Levels of Drunkness | Gabriel Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias

Miesiąc temu

Happy throwback Thursday!

NATALI KLOKOVA 2 godzin temu
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Rich Another
Rich Another Dzień temu
Please, type in Ingrid Newkirk's 'Animal kind', thank you.
Elaine Matthews
Elaine Matthews 2 dni temu
This guy is killing 😂😂😂😂😂 your name on my daughter name is like the same 🇯🇲
Elaine Matthews
Elaine Matthews 2 dni temu
I just start watching you i love your videos 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bobby Mizer
Bobby Mizer 13 dni temu
I was born in Bakersfield an lived in oildale I'm in San Bernardo now
praise THE star
praise THE star 15 dni temu
Everybody be laughing coz nobody an upstanding citizen
GaithrisLife 16 dni temu
My life goal is to get drunk with Fluffy
Allen Campbell
Allen Campbell 21 dzień temu
2:34 Ralphie May 🤣🤣
funky_logic 22 dni temu
How does he do the siren so good brah!
Dan 22 dni temu
I’ve been thru every level I think
billie valentina
billie valentina 22 dni temu
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Bolt Bolt
Bolt Bolt 23 dni temu
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Byron Edgars
Byron Edgars 23 dni temu
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martynas samsonas
martynas samsonas 25 dni temu
around here you get stopped by police and are even a little bit drunk, (dont need to be wasted at all) you can say bye bye to your driving license and get a fine on top of it :D
Lizzy Roy
Lizzy Roy Miesiąc temu
Why do u look so much like Manny from modern family
David Whang
David Whang Miesiąc temu
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I Kadek Ananda Dwipayadnya
I Kadek Ananda Dwipayadnya Miesiąc temu
How does he make those noises
Julie Martin
Julie Martin Miesiąc temu
Nicole Yoder
Nicole Yoder Miesiąc temu
Such a funny guy
Victor Marin
Victor Marin Miesiąc temu
Y does Gabriel Iglesias upload same video?
Ja Da
Ja Da Miesiąc temu
When I am drunk, I don't remember shit. Lol it's either I'm sober or black tf out 😂😂
Richard McCoy
Richard McCoy Miesiąc temu
All man this is to much 😂
Maula Haqqo Shirath
Maula Haqqo Shirath Miesiąc temu
Anthony Rispole
Anthony Rispole Miesiąc temu
The way he executes the drunk character is amazing.
Angelique B
Angelique B Miesiąc temu
Omg I love you🤣✌
G Forcke
G Forcke Miesiąc temu
There aren’t many living comedians who can make me belly laugh out loud when I’m all by myself. Fluffy can... oh wait... there’s nobody else.
Burale 254
Burale 254 Miesiąc temu
The 'mere' guy 😂😂😂
Barn Rat
Barn Rat Miesiąc temu
Gabriel-You are the BEST!!!
MusicByLaasya Miesiąc temu
What happens when Gabrielle starts talking to his mouth
Don't Cry
Don't Cry Miesiąc temu
Reminds me the time I got pulled over with my first car. I had a motorcycle license for several years which is like a vehicle learner's you have to have a licensed driver in the front. He said this is MC license I explained it was like a learner's and then he asked where is the other driver. I turned my head right and feigned surprise. He laughed and said you don't have a plate sticker. I said really and got out to loom. Turns out I put the plate with the tag on the front. I had insurance and nothing else wrong. He said wait here until I leave, go home get the plate switched and take the test it something like that.
Tommi Hokage
Tommi Hokage Miesiąc temu
Damn u made me laugh so hard 🤣
Ma Man
Ma Man Miesiąc temu
I love u girl
Nic Kefgen
Nic Kefgen Miesiąc temu
Chris McKinney
Chris McKinney Miesiąc temu
Gabriel you made me laugh so much... Don't drink but the way you came out with things I have heard friends say to the cops... Here in Aussie they are tough on drink driving
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Miesiąc temu
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Chris Zimmer
Chris Zimmer Miesiąc temu
Oildale...so it is Californian for Alabama. Got it.
