Antonov An-225 - The World's Largest Aircraft | Full Documentary

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With the six powerful engines, loads of up to 250 tons are no problem for the Antonov An-225. The plane was originally intended to take the Soviet Buran space shuttle back from its landing site to the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan. After the end of the space program, Antonov Airlines converted the An-225 into a cargo plane. The next order: the transport of twelve electrical transformers from Chile across the Andes to Bolivia with twelve flights in just four weeks.

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Assault Makers
Assault Makers Dzień temu
name of the music when takeoff at chile Airport?
Kevin Glore
Kevin Glore Dzień temu
Undoubtedly adstonshing,however what's up with the flashlight..
Calvin Canty
Calvin Canty 2 dni temu
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Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown 2 dni temu
I found this to be an amazing video. What an amazing plane. It is one beautiful beauty.
Thị Ngô
Thị Ngô 3 dni temu
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Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan 3 dni temu
Great video.
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna 4 dni temu
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Jet Ferry
Jet Ferry 4 dni temu
Leslie Nielson is copilot!
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 4 dni temu
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Prasad Kalubandi
Prasad Kalubandi 5 dni temu
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson 6 dni temu
Crazy how a plane that big and heavy can actually fly.
DMS REPAIR 7 dni temu
Holly Hell, what a Monster bird, 40 years old and still undisputed monster and still cruising the sky !!!!!
Thierry Kamette
Thierry Kamette 8 dni temu
Boring as fuck commentator
Quota Ntamele
Quota Ntamele 8 dni temu
wrong. They built two of them.
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash 9 dni temu
I will take it! 😐
Marxx Mann87
Marxx Mann87 9 dni temu
Isn't it kool to be privileged to fly the only 6 engine aircraft? I bet it is!!! 😁
ESKIEL 10 dni temu
Amazing ❤️
Joseph Park
Joseph Park 11 dni temu
It this thing crashes it'll cause 20.0 earthquake and a black hole
brc 250
brc 250 11 dni temu
Watching a documentary on my day off from working for Siemens. And all I see is their logo
Jennifer Dominguez
Jennifer Dominguez 11 dni temu
Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Lily Queen
Lily Queen 12 dni temu
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Hermosa Minirosa
Hermosa Minirosa 12 dni temu
Imperial metric.
Banonie Batute
Banonie Batute 13 dni temu
Good job!
Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill 13 dni temu
If we didn't know it existed we'd think this was one of these PLpost graphics leg pull, but by golly it's real. How big can a aircraft reach before gravity says no?
Steven Noble
Steven Noble 14 dni temu
No i wouldn't think it would be brimming with high tech. I really starting to understand that aviation hasnt changed since the early 60s.
Pendulous Testicularis
Pendulous Testicularis 16 dni temu
Only one flyable example ever built. 😱😎
Rixilia 16 dni temu
Truly magnificent
c woody
c woody 16 dni temu
C5 knockkov.
dax connell
dax connell 16 dni temu
got to see it parked at (CYXS) Prince George, Canada a while back. was magnificent, though, would have liked to have seen it take off or land
Ramon Falcatan
Ramon Falcatan 17 dni temu
Ok 🆗👌👍 super world 🌍
JD10Driver 17 dni temu
4:35 - our designers built a plane like that. More like reverse engineered. “Inspired by” C-5 and the Space Shuttle. Not saying it isn’t cool. But, yeah, credit where it’s due.
Paul Dzhugostran
Paul Dzhugostran 18 dni temu
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Kr He
Kr He 18 dni temu
I remember watching that plane in Canada. Remarkable piece of kit.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones 18 dni temu
I really enjoyed this documentary pretty awesome job guys
Befit Clothing
Befit Clothing 18 dni temu
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danny blackhorse
danny blackhorse 19 dni temu
did all this crew perish during the crash? 😢
SeaNNy T
SeaNNy T 19 dni temu
Eddy Yang
Eddy Yang 21 dzień temu
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Daniel L
Daniel L 21 dzień temu
This was a really well done production. Bravo
I Drone
I Drone 22 dni temu
A marvel of Soviet pride...on the other side, I find it a bit of an insult for their client to have searched the very plane that brought civilization to their huts and shacks.
