Warm Toned 90s SuperModel Makeup | Hung Vanngo

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Hung Vanngo

7 miesięcy temu

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Hung Vanngo
Hung Vanngo 7 miesięcy temu
We had a hard time to edit the video shorter because it means we have to cut out so many educational steps. Do you prefer short video or you don't mind long video like this? Please let me know so we can do better for future videos. Thanks.
Alessia 2 miesięcy temu
Long vd plz, that’s how you diff with others!!!
SaNDRiTa1919 3 miesięcy temu
Both! You could upload the summarized tutorial and the educational one. That would be awesome!!!
stacey 3 miesięcy temu
Long is great! More valuable information
kimc555 3 miesięcy temu
Longer the better ☺️
Nishath Fatima
Nishath Fatima 3 miesięcy temu
Hung Vanngo longer videos like this for sure! Loved this look so much! You did a great job
Abby Ryosuke
Abby Ryosuke 13 godzin temu
She’s so pretty it hurts 😍😍
р н
р н 17 godzin temu
beautyful girl 😍 but....why did she have nose surgery 🤷‍♀️
Hung Vanngo
Hung Vanngo 10 godzin temu
Just because someone has a beautiful nose doesn’t mean they have a nose job. xx
Shaleen Saraf
Shaleen Saraf 18 godzin temu
I want to know the model name... She has such a lovely skin need to know her routine 😊
Hung Vanngo
Hung Vanngo 10 godzin temu
All the credits are in the video and also under the description box
Hare Moon
Hare Moon 19 godzin temu
She is beautiful without makeup and more beautiful with makeup 💄 🥀
Joyce Fernanda
Joyce Fernanda Dzień temu
Ele é muito talentoso como maquiador ! Ele é brilhante !
vab Dzień temu
the makeup looks so clean and elegant
Ms Gxx
Ms Gxx Dzień temu
Beaut ❤️❤️❤️ insta @fortyqueens
MS Chadha
MS Chadha 3 dni temu
reminds me of the make up look of janet jackson in the musicvideo thats the way love goes.. love the look xxxJulie
ruynana 4 dni temu
I love your makeup style so much and I learn a lot from your videos! Can you recreate this awesome sexy look for an Asian face? I'd love to see how it turns out!
leah davis
leah davis 4 dni temu
Karen Flagg
Karen Flagg 4 dni temu
I need to practice this look. Im obsessed!!! Thank you
lili elisg
lili elisg 5 dni temu
she is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!
MsKbtt 6 dni temu
This was one of the most captivating vids I’ve seen in a while. Haven’t felt so inspired in so long. Just wow. Loved your format and literally teaching style . Really blown away
Tia La Muñeca
Tia La Muñeca 6 dni temu
That girl is STUNNING!!!!
Saswita Kartini
Saswita Kartini 7 dni temu
She is perfect without makeup
Inika Linden
Inika Linden 8 dni temu
Who is she?
Claudio Mallea
Claudio Mallea 8 dni temu
She´s a DOLL
mius silk
mius silk 9 dni temu
Stefania Giglio
Stefania Giglio 9 dni temu
This look is life!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩
M C 9 dni temu
What is the brightening powder he’s using at 12:00 please?
Chhorka Beauty
Chhorka Beauty 10 dni temu
You should come to Houston to do a make up seminar! 💄🎨
Clarise Simmons
Clarise Simmons 10 dni temu
I didn’t even get to the makeup yet it’s the skin hydration for me😍
Bam Bi
Bam Bi 11 dni temu
This is sooo beautiful 😍😍
Muriel Angot
Muriel Angot 11 dni temu
I loved it and learned many interesting face care! You are fantastic!
masterhide 12 dni temu
I love your intros! You're kind, & it really relaxes me and gets me ready to do my makeup.
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 13 dni temu
omg she is so pretty
morenhia 13 dni temu
And thiiiis is how you contour!!!
