★ 4K Cab ride St. Moritz - Tirano, fresh snow, strong winds & snowdrifts [03.2020]

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Welcome to the second cab ride along the world famous, heritage listed Berninanahn (Bernina railway), this time in 4K 60 frames per second quality - and during winter. If you missed the first run along this track, it is worth checking out plpost.info/chat/st2cpJq3nY6lfKg/wideo.html (recorded Autumn 2019).
A special thank you to Paolo for recording this trip. His channel: plpost.info
The Bernina railway sets a few records, including being the highest railway alpine crossing in Europe (2253m), the highest adhesion railway of the continent, the open air railway with the greatest height difference (1824m) and furthermore one of the steepest adhesion railways (conventional railway without cogs) worldwide, with gradients of up to 7%.
The gradients are included in the upper right corner in the same format as they appear to the driver. The arrow indicates whether the gradient is up or down, the larger number is the promille value (1/10 of 1%) and the smaller number indicates the distance of the gradient in meters. You will also see station names with their altitude, tunnel and bridge names with their length and year of construction - as well as other interesting information along the way to improve your viewing experience.
A unique aspect of Switzerland's narrow gauge mountain railways is the mixing of passenger and freight wagons in a single train, with wagons often added or removed at intermediate stops with shunting locomotives. On the Bernina line, the cargo mostly consists of wood on stake cars and derivatives of oil in tank cars. Today we
take a wagon with us from Pontresina to Poschiavo with good for a Coop supermarket.
Thanks for watching and have a great day!
This video is copyrighted and may not be reuploaded, edited, used or distributed on youtube or outside of this platform without my written consent.

Alexander Sundukov
Alexander Sundukov 6 miesięcy temu
0:01:45 Sankt Moritz 0:05:10 Celerina Staz 0:07:05 Punt Muragl Staz 0:09:25 Pontresina 0:12:55 Surovas 0:18:40 Alp Nouva 0:19:30 Morteratsch 0:25:30 Bernina Suot 0:27:30 Bernina Diavolezza 0:29:25 Bernina Lagalb 0:37:50 Ospizio Bernina 0:46:40 Alp Grüm 0:52:20 Stablini 1:00:45 Cavaglia 1:10:50 Cadera 1:22:40 Poschiavo 1:26:10 Li Curt 1:28:30 Cantoniera 1:30:15 Le Prese 1:35:15 Miralago 1:42:55 Brusio 1:48:45 Campascio 1:51:30 Campocologno 1:58:35 Tirano 1:53:05 Border
Samira Abidi
Samira Abidi 12 dni temu
Antonia Intini
Antonia Intini Miesiąc temu
Krisas22 Miesiąc temu
N HB B B BCB. , . , , k
Wandering Around
Wandering Around Miesiąc temu
Cheers mate
Julie Randall
Julie Randall 2 miesięcy temu
@alex s I 💕 that bit too.
MICHAEL DERKS 2 godzin temu
amazing scenery,,, I ccould watch this for hours
Julian Charles-Fellows
Julian Charles-Fellows 20 godzin temu
'@ 1.39.40 Nature's snowline gives way to Summer.. I love snow lines, here in Scotland you get them up a hill all the way to June and July.
abhishek sanjodiya
abhishek sanjodiya Dzień temu
😲😲wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩😲
Dopravák Martin
Dopravák Martin Dzień temu
Ist dieses Video in Imovie bearbeitet?
Dopravák Martin
Dopravák Martin Dzień temu
@lorirocks777 Ich habe einen iMac :-)
lorirocks777 Dzień temu
JcP jean-claude
JcP jean-claude 3 dni temu
le paradis blanc..............
LUIZ CABRAL 4 dni temu
Katsu Oto
Katsu Oto 4 dni temu
Wow, such a nice view!
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain 4 dni temu
The quirky cuticle successfully invent because overcoat microcephaly dam throughout a complex tornado. delicious, redundant clarinet
matt billingham
matt billingham 5 dni temu
Typo at 48:53 - ahould be 2390m, rather than 239, surely!
lorirocks777 5 dni temu
But there is a typo in your comment 😂
lorirocks777 5 dni temu
The gallery isn't 2km long. Altitude is always indicated with an upwards arrow.
Ellesmere Wildwood
Ellesmere Wildwood 6 dni temu
I've watched the summer video of this rail journey and now I'm watching the winter video and something just dawned on me. There's no graffiti anywhere. This is such a beautiful place, I wish I could move there.
okimojo 6 dni temu
Making me homesick right now. Beautiful video!
