Warmest Tent on Earth - Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter - Ненецкая палатка чум

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Nomad Architecture

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The Nenet reindeer herders need to move their tent every few days throughout most of the year. Every time they migrate they must pack the whole tent away, drag it across the tundra on sledges, and erect it again in a fresh place, sometimes in temperatures of minus thirty degrees. Survival depends on working together as a team.
After staying in the wooded taiga for two months they start to migrate north following the ancient paths of migrating reindeer (caribou). In four months they will travel up to 1200km and must pack and move every three to five days to keep up with their herd. They must reach their summer quarters before the snows melt and flood great rivers with icy waters too cold and deep for the calves, born along the way, to cross.
Behind the tent an invisible line extends out into the tundra. It is called the sawei line, and a woman cannot cross it. It will bring bad luck to the tent. It was hard for them to explain exactly why, it is much stronger than a superstition and is connected to the spirit pole that stands at the back of the tent. This pole is sacred and a woman cannot cross underneath it either, and only a shaman may sit in this holy place. The origins of this are a little lost, there may be practical reasons, for example the back of the tent is traditionally where the men work, often together, so they have to be able to move about freely, but there are often two families in a single tent, so maybe one day the women just agreed territories to stop tripping over each other. Maybe it has such a mundane origin, or maybe there are real spirits that come up to the tent from behind and would bring harm to any women caught in the wrong place. If several tents pitch together, their lines must not cross either, so they tend to camp in a straight line to avoid this.
In answer to the many questions - on personal hygiene, everyone washes using a bowl of soap and hot water, just like most of our grandparents did before everyone had pipes and taps. There is no toilet in the tent as some have suggested, they find a spot a few hundred metres away. They are not pitching on a lake but a small mound where the snow blows a little thinner, Gas companies have been in the area and gave away snowmobiles as part of land access negotiations. Also sometimes there are competitions with them as prizes, sometimes they sell a load of reindeer and buy one. Most families now have at least one but the reindeer are still used a lot. Yes, they use a sled to go to town, or trading posts to buy groceries.

I wanted to catch the entire process, but have edited it down a little from the 40-45 minutes it takes to get from the open snows to a warm cosy home.
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J Shoar
J Shoar 43 minut temu
Such Amazing strength and Beauty amongst the ancient peoples! All Humanity should learn from them and be Humbled. I love them truly with all my Soul! 💕💞💥
육구자세 Godzinę temu
야들은 씻고 감고하는거는 어째해결하노 나는 그기 의문이다
dedtair 4 godzin temu
what was used in stead of iron pipe in ancient times?
Austin Allbritton
Austin Allbritton 6 godzin temu
Chris canipe 1889 weeksville rd Elizabeth city
Hybrids Vader
Hybrids Vader 6 godzin temu
Eric 0000
Eric 0000 6 godzin temu
No tax
john leca
john leca 7 godzin temu
Amazing people. They seem adapted but a little sad they have such a harsh way of life. God bless them.
Kate Ross
Kate Ross 7 godzin temu
Такие не пропадут.
NEDSCHANNEL NED 7 godzin temu
No coddling there, this looks miserable though.
SlingbladeJim 7 godzin temu
Now THAT was amazing.............................................but I wouldn't last a day.
Delal Amedi
Delal Amedi 8 godzin temu
Omg this is very hard life I don’t want this life why they make it so hard life got much easier now why they choose hard life this is not fair for the kids to live like this!!!!!!!!
Cp kicau burung
Cp kicau burung 8 godzin temu
The kids are so cute
Swireless 8 godzin temu
Why do they move every 4 days?
jmg 544
jmg 544 10 godzin temu
The sound of snow crunching is worst than nails on a chalkboard.
Elizabeth McKinley
Elizabeth McKinley 10 godzin temu
These people are humanity at its best.
Brandi 11 godzin temu
Wow. People that aren't stuck to a phone, tv or pc. We can learn from these people. What do they do if there is a medical emergency though?? I would assume they must be pretty far from help if they need it??
MaryWall -A
MaryWall -A 11 godzin temu
What a simple yet beautiful process and home.
Duffy Sullivan
Duffy Sullivan 11 godzin temu
40 below... you better know what you are doing out there. Obviously everyone does. Coldest I ever been out in was 20 below. Pruning apple trees near the Canadian border. One morning, out in the orchard pruning, the farmer called me in. Come in, it is too cold! I'm okay. No, not you, it is too cold to prune trees! What is was, when it got below a certain temperature, cutting branches would damage the tree. Instead of making a clean cut, the frozen wood would shatter, or crack like glass. The cracks that went back into the living tree would damage it.
