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Die besten Videos !!!
Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Laune !!! :)
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2:18 - Del Rio Bravo by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Source: plpost.info/chat/ktCVY5m514WSrHo/wideo.html
Artist: incompetech.com/
10:52 - Feather by Waywell soundcloud.com/waywell
Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0
Free Download / Stream: bit.ly/_feather
Music promoted by Audio Library plpost.info/chat/rda9manNraucn34/wideo.html
35:52 - you can do it by arvnd soundcloud.com/arvndmp3
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Free Download / Stream: bit.ly/YouCanDoIt-arvnd
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49:08 - Astral Search by Tim Beek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Artist: timbeek.com/royalty-free-music/
54:04 - Air by Scott Buckley (www.scottbuckley.com.au/) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Source: www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/?s=Air
100:01 - The Force Within by Whitesand plpost.info/chat/uZuXdJ67tnxql20/wideo.html
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2qvr9OX
Der Outro Song - Chinese instrument, Guzheng (Smile Wang)

Ronald Hamling
Ronald Hamling 13 godzin temu
when i see clips of critters running next to a car i'd like to see them pan over to the speedometer just to see how fast it's running
Stephen Clayton
Stephen Clayton 4 dni temu
That bird was so cheeky of pinching the least fur off the golden retriever dog that is funny
Andres Weinman
Andres Weinman 10 dni temu
Игорь Сталкеров
Игорь Сталкеров 11 dni temu
Видео в рамке- натуральная хрень!
Emily Life
Emily Life 19 dni temu
32:22 This guy is a true rapper. He's got the skills.
John Hobden
John Hobden 19 dni temu
Can somebody tell me who filmed the bear at 14mins10seconds ? I have the same ashtray from my mother's collection that you can see under the bear and I am trying to find the origin. Google images does not find anything similar. Thank you and happy 2021 😊🙏
Sam Luca
Sam Luca 22 dni temu
10:15 That cat has been binge-watching Jacky Chan's movies...
David Black
David Black 27 dni temu
What was the UFO?
PanKa Miesiąc temu
11:40 real?
ulku yaldaz
ulku yaldaz Miesiąc temu
36:37 hero man thank you
Skylaire Alfvegren
Skylaire Alfvegren Miesiąc temu
13:45: what the heck is that creature? Part hippo, part catfish???
Aidan McFerris
Aidan McFerris Miesiąc temu
28:42 Ive heard of the walk of shame, but slither out the window of shame? THAT is inhuman!
Aidan McFerris
Aidan McFerris Miesiąc temu
21:16 is called a "ghost bear"! Its actually a Canadian black bear! Sometimes because of a gene dilution they are that color, but its extremely rare! They are much loved and if you see one good fortune will come to you!
Aidan McFerris
Aidan McFerris Miesiąc temu
13:25 It IS a sea COW! LOL!
skippy 17 dni temu
or a manatee
Aidan McFerris
Aidan McFerris Miesiąc temu
The stoats pretend to be dead to attempt to keep the hornbill from going and getting their babies. Thats what the hornbill is trying to get.
soydan sogukcesme
soydan sogukcesme Miesiąc temu
BEST sloth 52:18 - 52:32 he say tanks buddy
卫随德 Miesiąc temu
The nifty seat appropriately shop because female pragmatically mend behind a nappy olive. whispering, pathetic rule
linda handley
linda handley Miesiąc temu
I have so many questions with no answers.
linda handley
linda handley Miesiąc temu
@15:23 King spermatozoa of the universe!
linda handley
linda handley Miesiąc temu
Man and nature getting along. : )
Rabidfurbawl Miesiąc temu
*meteor/comet falls to earth* OMG is it a space ship? a falling star? -.- i hate people
Andrew gholami
Andrew gholami Miesiąc temu
8:07- mother bird wasn't scared of her life, she was there to protect her eggs under any cost even the cost of her life and thats the mother hood sacrifice 💙
artolauri Miesiąc temu
* Aivan näin! Nyt laitetaan se Arto Lauri PLpost säntillä tilaukseen. Itselle ja kaveripiireille myös.
Reprogramming Mind
Reprogramming Mind Miesiąc temu
Moose sprinklers are popular!
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Miesiąc temu
The guys who walk around cutting nets off the seal pups are wonderful people.
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Miesiąc temu
You come home to your kitchen drawers emptied and worry you have a poltergeist. But instead it’s been your cockatoo the whole time.
dtiydr Miesiąc temu
8:19 How to get more or less deaf for sure, dam.
Colin Lee
Colin Lee 2 miesięcy temu
Love and fun for all.
ElectronicPleasure 2 miesięcy temu
21:30 is that an Albino black bear? It's not a polar.
goldie nelson
goldie nelson 2 miesięcy temu
18:26 😍
Sheryl Courtney
Sheryl Courtney 2 miesięcy temu
23:06 If I fits I sits . LOL !
Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa Hunter 2 miesięcy temu
13:02 "wanda if you know, how they live in Tokyo"
Mike McD.
