Eastern Front of WWII animated: 1944/1945

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In 1944 Germany still refuses to surrender. This means that the Red Army and the Western Allies must move into the Reich to end the war. If before the Germans had to fight on foreign soil with extended supply lines, then now the tables are turned. The Allied numerical superiority of just 2:1 may give Germany a fair chance in conducting a defense.
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Against the Odds: Survival on the Russian Front 1944-1945 by John Stieber:
Ivan's War: Life and Death in the Red Army, 1939-1945 by Catherine Merridale:
Small Unit Actions During the German Campaign in Russia:

David Glantz - When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler.
Karl-Heinz Frieser - Germany and the Second World War - Volume VIII - The Eastern Front 1943-1944
Unit symbols:
Order of Battle:
Europe: Elevation map of Europe - European Environment Agency.
Outside Europe: maps-for-free.com/
USSR: Europa 1: 2,500,000 Deutsche Heereskarte: Europaische Russland. 1943.
Other: British 1944 1:2000,000 maps of Europe.
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ProdCeaze 5 minut temu
Russia: Less Then 100 Km From Berlin Germany: Sends The Last Of Their Panzers Down To Hungary To Perform Offensive Warefare
Ramon Cesar Varela Garcia
Ramon Cesar Varela Garcia 2 dni temu
Los "aliados" dejaban una via de escape a los alemanes con todos sus pertrechos y se los mandaban a los rusos para causar las mayores bajas.
Supdude 2 dni temu
I want the whole Eastern Front of WW2 animated series preserved in the national archives
NOOB ClASH OF CLAN 3 dni temu
The beginning of ww3.
NiG 3 dni temu
NiG 3 dni temu
The United States and Britain sat on their ass until the age of 44! And now they are shitting as if they won the war! The USSR bore all the hardships of the war. we all know that the us elite sponsored Hitler! so next time you celebrate the holiday, remember the Soviet soldiers who were hungry cold won this war! Glory to the Soviet soldier liberator!
Willigula 3 dni temu
Excellent video.
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 4 dni temu
4:40 Polish Launched an uprising so USSR would not be "savior" and could not then make Poland one of its puppet states. That's why Stalin ordered his troops to stop just beforte they reach Warsaw and wait until Polish Uprising will be totally destroyed and Polish forces weekend so that they can't resist USSR later. This is why Warsaw is the most destroyed city of WW II. Poles were fighting there longer than their whole Septemper campaign lasted when Germans first attack Poland. After uprising has been crushed, Germans began mass murdering of Poles in Warsaw and destruction of the city as a "punishment" for Polish uprising. After this USRR finally launched their offensive, "liberated" Warsaw from German occupation and setup their own communist government. Polish real government and president (in exile) were stationed in London, until 1990, when Poland finally got rid of Soviet influence.
Abdullah Şebeş
Abdullah Şebeş 5 dni temu
Imagine how many died every time the red line moved.
HeilAmarth 5 dni temu
The numbers are wrong on the Finnish front. The USSR tried to conquer Finland twice, and very hard at that, don't believe any BS they didn't want to get Finland. They tried with 1.5 million men and the 600 000 Finnish army prevailed, for many reasons. Like the invention of "Fire Correction Circle " which allowed Finnish artillery to concentrate its fire on one target, with all howitzers. Then you just move the point of fire and Russian tanks would be flying up along with men, nothing survived that. Russians didn't have that at the time. Whole divisions were destroyed on their attack grouping areas, before they even got to start their attack. They didn't know what was going on, that's why they abandoned further attacks. The ordinary Finnish rifle men also knew that if they would back down, the USSR would annihilate Finland, that's why they fought and fall where they were.
John S
John S 6 dni temu
Please please please make more of these. I would love to see a series on the Pacific theater.
John H.
John H. 7 dni temu
the real crazy thing about this, is that it happened less than 100 years ago.