Siska Septianty
Siska Septianty 14 dni temu
Diedre Rose
Diedre Rose 15 dni temu
Love love love!!
Leyla Gozalova
Leyla Gozalova 15 dni temu
Just awesome as usual. She’s gorgeous
za za tomy
za za tomy 16 dni temu
Love this
Ana Constantin
Ana Constantin 16 dni temu
Amazing Look!
Fuyuki Obsseosseo
Fuyuki Obsseosseo 17 dni temu
She tries so hard not to laugh 😂
Daria Daria
Daria Daria 17 dni temu
Fie Afiqah
Fie Afiqah 17 dni temu
the look is way too amazing and expensive...
*• Vampiria •*
*• Vampiria •* 17 dni temu
WOW ♥️
Ria Ed
Ria Ed 17 dni temu
Her bare face is a dream...
Thu Thủy Lê
Thu Thủy Lê 18 dni temu
NMJ 19 dni temu
Hung you always do such a lovely job! One day maybe you’ll do mine! 🤩 I can see how passionate you are, a true artist! I’ve learned so much by watching your videos! Well done!
0MJuicy 19 dni temu
I LOVE this makeup! and the model is gorgeous, a mua dream face
glamlife 19 dni temu
This video was amazing!! Thank you 🙏🏼 so much Hung for showing us this gorgeous look. I prefer longer video because I would love to learn from you as much as I can. ❤️
Heidi Wood
Heidi Wood 20 dni temu
Queen Meka
Queen Meka 20 dni temu
Ruby Russell
Ruby Russell 20 dni temu
such a great teacher! i love your videos
Gabbie McGuire Beauty
Gabbie McGuire Beauty 23 dni temu
My absolute favorite part was the lip!!
JeffBuckley Fan
JeffBuckley Fan 24 dni temu
💛 Hung!
Bets Cilliers Anderson
Bets Cilliers Anderson 25 dni temu
Wow! You are good. I love watching you and learning from you.
Morning vibes - بُشرى
Morning vibes - بُشرى 26 dni temu
Her skin ✅
Priyanka Jadhav
Priyanka Jadhav 26 dni temu
She is so beautiful man ...
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 27 dni temu
Love the look absolutely gorgeous! 😍🤩. And your voice is so relaxing, I’m subscribing now!
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 28 dni temu
Love it!!
Gia Dixon
Gia Dixon 28 dni temu
You make your work look so easy! I love watching your magic hands. I can definitely see the years of practice and passion.
Rhiannon Admidas
Rhiannon Admidas Miesiąc temu
I am doing my own makeup for my wedding in a couple months and this video was full of some really helpful tips!!! Thank you for this!
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Miesiąc temu
Wooowww 😍👍🏼
J West
J West Miesiąc temu
Can I have her face
Djamila Linigerstrauss
Djamila Linigerstrauss Miesiąc temu
Bravissimo - I never never had this Chanche
MorFeu Make-up
MorFeu Make-up Miesiąc temu
I really enjoyed eating something to study
That girl Liz A
That girl Liz A Miesiąc temu
Absolutely stunning!!! You’re a master
Denise Skerrett
Denise Skerrett Miesiąc temu
Long please as loving the detail of your videos xxx
Angileeka Angel
Angileeka Angel Miesiąc temu
My all time frvt make-over 👍👍👍👍
Zion Sobeida Angeles
Zion Sobeida Angeles Miesiąc temu
I did this look, i felt so pretty!
Happy Happy
Happy Happy Miesiąc temu
Настолько красивая девушка, что и макияж не нужен
mehparum Miesiąc temu
her beauty is just amazing....
Maria Hatzigeorgiadou
Maria Hatzigeorgiadou Miesiąc temu
this is the most well structured make up that just makes sense! MAybe because I am a 90s babe but I find it so balanced the end result!
Rasen Kelly
Rasen Kelly Miesiąc temu
I just love how hygienic you are when it comes to makeup. It amazes me that you used a spatula like instrument (i don’t know what it’s called lol) and put the makeup on a palette. Unlike other makeup artists, if you know what I mean 😂.
