bear sits next to guy

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credit to Drew Hammond

pip 5 minut temu
to be honest i thought he was going to sit on the chair
Hooty May
Hooty May Godzinę temu
Bear just wants to hang and see what’s going on in his world. Just a curious guy 😍
Shirly Burns
Shirly Burns Godzinę temu
That bear is so adorable I he probably wanted a a real life teddy 🧸
Luke Emanuel Mondido
Luke Emanuel Mondido 2 godzin temu
If i was in there, I will not fvcking move
Elite Slayer598
Elite Slayer598 2 godzin temu
Bear: yo what up dude how’s the fish today
Neptu Nium
Neptu Nium 2 godzin temu
This bear is just like that arrogant person at the bar that sits next to you. And even if its forever, won't acknowledge you being there.
Abhay 2 godzin temu
Bear sits gently beside a guy and said.. Life goes on and we have to do our thing right way. You see.... Guy: (breaking his conversation between ) Get out of here, get the *F* out of my face. Bear : Ok chill dude! I’m Going .. just came here to company you a bit. Bye..
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie 3 godzin temu
The 18 thousand dislikes come from folks who wanted to see a mauling but were gravely disappointed
Nick Kline
Nick Kline 3 godzin temu
He needs to be careful. People like that are dangerous.
Kwentong Bayan
Kwentong Bayan 3 godzin temu
Title: Bear sits next to guy with social distancing
Crazy Penguin
Crazy Penguin 3 godzin temu
I know the algorithm brought you here, but here me out: next time it does, and if you see this, when this bear sits- edit the guts theme in. Please & Thank you.
josh butler
josh butler 3 godzin temu
Hey man, catching anything here?
kaynct127 4 godzin temu
I just want to hug it
Temuka XD
Temuka XD 4 godzin temu
69 million views nice
Brandon Lee Rivera
Brandon Lee Rivera 4 godzin temu
"Oi mate, enjoying the breeze ey?"
Yuuki 5 godzin temu
How on earth can u dislike that video
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 5 godzin temu
He just wants to chill ax and start a conversation
Juan 5 godzin temu
God's beautiful creatures 😍
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 7 godzin temu
When he went: " *𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮 𝗮* " I felt that
Johann Thomas
Johann Thomas 7 godzin temu
Plot Twist: The bear came and sat next to him to make sure he got his good side
David Baldwin
David Baldwin 8 godzin temu
The Bear necessities of life will come to you!
A YouTube user passing by
A YouTube user passing by 8 godzin temu
Let me guess..... Florida man.
Cameron Green
Cameron Green 9 godzin temu
Let me guess, Russia?
Gamen4Bros 10 godzin temu
69M people: *Interesting.. hmm*
MarloYT 10 godzin temu
Everybody gangsta until the bear picks up that shotgun...
Siddhant Kulkarni
Siddhant Kulkarni 10 godzin temu
That's Bert Kreischer in the wild😂😂😂
Danny Ahern
Danny Ahern 10 godzin temu
guy sits shitting himself wen brownbrear appears and sits close to him is a better description
Aq Zing
Aq Zing 11 godzin temu
man: “ey ey ey ey” Bear: “STFU boomer”
CES2AR 11 godzin temu
who's here in 2021
Made by kids
Made by kids 12 godzin temu
Holy crap, was he freaking lucky or what?!! The bear is so cute but I would be loading up my pants the whole time.
Charuzu 12 godzin temu
What you do if a bear walks up next to you: record it
FireLineYT 13 godzin temu
people that disliked are the people that are mad the bear didn't sit next to you
Marvyn Fuller
Marvyn Fuller 13 godzin temu
The bear is actually just as apprehensive of him, amazing
Geass Sogeki
Geass Sogeki 13 godzin temu
He just want to talk. DO NOT look to the 12 gauge in the chair...
Whisky 13 godzin temu
It really seems like he just wanted a friend.
Krak Boston
Krak Boston 14 godzin temu
My pants would’ve been SHAT! there’s no escaping
ٰ 14 godzin temu
Sit on the chair i dare you
Qwer Grik
Qwer Grik 14 godzin temu
I just realized that this video has 69M views!
swift xrt
swift xrt 15 godzin temu
bear walks away thinking: "why is this guy so nervous? makin me uncomfortable"
MissStitch66 15 godzin temu
Mowglie?? Is that u...why aren't you in the jungle
Rob Ski
Rob Ski 15 godzin temu
This was a peaceful tea time instead of getting slaughtered by Jason Voorhies. To the bear, it made no difference.
Dale Howard
Dale Howard 15 godzin temu
..... You're braver than I that's for sure!!!!
How to Fight Off Criminals
How to Fight Off Criminals 16 godzin temu
this video loud.