G Player
G Player 7 dni temu
August 1. 1944 The Polish First and Second Army (Polish troops fighting under the Soviet command;) was told to wait outside during the Warsaw Uprising. Joseph Stalin tactically halted his forces to let the operation fail and allow the Anti-communist resistance in Warsaw to be crushed. Following the surrender of Polish forces to the Germans. The Second Army was given the task to advance towards Dresden and Bautzen on Although the Army managed to advance, it had insufficient reinforcements of its own and the planned Soviet reinforcements were delayed, which made it vulnerable to the German counterattacks. The Stalinist authorities carried out brutal pacifications of partisans and civilians, mass arrests after Warsaw Uprising. The Second Army suffered very heavy losses at the Battle of Bautzen during April 22-26, with 18,232 dead or missing (22% of total combat personnel), and over 50% of armor. The battle was one of the most costly in terms of lives in the history of Polish military. After the battle both sides claimed victory and modern views as to who won the battle remain contradictory. Because the war was almost over and the battle had no strategic impact on the ongoing Battle of Berlin, German historiography has focused more on its tactical aspects. The German operation successfully recaptured Bautzen and its surroundings, which were held until the end of the war. On 16 April 1945 The Polish First Army and the Red Army jumped off from lines on the Oder and Neisse Rivers, the opening phase of the Battle of Berlin, which proved to be the culminating offensive of the war on the Eastern Front. The relatively rapid progress of this new offensive toward the German heartland seems to illustrate the cumulative extent of the erosion of the Wehrmacht's capability to defend a broad front. Nevertheless, they remained dangerous opponents for some weeks longer, especially when allowed or forced to concentrate in limited areas. Karol Świerczewski was a Bolshevik party member and Soviet officer. In the winter of 1944 and the spring of 1945 he led the Polish Second Army during the fighting for western Poland and the Battle of Berlin. His leadership in the Battle of Bautzen (Budziszyn) has been severely criticized by modern historians, and he is held responsible for the Second Army's very heavy casualties in that engagement. Karol Świerczewski was born in Warsaw in Congress Poland, Karol Świerczewski grew up in a poor family and began working at age 12. He watched Warsaw's buildings were destroyed during Warsaw Uprising. That was Hitlers way north out of Berlin. After the war Karol Świerczewski was glorified as a hero. Adolf Hitler was last seen on pictures in Berlin awarding the Iron Cross to members of the Hitler Youth on April 20, 1945. Short after the pictures are taken the iconic Hitler mustache and his hair was shaved off Adolf Hitler disappeared as a Jewish German prisoner on the run to Denmark where he committed suicide and was buried in secret.
Northern Bohemian Realist
Northern Bohemian Realist 7 dni temu
Red Army saved the world.
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS 7 dni temu
Personally I think it was criminal of my country to hold our troops back from Berlin. Letting Communist pigs ravage Berlin was crime itself letting them rape their way into posterity. By not cutting the reds off way east of Berlin was a crime against the west. I do not think we have paid the full price for human gain yet. I mean for the good of mankind. But the Yalta Conference our idiot government thought Communists could be friends. Never ever never. We are still letting our DC swamp creatures ruin my nation shipping our manufacturing to China while the Commie pigs are in charge will be found to destroy our magnificent nation. Idiots.
Mandrak789 8 dni temu
Germans about France: easy come, easy go.
Yani Petkov
Yani Petkov 8 dni temu
Nice Allies, after we Russian finished up with Nazis, you came in, very nice!
Luka Milas
Luka Milas 8 dni temu
Apocalyptic end for the Reich in 1945 but this war is still going on today. The whole world is united in destroying the truth.
Sebastian .S.
Sebastian .S. 8 dni temu
three times lucky. im waiting for ww3
110 110
110 110 9 dni temu
Dear best president, Donald J Trump. To sue and investigate Joe Bidens as soon as possible . Because they have many, many ,many, 💰 💰 💰 money scandals with CCP. Especially with Satan Si jin-ping. Bidens have got more than one trillionsUS$ and many other scandals from USA....
Antonis Kouros
Antonis Kouros 9 dni temu
Very good video! Thank you for that! Thank you Russia! More correct title would be "Eastern European Front of WWII animated: 1944/1945", because "Eastern" worldwide usually we say for Asia, China, Japan...
