WW2 in animated maps: Sept 1939 - Aug 1940

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00:00 - Intro
00:51 - Invasion of Poland
05:14 - Finnish Winter War
23:41 - German invasion of Norway
32:26 - Battle of France
50:18 - The War expands
55:58 - Outro
The videos were originally featured in the WW2 in Real Time Channel: plpost.info
WW2 in Real Time is an Onlion Entertainment GmbH format written by Indy Neidell, produced and directed by Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard.
Narrated by Indy Neidell.

Crazy buddy
Crazy buddy 9 godzin temu
Latvia !!!!!!!!!!!
Marco Vaccari
Marco Vaccari Dzień temu
It's time for year 2
Robust Misconcepiton
Robust Misconcepiton 3 dni temu
please please please keep doing these until the end of their series
dodelol 4 dni temu
So many cut off sentences or missing words in the first 5 minutes, it is so annoying and happens so often I can't keep watching.
Nemanja Milosevic
Nemanja Milosevic 5 dni temu
continue please can we expact part 2?
Haruspex Augur
Haruspex Augur 6 dni temu
WertyuiW &
WertyuiW & 6 dni temu
Do I have permission to use this video for education purpose?
OceanicCarrot 6 dni temu
RIP Viipuri
Amir Abou Ismail
Amir Abou Ismail 8 dni temu
Poland being smashed by Germany and Russia
John S
John S 8 dni temu
Dude I really really love the day by day map format. This is exactly what I've been looking for my whole adult life.
Yani Petkov
Yani Petkov 10 dni temu
But now thinking in that long live the friendship between Beautiful nation of Finland and Cold Russia! We are neighbors, let's be friends for ever! I do not like wars, never want to be in this matters, congrats great nation of Finland! Greetings from S.Petersburg to the great and very beautiful Helsinsk!!!
Yani Petkov
Yani Petkov 10 dni temu
As a Russian, until now I can not understand why the Russians failed here...
Claus Bohm
Claus Bohm 11 dni temu
Beautiful detailed map with great movement of counters!
vileider 11 dni temu
Soviet stabbed Poland from behind 17.9.1939
Juan Castilla
Juan Castilla 11 dni temu
Excellent video, although, once again, Poland comes second in relation to the level of detail. I would have loved to see the actions of individual divisions featured in the Polish campaign. Again, just the operational and strategic levels were addressed.
KrwawyLeon 12 dni temu
why is this butchered with cutting narration in the middle of sentence
Ninjafish 12 dni temu
How did finland do so well
Greg Partridge
Greg Partridge 14 dni temu
Damn, Can't wait to see who wins in ep.2
Charles Agui
Charles Agui 14 dni temu
just finished reading the light novel and spoiler alert hitler kills himself
Clifford Barnes
Clifford Barnes 14 dni temu
His voice is perfect for narration.
Demian 15 dni temu
ImBored 18 dni temu
This channel and video needs more praise
Das Boot
Das Boot 19 dni temu
*How come that less than a year before, defeated in Poland the Polish Army and Polish Navy, were supporting right away the Brits and Norwegian troops in the battle of Narvik, Norway, and French in the France to the end at Dunkirk in June of 1940, while NOBODY had helped Polish Army, when the Republic of Poland was attacked by the Germany and Soviet Red Army just 10 months before. That remains the rhetorical question, eh ??*
blondJasper 19 dni temu
I liked this just as much as your Eastern Front videos; the detailed animation showing the positions and movements of each unit is incredible. The amount of research needed must be colossal, but the result is greatly appreciated by myself and (so far) 28,000 other viewers.
Enrique Gallardo de León
Enrique Gallardo de León 21 dzień temu
NathanRomml 22 dni temu
you're getting a bit too excited there, slow down
lego warrior 2
lego warrior 2 24 dni temu
is there going to be a 1941/42/43
Harvey Marvey
Harvey Marvey 26 dni temu
Did you forget that Canada declared war on Germany during the invasion of Poland?
SatherFilms 28 dni temu
The narrator is the same guy from "The Great War week by week"
George Bonta
George Bonta Miesiąc temu
Sooo both the USSR and Germany start WW2 but Germany is the only one that gets blamed for it.
M4 Sherman
M4 Sherman Miesiąc temu
Feels like I'm watching a sports games (:
Paul Schafers
Paul Schafers Miesiąc temu
Wow! Great job! Monumental task!
