Sunken GoPro camera surfaces year later with a story

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A sunken GoPro camera surfaces a year later with a story that connects two strangers with similar family values.
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Boyd Huppert, KARE-TV - SCHROEDER, Minn. - When Kyle Puelston felt the GoPro camera slip off the top of his head, his heart sank as deep as the Temperance River bottom.
Which is also where his head-strap and GoPro were headed.
"It's gone forever," he thought. "I'll never see it again."
After a year underwater, his GoPro proved him wrong.
"It's crazy," Puelston said.
Nearly a year to the day after Puelston lost the camera during a cliff dive, two brothers pulled it out of the river while snorkeling.
The GoPro was still dry inside its waterproof case.
Chris Flores took the camera home, though his brother actually pulled it out of the river.
"He found a ring, a pair of sunglasses and a GoPro," Flores said. "I found a skateboard and some construction debris, so I got the good end of the deal."
Flores - who didn't own a GoPro - was elated with his bounty, until he viewed the camera's media card and discovered videos Puelston had shot with his children.
Flores also found video that Pueltson - a sergeant with the Chisago County Sheriff's Department - had shot during SWAT training.
By still-framing a patch on a deputy's uniform, Flores was able to make out the words "Chisago County," which led him to Puelston, who was stunned to get the message.
"It's a testament to his character," said Puelston. "I've told this story to a couple of people and their first reaction is, 'Wow, I'd never do something like that. I would have just kept the camera.'"
Puelston didn't know it at the time, but Flores was being steered to do right thing by two powerful forces: his Christian faith and his youngest daughter, Morel.
Last year, at 4-months-old, Morel had a heart attack caused by a tumor in her left ventricle.
"It's all so fleeting, we're not guaranteed tomorrow," said Flores, who performed CPR on his daughter until the ambulance arrived at his families' Jordan home.
Heart surgery saved Morel, but her father couldn't watch those Puelston family videos without thinking of his daughter.
"If I would had one picture, one video, and I would have lost that - that would have been rough."
Puelston was so grateful to get the video back, he told Flores to keep the camera. He'd already purchased a new one anyway.
"I'm totally glad it happened now, it's an awesome story," Puelston said.
Flores agreed, as he clutched his healthy daughter, now approaching her second birthday.
"She's definitely going to be in some GoPro videos," he smiled. "She's the one that'll be jumping off the cliff."
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Jun Rods Arnado
Jun Rods Arnado Miesiąc temu
I was expecting a mysterious story, im plainly disappointed with the hype
PengWin76 Miesiąc temu
KingmanIII Miesiąc temu
🤨 Ummm...that's an SD card not a video card
Jayku Miesiąc temu
Loyalty level: GoPro
c mck
c mck Miesiąc temu
Little girls has cancer”? Only reason this story came out
Tomie 3 miesięcy temu
This was amazing
bha bigbig
bha bigbig 3 miesięcy temu
It's mankind , not humankind !
Kimberly Simpkins
Kimberly Simpkins 3 miesięcy temu
I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if this doesn't show it then you are a very closed off minded person.
Nutty Nigel
Nutty Nigel 4 miesięcy temu
Awesome story thanks for sharing.
Zak Jackson
Zak Jackson 5 miesięcy temu
Love. It's why we're here.
Zionslayer1 6 miesięcy temu
Why, WHY did I think we would see the Loch Ness monster or something?
NoobMaster69 7 miesięcy temu
We need these kind of people on the police department
Adio Aurel
Adio Aurel 8 miesięcy temu
I lost my GoPro H5 2 days ago in the river Aare in Bern, after I recorded the whole day, including my 4h boatride on that river. The weather was very unique and so were many shots. Stupid me wasn't thinking of bringing a cord to secure it. Although I took very care the whole ride, it happened that I lost it the very 5 seconds I was on the river, because I had trouble at the exit. I still shake my head in disbelief! Today I go back to dive for it, I hope for the best!
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games 11 miesięcy temu
I saw a video that was similar to this one
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games 11 miesięcy temu
But it wasant a story
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games
Emmet Thomas Trains & Games 11 miesięcy temu
O so that what happened to GoPro
teddy meyers
teddy meyers 11 miesięcy temu
I love your sister
K J Rok temu
When that baby girl said "hi" my heart melted
Ken Cur
Ken Cur Rok temu
Hey it could have been stranger: "oh, and here's some footage of me storming Osama Bin-Laden's hideout..."
adsdentiste Rok temu
Nice publication for the cam prom
disc Rok temu
Hi I’m GoPro and my life is a little crazy
MT MM Rok temu
I like how they do the commentary like somebody was murdered
Poor dirt farmer
Poor dirt farmer Rok temu
Fuc the police
Poor dirt farmer
Poor dirt farmer Rok temu
Bill Wood
Bill Wood Rok temu
Storys like this, reassure ones hope for human kindness and community.
