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Dog Never Wagged Her Tail Until She Met Her Foster Dad | This rescue dog wouldn’t stop shaking for months - but now she’s wagging her tail for the first time. Special thanks to Rocky Kanaka for sharing this story with us and for fostering Blossom! For more of Blossom, visit: For more info on adopting Blossom via Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, visit:
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Sunita Balayar
Sunita Balayar 6 godzin temu
Your dedication towards her is amazing
Its_only_ Karma
Its_only_ Karma 6 godzin temu
Spend 3 months making a bond with a dog only to give it away,, Americans puzzle me
D nasty
D nasty 7 godzin temu
i cant imagine what she had been trough
brook 13 godzin temu
seeing her wag her tail made me so happy she’s such a sweet angel
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher 16 godzin temu
Today has been pretty sucky at work. But this channel makes my feels a lot better.
Vivien Cowley
Vivien Cowley 20 godzin temu
It makes you wonder what happened to her to make her like this, poor little mite.
jeffery robinson
jeffery robinson Dzień temu
After 3 years and seeing her running so happily makes me cry for good thanks for doing this ❤️❤️
Jo In
Jo In Dzień temu
You're a good dude man. Keep it up. Blossom is.....well, a blossom! Such a sweet looking pup!
ReFraggled_80s Dzień temu
Bless the soul of this man
Me Joe
Me Joe Dzień temu
Rocky Kanaka, you are amazing!
Barking Dog
Barking Dog 2 dni temu
Worth every second. Amazing, patient work.
robert johnso
robert johnso 2 dni temu
There are 8k morons out there that disliked this. Hey. Hey. No. You. It’s you downvoters that get a dislike from me. It’s y’all that suck. Not this awesome little video. And DOGGO.
Ronald Coleman
Ronald Coleman 2 dni temu
I love a happy ending.
Robyn 2 dni temu
Wow to see her finally relax and then run around the yard made me shed a couple tears of joy. You saved her life🥰
Rozq 2 dni temu
I'm so fckn happy there are people like this out there.
maria a Paiva
maria a Paiva 2 dni temu
God bless bless you all good hearts!!
Intellgram 2 dni temu
You are amazing man
Turk McGirt
Turk McGirt 2 dni temu
Thats sad. She finally trusts you and isnt scared then boom you put her up for adoption.
Patrick 3 dni temu
It was so cute seeing her running around in the yard at the end. She was finally free from all that fear and neglect and she could finally trust humans again. That’s where the guy should have had the dog run up to him and then he drops like a 100 pound Boulder on her.
Evil Sin Reaper
Evil Sin Reaper 3 dni temu
I had to watch this video when I saw the thumbnail
Kayode 3 dni temu
He got more patience than me. God bless him.
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv
Blink Once Buddies #ReVeluv 3 dni temu
Blossom is such a beautiful name
Sudo Kuno
Sudo Kuno 3 dni temu
my dad passed recently due to a illness and these videos always keep my heart warm and happy so thank u
Moredhel83 3 dni temu
Blossom is my favourite dog I ever saw on this channel
Shadow Biswas
Shadow Biswas 3 dni temu
melekeen 3 dni temu
Does she have a shock collar on? Why does a fearful dog have a shock collar?
N. Pippen
N. Pippen 9 godzin temu
GPS tracker
Cole Barrick
Cole Barrick 3 dni temu
Damn. All I gotta say. Everyone needs a heart like this. How can people torture these best friends.
Anelia Prodanova
Anelia Prodanova 3 dni temu
Bravo -you are doing inrecdible things-, you’re an incredible person -thank you !
Dan the man
Dan the man 4 dni temu
She beautiful thank you helping her
Alonso Chapa
Alonso Chapa 4 dni temu
What breed is this dog?
Gaetz Hammond
Gaetz Hammond 4 dni temu
He is going to be a good father one day.
J. Michael Gunner
J. Michael Gunner 4 dni temu
Wish I had the ability to take Blossom.
Ricky J.C.
Ricky J.C. 4 dni temu
Is there somewhere I can look at dogs currently available, supported by reputable shelters or by people like these, for adoption? Recently been wanting to adopt, my doggo died 3 years ago and I've been thinking about it a lot lately; this video reminded me there are just so many out there that need a great home.
Natalie Walters
Natalie Walters 4 dni temu
Thank god for people like you 🙏xx loves from the UK x
Dayne Pillay
Dayne Pillay 4 dni temu
Super cool ..
