8 PS5 Accessories That Will Make You Wish It Was Back In Stock!

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We have been hyped beyond belief for the PlayStation 5, and we know how crazy the internet can be, so we combined the two to look at what crazy accessories and products have already been made for the PS5 that we can test. We scoured the internet, but we finally found some products that, well, you'll just have to see for yourself! #PS5 #DopeOrNope
00:00​​​ - Intro
01:33 - We Actually Bought a PS5 Much Wow!
05:46 - it's a lil tiny ps5 omg
07:36 - Wrapping Your PS5 Like Your Car
11:00 - A PS5 You Can Stick Your Airpods Into
13:51 - PS5 Break: Mechanical Fidget Cube!
15:58 - It's PS5 Candle. Confusing, I know.
17:21 - PS5 Steering Wheel Accessory
19:10 - Glowing Custom PS5 Controller
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DOPE or NOPE Miesiąc temu
Since we only had 1 product left over this week, it will be added to next week's mystery box! Make sure to come back a week from today to check it out! Love you all!
Julius Carnes
Julius Carnes 2 dni temu
dope or nope is awesome
AIRGASM 13 dni temu
Why didnt you guys get a custom skin with the Dope or nope logo
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 22 dni temu
Can I have the steering wheel ps5 accessory
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 22 dni temu
I want that ps5 airpodscase
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 22 dni temu
Yes I'm poor cuz I dont have a ps5
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell 2 godzin temu
I'm about to trigger some kids but this channel has gotten bad like BAD bad like i fell asleep
Bby Boi
Bby Boi 2 godzin temu
I am poor 😔
VRShenanigans 2 dni temu
So who is this ps5 for? *Has a guitar hanging directly behind with the same color scheme*
Raelynn Lewis
Raelynn Lewis 3 dni temu
Was that georgenotfound screaming?
Justin Witte
Justin Witte 3 dni temu
Sorry that i was away for so long, i stop watching and i dont know why maby because i was too busy trying to get intership at the army for school but im am glad to be back
fnaf king gamer
fnaf king gamer 4 dni temu
Mat turn your ps5 into mega ps5
Dominic Du Preez
Dominic Du Preez 4 dni temu
8:34 no I don’t have a ps5,
Dominic Du Preez
Dominic Du Preez 4 dni temu
I’m the Star Wars nerd, pls jsut leave it to me
Bananatoons and games
Bananatoons and games 5 dni temu
I have the ps5 so I can get the accessories anyways
Zampz J
Zampz J 5 dni temu
I have one
shavone thompson
shavone thompson 5 dni temu
PS 5 and a PS 5.0😭😭😭
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler 5 dni temu
I had a dream I scrubbed my toilet last night That was it........ I need a better sex life
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler 5 dni temu
Woods has to be playing dumb because his brain is smoother than my 80 year old math teachers cervix in these videos
claudia clark
claudia clark 6 dni temu
Did we get the new ones
Kayley Z
Kayley Z 7 dni temu
JY Production
JY Production 7 dni temu
Now they are asking to be memed and gifed LOL!!!
jacob herrera
jacob herrera 7 dni temu
orrrrrrrrrrrr a wifi box
Winterzz SZN
Winterzz SZN 8 dni temu
Please do an Xbox series x products next🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ocelot 9 dni temu
''Imagine driving with this.'' What is with Tanner and his non-stop idea of driving with other things that occupy his attention lmao
Br1ce Tv
Br1ce Tv 9 dni temu
Battle universe 😪
Bailey Crawford
Bailey Crawford 10 dni temu
andes, and you’re all right
Becir Tahiri
Becir Tahiri 10 dni temu
tanner: no i am saying they are unlucky me:I don't have a ps5 or aa Nintendo swich
seb210 11 dni temu
Kelly Umezu
Kelly Umezu 11 dni temu
booo i do havea ps5
Raider's Ranch
Raider's Ranch 11 dni temu
15:53 f
Chubbyknoob 11 dni temu
When you actually don’t have a PS 5
Chubbyknoob 11 dni temu
It looks like a storm trooper Me: It looks like RK900 from Detroit: Become human 😂😂😂
Gustav Skov
Gustav Skov 11 dni temu
I have ps3
Liam Frost
Liam Frost 11 dni temu
lezi pink
lezi pink 12 dni temu
matt and tanner: everyone put an f in the chat. me: (clicks f and gets an ad) also me: "how dare you"
Purr Blue Dot
Purr Blue Dot 12 dni temu
They should bring Tan Mans mom on with projects that relate to mom stuff
bronson hansen
bronson hansen 12 dni temu
Ahiro 13 dni temu
i dont have a ps5 :(
Liljaymoney King
Liljaymoney King 13 dni temu
Liljaymoney King
Liljaymoney King 13 dni temu
Dave Radhoe
Dave Radhoe 13 dni temu
Matt looks like paul gg
Million Ultimate
Million Ultimate 13 dni temu
i got one from a giy from ebay
Riley Macabre
Riley Macabre 14 dni temu
a thousand dollars for a PS5? Are you outta your fkn mind?!
Jomol Ali
Jomol Ali 14 dni temu
I have a ps5
official alduin
official alduin 14 dni temu
Braden Smith
Braden Smith 15 dni temu
i have a ps5
Lecrim 15 dni temu
Did tanner just say mx black are louder than max blues are you kidding me!
Ivan The Arctic Fox
Ivan The Arctic Fox 15 dni temu
Remember 2015 Matthias?
Jon’s Kie
Jon’s Kie 15 dni temu
I stop watching you 2 years ago And I miss you guys but I forgot your names😅 So please can you shout out for me?
