Ignoring a Labrador

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Labrador getting grumpy when being ignored.

carlnheidi 2 miesięcy temu
Check out our friends crazy dog in their video. Honestly dunno how he didn't fall over bless him 💙 plpost.info/chat/mLy5nGKv3qipsJw/wideo.html
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600 9 dni temu
I'm ignoring my labrador watching this 😁
Bark Stark
Bark Stark Miesiąc temu
Ok sure
Adrian Salaverria
Adrian Salaverria Miesiąc temu
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 miesięcy temu
Gavin Chung
Gavin Chung 2 miesięcy temu
Vincent Thirkle
Vincent Thirkle 21 godzinę temu
This guy is bad at ignoring his dog
Namratha t
Namratha t 22 godzin temu
"Hooman, there is a saying that every dog has a day!"
SparklingBeauty 23 godzin temu
So cute both of you😁
prabhat mohapatra
prabhat mohapatra Dzień temu
Choor sala
Maureen Dzień temu
He wants love from you
xxlbaggy Dzień temu
don't frighten your dog!
Sung Spatta
Sung Spatta Dzień temu
Beautiful doggie and loving family. Love is in the air
ArkaPrabha Mazumder
ArkaPrabha Mazumder Dzień temu
He looks like Daniel Radcliffe
TheRedman790 Dzień temu
Kudos to this guy for defeating Voldemort, all those years ago.
Doit Dzień temu
ohhh cute
Paddy Mcdoogle
Paddy Mcdoogle Dzień temu
Daniel Radcliffe.
Sharon Duval
Sharon Duval 2 dni temu
That was cute. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Abhi Jadon
Abhi Jadon 2 dni temu
Top 10 biggest betrays in mankind history' 😀😁😂.
Viper Playz
Viper Playz 3 dni temu
Why are there 20k dislikes on this?
Arthur 3 dni temu
labrador : O caralho pq tá me ignorando poha fi de égua
Name Unavailable
Name Unavailable 3 dni temu
DOG: "You're a wizard harry! Hey look at me! I told you, you are a wizard!"
Kenneth Mullenix
Kenneth Mullenix 3 dni temu
Labs in general are some of the absolute best breeds to have,I had a Golden Retriever for nearly 10 years and he was a PURE BLAST,love dogs in general😌
kavitha gurappaji
kavitha gurappaji 3 dni temu
canada painter
canada painter 4 dni temu
poor thing,,,
Hobby Gardener
Hobby Gardener 4 dni temu
PLpost be like: Let's recommend old stuff
Rukhsar Shaikh
Rukhsar Shaikh 4 dni temu
It really hurts when handsome owner ingnors you🤣😂🤣
Street Dog
Street Dog 4 dni temu
L9stFreed0m 4 dni temu
Yes the video is interesting and I'm one of the 35M viewers. Enough with the obviously annoying comments.
Umesh Malhotra
Umesh Malhotra 4 dni temu
Hi HarryPuttar❤️
Amaury BS
Amaury BS 5 dni temu
He looks like Amixem the french youtuber 😂
Furby with a knife
Furby with a knife 5 dni temu
My friend’s Labrador does this. If he’s sitting next to you he expects attention every time you look his direction. If you ignore him he will jump up on your lap despite knowing he’s way too big.
THE ONE 5 dni temu
Danielle Radcliffe and dobi
Davyboy3324 5 dni temu
Why do people like this? Just showed up on my feeds. He's not ignoring the Golden Retriever at all.
Oppo R11s
Oppo R11s 5 dni temu
Poor fella!!! S'pore Gal
yasiro c:
yasiro c: 5 dni temu
Look at me broooo!!!
Sergio Waters
Sergio Waters 5 dni temu
Rodrigo Dalmaso
Rodrigo Dalmaso 5 dni temu
brazuka aqui?
Ryan 5 dni temu
Dog: Avada Kedavra
Tech vlogs
Tech vlogs 5 dni temu
A legend once said that all the epic videos are less than a minute.
lluis ROMAGOSA RAVENTÓS 6 dni temu
Never ignores a dog,
GODSGENERAL 6 dni temu
You didn't even ignore. I guess I couldn't blame you. Just look at the dog. Hes so cute
Antispecista 6 dni temu
BierSykes 7 dni temu
how dare you ignore me stupid human?
Marcelo 7 dni temu
I couldn't ignore him, I would hug him all day.
Mina Ghosal
Mina Ghosal 8 dni temu
Labrodors are love.
Ghosty 8 dni temu
After 5 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?
Oh no
Oh no 2 dni temu
after years, why are people still asking why they get videos recommended to them?
Lazzzed 5 dni temu
Stfu fortnite player
Taniya Chib
Taniya Chib 7 dni temu
Worthy enough-)
Calu 8 dni temu
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 9 dni temu
He has a misleading jawline. That’s a cool trick
Arsh 10 dni temu
Someone said it right probably me Great videos on PLpost are random and ad free
Itachi 10 dni temu
Isn’t that Harry Potter
Paul D
Paul D 10 dni temu
Harry Potter's more masculine brother?
Christian Cole
Christian Cole 11 dni temu
"Harry did you put your name in the Goblet?" Dumbledore asked calmly.
Ankita Choudhury Sandip Choudhury
Ankita Choudhury Sandip Choudhury 9 dni temu
Lmao 🤣
Knight of the New Jerusalem
Knight of the New Jerusalem 11 dni temu
Respect to the owner for maintaining his poise. Lab Eyes are the hardest to deny: natural beggers.