Mike McD. 2 miesięcy temu
#667 Couldn't let it sit there with 666 comments... now could I?
Hilosa Erfam
Hilosa Erfam 2 miesięcy temu
4:02 Well that's good enough for my sense of humor to like
Mycroft Selene
Mycroft Selene 2 miesięcy temu
Oh my God bless you for showing the Kirmodi Bear 🐻! That just happens to be one of my Spirit Animals! Cool 😎 eh? PS... Baby birds! Haha! PS PS... Oh my God! Thanks 🤩 for the videos!
honey liz castillo
honey liz castillo 2 miesięcy temu
All the video is amazing
honey liz castillo
honey liz castillo 2 miesięcy temu
All the video is amazing
Stern DuTube
Stern DuTube 2 miesięcy temu
Thank you very much
Troy Shattuck
Troy Shattuck 2 miesięcy temu
I just subscribed to your channel you have a little of everything.This is my second time I have watched you I am pleasingly surprised.Thanks for sharing and your time.😅😄
Kristina R
Kristina R 2 miesięcy temu
For spiders: a glass and a piece of cardbord or paper. Glass on top and slide the paper between wall/floor and the glass.
markaz08 2 miesięcy temu
mate, your videos are so professional, but the best thing you do with your searching for the best cuts on the internet is put smiles on peoples faces, with all the shit going on in the world you are a breath of fresh air.
Zette Mueller
Zette Mueller 2 miesięcy temu
That bee ( first one) wasn’t it one of those killer hornet bees that are decimating all bee hives in US???
Kristina R
Kristina R 2 miesięcy temu
Just a bumblebee.
JenS The Deplorable Texan
JenS The Deplorable Texan 2 miesięcy temu
Awesome! Thank you for sharing all of these great clips in one long video!
H Harward
H Harward 2 miesięcy temu
Mama bird standing her ground, gracious farmer. Thank you.
H Harward
H Harward Miesiąc temu
@Emily Herrera First thought was killdeer but they have no wingclaw, so I have yet to discover. Let me know if you do! This planet is full of God's wonders.
Emily Herrera
Emily Herrera Miesiąc temu
That was very sweet too. Do you know what kind of bird that is? It had a tiny orange claw coming out of his wings. Fascinating
Rock Fossil
Rock Fossil 2 miesięcy temu
7:53 that’s sad ,us human trying to just take everything from nature 😢
U Tin Soe
U Tin Soe 2 miesięcy temu
dale chango maikol braian
dale chango maikol braian 3 miesięcy temu
13:26 who animal is ? please.
YETTA PLOTZ 2 miesięcy temu
Looks like a manatee than found it's way to land?
J ZIM 3 miesięcy temu
dogs sitting on cats video, not kool
Gloria Gomez
Gloria Gomez 3 miesięcy temu
Such cuteness lovely adorable 😍
cynjim88 3 miesięcy temu
0:53. What is that in the ocean? What am I looking at?
Tina Presley
Tina Presley 3 miesięcy temu
The DOGS herding the geese was GREAT!!!
Gerhard Wiechmann
Gerhard Wiechmann 3 miesięcy temu
Phil Doridant
Phil Doridant 4 miesięcy temu
11:40 What is it?
YETTA PLOTZ 2 miesięcy temu
I think it crawled off a Red Lobster buffet table.
Timhall52 4 miesięcy temu
This is a great enjoyable sequence of events. It’s nice to see an upbeat collection of shorts, very good production. Keep up the good work, and thank you very much!
WendyMarie 4 miesięcy temu
Lol @ 9:10
Jacqui Bradley
Jacqui Bradley 4 miesięcy temu
Sie zeigen immer das beste, liebst dich
Jacqui Bradley
Jacqui Bradley 4 miesięcy temu
Vielen Dank
Jacqui Bradley
Jacqui Bradley 4 miesięcy temu
German not my language so hope it close!!
Jacqui Bradley
Jacqui Bradley 4 miesięcy temu
Bitte schon Stern. Danke!!
Haley Cross
Haley Cross 4 miesięcy temu
53:08 Oh my goodness!! Cutest tiny gerbil? Hamster? EVER!!! Im in love! 😍
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Miesiąc temu
That’s a baby chinchilla. Super cute!!!
John W
John W 4 miesięcy temu
My vote for the most enjoyable videos on PLpost
Joseph Vargas
Joseph Vargas 4 miesięcy temu
I thought it was always 110 deg. in Australia......
Gerhard Wiechmann
Gerhard Wiechmann 4 miesięcy temu
Gerhard Wiechmann
Gerhard Wiechmann 4 miesięcy temu
Cathey Lunsford
Cathey Lunsford 4 miesięcy temu
A mocking bird can whistle for dog and Turkey call
Georgina Cox
Georgina Cox 4 miesięcy temu
All them asleep. All them.
bassmith448 bassist
bassmith448 bassist 5 miesięcy temu
The farmer raising the cultivator arm up to avoid crushing the bird's nest I've seen a hundred times. No matter what video I'm watching it never fails to restore my faith in humanity. even if only a little.