CHECHEN-TUBE 9 dni temu
*Все войны с рук крестьян и католиков! и это доказывает что ваша вера в земных ресурсах! Столько жизней унесли из-за вас! Это и есть доказательство что вы безбожники! примите истинную веру ISLAM*
lord moriartea
lord moriartea 10 dni temu
*Anyone who loves freedom owes such a debt to the Red Army that it can never be repaid* - Ernest Hemingway
John 12 dni temu
The British did fuck all in winning ww2
restone blocks
restone blocks 11 dni temu
> Destroyed the German navy > Cracked enigma v2 and aided the allies greatly with its advanced intel network > Attained air superiority and deep true free german rail and industrial networks with the US Just to name a few
건롱이 12 dni temu
무얼 위한 전쟁인가
ktdybrjkftdbx 13 dni temu
Если бы Хитлер был сильнее, то американцы сделались бы союзником нацистов, и вместе с нацистами начали войну против СССР
?? 12 dni temu
DarMut 13 dni temu
А румыны получается за любого кто побеждает, хитрюги.
Afif Aqeela
Afif Aqeela 13 dni temu
Germany is a fine example of having bad teammates
Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed
Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed 13 dni temu
this is truly your magnum opus
Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed
Nevermind me I just Injected a whole weed 13 dni temu
romania is probably the only axis power that improved its own position in comparison to pre war times
Its Me MasterQ!
Its Me MasterQ! 14 dni temu
Hitler: hey wanna hear a joke? Stalin: Sure Hitler: Berlin Stalin: Oooh I get it Hitler: Gosh dang it!
Its Me MasterQ!
Its Me MasterQ! 12 dni temu
@Becky Eversham hey dude I didn’t even know there was another similar comment. So technically I didn’t copy it. I mostly thought of it cuz i was inspired by another meme but this time Stalin asked if Hitler wanted to hear a joke so don’t blame me. And also I don’t really want likes, I just want to write that meme.
Becky Eversham
Becky Eversham 13 dni temu
Why u try to get likes when that’s literally copied and changed a few words
Павел Самарин
Павел Самарин 14 dni temu
Красная армия всех сильней! (с)
Big Eddie Spaghetti
Big Eddie Spaghetti 14 dni temu
2021 and we're still waiting for stieners counter attack
White Bread
White Bread 14 dni temu
You should do this same thing but with the eastern and western fronts of WWI
Kæłęb Łæñœūë
Kæłęb Łæñœūë 15 dni temu
Well, it’s 2021 and we’re still waiting for Steiner’s attack
Willigula 3 dni temu
Winning comment.
TheArtanis7 15 dni temu
So why the Russia did not attack Finland at the end of war? Was it some kind of agreement like Stalin made with Tito in Yugoslavia?
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
Russia and Finland made peace in 1944
TheArtanis7 15 dni temu
So what era of occupation was worse for Poland. German or Russian?
TheArtanis7 15 dni temu
Why i have a feeling that Russians would defeat Germany even without western allies help? But would the Russia stop at german western borders? What was the plan of Stalin?
restone blocks
restone blocks 10 dni temu
@9 At any time before kursk the germans had up to or less than 80k men stationed in Italy and other places. 80k isn't that much and wouldn't have made a large impact.
9 10 dni temu
@restone blocks yeah but without the allies the Germans wouldn't have to waste soldiers on those fronts and would be able to send them to the ussr which would inevitably fall. And the ussr received huge allied support
restone blocks
restone blocks 10 dni temu
@9 By the time any major amount of lend lease supplies arrived, the soviets had stopped Barbarossa and were making steady gains against the germans in all army group zones, By the time the Sicilian, Italian or Normandy fronts were opened, the soviets had stopped every major German advance and were pushing them back modestly well.
9 11 dni temu
@restone blocks how could they win lmao
restone blocks
restone blocks 11 dni temu
@9 They wouldn’t have been defeated, it would have just taken *alot* longer
José Antonio
José Antonio 15 dni temu
Finlandia con las mínimas perdidas .como si perdió un gran territorio.y muy rico.
Stevie B
Stevie B 15 dni temu
It just seems like such a fundamental mistake when Hitler decided to attack Russia... creating a war on two fronts..... I always wondered if that was arrogance or uncontrolled paranoia
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
Communists were his main ideological foe along with jews. His plan was to kill and drive out the russians to make room for the aryan race. As it turns out. Making an ideology based off of race and going to war for those reasons isn't that good of an idea.
皆無KaiMu 17 dni temu
Psevdokranos 17 dni temu
and we notice the cheesemakers, the swiss neutrals watching in apathy the world slaughter...