Hu Nhu
Hu Nhu Miesiąc temu
Bong Rafisura
Bong Rafisura Miesiąc temu
Unli-laughing out loud 👏
AUXORA Miesiąc temu
How the fuck youtube knew i was drunk and recommended this ? Fishy? BTW i am from Nepal,You can ask me any question cause i am gonna be out of mind for at least 14 hrs
Aayu Tiwari
Aayu Tiwari Miesiąc temu
1:10 I thought...he spoke....bhaiya...(rahul gandhi) Any bharatiya here😂😂😂
Deborah Palumbo
Deborah Palumbo Miesiąc temu
You are so real and extremely freaking funny 🤣😂
Karen Lovett
Karen Lovett Miesiąc temu
You ain't lying. I got stopped once in Florida, and I was nervous. He asked me why I was so nervous. He said "did you kill somebody?" and brainiac that I am said "yeah, you caught me. I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die" (Johnny Cash fans will get it). Well he was laughing so hard he let me go with a warning.
Purple Gacha Gurl
Purple Gacha Gurl Miesiąc temu
"The perfect comedian doesn't exi-" Gabriel: Allow me to introduce myself
Chris Hamaseb
Chris Hamaseb 17 dni temu
My name is oh
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores Miesiąc temu
I literally just imagine saying that
James Garza
James Garza Miesiąc temu
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Jonnymike 27
Jonnymike 27 Miesiąc temu
He was here a second ago. I don't know where he went. Excuse me? What? Me Drive? Aw Hell No. I'm ***** Up Gets Me Every Time😂😂😂 5:03
Joe Muneton
Joe Muneton Miesiąc temu
Pinche Fluffy, i nearly pissed on myself, maybe I should have not had that extra horchata...
44 Miesiąc temu
44 Miesiąc temu
44 Miesiąc temu
Rishabh Nautiyal
Rishabh Nautiyal Miesiąc temu
The MERE guy😆😆😆😆😆
Dylan Clyde Sisno
Dylan Clyde Sisno Miesiąc temu
And imagine He would be the Vice pres of the COUNTRY MEXICO and I just copied the other one and Im So Sorry If Its bad Idk If Its bad
Dylan Clyde Sisno
Dylan Clyde Sisno Miesiąc temu
I loved when He goed to India it was My fav
Life is Funny
Life is Funny Miesiąc temu
Why does no one talks about he keeps re uploading his video guys 😐.?
MLG NINJA Miesiąc temu
Because they thought "Maybe if i want to hear new jokes. I should buy tickets"
Sergiu Perju
Sergiu Perju Miesiąc temu
James Garza
James Garza Miesiąc temu
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『SK』 Miesiąc temu
anyone else hear that weird breathing @4:04 in the video... it's not gabe, hes talking through it.
sjcsiba Miesiąc temu
That's the weird thing about America. You guys go to jail for anything. In my country when you get pulled over and you are drunk you get a fine anyway, you may or may not lose your license, and you get banned from driving for an x amount of hours or days. If you behave, someone can pick you up and take you home. I'm SO gonna behave when I go to the USA for the first time XD
Menace Swag
Menace Swag Miesiąc temu
I love you Gabriel 🤣🤣😂
ellstacker adventures
ellstacker adventures Miesiąc temu
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones Miesiąc temu
Janshu Raj
Janshu Raj Miesiąc temu
I really love the way speak.....❤️❤️
puiu Iorga
puiu Iorga Miesiąc temu
This guy is magic
[HTX]ThA ReAPeR Miesiąc temu
It's funny because my dad is all of does
offroad outlaws
offroad outlaws Miesiąc temu
The only thing that cheers me up I have to move away from my stepdad and this cheers me up
Chris Pham
Chris Pham Miesiąc temu
Dude, this got me laughing so hard.....
I’m a Nun
I’m a Nun Miesiąc temu
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost Miesiąc temu
Funny and Hilarious
Jo Hig
Jo Hig Miesiąc temu
No smut, no politics, and he's rich. Ya see, it's possible.
Christian Clark
Christian Clark Dzień temu
I just thought
JebusPrimeDLC Miesiąc temu
I want to hear Gabriel doing a whole beat box session.
