Amy hears sound for the first time @ 26 years old

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Catherine Arnold

8 lat temu

Takes a few minutes but worth the experience. Our niece has been deaf since she was born. She has never heard the sound of her parents voice or her 6 year old son, Blake. Every day for the next several months she will learn how sound works and where it comes from.
Update: thank you to everyone that appreciates and feels what a beautiful time this was and continues to be for Amy and our families. She is continuing her hard work of speech and sound therapy to distinguish what sound is. Her pronunciation has improved vastly and she can hear words and especially music! Naturally, after a lifetime of lip reading and signing, it is still necessary for her to rely on that skill to have conversation in a group. Every day is new and sometimes an exhausting experience. She loves the challenge to improve yet more and she is a joy to be around. By the way, Amy has a high school diploma and college degree! This girl never let anything get in her way to be her best!
Please don't post ugly or inappropriate comments, we love her very much and if you can't be supportive than keep your twisted thoughts and words to yourself.

chris furlanic
chris furlanic 9 godzin temu
What a beautiful moment for everyone
Adam Sandstrom
Adam Sandstrom Dzień temu
How does she understand speech if she was deaf since birth? how does she know what sound goes with which letter?
auntdott Dzień temu
This is soooo beautiful.
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua Dzień temu
Imagine the first thing she hears is "my name Jeff"
David Dzień temu
Great video. An update would be great
Marc N
Marc N Dzień temu
Brought tears to my eyes, I wish I could hug her....and she's so pretty.
Chloe Rodgers
Chloe Rodgers Dzień temu
I feel for her in her challenge in describing what she is feeling. How does one describe what it is like to "hear" when it is something most of us take for granted? "I feel it" many of us "feel" what we can hear..... love this.... blessings and congrats and it has been years since this was posted...would love to know how she is doing.
Chad Clark
Chad Clark Dzień temu
The camera flash is so unnecessary. It's a well lit room come on XD
M AC 2 dni temu
Noice !
Teresa Ohana
Teresa Ohana 2 dni temu
love it
Liberation pocket
Liberation pocket 2 dni temu
Don R
Don R 3 dni temu
I'm in my 70's and this clip brought tears to my eyes.. How sad to have missed hearing her son's first cry and first words.. the 2.7 K folk who did not like this have NO heart..
Encompass 13
Encompass 13 3 dni temu
Im out of my mind to think that this wouldn't make me cry
Tom Rainey
Tom Rainey 3 dni temu
Benjamin Gardiner
Benjamin Gardiner 3 dni temu
Wow - imagine hearing the Beatles for the first time
Ginny Lorenz
Ginny Lorenz 3 dni temu
Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. God bless you all.
quietstormNC 4 dni temu
very touching and heart warming. i dont even know her but im so happy for her!
Carrie D
Carrie D 4 dni temu
Jerry Ward
Jerry Ward 4 dni temu
This brings tears to my eyes .🙂😊
Air Podz
Air Podz 4 dni temu
Who are the 2700 miserable bastards that gave this video a thumbs down? What lives they must live.
Henna Gal
Henna Gal 4 dni temu
I ached for them to give her a hug !
Becca Becks
Becca Becks 4 dni temu
What a beautiful gift to have! God bless each and everyone who made this happen.
Akai Ika
Akai Ika 4 dni temu
Lol fake. I hear every day, and I don't freak out
allthewayupthere 420
allthewayupthere 420 5 dni temu
Yeah she's probably so grateful for the gift of sound until she gets a tree frog yapping outside of her fucking window while she's trying to fuckng sleep.. aaahhhhhhhh
Dixie Porter
Dixie Porter 5 dni temu
The tame hospital evidently trace because sheet radiographically switch barring a determined street. tangy, marvelous dollar
Troy C
Troy C 5 dni temu
I wonder how she is today?
Judy L.
Judy L. 5 dni temu
This is awesome!