KrotowX 7 dni temu
In the world of Snow Queen... amazing!
mathana gopal
mathana gopal 8 dni temu
Please show the compartment view, full train view, front runningview, ice cutting view, side view ,so that you can make it fruitful.
Paolo 5 dni temu
Really? Do you need some champagne too? ;)
룰루랄라교육청 9 dni temu
Wow.. it's wonderful!
후루루쿠펑 9 dni temu
Przemcio78 9 dni temu
My loved Alps
Эрика Краузе
Эрика Краузе 9 dni temu
Представляю, какой там экологически чистый воздух.
gnturibi 10 dni temu
Watching this from the tropics at 28 degrees celcius outside and getting hypnotised
1before 11 dni temu
Anyone else spot the train appearing out of nowhere at 30:26? It just fades in. You can see the fifth pole on the right, holding up the electric cables, appears in front of the train!
Paolo 5 dni temu
It's a kind of magic magic ;)
sneaker bot
sneaker bot 11 dni temu
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lorirocks777 10 dni temu
The immense hamsters are my favourite
москаль Замоскворецкий
москаль Замоскворецкий 12 dni temu
Реально, - нереально красиво !!!
Marilyn Roberts
Marilyn Roberts 13 dni temu
This was an amazing view.Beautiful scenery 😊
IULIAN POPESCU 13 dni temu
Pete DeLorean
Pete DeLorean 13 dni temu
Greetings from the Arizona desert! Peace.
Pete DeLorean
Pete DeLorean 13 dni temu
Paolo 12 dni temu
Always yeah haha
I don't know lol
I don't know lol 13 dni temu
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Marlene Phillips
Marlene Phillips 13 dni temu
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Mandesar Production I MandesarPro
Mandesar Production I MandesarPro 14 dni temu
Wow amazing
irresistibleguy72 16 dni temu
Travel BC or Alberta Canada too if you like Switzerland its a much bigger version of it and some !
André Fortes
André Fortes 16 dni temu
Very Nice... 🇧🇷
Rakel Abreu
Rakel Abreu 16 dni temu
Gostaria de ver o mapa desse país pois achei muito bom mesmo! Porém assustador quero saber mais.abracos!⭐⭐⭐♥️
valerio allievi
valerio allievi 16 dni temu
valerio allievi
valerio allievi 16 dni temu
SCOTT WATSON 17 dni temu
Carlos Meksraitis
Carlos Meksraitis 18 dni temu
Fantastic !!! Congratulations !! What camera have you used to make this videos?
Paolo 18 dni temu
Thanks! A GoPro Hero Black 8
Diesel Dave's Railway Adventure
Diesel Dave's Railway Adventure 19 dni temu
Like the video very much.Take care
Manfred Zueg
Manfred Zueg 20 dni temu
video meraviglioso, un viaggio su treno da fare assolutamente appena possibile! Posso chiedere a Paolo con quale attrezzatura video è stato fatto (marca e modello)? Mirrorless + recorder esterno o videocamera classica? Come stativo cosa è stato usato? Grazie mille ;-)
Mas Tain
Mas Tain 22 dni temu
P. Moraes
P. Moraes 22 dni temu
Belíssima paisagem! 🤩✌👏👏👏 🇧🇷
michel dulieu
michel dulieu 23 dni temu
Un vrai régal, je ne m'en lasse pas, je glisse dans un rêve
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Deal Dr em Deal de em 23 dni temu
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Deal Dr em Deal de em
Deal Dr em Deal de em 23 dni temu
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qyarc 27 dni temu
Świetny film, więcej takich Pozdrawiam z pl.
Siuja Jane Natas
Siuja Jane Natas 29 dni temu
Words fail me...humbled ...love u all...vella
Paolo 28 dni temu
James Fuentes Vlogs
James Fuentes Vlogs 29 dni temu
What a beautiful country Switzerland I love this place I'm really enjoy to watch this content
sdalt001 29 dni temu
My son loves his Brio trains. Showed him this video, now one of his favorite things to do...while building trains.
lorirocks777 26 dni temu
Wow, that's awesome! I was the same as a child, but back then it was VHS videos :-D
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain Miesiąc temu
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Mpampis Maragkos
Mpampis Maragkos Miesiąc temu
Sweet Love
Sweet Love Miesiąc temu
A cab in this country must mean train.