Get Down
Get Down Miesiąc temu
Very inerresting Video thank you
Thomas Van de Velde
Thomas Van de Velde Miesiąc temu
Shouldn´t you be narrating The Great War? Miss that hammering, 1930s radio voice :-)
John Macmillan
John Macmillan Miesiąc temu
not accurate Slovak troops took also part on the polish invasion
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Miesiąc temu
Great vid, it looks like the fate of the allies is virtually sealed at this point in the war. It's all one way traffic and I can't believe how ridiculously easy the French let Germany take over their country. I mean after 4.5 years of WW1, you'd think there would be some kind of defence plan. All I saw was French divisions running away all the time, even though the one time they stood their ground they succeeded. Then they were ordered to retreat from their victory? It makes no sense. All of France's defence lines were inflexible and all they had to do was counter attack the German flanks, in order to maintain the defence lines. It was so simple the fact they didn't do this, calls into question the motives and intentions of the governing authorities. Who gave order after order that weakened the structure of the defence. How can this be by accident or because of lack of military know how? This is France and Great Britain we're talking about, the 2 greatest military powers ever until this point in history. All the allies had to do to defend France was stand and fight long enough, to slow down Germany's panzer divisions and build anti tank defence works, mines and trenches and blow the rail bridges on the Somme river etc. The exact same way the western allies defended France in WW1. If they did it in WW1, why did they suddenly forget how to do it in this scenario? It has to be a contrived conspiracy, for what reasons exactly are anyone's best guess. To say the allies didn't know that tanks could punch through gaps in static defence lines is a very feeble excuse. It was the Allies who invented and implemented tanks in WW1!
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Miesiąc temu
My favourite novel of all-time is The Phantom patrol by W.E.Johns. About a small group of international scouts, who get caught up in the Russo Finn war. Depicting the brutality and desperation of the conflict, it would be great to see a film adaptation. It's a shame no one has thought of doing it. Pls could you make an animation?
rene L
rene L Miesiąc temu
Hey this guy really sounds like indy nidel
Khalil Wesley
Khalil Wesley Miesiąc temu
Do year 2
Tei Ee
Tei Ee Miesiąc temu
What is the map you used for the world?
mars Miesiąc temu
Pog dude
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart Miesiąc temu
Sealion should've been on a narrow front from Dover to Hythe, with the main invasion force launching from Calais and Boulogne. The Germans could've created large mine barrages on both sides of the Dover Strait, supplimented by aircraft and S-boats to keep the RN at bay long enough to establish a foothold in Southern Kent.
Edward Corran
Edward Corran 25 dni temu
How would they create these large mine barrages given the RNs marked superiority in mine warfare , they could clear German fields and countermine at rates the Germans could not .
Spiceninjaa Miesiąc temu
I must say the German generals had some badass names, the sound so freakin good
Sudheer Kumar
Sudheer Kumar Miesiąc temu
meme begins at 05:14
Склад дошиков
Склад дошиков Miesiąc temu
What are memes?
Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson Miesiąc temu
Watch Eastory World War I for the entertaining version of this
Roketsune, Obscenely Adorable Perturber-in-Chief
Roketsune, Obscenely Adorable Perturber-in-Chief Miesiąc temu
When I first heard Neidell's voice, I didn't recognize him from his epic The Great War series and other projects that I had watched parts of years prior. My first reaction was, "Wow, this guy somehow is able to recite military history akin to how a sportscaster reports on sporting events. He actually makes the minutiae of military history exciting! He's insanely talented as a narrator!". About 30-60 seconds later, I realized I had heard this guy before, but couldn't remember his name. Anyway, I had to downvote your video. I know you put a lot of effort into this, but either you edited this very badly or his videos just aren't suitable for the sort of project you undertook. It jumps and skips wildly, causing each topic or event covered to abruptly end prematurely and/or start belatedly. I think some of it might have even been chronologically misordered. It was as if a lecturer had randomly chosen 10-20% of the pages of their lecture and discarded them, and then mixed up a few of them so the end of the Winter War or whatever was covered before the start (at least, that's what I perceived- the video and maps jumped to Finland and Russia so abruptly and haphazardly that it sounded like the former's capitulation came before the onset of the war and its order of battle). I very much liked the previous two videos of yours I discovered this morning (the Eastern Front 1944-1945, and the Fall of France in 1940) which I presume you narrated and set the pace for entirely yourself (as opposed to having to go by the pace and contents of Neidell's videos), but this one I just couldn't sit through past Finland and Russia because of how erratic and incomplete it is.
