TORNADOES OF 2020 - Is it over yet?

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Best tornado, lightning and severe storm footage from 2020 in a tour of Tornado Alley's highs and lows from March through July. 1075 confirmed tornadoes have been tallied in the US in 2020 including the third widest tornado ever recorded.
APRIL 12 Soso Mississippi EF4
On Easter Sunday a large, extremely dangerous, long tracking tornado was underway in Mississippi. Doppler radar revealed an impressive supercell, well defined hook echo and distinct lofted debris signature. But up close, vague walls of gray, shrouding rain curtains and a veil of tall trees obscured a hell on Earth. Prior to striking Soso Mississippi, the tornado grew to 2.25 miles wide. The THIRD widest tornado ever documented. Along a 68 mile damage path, it debarked and leveled entire forests. Cars and trucks were thrown hundreds of yards, mangled beyond recognition. Many homes and businesses were destroyed, some completely leveled and swept away
including some well built brick and concrete structures. With estimated wind speeds up to 190 mph (310 km/h) this tornado earned an EF4 rating. Following closely behind, another large EF3 tornado trained close to the previous tornado's track.
APRIL 19 Southwest of Hattiesburg MS
Seven Days later, another significant tornado risk targeted Mississippi. Chasing over the previous week’s damage paths compounded the danger as trees were still weakened and downed. An intensifying high precipitation storm brought darkness early along with a barrage of powerful positive ground flashes. Not only do positive ground flashes look different from typical negative ground flashes, they often sound different. The thunder from these mega-bolts hits you like the shock wave of an explosion. Deeply embedded in rain, an unseeable mile wide tornado cruised 54 miles across the state at a ground speed of 55mph.
At its peak intensity, The EF4 demolished two well constructed homes, leaving clean slabs in its wake.
APRIL 22, Madill Oklahoma
A low precipitation supercell approaching Madill Oklahoma setting the stage for a highly visible tornado. Right out the gate, it earned EF2 status, snapping power poles and flinging trees as it passed just south of town. A large section of a warehouse was demolished and under a rainbow, mobile homes were completely destroyed.
MAY Low Tornado Activity
April was an active month for tornado activity in the US. Usually May is the peak month, however in strong contrast to 2019, May 2020 had extremely low tornado activity. Forecastable chase-able storms mostly organized into linear modes. Though often ominous and photogenic, Lines or squalls are much less efficient at producing violent tornadoes.
JUNE Low Tornado Activity
June followed May's suit with lower than average forecastable & chase-able tornado activity.
JULY High Tornado Activity
After most of us had thrown in the towel, July surprised storm chasers with higher than average tornado activity in the Northern Plains. On July 8th, and incredibly photogenic EF4 tornado touched down near Ashby Minnesota. A high base storm allowed the sun to light the tornado and a vibrant rainbow often accompanied the bright white tornado depending on the perspective. Storm Chaser Melonie Metz was kind enough to license her amazing footage for this video.
2020 Climate
2020 had lower than average tornado activity with 1075 confirmed tornadoes. (Average is 1250)
Climatologically, the Atlantic hurricane season exceeded records
with 30 named storms, 12 of which landed on the continental U.S.
- 30 named storms - Previous record 28
- 12 named U.S. storm continental landfalls - Previous record 9
- 6 hurricanes made U.S. landfall - tied previous record
The Western US endured the most active wildfire year on record [1983 to present]
and the global average annual temperature was the 2nd warmest on record
and the 5th warmest in the 126-year record in the U.S
"Angle's Serenade" by Southern Backtones
"Won't Pray Adagio" by Southern Backtones
"Tumbling Tumbleweeds" Instrumental by Pecos Hank
"Crossed the Line" by Southern Backtones
"Glamorous Adagio" by Southern Backtones

bluedrumble 2 godzin temu
This video is just mesmerising! I've followed you for years and loved all of your videos, but this one is over the top. I loved how you included nature in many forms, and the respect you show to it. Thank you!