TK Commando
TK Commando 5 dni temu
Husband while sleeping: PrrrrrrrTTTTT Amy turning and watching him Husband: Oh shit sorry Amy I forgot you can hear it now when I fart
fbisono66 5 dni temu
Reminder of things we take for granted, how blessed some of us are able to hear. what a wonderful moment for this young lady and her family
Justin Sane
Justin Sane 6 dni temu
This device is amazing, and this video is beautiful
Keaton Blackman
Keaton Blackman 6 dni temu
I'm really happy for her to hear for the first time and I meant it from the bottom of my heart
Amit C
Amit C 6 dni temu
How is she doing can we get 2nd video now
Rando Persón
Rando Persón 6 dni temu
It’s just super heartwarming to see stuff like this. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Abdullah Khalil
Abdullah Khalil 6 dni temu
I wander how much she has improved now??
hashim basics
hashim basics 6 dni temu
Wow.. Awesome..
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez 7 dni temu
I'm a grown old man and I'm crying with Her.
Larry W
Larry W 7 dni temu
99.9999 % of life moments are ho-hum......and then ...
Ovenproof Gaming
Ovenproof Gaming 7 dni temu
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders 7 dni temu
PAUL S 7 dni temu
Likely and invention by an Australian!
Antonio García
Antonio García 7 dni temu
Sorda para que no escuche mi voz chillona y se enamoré de mis gestos
Pixelbitty 7 dni temu
I'm wondering how she's doing now, this is wonderful ♥
C. Lance
C. Lance 7 dni temu
I am so happy for this young lady and her child or children, What amazing gift.
richard darynn saliken
richard darynn saliken 7 dni temu
what makes us human is our emotions.... thank you for sharing this...bless you.
Quick Movie Review
Quick Movie Review 7 dni temu
Can we get an update video?
Ja Ja Capo
Ja Ja Capo 8 dni temu
Having practiced keys on the visuals got a hit.. Subito!!!!
Matthew Mclaughlin
Matthew Mclaughlin 8 dni temu
Andrew L
Andrew L 8 dni temu
I'm a big biker man and there's a tear in my beard. Wow. Awesome
paxmule 8 dni temu
2.7K people don't like this video... There are sociopaths among us.
Bobshouse 8 dni temu
If this is her first time hearing @26, howacome they mentioned if their voice sounds different than when she wore a hearing aid?
Baldbrandon 8 dni temu
I'm not crying, you're crying...
Phil Swaim
Phil Swaim 8 dni temu
I love how she describes sound as a feeling. She can feel the voice.
Aaron Newman
Aaron Newman 8 dni temu
Ruddegur O'Driscoll
Ruddegur O'Driscoll 9 dni temu
Bionic ear. Australian invention!
John Wilson
John Wilson 9 dni temu
That was a very nice thing to see.
earl williams
earl williams 9 dni temu
best part is if she can shut it off when she want peace and quiet.
David S
David S 9 dni temu
What a beautiful moment for her.
Z3N 9 dni temu
This wasn't accomplished by prayers Here's to progress
DyosSlup 9 dni temu
She needs to listen Cradle of Filth at the beginning))
Jani Kainulainen
Jani Kainulainen 9 dni temu
was that grey beardet dude his father?
Chris #
Chris # 9 dni temu
Bless her, that must be so emotional for her!
Dylon Jackson
Dylon Jackson 9 dni temu
Im just wondering exactly how cool this job must be
David Tomkins
David Tomkins 9 dni temu
What a wonderful moment.
Brandon F. Boyze
Brandon F. Boyze 10 dni temu
So what I farted today at 8:45, see anyone can spread pointless information
Tony Aguirre
Tony Aguirre 10 dni temu
Lupe Martinez
Lupe Martinez 10 dni temu
Man that's heavy....
PG16 10 dni temu
Wow, 8 years ago, I bet she’s perfectly normal now
kenneth coutinho
kenneth coutinho 10 dni temu
Its Amazing
Furious Mayhem
Furious Mayhem 11 dni temu
I tear up every time I see one of these.
Fact Checker
Fact Checker 11 dni temu
I love these types of videoesbut it take ages for me to watch another video afterwards because my eyes have so many tears of joy for the individual and it cost me a lot of money in tissues as it also makes my nose stream as well for some unknown reason. It is so amazing what science can do for people, making the lives for them and their families special and of course the people around them just showing us what a special thing our senses are. Thank you for sharing and making this world a better place
Reel Man
Reel Man 11 dni temu
This made me cry
Daniel San!