Ashiq Mansoori
Ashiq Mansoori 12 godzin temu
Good video.... Thanks
Ari Lehtiniemi
Ari Lehtiniemi 12 godzin temu
There is some simplistic beauty in simple life, and lots of hard honest work in the nature.
Daniel Ghrmay
Daniel Ghrmay 12 godzin temu
Every 4 days is to much
gabi v
gabi v 12 godzin temu
No Walmart around there where they can buy a tent that parks 2 cars? Would take 30 minutes to put it up. If they were to sell they gear to a museum or collection buff, it'd buy them 1000 insulated tents or a whole house. Amazing technique, good for history books.
Guy Stephenson
Guy Stephenson 13 godzin temu
I really enjoyed watching the cooperative labour, everyone working in concert. And the children quietly amusing themselves or helping if old enough. Wonderful documentary.
Robert Raw
Robert Raw 14 godzin temu
Where do they shower?
Foodie Food
Foodie Food 15 godzin temu
How do they charge their phones?
Nene Hyung
Nene Hyung 15 godzin temu
I cant live like that ..I don’t know how they survive .we are constantly complaining about life and these people work hard to build their tent surrounded by ice/snow for their family and moved every 4 days ..amazing
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun 16 godzin temu
Those kids are soooooooo cute in those little puffy coats, so adorable!
Blue moon Mountain
Blue moon Mountain 17 godzin temu
I have so much respect for these people. They are the survivers. So many countries, especially America wouldn't know what to do without all their fancy homes and gadgets. I am houseless on wheels and have survived with very little on my income. My mainstay is to stay busy. And I am a happily busy woman with a Great Pyrenees. Retired nurse and professional dog trainer. I feel bad for my grandkids. They can't even start a campfire, gather wood or make a sandwich for their lunch. The future of tomorrow, hope not. Heck I know a 14yr old that doesn't even know how to use a can opener unless it's electric. But she will tell you to forget the street laws and get her to school on time. I have learned a lot living this way, I won't live any other way. Hoping the National Forest opens soon. But just like those beautiful people I can survive.
THE ORDINARY 1 17 godzin temu
Wonder if they've ever had a Mcdonalds
shiek Ahemed
shiek Ahemed 21 godzinę temu
Why they are moving every 4 day..
hameed hameed
hameed hameed 22 godzin temu
qqkids family show and travel
qqkids family show and travel 23 godzin temu
👍Nice sharing. New friend here to support you. Stay connected❤like
nomad90125 23 godzin temu
As it was written, And the simple people shall inherit the earth.
Du Lich#Ẩm THực# Thẩm mỹ#ThuNguyen.
Du Lich#Ẩm THực# Thẩm mỹ#ThuNguyen. Dzień temu
Xin chào, lần đầu tiên tôi được xem cuộc sống du mục của các bạn rất thú vị , xin cảm ơn
Alex Gunawan
Alex Gunawan Dzień temu
JUST RELAX Dzień temu
Good video, a Man Can Adapt Harsh Environment from the Danakil Depression to This Tundra Siberian Arctic
Tamil win tube
Tamil win tube Dzień temu
Ann Murphy
Ann Murphy Dzień temu
Brilliant video! Very well done! I was fascinated by the restrictions on the women. What beliefs drove them? Why were they unable to go beyond a certain point, etc. I am aware too of the beliefs around men and the fact they could not enter the tent until the fire was lit. A beautifully sacred way to live. It also made me reflect on our settled lives when all we have to do is redecorate based on the latest interior design catalogue!
Nomad Architecture
Nomad Architecture Dzień temu
I will make a whole video about this soon. I am just waiting for a local ethnologist to reply to some of my questions. I don't want to make any suggestions that are not agreed by local people.
Grande Artiste
Grande Artiste Dzień temu
It looks chaotic but these folks have it down pat, to a science. They simply do the same routine every time, which cuts down immensely the take down and setup time.
Eric Pham
Eric Pham Dzień temu
if i could get a piece of land there that would worth more than a billion dollar
Sean Dzień temu
The government should help them out get new hightech stuff.
Just Me
Just Me Dzień temu
Where do the dogs stay warm at?
scott Popowski
scott Popowski Dzień temu
These people must be really hearty and probably never get sick !
Clance Doelling
Clance Doelling Dzień temu
Was in Far EAST Russia... @ Kolomya Gold Mine.. They provided us Reindeer & Fish we gave them vegetables
Nomad Architecture
Nomad Architecture Dzień temu
Trying to get to Chukotka later this year, covid willing. I will be sure to take some veg!
giorgio draghi
giorgio draghi Dzień temu
Big deel
Pauli Puhakka
Pauli Puhakka Dzień temu
That guy standing there holding a pole with one hand 😴 while the girls build the tent. Must have been a former city worker at one time,lol.