Sweet Love
Sweet Love Miesiąc temu
@lorirocks777 The view and train tracks made it obvious that it wasnt a cab. I saw someone call it a cab. You're right in different countries things have different names.
lorirocks777 Miesiąc temu
For lack of a better word.. Cockpit is more for planes, what do you call the driver's part of a train? In England I'm guessing it's the driver's cab or cabin.
Sweet Love
Sweet Love Miesiąc temu
Ok, this is clearly not a cab.
Sweet Love
Sweet Love Miesiąc temu
What?? A train at 53:35 minutes in😂? Also the driver must have something that adapts to the tracks because he/she is driving on a track the whole time!! People in America don't have nerves of steel like this..
Sweet Love
Sweet Love Miesiąc temu
Kudos to this driver!!
redbit redbit
redbit redbit Miesiąc temu
💯Bellissimo video congratulazioni 👏🌏🇮🇹
redbit redbit
redbit redbit Miesiąc temu
🌏Spettacolare immagini mozzafiato d'incanto grande bene naturale 🇮🇹📹💯🔝👏👏
redbit redbit
redbit redbit Miesiąc temu
🌏Magnifique relaxing romantic Video .Beautiful Show This Nature📹🌏💯🔝👍
Markaz8374 Miesiąc temu
My first movie I watched on your channel (on my new TV: D) Great job, all your movies are great. I also know that I want to see Switzerland live, among others, from the windows of the train. I think I also awakened a new passion for railways. On a daily basis, my hobby is modeling and rolling stock models will also find a place in my collection. I am happy to subscribe to channels like yours, watching the best movie productions possible. Congratulations and best regards from Poland!
Vu Phuong Trinh
Vu Phuong Trinh Miesiąc temu
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Omi3VehicleChannel おみさん乗り物チャンネル
Omi3VehicleChannel おみさん乗り物チャンネル Miesiąc temu
Chandrakant Bahikar
Chandrakant Bahikar Miesiąc temu
Nice video greeting from India.
Andrew Silva
Andrew Silva Miesiąc temu
Saw how hard the wind was blowing at the very beginning of the video, so wated to ask if I may, if the winds are this strong, how easyt would it be to actually have the wind blow the train off of the tracks, and secondly, if the wind gusts get too high do they actually Stop the trains from running until the winds Die down enough, and thirdly, how can the train actually travel on tracks that are pretty much impossible to see or should I say completely Cover in snow like they were?
Paolo Miesiąc temu
First: the typical wind speeds aren't a problem for the trains. Second: its more the avalanche danger that makes the line close. Third: I would say up to 0.5m snow is possible to get through. Normally before trains pass snowblowers and other snow equipments are used to clear the track.
aleksey_melk Miesiąc temu
What a beautiful country Switzerland is. It's just a winter fairy tale! I subscribed to your channel and am very happy about it. First time I found this. A window to Europe!!!
lorirocks777 Miesiąc temu
Thank you!
Lees Castle
Lees Castle Miesiąc temu
Fascinating video, thank you. How often is the line blocked during the winter?
Paolo Miesiąc temu
It depends. Usually maybe 3-5 days
Per Erik Akerjordet
Per Erik Akerjordet Miesiąc temu
The mother of all cab-rides!
Alvaro Vasquez
Alvaro Vasquez Miesiąc temu
Franklin Brooks
Franklin Brooks Miesiąc temu
This is my favorite cab-view video EVER, and I’ve seen hundreds. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😎🤠
i o
i o Miesiąc temu
slm hi
lorirocks777 Miesiąc temu
Many thanks!
Adam Szczepański
Adam Szczepański Miesiąc temu
Beautiful and monumental NATURE with a swift tram-train peacefully running across it! Great thanks for such experience. Have you got any info on this line: namely span&voltage, max rise and fall of the terrain alongside - I'm just curious as rail hobbyist...
Adam Szczepański
Adam Szczepański Miesiąc temu
@lorirocks777 Just've seen - astonished with such narrow gauge on such winding line. Must the operators be very careful when on sharp bent... Generally Your Swiss rail series is perfectly made and h.quality camera can be observed in every frame!
lorirocks777 Miesiąc temu
You should see the Liestal - Waldenburg video. The gauge is only 750mm.
