Bullied Cat Bursts Into Tears By A Man's Love Who Became His First Friend | Animal in Crisis EP217

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Kritter Klub

2 miesięcy temu

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One day, a cat randomly showed up to the man who lives alone in the secluded mountain and after feeling sincere love from the man, the cat bursts into tears.. What happened to the cat before he met the man?
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Kritter Klub
Kritter Klub 2 miesięcy temu
If someone sticks by your side through your worst times, they're the ones who deserve to with you through your best times 🥺 Stay updated on Kritter Klub SNS channels ;) 😻Facebook: facebook.com/kritterklub/ ♥Instagram: instagram.com/kritter_klub/ 🐈Twitter: twitter.com/Kritter_Klub
Animationeer 3 dni temu
5:27 Is this man a muslim?
Rosemary Mcgrory
Rosemary Mcgrory 22 dni temu
I am going through some very hard times but I have no one to support me I’m all alone it’s soo very hard fir me
Santa Barrer Negrete
Santa Barrer Negrete 29 dni temu
Jack Durden
Jack Durden Miesiąc temu
I couldn’t have said it better myself. And they deserve a bonus because there are far too many people that wouldn’t do what he will.
Stranded NYer
Stranded NYer Miesiąc temu
This is a very good video, but one complaint: please don't post nonsense clickbait titles such as "bursts into tears." I almost didn't watch the video for this very reason.
Mariella Pellizzari
Mariella Pellizzari 33 minut temu
Vorrei tanto sapere chi ha messo il pollice in giù. Str.....
Nabilah Zubir
Nabilah Zubir 2 godzin temu
Eeee😂 babiee look so big eeee oyennn😂
ЛИЛИТ & LILIT 6 godzin temu
!!! Очень милая и добрая история! Очень люблю кошек! Спасибо, что есть такие добрые люди! Лайк от друга! ;-) Очень нравится ваш канал!
Saurav Tiwari
Saurav Tiwari 6 godzin temu
Nabiii is a commando living in disguise 😍
CelticAngel †
CelticAngel † 6 godzin temu
This is a very special friendship. The cat really trusts the man and really wants to stay with him. There is a lovely bond between them. They have both found something really special and it is wonderful that it's getting the chance to grow. Everything that lives must be protected. ^j^
Uzayr Bhat
Uzayr Bhat 7 godzin temu
7:58 The cat says Hello
Diego Paredes
Diego Paredes 10 godzin temu
No me gusta que los gatos anden tan pegados a mi cuando camino, siento que los voy a pisar. :(
Kenny Chi
Kenny Chi 12 godzin temu
What. Great story..... and I didn’t understand one word ❤️
victoria 13 godzin temu
Wie streichelt der denn bitte
TJ’s Magical Game Time
TJ’s Magical Game Time 13 godzin temu
This is the best story ever!! ❤️😻 cats really are special.
pinho Pinho
pinho Pinho 15 godzin temu
Giorgio Magri
Giorgio Magri 21 godzinę temu
Val Smith
Val Smith Dzień temu
A cat picks their human protector and stays with them showing trust by rolling over and showing their belly. I have had cats for years.
Linda Wheeler
Linda Wheeler Dzień temu
He loves his cat house!! What a nice man😊😃
bluebird28tl Dzień temu
I'm not sure why I was compelled to watch the whole 10 mins... 🙄
Nerd Council
Nerd Council Dzień temu
(martin) he could try to let it inside the house with the dog... here's to hoping that happens
Александр Байрамов
Александр Байрамов Dzień temu
Самая искренняя и преданная любовь у животных, если они любят,то ни что не сможет этому помешать они любят не требуя ответной любви! Какой хороший котик и хозяин!
La Abeja Pendeja
La Abeja Pendeja Dzień temu
Es un gato cariños a lo mejor era un gato domestico y se lo dejo alguien en el bosque por q no podia o no quieria hacer cargo de el. NABI en àrabe es Profeta💔
佐藤晴美 Dzień temu
louvette uy
louvette uy Dzień temu
Amazing unconditional love.