FireNIce 17 dni temu
Тима4ка4ка Якушов
Тима4ка4ка Якушов 18 dni temu
это моего прадеда просто взбесили он прям на сау в берлин поехал
monke haha
monke haha 18 dni temu
actually, in budapest, the troops fell back into the palace and held out, even made a breakout attempt where a few men made it back to german lines
jamzz 18 dni temu
whats the meaning of the numbers and the Xs in the squares and circles?
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
It tells which division they were
Doug Williams
Doug Williams 18 dni temu
no mention of the Italian front
Gauntlet 18 dni temu
At 11:30, was the reason the Courland pocket was not fully evacuated because the Germans chose not to or because they did not have enough ships available?
Jay S.
Jay S. 13 dni temu
If you have the time, watch this: plpost.info/chat/2rDWnam0zHhwgqg/wideo.html
Dmytro Gyrenko
Dmytro Gyrenko 19 dni temu
About Finland (plpost.info/chat/kqe4l4GOt4x-gXY/wideo.html) that is bullshit. Finland did not capture any soviet positions or territory for defense! Never and nothing. The Finns lived on their land in their country.
Dmytro Gyrenko
Dmytro Gyrenko 14 dni temu
@9 Take it easy. He do nte need an assistent ;)
9 14 dni temu
@Dmytro Gyrenko what is your point? This guy is just saying facts
Wegetsu 14 dni temu
@Dmytro Gyrenko By original borders I mean the borders Finland existed with from 1918 to 1940. And yes, I know the USSR was an authoritarian hell hole, but that dosen't change the fact that in the continuation war Finland was the aggressor.
Dmytro Gyrenko
Dmytro Gyrenko 15 dni temu
@Wegetsu Do not show USSR as a victim of WWII. They were the same predator as Germany, if not more.
Dmytro Gyrenko
Dmytro Gyrenko 15 dni temu
@Wegetsu " of it's original borders" What borders do you mean? Borders 1940 or borders 1941. As we know USSR occupied part of Finland in 1940.
Sergej Piskun
Sergej Piskun 20 dni temu
its funny how almost the whole industry in germany was funded by the usa, germany was allied with usa and england, until their plan went bad to conquer the soviets and take russia ressources ... the soviets started to push back and suddenly the japanese attacked pearl harbor (it was not a surprise attack, thats just propaganda), after the attack the usa started to play the super democracy and explained they have to invide germany jUsT tO sToP tHe NaZi GeRmAnY (thats a lie), they attacked germany to conquer berlin before the soviets, and untill now the usa writes the history, u will never hear how they also abused and murdered innocent people, women and children, and they started france, they also killed prisoners, cause they didnt have the capacity to keep them alive in prison, i mean about 90% written in history books are propaganda, but the whole joke about this war is that after the japanese attacked a millitary harbour, the usa just dropped atomic bombs, and explained it like the bombs were necessary to stop the war, but if u studdy history u will understand that the war was over at this point, the bombs were just to demonstrate their power to the soviets ...
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
The fuck are you on about?
