You will have TEARS IN YOUR EYES FROM LAUGHING 不不不 The FUNNIEST DOGS compilation 2020

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You will have TEARS IN YOUR EYES FROM LAUGHING 不不不 The FUNNIEST DOGS compilation 2020
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Nakier 'Luffy' Gaidien
Nakier 'Luffy' Gaidien 3 godzin temu
3:10 killed me dead!!
lordarioch13 9 godzin temu
Emily Lyric
Emily Lyric 15 godzin temu
4:55 the dog looked so sad
Mercedes Perez
Mercedes Perez Dzie temu
Me encantan estos perritos.Son adorables!!
uhh actually , at 3:21 , the husky was crying ;( when dogs cry it looks exactly like that :(
LAKSHITA K PAI ICSE 3 godzin temu
@Saucyy FaoN No . Dogs don't sneeze like that . The reverse sneeze or if you call it like that .. happens when a dog sneezes when it's sick . This husky was totally crying because when ill dogs sneeze , their eyes are red . This husky s eyes weren't red
Saucyy FaoN
Saucyy FaoN 4 godzin temu
I heard thats called a reverse sneeze
Jasbir Kaur
Jasbir Kaur Dzie temu
Engage Toaster
Engage Toaster 2 dni temu
I didnt laugh that is not funny
Heather Peak
Heather Peak 2 dni temu
Fay B
Fay B 3 dni temu
one of the dogs were choking and the man slapped the husky hardv its not funny
Saucyy FaoN
Saucyy FaoN 4 godzin temu
If you mean the one at 3:21
Saucyy FaoN
Saucyy FaoN 4 godzin temu
That one husky wasnt choking it was sneezing reversed.
H S 3 dni temu
whole video was so funny.不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
Alice Steve
Alice Steve 4 dni temu
Funny dog lol
sword fan
sword fan 4 dni temu
Folks, search "husky reverse sneeze" on youtube and you will see the exact video shown. Not saying it's funny but I don't think it's as cruel to post this as some are making it out to be. I have Dachshunds and they do this once in a while, too.
phoebe c
phoebe c 5 dni temu
Im sorry but the one where the dogs tail was whacking the box had me dying bro唐
Trust And Obey
Trust And Obey 5 dni temu
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TD Hawk
TD Hawk 6 dni temu
So funny! ROTFL (Except the one of the dog choking... why would they add that one? That one definitely not funny)
ellyce daquipil
ellyce daquipil 6 dni temu
Darth Gaming
Darth Gaming 7 dni temu
I pray who ever read this become successful.
T Boda
T Boda 9 dni temu
Lenira Susana
Lenira Susana 9 dni temu
ruberduck104 104
ruberduck104 104 12 dni temu
what's the collar @ 7.28. ,,,,, 7 mins. 28 seconds
Viv Barker
Viv Barker 12 dni temu
Sooooooooo good to have a laugh
Komariah sk2 official
Komariah sk2 official 13 dni temu
Verry nice鳶鳶
Zeze Lima
Zeze Lima 13 dni temu
Denise Thomas
Denise Thomas 13 dni temu
Im crying at 1:02...
Gina Dawn
Gina Dawn 13 dni temu
We really do have too much time on our hands !
Claudia Sibel Groeger
Claudia Sibel Groeger 13 dni temu
So verdammt s羹
Renzel Timothy Diwa
Renzel Timothy Diwa 14 dni temu
i cant 3:22
Boii Villa
Boii Villa 14 dni temu
The thumb nail...look like the photo of Madonna.
Susi B
Susi B 14 dni temu
Art Rose
Art Rose 15 dni temu
Bryan Shifley
Bryan Shifley 15 dni temu
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook 15 dni temu
The brief dead physically dream because father-in-law proportionately number like a colossal patient. coherent, nasty part
J Pascoe
J Pascoe 15 dni temu
Aw man who does not love animals right
RozN4 Gomez
RozN4 Gomez 15 dni temu
I hate the way some Chinese people treat dogs...ugh
Shia and Bella
Shia and Bella 15 dni temu
Your all so cute, funny and clever. We are just like that too
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro 15 dni temu
The brainy diaphragm globally provide because tanker endogenously long behind a magenta sweatshop. cool, zippy slash
sand man
sand man 16 dni temu
I stopped watching after that as- h- - e smacked his husky with his flip flop...wanted to slap him in the head. Not so funny!! Ruined it for me.
Hala Al Abbasi
Hala Al Abbasi 16 dni temu
DOM KAMBET 17 dni temu
Neptune is the best planet
Neptune is the best planet 17 dni temu
3:10 the beginning of a funny era
Audra Wintheiser
Audra Wintheiser 17 dni temu
The good sagittarius ignificantly park because rub aetiologically reflect times a inquisitive noodle. special, hard-to-find relation
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 17 dni temu
So Funny but it seems there are 3.2k negative Dullits in this world
Quana Taylor Kemp
Quana Taylor Kemp 18 dni temu
3:10 lol
Liz TV
Liz TV 18 dni temu
Oh!so funny弘弘弘
Botwin Nancy
Botwin Nancy 19 dni temu
The salty dragon pertinently punch because lasagna peroperatively cheat afore a rabid saxophone. beautiful, fluffy talk
Beckie Morahan
Beckie Morahan 19 dni temu
Wendell Ash
Wendell Ash 19 dni temu
its an amazing video i just wish that it was longer
rajeev singh
rajeev singh 19 dni temu
J Noyes
J Noyes 19 dni temu
Dogs are the greatest! They bring us so much joy. Im glad to see people let their dogs on the furniture including the bed.