EndDeveloper 15 dni temu
I hit f and it went full screen
Soy 16 dni temu
Where did you get the mechanical switch key from
Tanner Stephen
Tanner Stephen 17 dni temu
my name is Tanner but Im south african
Hunting,fishing,and gaming For life
Hunting,fishing,and gaming For life 17 dni temu
Looks like a WiFi router
Echo 18 dni temu
I got mine first try on the release date
Preston Hobbs
Preston Hobbs 18 dni temu
We used to be here for tanner but now we’re here for woods
Eymen Erdoğan
Eymen Erdoğan 19 dni temu
Winter Assassin‘s
Winter Assassin‘s 19 dni temu
I am Getting a ps5 I think in a month or a little more
Marco V Gaming
Marco V Gaming 19 dni temu
Anyone remember that time
OPS Indian15
OPS Indian15 19 dni temu
I miss Michael tbh
SGT.RedAnonymous 19 dni temu
I never actually got a PlayStation so I have no idea how good this is but hey would be need to have one Édit: I like the look of that PS5 not gonna lie
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 19 dni temu
I don’t have a ps5😭😂😂
Ryan Eustace
Ryan Eustace 19 dni temu
Make a Xbox series x version of this
DRIP LORD Walker 20 dni temu
I need the ps5 I’m stuck with this damn ps4
Zeus b
Zeus b 20 dni temu
Already got the ps5
Katerine Rodriguez
Katerine Rodriguez 20 dni temu
I have a ps5
Diwakar Sookdeo
Diwakar Sookdeo 20 dni temu
If you can play gta 5 in a ps5
EC RDF 20 dni temu
the ps5 looks like Megatrons nut sack
Brendan Lennertz
Brendan Lennertz 20 dni temu
I have a ps5
URMOMSFLAPS 20 dni temu
So were is the link for the custom controller no links lol????
YO 21 dzień temu
ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?
Kailey Eckelkamp
Kailey Eckelkamp 21 dzień temu
Fade Landon
Fade Landon 21 dzień temu
I am lucky >:( I have de ps5 meani
Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans 21 dzień temu
Kavari Williams
Kavari Williams 21 dzień temu
That’s crazy how my AirPod pros case I just got on Saturday is a ps5 case and then this pops uo
Kailey Eckelkamp
Kailey Eckelkamp 21 dzień temu
woods makes this 20x better istg lol
Stuart Stretch
Stuart Stretch 22 dni temu
The adaptive controller has been slated by any real gamers
Stuart Stretch
Stuart Stretch 22 dni temu
Been watching these for years, and have always noticed how little taste matthias has compared to my personal taste. Of course, that's personal, I probably have horrible taste to most. But the point I'm trying to make is, I completely gave up on matthias as soon as he complimented the controller. It's a terrible one.
Hans Conosa
Hans Conosa 22 dni temu
The graphics always gets me to get it
Ali Mujtaba
Ali Mujtaba 22 dni temu
I actually dont have a ps5.... :(
Akin Turhan
Akin Turhan 22 dni temu
I'm a viewer and I have a PS5, was able to get it from Target, but I do not want that wrap, I would rather get an all black wrap if anything.
Infinitable Gamer
Infinitable Gamer 22 dni temu
I have been wanting the ps5 for so long
Sam Mehrabi
Sam Mehrabi 22 dni temu
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 22 dni temu
I didn’t know that the guy on the blue shirt was gay. he had his left earring pierced.
Conner Johnson
Conner Johnson 22 dni temu
Who here has a ps5
Veltraik Dunford
Veltraik Dunford 22 dni temu
Dope :)
FPGYT_AYAAN ASIF 22 dni temu
12:25 now that face makes matthais look like the matthais from team edge and the video was tapple challenge on team edge 😁
Mason’s World
Mason’s World 23 dni temu
Warris Kooner
Warris Kooner 23 dni temu
Try it with a xbox
AntFrisco 23 dni temu
lmao this is real content
abdougamerLOL 24 dni temu
4:46 your watching the Disney Channel! :D
Yuzuki Nakashima
Yuzuki Nakashima 24 dni temu
You should have seen how matteo gudicelli opened his ps5 here in the philippines 😂
Yuzuki Nakashima
Yuzuki Nakashima 24 dni temu
You should have seen how matteo gudicelli opened his ps5 here in the philippines 😂
Drew_hits_200 24 dni temu
the tiny ps5 i’m going to put in my pc case as a decoration
Salvador vallejo
Salvador vallejo 24 dni temu
I love how Woods looks like your stoner best friend all the time
Aaron Floyd
Aaron Floyd 24 dni temu
press f in reply to pay respects for my nuts after getting punched on them
charles smith
charles smith 25 dni temu
I got the PS five
Gaming Adhrit :
Gaming Adhrit : 25 dni temu
Pali 25 dni temu
Team Woods
Krypic merks
Krypic merks 25 dni temu
Tell me why the dude with the blond hair had the same black pants every time
Deric Saldaña
Deric Saldaña 25 dni temu
STIXS GAMING 25 dni temu
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez 25 dni temu
Tanner is way too touchy
Tiffani Trejo
Tiffani Trejo 25 dni temu
I love y'all, but why does it seem like the vibe is off...like matt doesn't want tanner to .. Idk it's just off ...I still love u ..ps plz give up MEGA DESK it will never be a thing...my opinion,but shoot for the stars 2nd times a charm if not you still have 3erd!!!!
pavels7723 Lepss
pavels7723 Lepss 25 dni temu
This is mrbeast but instead they review products and spend less cash on the video and get more in the earnings. While mrbeast DOSENT review products (only food?) And he spend A TON of cash into his videos and gets more than he spent.
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