Zel The Viking
Zel The Viking 19 dni temu
1) "its funny how almost the whole industry in germany was funded by the usa" - It wasn't 2) " germany was allied with usa and england" - They weren't 3) "until their plan went bad to conquer the soviets and take russia ressources" - You mean Germany's plan? The US and England were involved in no such plan, they allied themselves with the soviets after Germany launched the invasion. Or have you forgotten that England was already AT WAR with Germany at this time? 4) suddenly the japanese attacked pearl harbor (it was not a surprise attack, thats just propaganda) - Yeah the US deliberately allowed the Japanese to sink large parts of their pacific fleet... Like, what is this logic even 5) after the attack the usa started to play the super democracy and explained they have to invide germany jUsT tO sToP tHe NaZi GeRmAnY (thats a lie) - What do you mean dude??? Hitler declared war on the US first. Did you ever read a history book??? 6) they attacked germany to conquer berlin before the soviets - By the time the US joined the war effort, Germany was in a winnable position from an outside perspective. What you consider facts by now were NOT facts back then. You have the power of hindsigt. 7) untill now the usa writes the history, u will never hear how they also abused and murdered innocent people - What the hell do you mean??? There are several accounts of allied forces being cruel to the German population and committing war crimes. It's very well documented. Have you heard of the Vietnam war? Loads of war crimes documented there, so how is the US "writing the history"?? 8) they started france, they also killed prisoners, cause they didnt have the capacity to keep them alive in prison - The Germans were quite well treated by Western soldiers compared to the Soviets. So straight up wrong. Some German soldiers were killed (hence the earlier war crimes) but it was NOT normal as you falsely state 9) i mean about 90% written in history books are propaganda - Oh, I see... You're one of those people. Tell me, do you know what source criticism is? You know how it works? Are you supposed to be smarter than the hundreds, the thousands of historians out there? The 2nd WW is one of the most well-documented wars at its time, and we have sources from all sides that combined tells a true picture. You challenging that is extremely hollow. What do you have of proof against the overwhelming historical evidence? Some conspiracy videos and bonkers blogs? Nonsense. 10) but the whole joke about this war is that after the japanese attacked a millitary harbour, the usa just dropped atomic bombs, and explained it like the bombs were necessary to stop the war, but if u studdy history u will understand that the war was over at this point, the bombs were just to demonstrate their power to the soviets - I thought you just said that 90% of history books are propaganda? So how the hell are you claiming to "study history" if you also claim 90% of it is false? Conclusion: You're a dumbass
NathanRomml 20 dni temu
Hitler: *Makes a plan* Joseph Stalinstar: Your next move is.... Hitler: NANI!?!?!!
NathanRomml 20 dni temu
15:11 if only Steiner listened to orders, germany would have won the war!
Oracle X
Oracle X 21 dzień temu
Roosevelt's gift to Stalin.
F_ckUp Inc.
F_ckUp Inc. 22 dni temu
USA is a Big Joke !! This is Fact
9 14 dni temu
A joke stronger and richer than poor corrupt Russia :D
F_ckUp Inc.
F_ckUp Inc. 22 dni temu
And Finland is a Bitch !
9 14 dni temu
Fyck Russia 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
How exactly?
F_ckUp Inc.
F_ckUp Inc. 22 dni temu
Today is Berlin Red too. They spend millon's of Euros to China and they hide many Terrorist's
Grass Knuckles
Grass Knuckles 23 dni temu
how can u do that film ? do u use a app or something?
John Smith
John Smith 23 dni temu
Until the later stages of the war, the Wehrmacht crushed the Red Army
Wegetsu 15 dni temu
No. Even in the beginning of the soviet campaing the germans had a harder time fighting the russians than in any part of their other campaings.
restone blocks
restone blocks 16 dni temu
That’s a deeply flawed statement
Jocelynn Dotson
Jocelynn Dotson 24 dni temu
When you switch sides to the allies but everyone only remembers italy: *stealthy Romanian noises*
commodityHelp 24 dni temu
gitsum 25 dni temu
With all those retreats of german troops, did many ever stay behind and what happened to them ?
9 13 dni temu
@gitsum then they killed many
gitsum 13 dni temu
@9 I mean they can't have captured them all ?
9 14 dni temu
They probably became POWS and died doing forced works
veikkomies 25 dni temu
Are you implying that Finland was an axis power? It was an only an ally of Germany by necessity
KelsasNL udda budda
KelsasNL udda budda 25 dni temu
Hitler: Wanna hear a joke? Stalin: Sure. Hitler: Berlin. Stalin: Haha i get it. Hitler: Exa- wait what.
9 14 dni temu
@Nospacito ok boomer
Stormtrooper EQW-1506
Stormtrooper EQW-1506 19 dni temu
@Nospacito ok boomer
Nospacito 19 dni temu
shut the fuck up with the boomer bullshit
Stormtrooper EQW-1506
Stormtrooper EQW-1506 20 dni temu
@Kerem Bayram ok boomer
Ult1mateK1ng0ofNoth1ng the 1st
Ult1mateK1ng0ofNoth1ng the 1st 20 dni temu
@Kerem Bayram Ok boomer
Mohammad Karbaschian
Mohammad Karbaschian 25 dni temu
ანდრეი ველასჰო
ანდრეი ველასჰო 24 dni temu
MAAK4 26 dni temu
4:49 - Bull shit! When the Russian red army found out that the Polish citizens started an uprising in Warsaw, the Russians did not want Warsaw to be taken back by the Poles. They wanted to be the ones to "liberate" Warsaw, so they stood by and watched Warsaw being bombed and burned to the ground. Then, when most of the ones who started the uprising were killed, the red army entered Warsaw. Stop twisting history!