Daniel San! 11 dni temu
How beautiful! I started crying too! ❤
Abdo Za Deldo
Abdo Za Deldo 11 dni temu
Please update on Amy !
deniro800 11 dni temu
I have a daughter about the same age as this girl and if I were in that fathers shoes,the emotions I would be experiencing right at that moment would be so overwhelming,as a father I dont think I'd be able to control myself.
Joe Bidenov
Joe Bidenov 11 dni temu
This is what it’s all about and for once I’m proud to be human. Congratulations Ma’am! 👍🏻
Neil Sunstrum
Neil Sunstrum 11 dni temu
More videos like this please! You genuinely feel happy for this young lady and can see the range of emotions going through the room, can’t believe they’re 2700 idiots down voted a beautiful video like this.
Роман Войналович
Роман Войналович 11 dni temu
Много людей гонятся за мнимым, считая себя обделёнными судьбой, но есть те, кто хочет самого простого, очень важного и забытого владеющими. Они всю жизнь будут радоваться и помнить эту цену. Please, be happy dear Amy.
BL G. 12 dni temu
So many people talking, I was confused and anxious! It must have been confusing for her.
Sasan A.
Sasan A. 12 dni temu
How we take for granted things in life that for others, are dreams come true...
Mr. Society
Mr. Society 12 dni temu
You got a lot of music to catch up on, so glad for her and her family.
Ministry of SL Folks
Ministry of SL Folks 12 dni temu
I am not familiar with god... i hate him if he exist ... Gods are here as doctors ❤️
Sawtooth 46
Sawtooth 46 12 dni temu
Every time we hear about the negative stories about the dangerous aspects of technology and then you see stories of how it helps mankind to live richer and fuller lives.
Happy Canayjian
Happy Canayjian 12 dni temu
For the last time, who in the hell is cutting all the onions around here?!?!? 😭😭😭
Aritz Fernández
Aritz Fernández 12 dni temu
👏🏻 👏🏻 😢 😢
Darron Sanderson
Darron Sanderson 12 dni temu
Jesus still performing His miracles.
MrCharlieBananas 12 dni temu
Are there any links to her current progress? Will she be able to talk properly or was it too long to really develop normal speech now?
spiderwing 13 dni temu
Would it really be too much effort for u to write at in the title?
macroevolve 13 dni temu
OK I finally clicked on this
Evan French
Evan French 13 dni temu
Wow, that is amazing to see
Kevin 13 dni temu
I just clicked onto this PLpost channel for the first time ever, and watched this video. I don't know anyone in this video or what this channel is really about. Yet I just found this video emotionally overwhelming. I guess it's what makes us human. The way we can relate to each other. I'm so happy for this woman. What a wonderful moment in life.
Tatan Rodríguez
Tatan Rodríguez 13 dni temu
How does she understand what are they saying
fred savage
fred savage 13 dni temu
she's so nervous at not knowing what she's experiencing. it's overwhelmingly beautiful.
Jo Je
Jo Je 13 dni temu
Imagine today someone comes to you and activates a 6th sense you never experienced, you would feel like got a super power
StalenStefan 13 dni temu
A large percentage that get this treatment actually decide to remove the option, because it is too overwhelming.
Mr Daydream
Mr Daydream 13 dni temu
Very cute BUT why again accidentally a pretty girl with a nice figure and a pretty face? Why can’t guys record Timothy 20, overweight and messy beard? tsss
O. Ram
O. Ram 14 dni temu
I could have watched that for another hour. Good for her.
Adam R
Adam R 14 dni temu
OMG I started to cry watching this. this is so fantastic. I want to hug her and I don't even know her. Technology is amazing.
Noodles 14 dni temu
Blows me away ❤
Crash Guy
Crash Guy 14 dni temu
Well, so much for not crying today.
Stunl3y 14 dni temu
How seriously can 2.7k people dislike this , shame on you
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