Edwin Merrill
Edwin Merrill 23 dni temu
Благодаря решению руководства Советского Союза организовать производство КБ Антонова в Украинской республике, появился Ан-225 - наследие Великой России! 🇷🇺💪💪💪
Edwin Merrill
Edwin Merrill 13 dni temu
@Pawlo Zepak Караван идёт, собака лает
Pawlo Zepak
Pawlo Zepak 13 dni temu
@Edwin Merrill если сам не знаеш, не путай других) удачи
Edwin Merrill
Edwin Merrill 13 dni temu
@Pawlo Zepak Не тебе решать, писать мне или нет, и в истории какой страны якобы разбираетесь, я понимаю. Всё, всех благ.
Pawlo Zepak
Pawlo Zepak 13 dni temu
@Edwin Merrill я знаю историю на достаточном уровне для понимания что такое ссср, я не могу понять причем тут великая росия. Проведите ликбез, либо не пишите вообще
Edwin Merrill
Edwin Merrill 13 dni temu
@Pawlo Zepak Учите историю
Anubhav Pal
Anubhav Pal 23 dni temu
Amazing feat of engineering
rembist 23 dni temu
man on 10:59 - i cant fuckt up
kunu98 24 dni temu
6:00, really gives an idea how large the wing span is
najz ussr
najz ussr 24 dni temu
What if antornov were made in 2020 and were using the new ge9x engine, it would the strongest, most powerful, fastest big ass cargo plane in the planet
Ru Rs
Ru Rs 25 dni temu
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Akeem 25 dni temu
2:48 that doesn’t look 6 story’s tall
Harris Khan
Harris Khan 25 dni temu
Mighty Russia gifted a lots to world ❤️❤️🇷🇺❤️❤️🙏
vasilios tsakiris
vasilios tsakiris 26 dni temu
The best use of this plane will be to launch space shuttles. And if you put in the plane two tank of fuel and oxygen who knows how high can go
David Jungner
David Jungner 26 dni temu
46:28 Christ that was a violent deployment of reversers and speedbrakes
ProjectRuslan #AN124
ProjectRuslan #AN124 26 dni temu
The largest and most beautiful! :)
Carlson Rangey
Carlson Rangey 28 dni temu
Omg it looks like a giant pregnant bird,wait,birds don't get pregnant.
Calvin Hutabarat
Calvin Hutabarat 29 dni temu
American : huh big but slow i'll upgrade engine to GE9X
Majed Marji
Majed Marji 29 dni temu
The aboard price spectacularly post because rose cumulatively tire behind a nifty security. sordid, vivacious shoe
MANUJ KAUSHIK 29 dni temu
Yeah...! why the hell not the captain of Antonov 225-Mriya is Dimitro Antonov His name alone proves his eligibility to head the aircraft or a district in Air as it looks like. Amazing Aircraft.
Akbar sd
Akbar sd 29 dni temu
NATO should be sulking looking at this a/c ! Vow !!
nandan shetty
nandan shetty 29 dni temu
This is an example for Massive.
LivinInMexico 29 dni temu
Awesome video!! Good work guys!!
Mr Arju
Mr Arju 29 dni temu
In my factory this plane is manufactured
Goldfish sima Gintung
Goldfish sima Gintung Miesiąc temu
4:11 pesawat minta gEndOng
Ronny Singh
Ronny Singh Miesiąc temu
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Gabriel Rinaldi
Gabriel Rinaldi Miesiąc temu
AWESOME!! Thank you for documenting this process
No Dramas On Bahamas
No Dramas On Bahamas Miesiąc temu
Proud of Ukraine 🇺🇦
Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain Miesiąc temu
Better than any Hollywood suspense movie.
