Someone Made Us Into Custom Plush Dolls!

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Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡
Halloween Dope Week ➡
Today we are reacting to our very own CUSTOM SUBREDDIT! Make sure you guys go check it out!
TWITTER ➡ Hi5DopeorNope
INSTAGRAM ➡ hi5dopeornope
PO Box ➡ 24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy #617, Valencia, CA 91355 (I told you I pay attention, Matt)
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Ninja Hamster
Ninja Hamster 19 godzin temu
dmd dobel mega dope
R. N. Holmes
R. N. Holmes 8 dni temu
Anyone know what episode that was where Matthias was just screaming and Tanner didn't know what to do?🤣
User1234 17 dni temu
Lol my neighbor has that 12 foot skeleton and he put it up on Halloween and it’s still up
AZ Family Reviews
AZ Family Reviews 22 dni temu
Love this epi
M7sTcPor8al Miesiąc temu
Where is michal?
The real Jesus Christ
The real Jesus Christ 28 dni temu
He hasn’t been part of dope or nope in over five months
Agent Pasta
Agent Pasta Miesiąc temu
9:30 nobody's getting family vacation this year 😺
Sue Meade2
Sue Meade2 Miesiąc temu
Hi I'm one of those people never had a family vacation or are...
Keyley Killion
Keyley Killion Miesiąc temu
Is it just me that I actually like it better when Matthias was bald 👨‍🦲 😂
YIMM Tauros
YIMM Tauros Miesiąc temu
What happened to micheal?
Family Armistead
Family Armistead Miesiąc temu
tanner: I didnt go on vacations past the age of like 8-9. Me: sad, im in the same boat
thomas fan 2021
thomas fan 2021 Miesiąc temu
do lego ple 😀👍
JoJo nodes And animation
JoJo nodes And animation 2 miesięcy temu
You messing with me the PACCIFER
Gaming with Pubg
Gaming with Pubg 2 miesięcy temu
Or she Luna gives merch and gifts at Hi5 studios.
Liam Hill
Liam Hill 2 miesięcy temu
i love you
Shawn and Debbie Black
Shawn and Debbie Black 2 miesięcy temu
Did no one ever notice Matt's plush doll has a little watch!!!!!!
Stephanie Cheney
Stephanie Cheney 2 miesięcy temu
Is tanner really only gonna be 26 this year 🤔
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy 2 miesięcy temu
nicolesc4t 2 miesięcy temu
more dope weeks plsss
sharyn Bonde
sharyn Bonde 2 miesięcy temu
like tannners mom sucks it' Matt says tanner not uderstanding continues on hahahhaha
Kevin Musser
Kevin Musser 2 miesięcy temu
Ugggh where are the bobble head versions of you guys???? I'm guessing if I keep watching you guys I eventually find them I hope they have enlarged heads 🥲
Nathaniel Thompson
Nathaniel Thompson 2 miesięcy temu
Tanners wrestling nickname vanilla extract
Dawn Nartates-Vidal
Dawn Nartates-Vidal 2 miesięcy temu
top 10 anime battles 17:17
Anahi Montano
Anahi Montano 2 miesięcy temu
The level governor reportedly introduce because chain fascinatingly search since a piquant harmony. jobless, lopsided macaroni
Kikiwolf Minecraft Girl
Kikiwolf Minecraft Girl 2 miesięcy temu
Luna= spoiled, but not rotten. 😂
Zahra Abd
Zahra Abd 2 miesięcy temu
Can you do dope or nope in blues clues and blues clues and you edition?