Liza Fernandez
Liza Fernandez 11 dni temu
Bryan Shackleford
Bryan Shackleford 12 dni temu
Lusor Dekossa
Lusor Dekossa 13 dni temu
Oh wait yea sure its Daniel Radcliff 2.0 :D Thoughts on this haha^^
ravi thornton
ravi thornton 13 dni temu
washed up harry potter
VannTheDawn 13 dni temu
My dog and I have the same relationship, except I’m the dog and he’s the one ignoring me.
kavita subhash
kavita subhash 14 dni temu
Yes's me
mike oxlong
mike oxlong 15 dni temu
why do you look like daniel radcliff
Steve Joseph
Steve Joseph 15 dni temu
I have a doubt is that Daniel Radcliffe (ik he's not) coz everybody says Harry Potter
Chatterjee Sutopa
Chatterjee Sutopa 15 dni temu
Noone is ignoring you my furry friend. 🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️
parikshit pant
parikshit pant 15 dni temu
Is he daniel? Harry potter?? 😶
Hannah Noah
Hannah Noah 16 dni temu
He like I stg I'll slap the shit outta u gimme me attention 😂
Old Dohko
Old Dohko 18 dni temu
"Eye contact hooman"
Zawodowy Zbieracz Złomu
Zawodowy Zbieracz Złomu 18 dni temu
Chewbacca 😁
Tony 18 dni temu
É o irmão do Fábio Rabin
Maddy Wendall
Maddy Wendall 19 dni temu
Both Cute!🙄
valderiks 19 dni temu
this old, but good
muffin cat head
muffin cat head 19 dni temu
I miss my Labrador Latch :_( Died of cancer...
stilianos filippelis
stilianos filippelis 20 dni temu
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Eduardo Gutiérrez Castillo
Eduardo Gutiérrez Castillo 21 dzień temu
Guy looks like daniel radcliffe
simon chantal
simon chantal 22 dni temu
Le labrador est très expressif ,la mienne a 6 mois elle est très coquine ,elle découvre ,la jument de la maison et à bien compris qu'elle ne doit pas me suivre dans la stabulation et m'attend sagement assise devant la porte ,sur les terrains de concours je lui est mis le laisse pour voir ,au bout d'un moment j'ai otée la laisse et elle restait à mes pieds ,je l'adore
Taewon Kim
Taewon Kim 22 dni temu
Jake Gyllenhaal + Daniel Radcliffe + Henry Cavill
Fast Money
Fast Money 22 dni temu
Labs really are their own breed bro my black lab does the sammmmmmmmme thing
Simba the juggling Dog
Simba the juggling Dog 22 dni temu
Hey look that dog looks just like me. My special skill is juggling tennis balls with my paws..
Marina Smith
Marina Smith 22 dni temu
I only clicked on this because the guy is cute. . sorry
gohan logan
gohan logan 23 dni temu
rename it as harry potter ignores his dog!!!
Gary Brown
Gary Brown 23 dni temu
Harry Potter and the Golden Labrador
Меркуди 88
Меркуди 88 23 dni temu
Я ничего не понял на этом языке, но улыбался когда смотрел ролик )
simon wang
simon wang 23 dni temu
The hateful cereal italy pull because raincoat clinically prepare anenst a aspiring stage. understood, next dinner
Freddy Headbite
Freddy Headbite 25 dni temu
I won't be ignooored by you, human!
Meherin Rahman
Meherin Rahman 25 dni temu
Recommended After 5 year's Ok u guys see u after another 5 year's 😁
Invisible Lead Soup
Invisible Lead Soup 25 dni temu
One does not simply ignore a doggo
Channel Deleted
Channel Deleted 25 dni temu
Ignoring a lab is a crime punishable by DEATH! I should know, as I have a lab myself.
Sylwia Skolarczyk
Sylwia Skolarczyk 26 dni temu
One second into the video: he's british! and sure enough
Jill Peters
Jill Peters 26 dni temu
Handsome beast! Nice dog, too.
Amine 26 dni temu
This guy's face reminds me of a meme that never dies
Mo Shahin
Mo Shahin 27 dni temu
Haha this video was recommended to me but was liked already seems i may have watched it before
Alexandra Anghel
Alexandra Anghel 27 dni temu
he looks so offended XD
Maryam Elmasry
Maryam Elmasry 28 dni temu
John John
John John 29 dni temu
omg lol i nearly died _said every english girl ever_
Kshitij Tiwari
Kshitij Tiwari Miesiąc temu
Dog : Why are you doing this to me?
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta Miesiąc temu
I see this video more than ten times
neil edwards
neil edwards Miesiąc temu
Strange statement I nearly died
PatriciaTess & Lonnie & This Spot
PatriciaTess & Lonnie & This Spot Miesiąc temu
Very smart & cute
UK MedicFRCS Miesiąc temu
This was a fail @ ignoring and I am glad!
Kellen Matthews
Kellen Matthews Miesiąc temu
My dog does that to my dad
SAURABH GANAR Miesiąc temu
Aaila glen maxwell 🤣🤣
Suman Verma
Suman Verma Miesiąc temu
How to get views on youtube :- Upload the video and then wait for 5 years .
ẞ2é Íkl
ẞ2é Íkl Miesiąc temu
My dog ignore me🙈
Gaurav Chadha
Gaurav Chadha Miesiąc temu
I want to know this guy as he looks a copy of me
Bts Stan
Bts Stan Miesiąc temu
'Dude is literally me when i try to ignore my crush'
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