Miki Miki
Miki Miki Miesiąc temu
Absolutely gorgeous makeup & model 😍😍😍😍
Oozma Kappa
Oozma Kappa Miesiąc temu
Beyond beautiful 😍 magical touch ✨ such a beautiful makeup 💛
Delia H.
Delia H. Miesiąc temu
The model looks like Keira Knightley (but with softer features). Beautiful!
GobboBex Miesiąc temu
For me moisturizer before foundation causes two issues even when I use expensive ones. I get both oxidation and find the foundation all slippery and oliy within a few hours and my skin is not oily it's medium with with a dry around the T zone
Khonzoda Turgunova
Khonzoda Turgunova Miesiąc temu
how did you do hair I really want it!
lala avalos
lala avalos Miesiąc temu
Daniella J
Daniella J Miesiąc temu
Erica Pragati
Erica Pragati Miesiąc temu
Марина Игнатева
Марина Игнатева Miesiąc temu
Классный макияж
Zahra Akhtar
Zahra Akhtar Miesiąc temu
It’s very informative please don’t cut the video ,I think the length is enough it is most detailed tutorial that I ever seen. Thanks for sharing your knowledge it could be very helpful.
December Queenie
December Queenie Miesiąc temu
Love thisssss
Rajaa alg
Rajaa alg Miesiąc temu
Trina Asghari
Trina Asghari Miesiąc temu
Beautiful 💕
Princess Bah
Princess Bah Miesiąc temu
This look on a black women plssss
Claud Fizz
Claud Fizz Miesiąc temu
She looks like Penelope Cruz!
Andrea Leslie San Pedro
Andrea Leslie San Pedro Miesiąc temu
I like how her eyes doesn't look like it has make up. Like there was no eyeliner or false eye lashes.
0rignallity Zeno
0rignallity Zeno Miesiąc temu
Wait, so @11:05 was those 2 powders, setting powder? And @11:12 a lighter setting powder to highlight?
GISELLI R. Miesiąc temu
I loved! You’re amazing! So much talent!!! I’m a brazilian girl who doesn’t know how to use all this make up, but I hope, one day, I can learn how to this incredible make up like you do!
Megan Lister
Megan Lister Miesiąc temu
I’d die to have her eyebrows
Viva Lv
Viva Lv Miesiąc temu
He's so delicate
patricia Siqueira
patricia Siqueira Miesiąc temu
Que make perfeita❤️
Валерия Мудрац
Валерия Мудрац Miesiąc temu
ona kaou
ona kaou Miesiąc temu
What pimples is he talking about man
Dua Rey
Dua Rey Miesiąc temu
I LOVE how skilled professional MUA's don't cake on the concealer and foundation. They make it look like a seamless veil. Even when doing a full face. And also use concealer after foundation. Looks so clean. 💖💎
Deloris Miesiąc temu
Can you try doing the full face with only drugstore brands?
Beulah Alex
Beulah Alex Miesiąc temu
He basically said 'I'm not gonna do it because it doesn't inspire me'. Love that
Natalie Morales
Natalie Morales Miesiąc temu
She’s so pretty omg
Armine Nersisyan
Armine Nersisyan Miesiąc temu
she is soooo beautiful, I whould NEVER add any tiny make up on her perfect face.
Felix Miesiąc temu
She’s for real one of the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen
gisele fritz
gisele fritz Miesiąc temu
Such an amazing channel, love love love all of ur videos ❤️❤️
Margarita Smirnova
Margarita Smirnova Miesiąc temu
Great job Hung! I have a question. How come is your model's nose (her left side) got uneven and more noticeable at the end of the video. I looked back in the beginning and it wasn't as pronounced. Is it lighting?
Claire Vrx
Claire Vrx Miesiąc temu
It’s incredible, such a nice work
S Miesiąc temu
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