Georg VonTrapp
Georg VonTrapp 5 miesięcy temu
Excuse me. What is that thing at 13:35?
kappy 5 miesięcy temu
les vaches se prenne pour des chevaux elles galopent
Selinor578 5 miesięcy temu
58:03 Is this a vole or shrew? Or what kind of animal is it?
Selinor578 5 miesięcy temu
What is that small yellow thing at 11:40?
Selinor578 5 miesięcy temu
6:26 Put it down, you're choking it.
Juney Shu
Juney Shu 5 miesięcy temu
The best channel ever, thank you.
Stern DuTube
Stern DuTube 5 miesięcy temu
Connie Wrightsman
Connie Wrightsman 5 miesięcy temu
These are the BEST videos!
helmut kohl
helmut kohl 5 miesięcy temu
wow what is this? asteroit ?
Alberto Cini
Alberto Cini 5 miesięcy temu
10:35 I loved that dog. Remember me its race name pls. My girl loves it :) ❤️
Debra Caron
Debra Caron 5 miesięcy temu
mulvene alonso
mulvene alonso 5 miesięcy temu
What sets this video apart from others: how well edited it is. You know how to isolate the best parts, and you break up the longer clips to add suspense (trapping spider, e.g.). I actually hung around for the whole hour! Looking forward to seeing the others you've done.
Ruby Firefly
Ruby Firefly 5 miesięcy temu
I've seen more than a couple of those clips of a kitten on the highway and someone stopping traffic to save it. Not the same one but different ones. That can't be by accident. There's no way one random kitten that small found it's way to a highway, let alone it happening several times. The people who make these videos are clearly placing them there just to get a video. It's incredibly sick.
Ruby Firefly
Ruby Firefly 4 miesięcy temu
@46wireboy You actually think that kittens are just randomly in the middle of a highway and haven't been run over until the very moment that the person making the video shows up? Who just happens to have someone else taking video of the moment they spotted the kitten? Talk about delusional.
46wireboy 4 miesięcy temu
You are delusional.
Heloisa Schulz
Heloisa Schulz 5 miesięcy temu
Like 😀
James The-Doctor
James The-Doctor 6 miesięcy temu
@ 11:40 is not the caterpillar's head, it's the rear end of a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar. It evolved the bigger butt with the black spots to appear bigger to predators than it really is. Excellent psych job, evolution!!
Tina Flintstone
Tina Flintstone 6 miesięcy temu
13:38 Does anyone know what that thing is?
Tina Flintstone
Tina Flintstone 5 miesięcy temu
Dottie Davis Thanks!
Dottie Davis
Dottie Davis 5 miesięcy temu
Tina Flintstone either a manatee or dugong.
Tina Flintstone
Tina Flintstone 6 miesięcy temu
11:47 Does anyone know what that thing is?
mulvene alonso
mulvene alonso 5 miesięcy temu
Hope someone who really knows speaks up, but I THINK that's the false end of a caterpillar and is supposed to look fearsome (eyes/mouth on the other end). I might remember too that it's poisonous.
S S 6 miesięcy temu
why do people over feed their animals and then think it's funny
S S 6 miesięcy temu
why do those lynx have collars... This is why shelters often have wild animals that have been either given up or taken from people who think they can have wild animals as pets...
vegarosa69 6 miesięcy temu
Anyone knows the music at 19:46?
Betsarama 6 miesięcy temu
I love the fact that many of Die Besten's videos show heart-melting acts of kindness toward animals.
ded_163 7 miesięcy temu
sparkdog44 7 miesięcy temu
rysio welnitz
rysio welnitz 7 miesięcy temu
ty nie nasz
Roxanne Maggiacomo
Roxanne Maggiacomo 7 miesięcy temu
Danke schøn!
Patrick Witbaard
Patrick Witbaard 7 miesięcy temu
I hate animal abusers! It´s not funny!!
Husi Derya
Husi Derya 7 miesięcy temu
Bester youtuber oder?
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf 8 miesięcy temu
there my Best friends
brian kleinkopf
brian kleinkopf 8 miesięcy temu
LOVE MY P{ittbull lover,,, have 1 & wolf & Iove…Both I git from my Furbabys….
dog wedl
dog wedl 8 miesięcy temu
Evi Rotziou
Evi Rotziou 8 miesięcy temu
Είναι. καποιοι που. το κάνουν, φρικαρουν τα ζωα για να γελάσουν! Δεν θα το εκανα ποτε! Το να σπάσει , του καϊμενου η χολιτσα του ! Γιατι πρεπει να ειναι αστείο;
Cynthia Luciene
Cynthia Luciene 8 miesięcy temu
Timestamp 8:15 WTH???
L Guaire
L Guaire 8 miesięcy temu
11:40 .. what T F IS that?
Pearl * Tears
Pearl * Tears 8 miesięcy temu
At 13:26 what kind of animal is that?
Charnell Puska
Charnell Puska 8 miesięcy temu
Do not miss this.Most interest and different short videos I have seen.
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