Tripp Border
Tripp Border 16 godzin temu
(Immediately gives bear a pet pet)
Gabriel Dibble
Gabriel Dibble 16 godzin temu
Guy: just sits there Me: Across the river
mine my
mine my 16 godzin temu
NATIONAL GEODIEPHIC.................
bobby shmurda
bobby shmurda 17 godzin temu
Why are u guys worrying about 😕 the camera man is always safe he's got more plot armour than the MC
Pick Trees
Pick Trees 17 godzin temu
was the river full of other bears???
Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks 17 godzin temu
The name of the video should have been called: man leaves a pile of POOOOOP in the chair. lol
NubulaVoid 17 godzin temu
6 years and now it has 69 million views
Alex's Gaming
Alex's Gaming 18 godzin temu
Gid please 🥺
notreallydavid 18 godzin temu
"Must go - got things to do..."
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson 19 godzin temu
Waiting for you to catch a fish so he can have it lol
PaperGrape 19 godzin temu
I was 100% expecting the bear to just open up and say, "Well, hey, Joe! Nice to see you again.."
fluorescent adolescent
fluorescent adolescent 19 godzin temu
this bear was probably kim taehyung
Lucas Boyadjian
Lucas Boyadjian 19 godzin temu
es pardo de los escandalosos
павел карпов
павел карпов 20 godzin temu
Man, this is Russian bear, he wants drink some vodka with you...
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 20 godzin temu
He Or She Is Nice... Considering The guy Is In His House!
Kwilly 20 godzin temu
“You are the perfect combination of terrifying and cute”
timeformyownaccount 20 godzin temu
Watching this, In my head it goes; “Look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities, forget about the worry and your stride”
Mojo Cat
Mojo Cat 21 godzinę temu
That bear was only concerned with food in the river. We make wild animals out to be so threatening when all they want to do is survive just like the rest of us. And in most cases, if we do not mess with them, they will not mess with us.
Super Mario plush reviewer
Super Mario plush reviewer 22 godzin temu
This has 69 millon views *nice*
mikeallenfpv 22 godzin temu
The bear tweeted out "turning my phone off for a while" just before this.
Herobrine 22 godzin temu
Rxxce MTO
Rxxce MTO 23 godzin temu
Just imagine cracking open a cool one wiv a bear! That’s respect right there.
Nem.b Dzień temu
Aaand there were bunch of bears in front of him
The Official Green Kane
The Official Green Kane Dzień temu
Guy deffinatly sprayed himself with something that took away his cent
obsidian skull 46
obsidian skull 46 Dzień temu
Why does he look so friendly
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner Dzień temu
At first I thought, "Wow, what a coincidence that a bear wandered near this guy while he was just sitting outside." Then the camera turned and showed the 25+ bears all within 50 yards... Yeah big shock this happened >.>
Sebastian Dzień temu
Owen Shelly
Owen Shelly Dzień temu
o dang
Michael Crippa
Michael Crippa Dzień temu
Animals are peaceful creatures.
Charlie Basic
Charlie Basic Dzień temu
Thats nice
MAH brain
MAH brain Dzień temu
If only bears are like dogs
PGPLAYZ - Dzień temu
This guy prob pooped himself.
A Dzień temu
Cameraman never dies
Luminous Dzień temu
Oversized dog
Kotker Dzień temu
"So... How's your day going?"
ooga booga
ooga booga Dzień temu
Anybody notice how much views this has at the time I post this comment...😐
Mi gi
Mi gi Dzień temu
You come here often?
ms lyci
ms lyci Dzień temu
So you watching my family eh?
Austin J
Austin J Dzień temu
Soo we all just seeing this now??
Allen Alas
Allen Alas Dzień temu
I thought it was gonna sit on the chair
Eviscerator Dzień temu
After the video ends, the bear and the guy had a chat about each other lives.
that bear yawned like, "*YAWN* kinda chilly out today."
ritz bhu
ritz bhu Dzień temu
had to check this twice to make sure the "ay ay ay ay" wasn't just another bird
DukeTheGerman Dzień temu
Am I the only one who was half expecting the bear to sit in the chair next to the guy? Lol
SoumaMooncrest Dzień temu
Bear “hey what’s good fool ain’t nothing just watching out for that Park Ranger he got Yogi and Booboo but he ain’t getting me” 😂
Gg Dzień temu
Too sleepy to kill
random person person.
random person person. Dzień temu
Bear:my papa bear used to take me here when I was a cub.
the man among boyz
the man among boyz Dzień temu
2 sad men
AJB yeez
AJB yeez Dzień temu
elly Dzień temu
Vijay Shirodkar
Vijay Shirodkar Dzień temu
All animals just need love don't disturb them save animals don't kill them save please
elliot cutliff
elliot cutliff Dzień temu
I'm disappointed, he didn't crack open a cold one.
Ib Dzień temu
Gotta be Russia.
Puff Dzień temu
brown bears are scary yall.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Dzień temu
He’s a good boy and deserves to be respected
sassy thesasquatch
sassy thesasquatch Dzień temu
Bear resistance to ey ey ey: 0
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