Ben Tree specialist
Ben Tree specialist 2 godzin temu
The most entertaining thing on PLpost! You sure do have the instinct with the wild taming those lizards! With or without tornados your videos are always entertaining and funny.
andre samuel
andre samuel 6 godzin temu
1:47 CC: The 3rd widest “Burrito” ever documented ! 😂😂😂🤣
my stepdad
my stepdad 9 godzin temu
1:49 the subtitles think you said "the 3rd widest burrito ever documented"
Sammy Neece
Sammy Neece 10 godzin temu
2020 is definitely a year I'll remember. EF3 ran through my town and went by about a block from my home then hurricane Laura came through a few months later...hell of a year for severe weather.
MELODY MUNRO 11 godzin temu
I cant fathom why 699 would dislike this video. What more do they want?
Swing Low Sweet Chariots
Swing Low Sweet Chariots 11 godzin temu
i wonder if he ever sees UFOs while hunting for tornadoes..
Talisha Somers
Talisha Somers 13 godzin temu
vLuke Bryan
Robbie Ray
Robbie Ray 16 godzin temu
Note to self: never move to Mississippi
Lauren butterfly Family
Lauren butterfly Family 18 godzin temu
I Remember that you were my idol Before but not Any more :(
niall 19 godzin temu
"the dude abides!"
niall 19 godzin temu
My man's a cowboy 🤘rock on Hank!!!!
BRAD WILSON 22 godzin temu
bwarz 22 godzin temu
i never want to go to Oklahoma because it is almost completely covered with tornado alley
Lill E.
Lill E. 23 godzin temu
I love how sweet u are to the animals also ur videos are very funny to watch
Gaming with Ramy
Gaming with Ramy 23 godzin temu
Trees: get ready boys
ArkLaTex Multimedia
ArkLaTex Multimedia Dzień temu
Hey Hank, may I use your song Glamorous Adagio for one of my videos?
I want you dead the game price
I want you dead the game price Dzień temu
Had to come back to tell you you're a wonderful human being. The wholesomeness with all the animal friends is palpable and I'm here for it.
Jesus Dzień temu
Is he dead?
Justin and James
Justin and James Dzień temu
Yes, because it is not 2020
John Mumford
John Mumford Dzień temu
So that's how you spent your 4th of July.You couldnhave atleast popped some fireworks while out there.
calci Dzień temu
I’m so glad I found this channel ❤️
JD Dickens
JD Dickens Dzień temu
Quik ill
Quik ill Dzień temu
What happened to Pecos ? He hasn't been active lately & we've had several outbreaks
Kingofthegame 69ner
Kingofthegame 69ner Dzień temu
We got hit by an ef2 last March.. I was watching the news and it touched down by the News Station.. I believe two weeks of today will be the 1 year anniversary of that tornado
Collector Richey
Collector Richey 2 dni temu
Can Pecos Hank claim these miles on his taxes?
Ultra Milk47
Ultra Milk47 2 dni temu
Wait, how often do tornadoes happen there?
Lisa Bloom
Lisa Bloom 2 dni temu
Good Morning Hank, from the UK, we would like to order one of your wonderful pictures ( Down town ), but as we are in the UK, and the shipping is very high if it is in a frame, is there any that we can pay you for a Jpeg version, and then we will get it printed here. Thank you Lisa
Kellie Watts
Kellie Watts 2 dni temu
Considering the fact there’s a cyclone approaching WA I think he should also post videos about these tropical cyclones ...
Daniel Zielinski
Daniel Zielinski 2 dni temu
it has been two yrs and its good that you still make the good videos
Time Lapse Towboater
Time Lapse Towboater 2 dni temu
Pecos Hank, did you say in one of your videos that your from Houston? My family are all fans and have watched all your videos
Lee J
Lee J 2 dni temu
The black tornado on the map looks like the poop emoji upside down
The Gaming MarshMello
The Gaming MarshMello 2 dni temu
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Subtitles at 1:48: This tornado grew tp 2.25 miles wide. The 3rd widest burrito ever documented!
Horzzo 2 dni temu
Those little lizards tickled my fancy.
