
khaled ebadian 29 dni temu
Feels like a scary movie
Kobalt1980 Wuiot
Kobalt1980 Wuiot 29 dni temu
Merci c est magnifique
WhiteRaven 29 dni temu
Where is Kevin ??
mev321 29 dni temu
Yep! Still an armpit! Now more than ever!
Putra putra Get
Putra putra Get Miesiąc temu
Putra putra Get
Putra putra Get Miesiąc temu
Putra putra Get
Putra putra Get Miesiąc temu
Bart Simpson simpson
Bart Simpson simpson Miesiąc temu
Fuck living in that weather. Snow is only cool to visit, after three days, it stinks like rotten fish.
no one
no one 23 dni temu
You say that because your country its so hart
Iammoist Miesiąc temu
You can't think of central park without thinking of friends
JD JD Miesiąc temu
Muito louco🥶
Classicalcaster Miesiąc temu
funny how the park is filled with spanish speakers
Davidio19 Miesiąc temu
Just a walk in the park
Fugazi Miesiąc temu
Great scenery with mask-zombies. Greatings to Cuomo.
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes Miesiąc temu
Bizde 2160p60 izleyecek internet altyapısı yok adam hem gezmiş hem bu çözünürlükte videoya çekmiş . Coğrafya kaderdir .
Lilli pod
Lilli pod Miesiąc temu
Action Kid may as well have gone to Timbucktoo
Obaidullhیک گذارش از پودریا هم بیگرید Safi
Obaidullhیک گذارش از پودریا هم بیگرید Safi Miesiąc temu
Naic aim afghanastan
Johannes Lenk
Johannes Lenk Miesiąc temu
Is this the Trailer for the Divison 3?
Azvega Syahrilla Sazolla
Azvega Syahrilla Sazolla Miesiąc temu
Beli rumah dan saham USA ah
João Vitor
João Vitor Miesiąc temu
Gloria Davis
Gloria Davis Miesiąc temu
What 😳 a view 💢💢
B. K.
B. K. Miesiąc temu
New Yorkers are trash. Democrats ruined such great cities. What a dump
Memories of World Traveler
Memories of World Traveler Miesiąc temu
Great video, thanks for sharing.
장화신은냐옹이 Miesiąc temu
HOME ALONe 2 Nostalgic cabin
BiggestApple Miesiąc temu
Do you carry your camera the whole time or do you have some kind of wearable mount?
Levette Crossland
Levette Crossland Miesiąc temu
I have anxiety and sometimes trouble sleeping...and I have just started to come across your videos and I like them so much I subscribed....they make me relaxed and calm and sleepy....thank you so much for your time and effort
Dominic Lai
Dominic Lai Miesiąc temu
so beautiful
Marcia Isaias
Marcia Isaias Miesiąc temu
Boa noite canal. É o seguinte eu ouvir dizer que quem tem platina na perna o friu faz doer a perna. 😭😭😞 Meu pai do céu não deixa os teus filhos sofrerem Senhor 🙌🙌🙌🇧🇷
Elias Cabrera
Elias Cabrera Miesiąc temu
Transit Passenger
Transit Passenger Miesiąc temu
Where are the snowmen? It's not cold outside!
Sehmuz Büker
Sehmuz Büker Miesiąc temu
ANDREWS Miesiąc temu
What a beautiful frozen city 🤍🤍🤍 Thanks My Friend 👍👍👍
Relax Cast
Relax Cast Miesiąc temu
great as always :)
SPACE KLYN Miesiąc temu
Eu sou do Brasil, eu tenho muitos sonhos, um deles é ver a neve um dia....
Robertinha Falcone
Robertinha Falcone Miesiąc temu
Shivan Gupta
Shivan Gupta Miesiąc temu
insane graphics you got there
hightops77 Miesiąc temu
I don’t think I’ll ever see the snow there again . Left and not going back.
Avani Wanjari
Avani Wanjari Miesiąc temu
oh my god??! Is this what it looks like during this time????
Евгений Федосеенко
Евгений Федосеенко Miesiąc temu
Luz Gloria Prieto Arango
Luz Gloria Prieto Arango Miesiąc temu
Hay hay ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Holiday Traveller Holiday
Holiday Traveller Holiday Miesiąc temu
Which time was that?????
Rosemary Mcgrady
Rosemary Mcgrady Miesiąc temu
All I see is empty streets, like deblasio`s head.
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