Lukus Carter
Lukus Carter Dzień temu
I think it’s amazing to see this family work together and live together, helping each other. The world has lost sight of that. But closeness with family like that helps hold each other accountable. Not staying with the same family from a baby, but growing and starting a new family in obedience to Yah. Iron sharpens iron. They probably don’t have many worries or stresses at all. And I do not believe that God disagrees with them. It is written that there’s nothing new under the sun. Yet, so many look to the so called “N-E-W-S” instead of the O-L-D-S. It is also written to seek the old paths and find rest for your soul.
Nomad Architecture
Nomad Architecture Dzień temu
I don't think god disagrees with anyone with a good heart, whatever they believe with their heads.
dz Algérie
dz Algérie Dzień temu
C'est juste l'hygiène qui doit déranger les douches ecttt., moi je suis à cheval sur ça ! J'aurais pas supporté à mon avis '
patriot03062 Dzień temu
No Thanks to all of that. Probably Boiled Seal for dinner to
Liam Chaudhry
Liam Chaudhry Dzień temu
Where do they make boom boom time? 🤔
Roy Gonzalez
Roy Gonzalez Dzień temu
Like they say : " It takes a Village " , the People Work Together to Survive the Harsh Weather and Conditions, the Only way the Familes Survives , This is how Humanity Survived the Ice Age , Awesome ! ! !
Kristen Scott
Kristen Scott Dzień temu
who else was eagerly waiting to see how they would get the tarps up over the beams
Kristen Scott
Kristen Scott 10 godzin temu
@Greer that’s a lot of confidence to be able to speak for everyone on here lol kudos to you
Greer 10 godzin temu
Only you
Sheila collins
Sheila collins Dzień temu
I suddenly feel very small...God bless these resilient people💞
Halla Q
Halla Q 2 dni temu
Simple life , no hassle and highly skilled people.Can anyone tell me why they move every for days ?
Yoycee O
Yoycee O 2 dni temu
Is there an out house too? Just curious.
Mohammed Quader
Mohammed Quader 2 dni temu
What about bathrooms and sex??
Patricia Rose
Patricia Rose 2 dni temu
Why do they move every 4 days? Can't they stay in one spot? I don't know how they do it but I guess if that's the way you were raised it comes natural?
crankylifter 2 dni temu
Of course, the outhouse will be gender-neutral, but will the tent have a safe space?
Adam Brake
Adam Brake 2 dni temu
Adaptation is essential... This is probably a good life if you can stay warm... I would not want to go out side.!!!
Adam Brake
Adam Brake 2 dni temu
Incredible... That is like an apartment size tent inside... I really like it...
Royal Blue
Royal Blue 2 dni temu
No time to lay around.Before long you are up and breaking camp.Looks cozy though.Time to go hunting.
Karen Max
Karen Max 2 dni temu
Why do they have to leave every 4 days?
Justin Teligent
Justin Teligent 2 dni temu
Tough people
mike hill
mike hill 2 dni temu
I hate these tattoo guys on commercials between the shows messager keeps the worst ads
D-Rock 2 dni temu
Weird that none of them are ever gay
highsidingtothemoon 2 dni temu
You dorks fawning over these snow drifters like they are some wise tribe..listen up..they one are just like anyone else, they got their own kind of problems and vices, and hangups. They put their handmade elk boots on one leg at a time like everyone else. Ignor constantly reminds Ishnik how he dropped the the good shovel in the ice fishing hole and the kids are always asking for a few caribu femur chunks to entice the polar bear cub to play with them. Fiznor thinks her man is making eyes at Nanook, and Tzukba says her fish liver cakes recipe is secret but everyone knows what the secret ingredient is. Wernuk keeps it together with his dream of being a game show host, but has only seen a TV once in his life after getting detained by the provisional police for "borrowing" their Skidoo , Wernuk thought is was "abandoned" because the coil lead wire was removed, but Wernuk always carries a spare...ancient wisdom passed down from the elders
ted carter
ted carter 2 dni temu
The kids are so cute. Kind, cooperative, loving people. They will inherit this earth.
Mike Freel
Mike Freel 2 dni temu
Must be challenging to set up in a good wind.
ALEX CIOCCA 2 dni temu
Thanks to the trees yes do it very day
John Specht
John Specht 2 dni temu
Very calming.
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 2 dni temu
Interesting house design BUT I would not want to leave the warm tent in the middle of the night to visit the latrine.