Andy Dowling
Andy Dowling Miesiąc temu
We need a Bald and Bankrupt video on this damn plane.
Adoid Pea
Adoid Pea Miesiąc temu
This is one of those documenties you have to watch, amazing!
G I R Miesiąc temu
You could almost see the cries of a dying soviet empire being poured to fund this badboy.
Nemenis Miesiąc temu
Wow Ff
Wow Ff Miesiąc temu
David Hague
David Hague Miesiąc temu
Awesome but out of 50 minutes only 30 seconds of take off footage
Halle igerey
Halle igerey Miesiąc temu
J. Stalin
J. Stalin Miesiąc temu
Rudy Texas
Rudy Texas Miesiąc temu
I'm not impressed, I see bigger planes in Texas all the time. I'd like to see it go up against Trumps plane.
Farhan Qureshi
Farhan Qureshi Miesiąc temu
Thank God my boss doesn't own this. Otherwise would send me to deliver one cake to a particular customer as he does when I'm driving a truck
DrLeroyGreen Miesiąc temu
Until this video, I didn't realize that there was only ONE of these. I thought that Russia had a fleet of them.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Miesiąc temu
It's Ukranian/Soviet. This and Concorde are true marvels even by today's standards.
john molnar
john molnar Miesiąc temu
I love aviation. I've always liked airplanes and helicopters. The AN 225 Is a beautiful plane in my opinion. I hope I get to see it in person one day.
Dave. 2011
Dave. 2011 Miesiąc temu
Love planes
NightCoder Miesiąc temu
The only thing they failed to fit into it was Ukrainian ego.
Mike Obholz
Mike Obholz Miesiąc temu
The idiotic castanet monthly warn because improvement actually protect behind a best paste. amuck, hurried trade
DerHirni Miesiąc temu
Some say the crew is still on a tight schedule to this day
PghAquaman Miesiąc temu
Only one made, 40 years ago? Little things breaking, what happens when something big breaks, when they're 5 miles up?
Juan Cardozo
Juan Cardozo Miesiąc temu
Really amazing, truly professional crew members. Proud of Ukraine. These planes are very useful, should be more of them.
ZIZ GREN Miesiąc temu
الموسيقى مزعجة جداً
logolorin Miesiąc temu
And I break my propeller every time I land in War Thunder ;p
autorobber2290 Miesiąc temu
wonder how many a320's and 737's can fit in that
Quinn Saville
Quinn Saville Miesiąc temu
“The only plane powered by six engines” B-52: allow me to introduce myself
NSDAP Enthusiast 88
NSDAP Enthusiast 88 Miesiąc temu
B-52 has eight
Eselfar Miesiąc temu
B-52 has 8 engines.
Shyamali Sarkar
Shyamali Sarkar Miesiąc temu
Now that's Soviet engineering !!👍👍
Fattest Royal
Fattest Royal Miesiąc temu
Just for the fact that their Project Manager actually pitches in when he really doesn't have to just makes me feel humbled. Just to think, about forty years ago, The US and Russia were at each others throats. With our work ethics, im sure things would've been.... Interesting had we joined instead of clashed.
zach shapiro
zach shapiro Miesiąc temu
The classy coke partially sneeze because reminder intialy obey besides a flat philippines. incompetent, scared pail
bfarm44 Miesiąc temu
It’s like watching a mountain land
bfarm44 Miesiąc temu
Why are nighttime flights banned
bfarm44 Miesiąc temu
640 tons flying.
Protoka Miesiąc temu
"By coincidence, Chief pilot Dimitro Antonov shares the name with the aircraft he captains." Some recruiter in the kgb somewhere in russia "No by coincidence."
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo Miesiąc temu
The lumpy flag analogically mark because meeting coincidingly store during a slow golf. handsomely, shaggy thing
Axel Miesiąc temu
My nokia still bigger
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