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla Miesiąc temu
Let's check a present day map, shall we? - Poland ... check - Nazi Germany ... missing. - Sovietunion ... missing.
Eric von Manstein
Eric von Manstein Miesiąc temu
You speak like you are narrating the sports
faiz biantoro
faiz biantoro Miesiąc temu
Where you get this map? Its so detailed
Hojoz Miesiąc temu
Ah. I saw this in my recommended, thought the thumbnail looked a lot like the WW2 In Real Time channel's maps and came to check if this wasn't some unauthorized reupload. I'm happy to see that instead of that, it's from the creators themselves. Love the maps by the way, they look amazing
Raskolnikov Miesiąc temu
Finns stand and fight against rapist red army shit
Склад дошиков
Склад дошиков Miesiąc temu
Hahaha, stupid, clumsy Russophobe)))
Mr Gorby
Mr Gorby Miesiąc temu
You know they were strongest ground army in history after ww2 but still genocidal?
Patrick Hamos
Patrick Hamos Miesiąc temu
Indy Neidell is my dad
Tewatia kunal
Tewatia kunal Miesiąc temu
His voice is same as Channel World War 2 man who calls on his phone and covers week by week coverage of world war 2. What do you think?
Fortune Miesiąc temu
I like eastory not this guy
Edward Wilson
Edward Wilson Miesiąc temu
The Finnish - Russian war in the winter of 1940 is always given little attention due to the momentous campaigns before and after it. But it would be cool if somebody made a fiction film about it: two armies fighting along a beautiful, snowy landscape.
gorka rullan
gorka rullan Miesiąc temu
where are the original videos you made?
TheLemminkainen Miesiąc temu
Only thing that Soviets didn't Have clue about Mannerheim line basicly at all
TheLemminkainen Miesiąc temu
@Склад дошиков lol... And then you occupied Finland. plpost.info/chat/tLC7eHm0k4JqgJw/wideo.html recomend to watch this po ruski !
Склад дошиков
Склад дошиков Miesiąc temu
The Soviet Union broke the Mannerheim line, after which the Finns hastily surrendered. In the 44th, they had to kick the Finns in the ears again.
le sheep
le sheep Miesiąc temu
my brain just got a few centimeters bigger
Lord Domino Nexus
Lord Domino Nexus Miesiąc temu
Yeah, we all love the tactical military analysis of this video
John Paul Abocad
John Paul Abocad Miesiąc temu
5:07 4:44
Дарья Ермакова
Дарья Ермакова 2 miesięcy temu
Isaac random Russell
Isaac random Russell 2 miesięcy temu
Me: can you plz not have ads every time I re-enter PLpost? PLpost ads: how bout I do anyway.
Veeti Olin
Veeti Olin 2 miesięcy temu
"They were massacred" wasnt that like the war tho
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini 2 miesięcy temu
its official, Eastory is the official WW2 map guy
Olaful 2 miesięcy temu
War is not a Sport
Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland
Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland 2 miesięcy temu
Your videos make this blue boy smile ❤️
Malace Farse
Malace Farse 2 miesięcy temu
I would love to see an American Civil War done with this animation.
Jedi Knight buckley
Jedi Knight buckley 2 miesięcy temu
Who loves that these guys collaborate
POKKO GAMER 2 miesięcy temu
What program do you use?
George Rian Estillero
George Rian Estillero 2 miesięcy temu
Isn't the audio from another PLpost channel is it okay for you to use it?
SteadyChaos Productions
SteadyChaos Productions 2 miesięcy temu
why the F do you keep moving to the eastern front when talking about the Finnish war against the Soviet Union. Talk about confusing...
riccardo parravicini
riccardo parravicini 2 miesięcy temu
Keep calm😅
plekkchand 2 miesięcy temu
Say "Hello, everyone." or something else respectful of language and of your audience. Not "Hi guys."
DankEngine 2 miesięcy temu
World War II was literally the plot of a Hollywood movie. It was so unreal...