Magician Bhagat
Magician Bhagat Miesiąc temu
I didn't get the oildale part...can anyone explain
Atomic Mayhem
Atomic Mayhem Miesiąc temu
You’re amazing Fluffy! You should do that joke about Prank calling your friend Felipe at the hotel I love that joke!
Bryan Kirk
Bryan Kirk Miesiąc temu
Fluffy 2028
PILATUS1968 Miesiąc temu
we call it Okidale, was it BPD or KCSD?
Fridge Raider
Fridge Raider Miesiąc temu
His sound effects are spot on!
Nonna White
Nonna White Miesiąc temu
I am curious as to what fluffy has to say about all the bs happening right now
Black panther
Black panther Miesiąc temu
Bro, don't give people ideas
Eleanore K. Leslie
Eleanore K. Leslie Miesiąc temu
Fluffy, Excessive eating and drinking are death wishes. Please get help. We love you and don't want to lose you.
Judah Parker
Judah Parker Miesiąc temu
I had a guy try that after a DUI accident ... wasn’t as funny when he tried to argue that his “Uber driver” ran away.
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Miesiąc temu
*laughs in San Luis county* ahh Bakersfield, our nut job neighbors that come over to use our pool.and take up our roads then go back home Monday
R Dean Benson
R Dean Benson Miesiąc temu
Had the pleasure of seeing him twice, can't wait for his next tour! Make sure your ribs are healed, hit the head first!!!
7790 jjjopp
7790 jjjopp Miesiąc temu
You need tesla car
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Miesiąc temu
Merle Haggard was from Oildale....
Cedric Ponferrada
Cedric Ponferrada Miesiąc temu
Oh my man Fluffy, you don't know how messed up my life is and how depressed I am right now, and you still manage to make me geek, thanks bruh, keep it going, god bless you man
Yuvern Sundram
Yuvern Sundram Miesiąc temu
manny really made it
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark Miesiąc temu
I got lost in Bakersfield once. Couldn't find my way back to I-5. Lol
Kay Lauwers
Kay Lauwers Miesiąc temu
I am from europe and i think hes the best comedian in the world.. Hes the only one i would pay for to go see ngl please come visit Belgium fluffy please
Christopher Kling
Christopher Kling Miesiąc temu
Fluffy is dry on new material, sure it's funny, but to repost videos one after one is just lame.
Garrett Bevelhimer
Garrett Bevelhimer Miesiąc temu
My god the hair was on his head.
SLG Carp hunter #margin tactics
SLG Carp hunter #margin tactics Miesiąc temu
😂 awesome,,, my stomach's hurting through laughing too much🤜🤛
geetansh gandhi
geetansh gandhi Miesiąc temu
New video, old show and same bs comedy repeated... Fluffy has the most retarted marketing techies
Shreyash Tiwari
Shreyash Tiwari Miesiąc temu
We want something new
Shreyash Tiwari
Shreyash Tiwari Miesiąc temu
@MLG NINJA ya sure
MLG NINJA Miesiąc temu
Then *we* can just buy some tickets to the next show
Tarun Miesiąc temu
Bruh he even ate a police siren
keith jones
keith jones Miesiąc temu
I damn near pissed my self because of FLUFFY
daniel perez
daniel perez Miesiąc temu
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caj1994 Miesiąc temu
“Whooo! I’m going running.”
Hubert Binienda
Hubert Binienda Miesiąc temu
Jay Gee Beats
Jay Gee Beats Miesiąc temu
post new shit man
Andy M.C Gaming YT
Andy M.C Gaming YT Miesiąc temu
Man I could be having the worst day of my life but this man gets the best laugh out of me.
Andersion Hasan// Rasedul
Andersion Hasan// Rasedul Miesiąc temu
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Carola W
Carola W Miesiąc temu
I really wish I could see you perform live one of these days.
Combats Miesiąc temu
I like the re-uploads
Elizabeth Herrera
Elizabeth Herrera Miesiąc temu
😂😂😂😂Thank you !!😂😂😂😂
Brother C
Brother C Miesiąc temu
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