Insane Guy
Insane Guy Dzień temu
I wish I have a cat which love me
E Lombard
E Lombard Dzień temu
I didn’t understand s word he said but his soul is crystal clear. Full of love and beauty!
MuhammadMozhiar Ghaderi
MuhammadMozhiar Ghaderi Dzień temu
سبحان الله العظیم🤲🏼❤️😍🕌🕋
Raven 2 dni temu
The man is attractive! No wonder the cat is following him
SUNshine sunRISE
SUNshine sunRISE 2 dni temu
cat should stay in bedroom with owner in night
Марк Галимов
Марк Галимов 2 dni temu
Ху. Зю му Зю бл. Уже китайские смотрим
emily tay
emily tay 2 dni temu
The spotless mayonnaise rheologically guide because rifle complementarily kick opposite a likeable train. unusual, sable pickle
Nelita 2 dni temu
Lindo vídeo parabéns gato lindo como amo gatos sou gateira assumida parabéns
akjlm53 2 dni temu
I wish there was a translation.
Slade Grey
Slade Grey Dzień temu
Play it with the CC button enabled.
Victoria Guerrero
Victoria Guerrero 2 dni temu
Студия Legioner / Альтернативная история
Студия Legioner / Альтернативная история 2 dni temu
Не такой уж он и запуганый=)
Arslan Ersan
Arslan Ersan 2 dni temu
Bravo monsieur 🙏
Arslan Ersan
Arslan Ersan 2 dni temu
anahís_ Goth
anahís_ Goth 2 dni temu
Gracias buen caballero por dar un hogar a esa criaturita. ❤️🐈🐾🧓🏼
anahís_ Goth
anahís_ Goth 2 dni temu
Quedatelo 🥺❤️🐈
Monica valenzuela
Monica valenzuela 2 dni temu
I have ten cats, i love them. A beautiful story.
Paul 2 dni temu
We not acknowledging that the cat completely fucked up the pet dogs life?
GÖKTÜRK Ggc 2 dni temu
facec y14
facec y14 2 dni temu
the shinigan
the shinigan 2 dni temu
Solo yo hablo español😕
Emma Keti
Emma Keti 3 dni temu
I think I know how he got there. In town cat hide him self in under some car and then who ever was owner of the car didn't knew there's poor cat under car, and he went up in mountains for vacations or what ever and cat then jumped out, so that was very scary path for cat..andappy ending he survived so long road under car in machine, so He end up in lost land and didn't knew what then.. But he was lucky so this kind soul of man helped him. Hope they find him loving home back in town where civilization is not up there.
Симона Чёрная
Симона Чёрная 3 dni temu
Кошки - близки людям! Самые умные и преданные.
Yujin Yujin
Yujin Yujin 3 dni temu
❤️ from the Philippines 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭
Олег Пасич
Олег Пасич 3 dni temu
Мужик дай бог тибе здоровья 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Elaine Reynolds
Elaine Reynolds 3 dni temu
LOVE this VIDEO........
Andrea Ollarzu
Andrea Ollarzu 3 dni temu
Bendiciones para este buen HUMANO ❤❤❤😻😻😻😻Gracias por amar a NABI, 💕💕💕💕
B Amit
B Amit 4 dni temu
Beautiful video of selfless love
Momo la Fripouille
Momo la Fripouille 4 dni temu
Un chat éclate en larme.... mais quel titre de merde...
noelle c-l
noelle c-l 4 dni temu
Ah les sous-titres ! quelle poésie !
Римма Акимова
Римма Акимова 4 dni temu
Какой он красивый, прекрасный котик ,ему ласки не хватает,одиноким быть страшно,спасибо вам!!
Phyllis Hannah
Phyllis Hannah 4 dni temu
This beautiful critcher found a good friend for life! Beautiful friendship! They both make each other happy! Rare indeed!
David Sain
David Sain 4 dni temu
Such kindness! Beautiful.