MAAK4 6 dni temu
@Mike Baldwin LOL!! Poland backstabing who??!! Why don't you just say what Putin have been saying lately, that Poland started WW2. Instead of German death camps, just call them Polish death camps since they're in Poland. Go all the way asshole! You're pathetic.
MAAK4 6 dni temu
@Mike Baldwin Let me enlighten you on the uprising, as you're saying that the PROBLEM with the Poles was that they did not want to coordinate their actions with the Soviets. You clearly are CLUELESS! You think that the uprising could have had any contact with the Soviets? Like it was an uprising of something like the military? The uprising was some young men and women in their 20s and 30, some old and many were just children. Yes, CHILDREN that were as young as 9 years old! Throwing granades at German tanks, fighting and dying. Had some rifles, granades that they picked up from the Germans that they killed. No big communication stations that they could have coordinated with the Soviets. What fucking world are you living in with this bs you're writing?! As for Soviets, yes, Poles saw them as enemies. Who attacked Poland in 1939? Germans from the west and SOVIETS from the East! How was Poland to fight those two countries at the same time? Who then murdered THOUSANDS of Polish officers and generals with a bullet to the back of the head? The Soviets! Ever heard of Katyn? Yes, Soviets were clearly the fucking enemy. Backstabbing enemy! Either you're a Russian talking bull shit, or you need to learn some history, not just about a few battles. You're clearly talking crap or don't know CRAP! I wasted enough time on you.
MAAK4 6 dni temu
@Mike Baldwin LMAO! Polish propaganda? So, according to what you're saying, "because the Poles could not capture the bridges over the river, the Soviets simply could not reach them." Hmmmm in other words, if there was no Warsaw uprising at all, the Soviets would simply have to go around Warsaw and not try to take it back from the Germans? What about other cities. All of them had someone capture bridges so that the Soviets can cross them? That makes a lot of sense. :) Nice try silly wabbit. What propaganda are you trying to spread?
Eastory 22 dni temu
@MAAK4 Ok. That is interesting. Thanks!
MAAK4 22 dni temu
@Eastory Right before they got to Warsaw. Right after the uprising started.
Ivhan Salazar
Ivhan Salazar 26 dni temu
I like how he says small pockets but it's literally like 100k POW
Witold Węgorkiewicz
Witold Węgorkiewicz 26 dni temu
0:19 - Didn't Allies land in Normandy? Why are they pushing Germans from Calais on this movie?
Eastory 26 dni temu
This is from the German perspective, who expected them to land at Calais.
Kent Guiller
Kent Guiller 26 dni temu
The World: *Fighting Germany* Switzerland: **Staying Quiet at the corner**
Willaev 26 dni temu
11:19 Patton: No.
Hoonatic Bloggs
Hoonatic Bloggs 27 dni temu
I heard Italian tanks had one forward gear and 8 reverse
Samuel Toldy
Samuel Toldy 26 dni temu
The Italian battle flag is A white cross on a white background
Vuk Todic
Vuk Todic 26 dni temu
French tanks had mirrors so that they can see frontline
334 Outdoors
334 Outdoors 27 dni temu
This is a really cool visualization of what happened on the fronts the only thing I would add would be if possible some kind of running count on the numbers on each side to show how even without knocking out whole regiments how the fighting power was reduced
David Moore
David Moore 28 dni temu
you minimized the fact that the Soviet's abandoned support of the Polish uprising in Warsaw as they stood down from their advance through Poland. Stalin was not interested in supporting the democratic elements in Warsaw.
Vuk Todic
Vuk Todic 26 dni temu
Its like if two guys hate you and they both start fighting would you help them? I would not neither did stalin those poles on uprsing were anti communist so if they save them it would be like saving enemy from your enemy so it did not make any sense for them to do that and they were not fools
Ornella Francis
Ornella Francis 28 dni temu
Actually the soviet's took Berlin by miles .The soviet's and allies ,despite being a popular opinion,did not meet at Berlin.The soviets had Berlin before the allies had a third of Germany.
Ornella Francis
Ornella Francis 28 dni temu
Oh wait the video has it different from the thumbnail , the video is right.