Paolo Miesiąc temu
@Adam Szczepański that EMU can run at 11kV AC as well
Adam Szczepański
Adam Szczepański Miesiąc temu
@Paolo Thanks for interesting data. This looks as tram-like (DC, narrow span) but VERY smart rail!
Paolo Miesiąc temu
@Adam Szczepański the span is 1m. The incline is shown at the upper right. Max is 7%
Preston Britto
Preston Britto Miesiąc temu
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Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain Miesiąc temu
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Anibal SC
Anibal SC Miesiąc temu
Very nice, greetings from Mexico
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos Miesiąc temu
Amazing.... I had never seen anything like this!
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz Miesiąc temu
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Ereacefreight rail
Ereacefreight rail Miesiąc temu
Serg Smok
Serg Smok Miesiąc temu
В России вроде запрещено ездить по заснеженным рельсам...
rodyemmanuel alexis jennifer
rodyemmanuel alexis jennifer Miesiąc temu
HERMOSO VIDEO dos horas frente ala computadora viendo el video as ta el final ,quisiera verlo de regteso el video
Paolo 4 dni temu
Muchas gracias! Estoy feliz que te gusta!
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz Miesiąc temu
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Oscar van Dillen
Oscar van Dillen Miesiąc temu
brave brave brave brave sir paolo!
Paolo Miesiąc temu
Oscar van Dillen
Oscar van Dillen Miesiąc temu
one never forgets that eerie and beautiful light with sun and snow blowing - great footage!
duke royalty
duke royalty Miesiąc temu
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Railway TV
Railway TV Miesiąc temu
Thank you for this wonderful collection of footage!
Vernie Knox
Vernie Knox Miesiąc temu
Holy cow..sounds like me when I see a snake!
Vernie Knox
Vernie Knox Miesiąc temu
My husband's in the living room swearing at the hockey game. (Canada here) I'm in bed travelling up the mountain.
Vernie Knox
Vernie Knox Miesiąc temu
Absolutely love this!💓
Josef Vobornik
Josef Vobornik Miesiąc temu
Nádherné video na které se dá dívat stále.
The Irish Rebel
The Irish Rebel Miesiąc temu
Wow that was amazing & so relaxing to watch. Question though, how can the points & crossings operate with so much snow blocking their movements, are they heated somehow to prevent clogging? Hope that wasn’t a stupid question!
lorirocks777 Miesiąc temu
Points needed for the main line are heated, yes :)
Pacaj Albert
Pacaj Albert Miesiąc temu
Vau schöne Baum 🌳
LBC Spotter
LBC Spotter Miesiąc temu
Amazing Video!!! I think I had an Eyegasm :-)
M F Miesiąc temu
a winter wonderland of beauty! thank you lori and paolo.
CSX Chicago Line
CSX Chicago Line Miesiąc temu
Amazing video!
Jerson DF
Jerson DF Miesiąc temu
Santo Deus, quanto gelo...
Mother Earth
Mother Earth Miesiąc temu
Awesomely Beautiful but terrifying at the same time. Christmas Land. What’s behind those Doors in the Tunnel?
Paolo Miesiąc temu
@Mother Earth they are tunnels to protect the track from snow
Mother Earth
Mother Earth Miesiąc temu
@Paolo the first door I can see starts about 42 minutes in
Paolo Miesiąc temu
Thanks! Which doors?? When??
richard sutherlin
richard sutherlin Miesiąc temu
What a train ride. Feels Like your on a sled ride.
Karlos Daniel
Karlos Daniel Miesiąc temu
0:41 Is that a Roman arche?
喬冶 Miesiąc temu
Spikeyfish Miesiąc temu
Beatiful from Kosovo 🇽🇰
Роман Miesiąc temu
Вот это работенка, вот это пейзажи!
GretchenDawntreader Miesiąc temu
1:25:30 love the bit in Poschaivo where for a couple hundred feet the rails just run down the middle of the road then diverge again, that is a very looooooong level crossing.
dariusz reda
dariusz reda Miesiąc temu
Dupy z domu nie ruszylem, a Szwajcarie zobaczylem!
Nasrunnizar Nadzri
Nasrunnizar Nadzri Miesiąc temu
Your channel has the best 4k train ride videos yet! Thanks for the experience!
evilborg Miesiąc temu
Going down you can tell the grade and boy that is steep. I'm watching it from my house and even my heart raced a few times!
evilborg Miesiąc temu
Kinda freaky not seeing the rails!!
anjana vadiveloo
anjana vadiveloo Miesiąc temu
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