Colombe XY
Colombe XY 4 dni temu
Et que fait il de son adorable petit toutou. ?
Duqueza Wada
Duqueza Wada 4 dni temu
Que linda historia . Espero siempre estén juntos el gatito y el señor
Thais Salvino Bispo
Thais Salvino Bispo 5 dni temu
I cried a lot when I saw this video, I felt so moved! I have three cats. It is incredible the love and attachment that animals feel for us without waiting for something in return. true love, another life learning.
Maria Mery
Maria Mery 5 dni temu
No entiendo el idioma, pero el idioma del amor es universal y aquí hay mucho de eso.
Mehmet Şalva
Mehmet Şalva 5 dni temu
Sen muhteşem yüreği merhamet dolu bir insansın.Allah sana selamet versin🤲🇹🇷
Senceria Cruse
Senceria Cruse 5 dni temu
I loved to his video ! I understood what was happening by looking at it. As I didn't know the language. You clearly love the cat and the cat he loves you and it is evident from the cat following you around. That cat wasn't meant to fight he or she was meant to be your pet! God bless you!
owlventure 4 dni temu
there’s english subtitles
James Haury
James Haury 5 dni temu
Cute cat but I never saw cat tears.
C Y 5 dni temu
Animals have an innate ability to determine who has a loving/kind heart and is often the best judge of character. In return, the love you get back is the most unadulterated pure love. I love all sorts of critters and love spending time with animals over human..seeing them happy is the greatest feeling on earth.
Maria Yolanda Mejia Bonilla
Maria Yolanda Mejia Bonilla 5 dni temu
pobre gatito solamente queria y buscaba quien lo proteja y quien lo cuide de tantos peligros y sustos q le ha susedido🐺🐱🐺🐱
valentina post
valentina post 5 dni temu
zu schön
irada astanova
irada astanova 5 dni temu
Allah heyvanlara qesden zerer veren insanları Kahr etsin🙏🏻
Rianne M
Rianne M 5 dni temu
I love both the cat and the man for rescuing him
Evangeline Mendoza
Evangeline Mendoza 6 dni temu
The cat will bring good fortune if the man adopted it
Maria_OnlineGamer78 6 dni temu
I wish this video would have English subtitles!!!!! 😔
Maria_OnlineGamer78 4 dni temu
@owlventure first of all, i am actually half blind and you are VERY RUDE!! And second, after your offensive comment i had to search very thoroughly to find out that i had to press something called "cc" for the subtitles to show!! You know we are not all Americans or PLpost experts!!! 😠
owlventure 4 dni temu
i don’t know whether you’re blind or serious...
Diego ᗪ乂千
Diego ᗪ乂千 6 dni temu
I cried,not lying 😭
denise nadeau
denise nadeau 6 dni temu
beautiful thanks
Mari Mármol Jaramillo
Mari Mármol Jaramillo 6 dni temu
Los animales derraman lágrimas lo he visto y me conmueve muchísimo , cuando están alegres ríen eso me produce mucha felicidad ellos son junto con los niños las más dulces compañías.
Chief Cadet
Chief Cadet 6 dni temu
Killua meets gon.😂
Лариса СорокинаСоколова
Лариса СорокинаСоколова 6 dni temu
Добро всегда побеждает.
Chechux Chechu
Chechux Chechu 7 dni temu
¿Gato que llora por qué le ayudan???¡¡¡ Que manía con humanizar los animales!!!!
Karin Liane
Karin Liane 7 dni temu
I feelt so relactant to See Your Story Thx and have a Lovely April Together 🌴🥅🦩🥅🌴
new New
new New 7 dni temu
I love this story
Julien Nivet
Julien Nivet 7 dni temu
Vous êtes un homme formidable qui a sovait un chaton extraordinaire
Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes 8 dni temu
Beautiful Animals. The Keepers of Mother Nature and True Soulmates for Humans. Animals deserve our deepest respect instead of slaughter them in so many cruel ways!
Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes 8 dni temu
Beautiful Animals. The Keepers of Mother Nature and True Soulmates for Humans. Animals deserve our deepest respect instead of slaughter them in so many cruel ways!
Maryorie Izquierdo villamizar
Maryorie Izquierdo villamizar 8 dni temu
Anne Martin
Anne Martin 8 dni temu
Magnifique histoire qui me touche au plus profond de moi . Je suis si heureuse que ce 🐈 chat ai pu trouver du réconfort auprès de cet homme qui a su aimer cet amour de petit chat si attachant .cet mérite son paradis , soi heureux mon petit chat .
memyselfandi 8 dni temu
I honestly believe you have met this celestial soul before. He may have been .. ur brother, friend, uncle, any loved one that you've lost. Sometimes they'll even do a gesture or act in a certain way, just like your lost loved one did. You're both lucky enough to have each other!! 💜🐈
Lord Slayer
Lord Slayer 8 dni temu
Aww this is adorable
SeanWyseman 8 dni temu
Clickbait channel. I don't know why this channel lies constantly in their headlines claiming that an animal "burst into tears, or "starts crying" but you watch the video & there's not cat or dog or other animal that actually cries in the video. Its a total lie. I'm blocking this channel & others that use lies in their headlines because guess what? If they tell lies for money they are corrupt. Nobody want's to listen to corrupt video publishers.
Sharon Moffatt
Sharon Moffatt 8 dni temu
Just sweet thank u
Adolf Hiller
Adolf Hiller 8 dni temu
Korea :)
Abdulhakim Said
Abdulhakim Said 8 dni temu
Video-klip muhteşem efendi,lakin biz japonca konuşmuyoruz ki!!!(Nasıl derler dilinizde:domo arigato gozaymasu).Teşekkür ederim vesselâm!
Marija Maric
Marija Maric 8 dni temu
🙏 thank for your kindness 🙏❤️
Janet L
Janet L 9 dni temu
Beautiful. They are best friends. Lovely 😍😍😍8
Simone Si
Simone Si 9 dni temu
Prends le chez toi 🙏❤
Arapaho Sundancer
Arapaho Sundancer 9 dni temu
The way we treat animals is a reflection of our soul. God judges our "human nature" not on how we treat other human beings but his other precious beings. heaven is full of gods creations.
Guy Aoki
Guy Aoki 9 dni temu
Very cute video. But please don't try to oversell this. The cat burst into tears? Please...
Kara R
Kara R 9 dni temu
Love how he goes back outside to comfort the kitty after his doggie chased him away. 😍😻 This guy is awesome!! The world needs more love like this!
Marta 9 dni temu
Ele tem que acostumar o gato com o cachorro e você versa. Tem que passar a mão no gato e depois no cachorro pra que ele fique com o cheiro do gato e passar a mão no cachorro e depois no gato pra também deixar o cheiro dele no gato. Colocar o gato aos poucos dentro de casa, no começo em lugares separado do cachorro e ir aproximando, principalmente as vasilhas de comida e água separados por uma parede ou porta. Aproximando aos poucos, até que possam ficar no mesmo ambiente e ficar amigos. Tenho 3 gatos e 3 cachorros e eles tem amizade e moram na mesma casa. Os gatos são meus e os cachorros da minha filha, todos já eram adultos quando minha filha e eu fomos morar juntas e nenhum deles se conheciam.
Nini Kubber
Nini Kubber 9 dni temu
Que bonito, mil gracias
Omandita4 9 dni temu
That little cartoon is everything
ROMMEL Y DALÍ 9 dni temu
¿Y por qué excluir al perrito?
sokrates 9 dni temu
İkinci bolumu yayinlandi mi bulamadim? Nerde?
talix valencia
talix valencia 9 dni temu
Son increíbles. Siempre a nuestro lado.
John Nwako
John Nwako 9 dni temu
Ana Maria García
Ana Maria García 10 dni temu
Los animales y los seres humanos buscamos sólo una cosa: amistad. Dios bendiga a ese hombre que supo alegrar sus días con la compañía de un gato necesitado de afecto.
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