Matthew Nuzzi
Matthew Nuzzi Rok temu
Oh I feel so bad it was such a nice gift from your wife.
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT Rok temu
Should have used floaty
Mike Neumann
Mike Neumann Rok temu
Praise the Lord God is good
dave no
dave no Rok temu
feel good story......... My faith in humanity has increased..
Linabella Rok temu
How sweet. God was giving the man who found the GoPro hope that there is still light after death in the family.
Compact Girl
Compact Girl Rok temu
I've seen this story one to many and still doesn't get old, I too know how it feels to loose photo memories I lost my first Samsung galaxy s3 big phone lol it had all my babies hospital pictures.
Threelly AI
Threelly AI Rok temu
PLpost comments are full of amusements sometimes....
Bob Gil
Bob Gil 2 lat temu
I was hoping to see mermaids.
Monkey N Around
Monkey N Around 2 lat temu
That gives me hope. I have a camera on the bottom of the New River near the Virginia/North Carolina border. Maybe one day it will find it's way back to me. Neat video and story.
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again 2 lat temu
Great story about great people! THIS is what we need more of! Well done guys!
ROBLOX 2 lat temu
Sourav Baskey
Sourav Baskey 2 lat temu
Hi 👋🏽
Mattie Dennis
Mattie Dennis 2 lat temu
The water noises in this video are too much
Okay Boomer
Okay Boomer 2 lat temu
Cool story
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 2 lat temu
Wow. Humans are pretty amazing creatures! Us kryptonians are better, but humans are still cool ;)
View From The High Chair
View From The High Chair 2 lat temu
Tears of joy!!
Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker 2 lat temu
The world needs many more stories like this. Thanks for the HEART WARMING feelings and the ear to ear smile.
NordicBlueRC 2 lat temu
Amazoig story! Good people are still in this world :)
Ali Shour
Ali Shour 2 lat temu
Hii she soooooo cuteeeeeee
Shobi Shobu
Shobi Shobu 2 lat temu
That is amazing and magical at the same time, it so amazing that the GoPro still works under the water housing for a Year and I can only imagine what relief has come to both the Guys who return the card and the one receive the card, I guess you should never lose hope on anything, loved the video and thanks so much for sharing this Cheers 😇✌
Jeff Wilcox
Jeff Wilcox 2 lat temu
Happy story. I am however, tuned off by red water! Yuck.... I'll keep our very clean rivers in Washington State.
SpecksWorld 2 lat temu
Almost to good to be true, but I liked it!
Bob Frank Baloney
Bob Frank Baloney 2 lat temu
Anybody else faces changed when he said his daughter had a heart attack
HELLO HELLO 2 lat temu
Nice story!😀👍✌
zeropoint 2 lat temu
"We like to use the term Peoplekind" -Justin Trudeau😂
Carlton Hammonds
Carlton Hammonds 2 lat temu
Love it you really are a good man and God blesses you.
Cristoph De Caermichael
Cristoph De Caermichael 2 lat temu
Tony Stevens
Tony Stevens 2 lat temu
God bless his daughter
Alyce GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD 2 lat temu
Beautiful story!! God bless both families!! May God’s grace and peace be upon you and your ohana!! Aloha from Hawai’i! ♥️🙏✝️😊🙌🇮🇱🌺🔥🤗🍎🍇📖
Alterate Awful
Alterate Awful 2 lat temu
I disliked the video just because i saw the IMac
Marcin Smyczek
Marcin Smyczek 2 lat temu
The voiceover sounds like Rossi from Criminal Minds (Joe Mantegna);)
RIP Jeff Hanneman
RIP Jeff Hanneman 2 lat temu
Hi I'm Chris Hansen. Why don't you have a seat over there. Cookie?
LowLevelJet Photography
LowLevelJet Photography 2 lat temu
Awesome story except..............he owns a mac.
Mike P
Mike P 2 lat temu
I'm surprised GoPro didn't provide them BOTH with a new camera (this one looked pretty "worn" after a year under water).LOL What an endorsement of the quality of the product.
Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum 2 lat temu
There is hope for humanity after seeing this great video👍
ViskaDrake 2 lat temu
Good thing his GoPRo had SWAT training footage on it, otherwise the guy would have had no idea where to search.
Robert Acero
Robert Acero 2 lat temu
Nice heart breaking AD for GoPro. Ima buy 1, loose it, and see if the next mofo returns it.
James Harney
James Harney 2 lat temu
Battery Life?
UncleRufus A. Bastardson
UncleRufus A. Bastardson 2 lat temu
Flores , you take care of that precious little mushroom.
curt5253 2 lat temu
Nicole Lynn
Nicole Lynn 2 lat temu
3:32 😫😭 “daddy” his little girl melts my heart awh.
Weng Busteneyra
Weng Busteneyra 2 lat temu
Beautiful story :-) Thanks!
tropical7012 2 lat temu
❤️This made me cry❤️
seledia 2 lat temu
Wait, he didn't give back the camera, just the memory card?
Dino Dare
Dino Dare 2 lat temu
I thought it would have amazing wildlife and nature footage. Disappointed.
Lamour Strong
Lamour Strong 2 lat temu
Karl Hungus
Karl Hungus 2 lat temu
Perhaps there _is_ still hope for the human race, after all.
Just when you think humanity is lost we get these little nuggets that warm our hearts..
@UncleRufus A. Bastardson sounds like a personal problem
UncleRufus A. Bastardson
UncleRufus A. Bastardson 2 lat temu
I had nuggets this morning but it was from eating to much cheese not a video . It only warmed my butt though because it was Pepper Jack .
Gregory 2 lat temu
But is kyles sister single
Frank Morales
Frank Morales 2 lat temu
Totally awesome!
Ron Veri
Ron Veri 2 lat temu
Im happy about the little girl. thanks to the doctors.
Molly Hensley
Molly Hensley 2 lat temu
Wonder what happened to the skateboard
Richard Turner
Richard Turner 2 lat temu
At least you got the pictures.
Selena Dansfield
Selena Dansfield 2 lat temu
This makes me believe that there is still good left in many people. Thank you for sharing!
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd 2 lat temu
Wow what an awesome family moments. Be safe all.
Scott McElroy
Scott McElroy 2 lat temu
Thank you! Gives me hope in people.
Shay 2 lat temu
That river is nasty as hell.
Clint Cranford
Clint Cranford 2 lat temu
ARG 2 lat temu
MrShanester117 2 lat temu
Pain is awful. But pain leads to understanding Also I’m so glad he had another girl. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose one
Brad Wolf
Brad Wolf 2 lat temu
I lost a go pro in Calgary.... anyone know about it???
Dmitri Clements
Dmitri Clements 2 lat temu
Outofcontext line about your two-year-old: She's gonna be the one jumping off the cliff!
Delta Bravo
Delta Bravo 2 lat temu
hey friends,.... great ending... but, WHY... did we think jumping into the water with a headband was a solution. :(
RelentLess Enterprises
RelentLess Enterprises 2 lat temu
Add some emotional music and you have the next go pro commercial
Top Dawg
Top Dawg 2 lat temu
Very sad to lose a baby like that.. god bless brother
rachetflores 2 lat temu
she's not dead dude.
Emilio O.
Emilio O. 2 lat temu
Such a beautiful story 😊
iron grip 455
iron grip 455 2 lat temu
Alright yeah I am crying 😏
Free Birdie
Free Birdie 2 lat temu
Who are the 3.1k haters? What is there to hate about this story? Lovely.
Autumn Starr
Autumn Starr 2 lat temu
Oh this a AWESOME! And sad, Heartwarming,And beautiful!
Aitriah 2 lat temu
DELTAAA 2 lat temu
I lost my breath just watching it go down into the water.
Tone Loke
Tone Loke 2 lat temu
I cant believe the 👎on this video. Those people can go f them selves. Thats whats wrong in this world those 👎people. Heartless and dont give a sh t. I think its great the man still got a gopro for finding it and i would do the same as long as i can get those memorys
April P
April P 2 lat temu
6'4" , 280 lb construction worker crying like a baby. Love it and praying for little girl.
J Lance67
J Lance67 2 lat temu
BossSpringsteen69 2 lat temu
Amen. Beautiful story.
UncleRufus A. Bastardson
UncleRufus A. Bastardson 2 lat temu
I agree !!! ( mostly because of your A10 pic, though )
Buck Melanoma
Buck Melanoma 2 lat temu
You had me until i found out it was a 🐖, then i turned it off 😕
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