Bubble Bee
Bubble Bee 5 dni temu
Ik 2021 but I love Rocky he so nice and all the other helpers
Nero The Backwards Oren
Nero The Backwards Oren 5 dni temu
"Never wagged her tail" Such outrageus claims, because of that I am done with this channel, too much fake drama for the sake of "better stories" my life has enough drama for now. Thanks and goodbye
French Kiwi
French Kiwi 5 dni temu
Oh my goodness you can see the pain and fear in her eyes
Denim Petrova
Denim Petrova 5 dni temu
steven sutherland
steven sutherland 6 dni temu
Dude you are the man. From Australia.
Vas 6 dni temu
I love These videos so much I don’t even need sleep for work tomorrow
Barry Vega
Barry Vega 6 dni temu
People are just fucking pathetic, will give a dog a better life before your fellow man. Bet it makes him feel like he changed the world smh ..... do this for the homeless and mentally unstable! Let them animals be animals they don’t belong on your leashes as your fucking accessory/slave!
general morose
general morose 6 dni temu
Tammy Longo
Tammy Longo 6 dni temu
Poor thing
ZaZaCobra 6 dni temu
I just wonder... what kind of collar is that?
Gio Torres
Gio Torres 6 dni temu
Dog look traumatized feom her passes dog has anxiety
Chelsea Hawkins
Chelsea Hawkins 7 dni temu
Noura Elise Saadeh
Noura Elise Saadeh 7 dni temu
This guy is one of my favorite PLpostr
echangeclasse 7 dni temu
Lily Campbell
Lily Campbell 7 dni temu
I'm glad it was him who adopted her
Raquel Amara
Raquel Amara 7 dni temu
nilanjana ghosh dastidar
nilanjana ghosh dastidar 7 dni temu
Love, affection, care. That’s all they want. :)
Writergirlk Writergirl
Writergirlk Writergirl 7 dni temu
Happy 😁😊
Michael Monkey
Michael Monkey 7 dni temu
2:30 that sweet but scared look of 'iz thiz ok?'
John Doe
John Doe 8 dni temu
Very heart warming. Great video!
Marie Doherty
Marie Doherty 9 dni temu
Blossom has blossomed...Beautiful. I hope she finds a wonderful home deserving of such a sweetheart 💕
mini mouse
mini mouse 9 dni temu
Ty for your heart
ALEF MACHADO 9 dni temu
David Bertram
David Bertram 10 dni temu wonder they say all dogs go to heaven, sad but very beautiful at the same time. Thank god for dogs and people like these for giving her a new life!👍🏻
makj 2810
makj 2810 10 dni temu
Blossom is so awesome!🥰😍
Elizabeth 10 dni temu
"the sunlight scares her" stop describing me
{860} yugant Nandakumar pednekar
{860} yugant Nandakumar pednekar 11 dni temu
Rockey is jr mr beast
Erin go bragh
Erin go bragh 11 dni temu
You are a good man mate. Blossom you rule girl.
Servis Servis
Servis Servis 11 dni temu
Love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love dog love
Dave McKenzie
Dave McKenzie 11 dni temu
Seeing her literally shaking ,everytime, from head-to-toe in the 1st half of the simply broke my Heart !
Frans Jansen
Frans Jansen 11 dni temu
A wonderful story, thank you for sharing.
Šimo Knežević
Šimo Knežević 12 dni temu
I love how this guys want to help these dogs. I couldn't belive that beatiful little dogs always have to be abused. Man, paradise really is in this world and this guy showed us, not only him, there are also a lot of people who love to help someone.
IdesOfMarch23 12 dni temu
We adopted a year and a half old Pomeranian after 6 or 7 failed adoption attempts. He was a mess. Pretty sure we were his last chance. We even gave up on him once but reconsidered. He's now 9 and he's turned into a wonderful dog. We're so proud of him!
Thunderball Mcgillicutty
Thunderball Mcgillicutty 13 dni temu
Hard pause 2:57, there's a smile....