This Person
This Person 2 miesięcy temu
Are they brothers? You: THEY ARE! Me: I thought so You😡🤬 Me:☺️☺️☺️ You:IT IS OBVIOUS!! Me:I know
Pennisball 2 miesięcy temu
12:02 it’s proven, he’s the channel murderer
Tea 2 miesięcy temu
I love you guys
johny 22443
johny 22443 3 miesięcy temu
MeltedRainbowz 3 miesięcy temu
Well pat you are correct bc his name is Jacksfilms
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 3 miesięcy temu
Am I the only one who noticed that the intro music says dope or nope?
giant fools boy I GOT A NEW SUIT
giant fools boy I GOT A NEW SUIT 3 miesięcy temu
Congarts 🎟🎫 you have not bot ticket
Sasha Yuty
Sasha Yuty 3 miesięcy temu
17:20 the Jojo memes are real... The references too.... OMG WOW
Mookie 3 miesięcy temu
13 and never went on a vacation 😭
Bri Blossom
Bri Blossom 3 miesięcy temu
Can you guys make more videos like this
Sky Jackwin
Sky Jackwin 3 miesięcy temu
Amalie Seifrig
Amalie Seifrig 3 miesięcy temu
Im a teenager and I've never been on vacation LOL
Julian Martinez Fernandez
Julian Martinez Fernandez 3 miesięcy temu
luna is just CUTE
Jimmy Banthrall
Jimmy Banthrall 3 miesięcy temu
How about ten gifts for when Luna goes to school.
Smokeykiwi 8
Smokeykiwi 8 3 miesięcy temu
If tanner brings up tiktok one more time in any vid I’m gonna scream
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis 3 miesięcy temu
Denielle Aldridge
Denielle Aldridge 3 miesięcy temu
i lik da dop or nop shir
Gilbert Grech
Gilbert Grech 3 miesięcy temu
Make a shirt that says this is a dope or this shirt is a dope
Maryann Reyes
Maryann Reyes 3 miesięcy temu
The wonderful coal simultaneously guard because sausage fifthly file around a ill-informed grass. subdued, obscene play
saoiirse 3 miesięcy temu
Is anyone seeing that tanner was drinking water and then coffee
ay yeae
ay yeae 4 miesięcy temu
These are the old days before overkill
Whizkid Bricks
Whizkid Bricks 4 miesięcy temu
Those plushes are cute
Shrinath Kotian
Shrinath Kotian 4 miesięcy temu
The real imposter was overkill this whole time and u had more then 5 likes... 😞
Skelly mation
Skelly mation 4 miesięcy temu
No. Dont turn me into marketable plushie
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 3 miesięcy temu
Noice 4 miesięcy temu
9:44 don’t really see a difference
Lydia Stainbrook
Lydia Stainbrook 4 miesięcy temu
Id take funny quotes out from the video and post them here but there's too many!🤣🤣🤪🤯🤯
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier 4 miesięcy temu
Tanner. F..k f..k b...h and s..t and matthias. Yo what's up dog wow yeah aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Martin Varghese
Martin Varghese 4 miesięcy temu
where is micheal
Fun With Owen
Fun With Owen 4 miesięcy temu
He moved to Röze channel 😞 but he still in HI5 Studio but not in dope or nope
wolf Star the wolf !!!
wolf Star the wolf !!! 4 miesięcy temu
I haven't seen Dope or nope in two years but it's is still amazing.
GEtBottedson 4 miesięcy temu
It's the opposite H2O the 2 indicates two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen
Alyssa Campos
Alyssa Campos 4 miesięcy temu
.    。    •   ゚  。   .     .     。   。 ඞ 。 .    •     •    ゚   Joseph was the impostor.  。 .   '   0 Impostors remain. 。  ゚   .    . ,    .  ..    。    •   。
Dark Lord Of The Universe
Dark Lord Of The Universe 4 miesięcy temu
This was really cool and funny to watch.
jacob cates
jacob cates 4 miesięcy temu
no tictok or i unsub
Anshika R.H
Anshika R.H 4 miesięcy temu
PAAAAATTT !!! i forgot what to say
I I 4 miesięcy temu
At 11:24 tanner drink I think coffee turned into water
Nathan Webster
Nathan Webster 4 miesięcy temu
John Walker
John Walker 4 miesięcy temu
One of my friends neighbors has the 12ft skeleton they have a hole storage unit for it
just a cat
just a cat 4 miesięcy temu
Plush or nope
Ellyana Wood
Ellyana Wood 5 miesięcy temu
Are you guys Canadian?