Dee Kay
Dee Kay 2 dni temu
Trying to think of a single skill I have that might remotely match the living and survival skills these people have and all I can come up with is I think I could make the end of an already pointy stick a little more pointy. Maybe.
Eckeline eckeline
Eckeline eckeline 2 dni temu
🎩 ➕ (👒➕👒) = 🎩👒👒 ✔✔
WootTootZoot 2 dni temu
They move every four days because, not only following the reindeer, the ground is frozen solid so they can't dig toilet pits. They literally shit EVERYWHERE on top of the ground and move to get to a cleaner spot.
BDMF 1967
BDMF 1967 2 dni temu
Teoman Ozsen
Teoman Ozsen 2 dni temu
1.25x best speed.
Ali Mohammadi
Ali Mohammadi 2 dni temu
It’s great I love like this holiday
zulu0219 2 dni temu
08:24 The engine sound, and modern day back-up alarm kills the whole primitive mood. The sporadic background music doesn't help , either. Otherwise this is an awesome video.
Valerie Griffith
Valerie Griffith 2 dni temu
That weather is worst than Japan's and they get a heck of a lot of snow you would have to pay me millons to live and work there if I had to endure that kind of weather lol
Sultan Mirza Yhb
Sultan Mirza Yhb 2 dni temu
Mongolian culture
Jim Henderson
Jim Henderson 2 dni temu
Wait, cold snow is squeaky, not crunchy...
Nomad Architecture
Nomad Architecture 2 dni temu
It goes crunchy if it warms then cools again. At its worst it can create a pan that the caribou cannot break through to feed.
Jim Henderson
Jim Henderson 2 dni temu
As a Canadian who has done winter camping, I could ascertain from the sound of the snow, it was extremely cold. Wet snow makes no noise; cold snow is crunchy! I love you folks so much for sharing this with no propaganda attached!
Jennifer sweetgolden2010 Miller
Jennifer sweetgolden2010 Miller 4 godzin temu
I was going to say sounds like dry snow
little silver
little silver Dzień temu
People dont know how good they have it ,these people live like this its there life its just routine to them .I been out in -50 in Canada hunting you cant have any skin uncovered i said to myself what the hell am i doing out in this. lol, Its amazing to me how animals can live in this daily its the survival instinct the lord has given them thats truly special.
Pauli Puhakka
Pauli Puhakka Dzień temu
Former Yukoner, I know that cold you're talking about. Exposed, freezing skin, kinda of cold. I love it!!!
Jim Henderson
Jim Henderson 2 dni temu
I tip my hat to the film crew. Brilliant how you captured an ageless process without intruding! The whole process is fascinating and so clear!
Jim Henderson
Jim Henderson 2 dni temu
Love the slow drone and music intro:Very pro...
인문학공장 2 dni temu
It is really beautiful to live by following the nature of nature. I will see you well. I'm making a video of a traditional Korean singer, a designer from Samsung Electronics, and two men who came home and traveled and sing. So I saw and felt a lot, so I left a comment.
SAMURAI WALK / Chonmage Go
SAMURAI WALK / Chonmage Go 3 dni temu
Thank you for showing me a video that makes you feel very cultural! I hope you can return to the world where you can go wherever you like as soon as possible!
wade5941 3 dni temu
Loved it. The music is fitting and no narration is required. You nailed it. A+
kitkatcats 3 dni temu
The Jiffy Lube for snowmobile oil changes is just off camera to the south.
سبحان الله
سبحان الله 3 dni temu
سبحان وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Gwiyomi Kim
Gwiyomi Kim 3 dni temu
Amazing what people can accomplish when they spend time in the real world instead of wasting time posting crap on social media. (Like I just did!🥴)
2017 andrei
2017 andrei 3 dni temu
how did you choose the music ? from a horror movie ?
selvi I
selvi I 3 dni temu
I respect all of them. very good job they are doing. I'm nothing before them.
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 3 dni temu
I like my Eureka Spitfire, weighs about 3lbs
lds.org 3 dni temu
I wonder if they have to worry about bears ?
Cindylee Dodd
Cindylee Dodd 3 dni temu
I would like to live the life of the Nenet reindeer herder family's!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 3 dni temu
Lauren Cone
Lauren Cone 3 dni temu
Scary music
Retired Pinay in Manila
Retired Pinay in Manila 3 dni temu
If I can’t have fresh guava to eat, I’d rather die.
Quantum X
Quantum X 3 dni temu
I would rather live like this, than in my shitty apartment.
Ignacio Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez 3 dni temu
These would be some of the few people to survive a catastrophe if one were to happen..
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