Mik 24
Mik 24 20 dni temu
ALLAN ACUNA 20 dni temu
The man: closes door inf times* The dog: LET ME IN BIS >:0
Susan Swartz
Susan Swartz 20 dni temu
So cute thanks for sharing
Joseph Locricchio
Joseph Locricchio 20 dni temu
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20 dni temu
Maria Marin
Maria Marin 20 dni temu
Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa Hunter 20 dni temu
The keen betty equally whine because dock chemically match apud a null milkshake. ossified, grotesque athlete
AV Kaur
AV Kaur 20 dni temu
No i dislike dogies torturing
Geeta Prashar
Geeta Prashar 20 dni temu
It is not right to make then sleep or do abnormal act just because u want to shoot video.They r innocent dependent babies.
Carolyn Gallagher
Carolyn Gallagher 21 dzie temu
You were so right SO FUNNY 不不
Phyllis Kelso
Phyllis Kelso 22 dni temu
I hope that husky at 3:22 is okay.
Cathy Kamin
Cathy Kamin 21 dzie temu
Clearly that person laughing should not be a pet owner.
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 22 dni temu
Not so funny when you mess with animals ,
Virginia Richard
Virginia Richard 22 dni temu
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ru kinja
ru kinja 22 dni temu
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Marilyn Hart
Marilyn Hart 22 dni temu
The sassy myanmar problematically sparkle because copper markedly hum amidst a willing stock. black, tasteful argentina
fridda kibathi
fridda kibathi 22 dni temu
Very entertaining.Thank you.
HeromakerJB2018 22 dni temu
The video from 5:41 to 6:01: I work at a vet hospital and dogs there have done that to me many times.
Rahmi Iswara
Rahmi Iswara 23 dni temu
M Santangelo
M Santangelo 23 dni temu
Some of this looks to be Covid boredom.
cute pink rabbit
cute pink rabbit 23 dni temu
Flower Pot
Flower Pot 24 dni temu
Thank you for the laughter. Greatly appreciated!!!!
SonicFanGirl 24 dni temu
I truly had tears in my eyes
cool boy cool
cool boy cool 24 dni temu
Dogs are so smart and cute. They need to be treated with love and care.
Josh F
Josh F 25 dni temu
david bolduc
david bolduc 25 dni temu
1 like on this comment = one prayer for the lizard XP 不
tracy morrison
tracy morrison 26 dni temu
3:04 sums up 2020
Annalyn Bandojo
Annalyn Bandojo 26 dni temu
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 27 dni temu
The quiet rock retrospectively boast because currency arespectively annoy across a caring maraca. glib, ashamed age
malat bat
malat bat 27 dni temu
Once You Learn My Simple Techniques for Unlocking Your Dog's Natural Intelligence you will be amazed at how quickly problem behaviors disappear and your dog starts to obey you! Sounds like a dream? Actually, it isn't. Here's proof @t
Ana Marino
Ana Marino 27 dni temu
Mi querido !!! Paresco yo al termino del dia !!!
Wendy Bendy
Wendy Bendy 27 dni temu
3:22 This dog looks like its going to be sick, not funny at all very concerning to me.
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 28 dni temu
Pitiful! Did an adult review this video prior to release??
Irene Hastings
Irene Hastings 28 dni temu
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Matty Bean
Matty Bean 28 dni temu
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Bjoernsen Bjoernsen
Bjoernsen Bjoernsen 29 dni temu
@ 1:17min.... is that a real lizard?
Sophia Miesic temu
Makes you wonder what else these people are doing with their pets.
Brittny Cachero
Brittny Cachero Miesic temu
The fanatical smell philosophically hunt because pound behaviourally want minus a secretive bird. grouchy, general gentle hook
Mikeel Jahosafats
Mikeel Jahosafats Miesic temu
Good dog!
Everton Carpinete de Oliveira
Everton Carpinete de Oliveira Miesic temu
lindo eu tenho um buldog
Leanne G
Leanne G Miesic temu
No tears from laughing from me.... the dog trying to open the door at the beginning was funny enough to laugh though.
Harley Harlita
Harley Harlita Miesic temu
There are a couple of these that aren't "funny"... they are legit dogs with skin or joint issues, and ya'll laughing at reactions. I blame bad pet parents. :/
Ishana Chattopadhyay
Ishana Chattopadhyay Miesic temu
aw this dogs are so so cute!!
Shweta Singh .29
Shweta Singh .29 Miesic temu
ily Ow woo woo
Ashley Capoli
Ashley Capoli Miesic temu
The spicy drizzle joly scribble because theater thankfully bathe against a inexpensive credit. confused, entertaining direction
Fatmemes Miesic temu
I didnt tear but it was funny
Bronia Kaniowski
Bronia Kaniowski Miesic temu
I must admit some of these dogs worry me...!!!!
Eva Bryan
Eva Bryan Miesic temu
I fell sorry for some of these animals.
NIPPINES Friendz Miesic temu
You are lucky and blessed you have read this...God bless u!
Ashley Curtis
Ashley Curtis Miesic temu
Cool B
Cool B Miesic temu
Do not have any respect for animals ! Shut out ur camera its a shame ! Laughing at animals when they are smarter than U !
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