Darkness Lord
Darkness Lord 5 miesięcy temu
3:52 Get gnome
Briana Manier
Briana Manier 5 miesięcy temu
I don't go on family vacations either tanner just church retreats ig it's family church family
Cesar Carreon
Cesar Carreon 5 miesięcy temu
Does anyone know if Michael is coming back?
Kristen Harrison
Kristen Harrison 5 miesięcy temu
Me: This is a good video Matt: Dance moms!!!!!
Captin Phaze_Toast
Captin Phaze_Toast 5 miesięcy temu
Diet water be like: H1 O
Dierdre McLin
Dierdre McLin 5 miesięcy temu
Everyone one who watched jojos bizzare adventure: OOH NO ITS DIO
The Water Poops
The Water Poops 5 miesięcy temu
Voodoo dolls
Jan Armfield
Jan Armfield 5 miesięcy temu
Hiiiiiiii i LOVE DOPE or NOPE and mat and Luna is soooooooo cute
Puffs cool
Puffs cool 5 miesięcy temu
Is this a jojo reference
george toshack
george toshack 5 miesięcy temu
nope week for the win
EZ1NK 5 miesięcy temu
Zachary Follin
Zachary Follin 5 miesięcy temu
Is it just me, or do the plush dolls look WAY better than the real Matt and Tanner?
Scoti Hahn
Scoti Hahn 5 miesięcy temu
Would you spoil your child?
Adriana Aguilar
Adriana Aguilar 5 miesięcy temu
Matt looks black metal af
Joey fuse
Joey fuse 5 miesięcy temu
😳 ☹ 😬 😙
Joey fuse
Joey fuse 5 miesięcy temu
•π👈😄🕳 ☝
Rei gatinho
Rei gatinho 5 miesięcy temu
Why in this video
Joey fuse
Joey fuse 5 miesięcy temu
¢÷ =€ •π←
BrioCyrain 5 miesięcy temu
17:14 Tmw a Dope or Nope meme becomes a crossover episode with Jojo
Bryan Wences
Bryan Wences 5 miesięcy temu
17:18 is the jojo scene
Anonymous 5 miesięcy temu
"Luna buys gifts for people at the office!!!" Copied
Mr. Onion
Mr. Onion 5 miesięcy temu
when I clicked on this video I did not expect a Jojo reference
Adam Ferguson
Adam Ferguson 5 miesięcy temu
matt: ya suck it like tanners mum tanners mum : i well not
B1gt3d 5 miesięcy temu
anyone else not a fan of where this channel is going?
kaitlynn cauthon
kaitlynn cauthon 5 miesięcy temu
I gess I’m one of the sad families who dot have vacations 😥
Lorenzo Myburgh
Lorenzo Myburgh 5 miesięcy temu
Where do we find dope or nope submissions and put our stuff on it
foxy Hoxie crazy fun
foxy Hoxie crazy fun 5 miesięcy temu
what tanner is married
Audi's New beginning
Audi's New beginning 5 miesięcy temu
Wow! Matt's immediate regret when he realizes his "Tanner Mom" joke went farther then he meant it to.😳
Upsire Ant
Upsire Ant 5 miesięcy temu
Pat is the imposter proved “im gonna start deleting likes “
Master hare
Master hare 5 miesięcy temu
"Somebody made us Voodoo dolls" should have been the tittle
bla bla
bla bla 5 miesięcy temu
Anybody notice how Tanner was drinking two drinks this whole entire video like swapping them out!?! xD
SpicyCanx 5 miesięcy temu
8:21 If u look at the top of the image, its a screenshot and it says they searched up "dope or nope wallpaper" Lmao😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅🤣🤣🤣
Natalie Maxim
Natalie Maxim 5 miesięcy temu
I’ve never been on a family vacation 😐
Kayden Thornton
Kayden Thornton 5 miesięcy temu
i dont go on family vacations anymore, and im 11
meekventures 5 miesięcy temu
The furthest I’ve been on Holliday was Liverpool well is skegness further (I’ve never been on a plane)
ziva milshtein
ziva milshtein 5 miesięcy temu
i miss battle universe
Jeffrey Joju
Jeffrey Joju 5 miesięcy temu
12:02 HAHAHAHAHA Pat!!!!
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