Jamie Sehdev
Jamie Sehdev 2 dni temu
Lol 2020... Even tornadoes don't wanna touch us.... Lol
muskyman26 2 dni temu
Best of luck in 2021. I need more of your quality storm/reptile content!
i love my mom
i love my mom 2 dni temu
This is so well made
Rebekah Swann
Rebekah Swann 2 dni temu
hi im new herr guys
Big Man
Big Man 2 dni temu
Into song name anyone?
Robert 2 dni temu
The Bible teaches about the seas roaring Gods Judgement is coming to America
The Random channel
The Random channel 2 dni temu
There was a funnel above my house that was three miles wide, but it only had the strength of an EF1
Waleed ALM
Waleed ALM 3 dni temu
Shawn 3 dni temu
IMPORTANT!!! you forget the march 3rd tornado in U.S.A Nashville Tennessee. i was in the tornado warning!!! rank was an EF-3 tornado.
Jacob Val
Jacob Val 3 dni temu
Lol. That's the 2nd time the stop sign joke has been used. It's still beautiful. edit: *and 3rd.
Jon Licht
Jon Licht 3 dni temu
I had a f3 tornado go through my town in early august. I still remember never seeing my fence and it being on the highway
Island Boy Jon's friend
Island Boy Jon's friend 3 dni temu
Please make another video 😭
Rachel 3 dni temu
Take care Hank. Seeing as you’re no longer storm chasing, I must mosey on to more current active chasers. Thanks for the memories. You are awesome.
Vojtovo Šumavské Vlaky cz
Vojtovo Šumavské Vlaky cz 3 dni temu
Beautiful video like and subscribed from Czech Republic
Bhavna Vimal
Bhavna Vimal 3 dni temu
lets just say 2020 was meant to be the extinction year for humans but we survived ......almost with the final issue the covid 19
Eduardo Macias
Eduardo Macias 3 dni temu
*accidently might have killed an ant colony* *saves frogs* unexpected content but I'm here for it
Bricks88 Stop motions
Bricks88 Stop motions 3 dni temu
Pecos Hank which tornado tracker app do you use
Adam Terasek
Adam Terasek 3 dni temu
I love this dude and I love storms. I like that we can all come together and enjoy this stuff and learn something. I like how its an adventurous escape from the increasingly complex and stressful world. I really wanna see Pecos Hank on the Joe Rogan podcast
Fcpg 3 dni temu
bluebirdbus66 3 dni temu
i live in mississippi. I was in colombia visiting my moms boyfriends family. Id diddnt hit us, but it was terrifying.
lori norton
lori norton 3 dni temu
Loved this so much.
Dracula 454l08
Dracula 454l08 3 dni temu
Bev H.
Bev H. 3 dni temu
Well I can't find where I was going to ask you a question, cuz my copy and paste didn't work, let me try this again. Did you narrate for World's Greatest Tornado Home Videos? Sure sounded like you????
Dracula 454l08
Dracula 454l08 3 dni temu
Wanna solve this math kinda hard
Scott Mattern
Scott Mattern 3 dni temu
I'm looking forward to another season of your work.
IvGotBallsOfSteel 3 dni temu
lol at the ants with the peanut
Melanie Weiss
Melanie Weiss 3 dni temu
2:47 "That's a wide tornado." Captions: "That's a wide burrito."
Claritza Cadiz
Claritza Cadiz 3 dni temu
The tornados of year of 2021!
Mr. Firey
Mr. Firey 3 dni temu
Title: TORNADOES OF 2020 Me: what about the Nashville tornado :( Fact: the Nashville tornado hit my neighborhood but not my house :)
Sophie's Little Vlogs
Sophie's Little Vlogs 3 dni temu
we got some bad storms from those first two tornados in ms
Sophie's Little Vlogs
Sophie's Little Vlogs 3 dni temu
captions: "the 3rd widest burrito ever documented!"
Josephine Rose
Josephine Rose 3 dni temu
Why do the captions write "tornado" as "burrito" every time?? Lol
Ziti 52
Ziti 52 3 dni temu
Why did the captions say "the 3rd widest burrito ever documented" at 1:50 lol
zac vanopdorp
zac vanopdorp 4 dni temu
Hey hank, my friend turned me onto your channel and I realized that I had taken a class that was GEO 211 freshman year and it was all about weather. What does the acronym GEO represent in this case?