вахромеевский маппер
вахромеевский маппер 2 miesięcy temu
кто тоже ничего не понемает из того что говорит автор
unitor699 2 miesięcy temu
this is better then a movie
Robloxgamerman 2 miesięcy temu
You can’t win wars by losing millions of men! Russia:thats were your wrong!
Marcin Ł.
Marcin Ł. 2 miesięcy temu
Greetings from Poland
Data Lover
Data Lover 2 miesięcy temu
Wow very beautiful animation! Good work!
Sirius K
Sirius K 2 miesięcy temu
blue picasso
blue picasso 2 miesięcy temu
outstanding production from beginning to end
Lander Etxabarri Gomez
Lander Etxabarri Gomez 2 miesięcy temu
Make a video eastern front in 40 seconds
Евгений Ольховский
Евгений Ольховский 3 miesięcy temu
Dear author of the video, I inform you that in 1940 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia were NOT occupied or forcibly annexed by the USSR, because with the voluntary consent of de jure local self-government, neither one nor the other can exist! As a Muscovite, I am outraged by such statements. In addition, in 1918, the Soviet government was initially created in the Baltic States, which, since it existed there for about a year, found support from the local population. The ruling capitalist circles were on the side of rapprochement with Germany. An even greater Germanophilia flourished in Romania, which in 1918, contrary to the Soviet-Romanian agreement, forcibly annexed Bessarabia. And many workers and peasants of these territories, about whom they did not care enough, were not against friendship with the USSR. Remember the demonstrations in Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Chisinau for joining the USSR.
ptroinks 3 miesięcy temu
16:12 Is that the sound of soviet officers being shot?
Kevin Reynolds
Kevin Reynolds 3 miesięcy temu
Where do you get so much detail? Is this stuff archived somewhere?
Eastory 3 miesięcy temu
It is mostly from the German situation maps captured by the Allies. I believe they should be archived somewhere in the US.
Alvin Leonardo
Alvin Leonardo 3 miesięcy temu
*laugh in swiss*
Bludion 3 miesięcy temu
sound is bad
_Қанат_ Парпиев_
_Қанат_ Парпиев_ 3 miesięcy temu
its wil be good if you do video about north africa wars 1940-1943 . thanks for the video
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin 3 miesięcy temu
Although this is not the most interesting part of World War II battles, I believe it's still executed too fast and the illustrations and animations AR poorly done.
Random Peep
Random Peep 3 miesięcy temu
Germany :Gang bang the piles so hard you kill em
VeRtoX 3 miesięcy temu
I would love to see Polish-USSR 1920 war :D
Vincent K
Vincent K 3 miesięcy temu
If Russia had plans to invade Finland as I see here, a complete take over, than who can say they did not have plans to invade Germany? Maybe that myth is true and Russia was planning to invade Germany and the Germans striked first? I once heard that Hitler heard the Russians were secretly speaking with Britain and that was what caused Hitler to turn East?
Склад дошиков
Склад дошиков Miesiąc temu
Man, I think you were smoking something.
Alatriste122 2 miesięcy temu
Lol, I heard that... maybe... i see... damn, seriously?)
King Virgin
King Virgin 3 miesięcy temu
Looks like Hoi4
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche 3 miesięcy temu
This video sucks, Indy sucks at narration, please Eastory narrate it
Dominika Strzelczyk
Dominika Strzelczyk 3 miesięcy temu
Please do just the regular episode about this period of war, don't use Indy... He sounds here like some football commentator to me...
Vajper 3 miesięcy temu
3:28 Suwałki (the little pimp in the north of Poland) was occupied by the germans, not soviets. Innacurate, I really disliked that
Dark Gaze
Dark Gaze 3 miesięcy temu
This reminds me of Sports and CNN combined.
Stalin Tube
Stalin Tube 3 miesięcy temu
*The Finns had no choice but sourround them.* there are worse choices to make i think :-D
Andrew Yarke
Andrew Yarke 3 miesięcy temu
I love how the narrator talks like if WW2 is a WWE match. AND NEXT UP WE HAVE THE EIGHTH ARMY ATTACKING FINLAND! 😂😂😂
Jamie van Brewen
Jamie van Brewen 3 miesięcy temu
So, just how much of your videos is actually Indy Neidell? Do you even do your own videos or just rip stuff off of other channels?
Jamie Ronaldson
Jamie Ronaldson 3 miesięcy temu
Yes please do more, love the vids!
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