Thunderball Mcgillicutty
Thunderball Mcgillicutty 13 dni temu
Im going to throw a rap verse out for you'll, please don't hate me till the end..."positive education activates constant elivation" gravediggas
slumlord racing
slumlord racing 13 dni temu
Awe she needed someone to show her love so bad. Someone really hurt this little sweetheart. 🥺
pastaa. 13 dni temu
what breed
Mo Haroon
Mo Haroon 14 dni temu
Rocky do you now Rebecca
Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma 14 dni temu
3:15 yessssss😭😭😭
Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas 15 dni temu
WOW we. Are making progress
Gaming Everyday
Gaming Everyday 16 dni temu
dad is done burying the bodies and is going to the corner store to “buy milk”
Common Sense Corner
Common Sense Corner 16 dni temu
🤣 “Good job Blossom!” 😡 “Hey, No Compliments!”
Nick Name
Nick Name 16 dni temu
Awesome blossom! ... 😁😃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😁
My litle maya and cookie
My litle maya and cookie 17 dni temu
Wow its rocky kanaka his so nice he helps dogs by all of them 100 pupachinos 100 cakes and rescue a lot of dogs god bless all especialy u rocky kanaka pls always be nice to animals
stfu 17 dni temu
You have a beautiful soul to do this
Gene Stone
Gene Stone 18 dni temu
The materialistic slipper metabolically camp because mitten chemically marry regarding a hungry country. acid, deserted grey
Trump Lost LOL
Trump Lost LOL 18 dni temu
This is NOT the way to treat a scared dog. Should let her stay in a fully covered kennel. Just give her water and food at first. Then slowly open the cover a little bit after a day or two so the dog can take a peep of the outside. Then start letting the dog see you a little when you bring her food and water. After a couple of days, the dog will settle down and will not be afraid of you when you bring her food. One of my cats was scared of both humans and cats, and I already had two cats at home. I put her in a crate for a few days but let her out of the crate too early and she ended up hiding at the back of the fridge for a few days. It was a mistake. All scared animals will feel safer inside a covered kennel or crate. Only when you observe them behaving a little bit more normally inside a crate with humans and cats outside of the crate, can you let her out.
badbooks2 18 dni temu
This video is beautiful, her eyes are so sweet! I actually am scared by dogs, and believe me it's not a nice feeling, because my life is affected by that. I was doing some (big) progresses, but the pandemic stopped them all. I truly envy almost the rest of humanity who do not suffer my problem, but I just want to ask you all to not lough about people like me, and don't minimise when someone say "I'm scared". Many compliments for your journey with Blossom.
Isabella Kirabo
Isabella Kirabo 19 dni temu
I can't foster a dog cos I would just end up super attached and adopting him/her. These guys do a great job.
SevenDeMagnus 19 dni temu
I wish I loved my rottweiler mix at his most time in need and my other dog. May we reunite in heaven someday.
JMG 19 dni temu
I would’ve returned blossom lol
Jm Calambas
Jm Calambas 19 dni temu
The dog is like your bestfriend
Michael 19 dni temu
John 4:18 “ Perfect love casts out all fear”
BibleTalk 18 dni temu
Michael 19 dni temu
God bless these amazing people. Truly doing a wonderful thing for these animals that just need love and acceptance. I feel so bad that any of these helpless animals have to even be in these environments to start with when they don’t deserve any of it. You all are amazing and i hope you can get everyone of them too a loving home one day. I pray one day I will be able to help one myself one day too. Thank you 🙏🏻
marvinc999 19 dni temu
Now, THAT is my idea of a Good Man !
4 BRATKA B 20 dni temu
astra zeneca
astra zeneca 20 dni temu
love it!!
B 21 dzień temu
That's patience
XxSiivaxaxX 22 dni temu
She’s so cute 🥰
Sarah E
Sarah E 22 dni temu
Blossom's tail wagging was the most adorable thing, especially given how scared she was in the beginning. She's lucky to have had such a patient foster dad.
emir mitat
emir mitat 22 dni temu
Letitbe 22 dni temu
You are doing a great job! Thank you very much!
Maultie 22 dni temu
My grandma and grandpa has alittle chihuahua it would shake around everyone for a year Sadly, its bc it was chained up outside everyday with a heavy chain on its neck which is weird bc he was hella small, but he also got beaten. its sad how many people can their hands on any dog and beat it or not take care of it and still keep it. I really have no idea how my grandpa got hold of him and saved him.
asmani kaminia
asmani kaminia 22 dni temu
The awake basin lily note because payment simplistically learn excluding a dispensable kenya. onerous, unnatural schedule
The one And only Petrunka
The one And only Petrunka 23 dni temu
I’m still crying thank you for being a good man
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