NZ 28 dni temu
I like how this guy explained "betraying of Poland" scandal in one sentence.
Agent Jinks
Agent Jinks 29 dni temu
Nobody Litreally nobody 0:27 look at the figures omg
Jah Mah
Jah Mah 29 dni temu
This was an accurate account of this terrible conflict
인디아나. 29 dni temu
By far the best quality for WW2 during 1944-5. Respect.
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma 29 dni temu
Germany shoujld hae retreated and concentrated on GERMANY alone after they lost Leningrad and kURSK , SHOULD have gone for surrender and got a better deal but why they did not?
9 14 dni temu
Prague 541
Prague 541 Miesiąc temu
A most-excellent summary and presentation, sir. Bravo.
ReniYT's Second Channel
ReniYT's Second Channel Miesiąc temu
How do you make these animations?
machinen kanone
machinen kanone Miesiąc temu
The Soviets had so many more men. The Bear Mountain SS just kept recycling the same guys same guys fought for 6 years
logan holmberg
logan holmberg Miesiąc temu
Oh man great vid. I understand what was going on in 44-45 now so much better now.
Ruby band
Ruby band Miesiąc temu
This is an amazing visualization thank you! It's very ironic that Russians and Americans and the Allies fought against Germany, and now Germany stands with America in NATO against Russia. And China and America fought against Japan, and now Japan stands with America against China. It's all kinda fucked up. What will be the situation 75 years from now??
John Taylor
John Taylor Miesiąc temu
If only Steiner could launch his attack.
mike jin
mike jin Miesiąc temu
If D-Day never happened...
Faruk Kaba
Faruk Kaba Miesiąc temu
if WWII might be won by Germany, at least communism will be down forever and the world might be safer
?? 12 dni temu
@lol shit no
Einars Skutans
Einars Skutans 24 dni temu
@lol shit no?
lol shit
lol shit 24 dni temu
Because Fascism is better than communism. What an idiot.
Einars Skutans
Einars Skutans Miesiąc temu
You must be a troll
dzigerica666 Miesiąc temu
Not a word about yugoslav partisans REALLY?
Canem Cave
Canem Cave Miesiąc temu
the soft underbelly of Europe was so soft that in spite of a civil war it outlasted the conquest of Germany itself.. Churchill was definitely no strategy genius, he blundered and caused the death of thousands several times in his life.
Eduardo Tarusov
Eduardo Tarusov Miesiąc temu
This is a really good presentation. It's crazy that just one country was beating pretty much everyone. Huge thanks to the Red Army for such a sacrificial war. They have done the most damage to Germans and they've lost the most people. It's not the kind of war we Americans would want to have on our land. It's easy for us to write these comments and critic German and Soviet's but if we were there, it would not be funny. Many German soldiers as well as soldiers for the Soviet Union never wanted to fight each other. No more wars, please.
ridegriff50 Miesiąc temu
Nice presentation 👍😉
LORDZAVIOR Miesiąc temu
Sovit Union: you know what I have about 100 million civilians I’m just going to give a shit ton of them guns and bullets and drop them on the battle field that should over whelm the German forces Germany : welp I only have 3 million soldiers and I’m being Invaded by both sides well time to commit suicide
Kamu POL
Kamu POL Miesiąc temu
Does anyone know what program he is using? I will be grateful for your response
anonymous George
anonymous George Miesiąc temu
Excellent presentation. Thanks.
Fred does XC
Fred does XC Miesiąc temu
Steiner's glorius attack has been succesful
Liberum Arbitrium
Liberum Arbitrium Miesiąc temu
15:05 for those wondering: The 3rd SS Panzerkorps that you can see north of Berlin is the "Kampfgruppe Steiner". The Kampfgruppe, that Hitler ordered to relieve Berlin but failed to do so, resulting in a rage of Hitler best remembered in the movie "Downfall".
Franz Bauer
Franz Bauer Miesiąc temu
Finis germaniae, finis hominis
S.A. Miesiąc temu
I love these videos, gives you a lot better idea of how it all transpired as opposed to reading it in text. Thanks
Mic Smith
Mic Smith Miesiąc temu
Where do you think the USSR got all their steel
Mic Smith
Mic Smith Miesiąc temu
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