6 Minecraft one
6 Minecraft one 4 dni temu
Kyan Williamson
Kyan Williamson 4 dni temu
Wow let's hope 2021 season better hank 😁
King Gilbert
King Gilbert 4 dni temu
My house survived the 3rd horrorcane and no damage in the house in Philippines on my country lol
L Just L
L Just L 4 dni temu
That’s a big tornado Captions : that’s a big burrito Me *holding in wheeze*
L Just L
L Just L 3 dni temu
W h e e z e ✨
Ziti 52
Ziti 52 3 dni temu
I gotten that too lol
Leroy Grey
Leroy Grey 4 dni temu
All I Find Of 2020 COVID COVID and Tornados
Sarvante 4 dni temu
I hope you get to 1 million soon
David McMaster
David McMaster 4 dni temu
How many tornadoes did you document in 2020, Hank?
Kayla Thornton
Kayla Thornton 4 dni temu
do not come to me
Camren Kimmerling
Camren Kimmerling 4 dni temu
Seriously, fuck 2020
lina kandrajeva
lina kandrajeva 4 dni temu
Well lets just agree this is pure *c h a o s*
kie m.
kie m. 4 dni temu
Okay so turn on your captions at 6:12 LMAO they actually put in caption ruff ruff ruff arf ruff WOW LMAO XD
YaBoiMikiko 4 dni temu
Does anyone know what radar he uses?
RomaStudios 4 dni temu
How does a spider lightning strike happen
Minnesota Garbage disposal
Minnesota Garbage disposal 4 dni temu
Have you ever chased in Minnesota before?
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 5 dni temu
2020 will be remembered. There was a tornado in my area but it didn't touch us.
Glock Grandma
Glock Grandma 5 dni temu
The twister above the rainbow was spectacular footage!!
TalhaXV63 5 dni temu
5:55 this is what you would hear after a tornado wee woo wee woo
TalhaXV63 5 dni temu
I hate storms, but I like his videos
TalhaXV63 5 dni temu
I like all the background music he adds, it’s sounds scary but cool
theotherotherwhitemeat 22
theotherotherwhitemeat 22 5 dni temu
Tornado or not. You are an excellent photographer and an even better person .. Good luck for 21
Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash 5 dni temu
If it weren't for death and the fragility of the human body I'd run into a tornado
Alli T.
Alli T. 5 dni temu
7:10 there's people that are left homeless after the tornado and this dude's worried about them ants LMAOOO
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain 5 dni temu
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." God loves you, my friends!
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain 2 dni temu
@mary God bless you friend🙌😁
mary 3 dni temu
All glory to God!!
A Robinson
A Robinson 5 dni temu
Thank you for your videos. It is lovely to see such a balanced approach to storm chasing, with awe for the beauty, respect for the danger, compassion for the damage, truly well done explanations, and enough laughs to lighten the mood. Again, thank you for all you do.
MRR Adam
MRR Adam 5 dni temu
No 2020 now 2021
Museum of Memes
Museum of Memes 5 dni temu
Looks like the tornado at 2:12 decided to listen to the nearby town and quit
Bella Curry
Bella Curry 5 dni temu
Owen Miller
Owen Miller 5 dni temu
Any else notice that the official closed captioning consistently changes the word 'tornado' with 'burrito' ?? 🌯 🌪 😂
Beatox Gaming
Beatox Gaming 5 dni temu
Hank heres a question, Have your car ever been rolled or picked up in a tornado situation?
masskilla469 5 dni temu
I love this guy!! GO HANK!!
Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor 6 dni temu
Lmao can't help but see joe dirt in this fella. when he's feeding the lizards lmao totally so joe dirt!
Veronica Guyader
Veronica Guyader 6 dni temu
Always a great reflection of storms, life, and more. GOD BLESS in 2021!
Roy 6 dni temu
It's like earth saying fuck you humans.... So here take this!!!!
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