Animals Acting like Humans #1 • Reddit Compilation

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The ultimate compilation of
Enjoy the first episode of this new series
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Gabi Alonso
Gabi Alonso 15 godzin temu
the dog rollin his eye is to cute
Boogie Woogie
Boogie Woogie 19 godzin temu
Humans are animals :D
Marvin Ramsenthaler
Marvin Ramsenthaler 21 godzinę temu
come on fellas let us show them how they should behave
Babylon M
Babylon M 2 dni temu
nice video inappropriate music
Arcanjo Miguel
Arcanjo Miguel 2 dni temu
i barely paid attention to the video i was just rapping gibberish through the soundtrack
Life Student
Life Student 3 dni temu
Arent humans animals too?
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith 4 dni temu
The Gorillaz watching the caterpillar and then the orangutan paddling a canoe... 👁️👄👁️
Washington Luiz Eleoterio
Washington Luiz Eleoterio 4 dni temu
Mais humanos que humanos. infelizmente.
Niclas Romanski
Niclas Romanski 4 dni temu
Now... lets gather some of them in modern concentration camps and make meat out of them, of course after a humiliating and depressing life!
Funny Animals Prank
Funny Animals Prank 4 dni temu
_Anybody think so, Monkeys are the smartest animals?_
pwane crazy
pwane crazy 5 dni temu
1:27 ah yes I love taking a dump in my front yard
Wasp-117B 6 dni temu
4.30 am nice
Evelina Gutauskaitė
Evelina Gutauskaitė 6 dni temu
1:40 well that's one weird ass dog
JcPG 6 dni temu
What if we are just acting like them?
Harvey Greenwood
Harvey Greenwood 7 dni temu
What’s this song called
Sergiy Radonezhsky
Sergiy Radonezhsky 7 dni temu
you say it like we created these sorts of behaviours XD. I ain't hating though, good vid.
Max Schiavon
Max Schiavon 8 dni temu
5:45 My DJ stomach wants to puke.
Icxy Drxp
Icxy Drxp 9 dni temu
so is anyone gonna talk about the mouse soaping itself up
Mat14sv 9 dni temu
6:36 Bien molesto el pez xd
Raccia Crack
Raccia Crack 9 dni temu
4:45 that ain't mine woman, you aren't getting child support from me
Raccia Crack
Raccia Crack 9 dni temu
Man...primates. They feel so foreign yet so familiar. Its odd seeing another intelligent species, knowing that one day we might uplift them to our level. Though it just as interesting to see them know, acting so...intelligent. Really makes you realize your origins and common ancestry.
Crybaby 9 dni temu
I don't know whats more worrying !? That animals act like us ,or us acting like animals !!??🤔 Its creepy though 😳
Eron Raj
Eron Raj 9 dni temu
KERA SHOW 9 dni temu
I saw my self and my wife, on the fish fight scene
S.Club 9 dni temu
bit of a train wreck on the music at 6.00. something to improve on i guess! but great compilation otherwise
the23rdbryan 10 dni temu
ultimate compilation of the most annoying music ever.
Crazy Bella Kim
Crazy Bella Kim 10 dni temu
What a heart touching and lovely video! !
Dave Lordy
Dave Lordy 10 dni temu
Everyone's thinking how clever and observant the gorillas are, but the Caterpillar has just come back from a meeting where he landed a £460,000 deal supplying silk to a clothing retail business.
Faiiryy 10 dni temu
8:34 I know she is a kid and stuff, but man that girl was so stupid. I hope she cried after that...
Pat P
Pat P 10 dni temu At 8:34 that kid deserved what she received ! I loved watching her receive instant Karma. PS Off topic but .. How do I post the time in a comment without inserting the whole url ?
Александр Светлов
Александр Светлов 10 dni temu
Very nice! Thank you!
Ernesto 93
Ernesto 93 11 dni temu
@5:22 if this dog reacts from seeing his own reflect, it passes the ''Mirror Test''. That's quite something in the animal world. But maybe it just reacts from perceiving his owner's moves. IDK but we can suspect it's a smart dog
Funniest Animals Videos
Funniest Animals Videos 11 dni temu
Funniest Animals Videos
Square Nipples
Square Nipples 11 dni temu
Couldn’t watch this til the end because of that god awful music
TERMINATROLL 11 dni temu
stupid music
Ah Jodie
Ah Jodie 12 dni temu
The music really brought out the creepiness of what we think of animals like, when they are actually as smart as us, if not smarter than us!
LolzerZ 11 dni temu
Yeah! Those gorillas be getting their PhDs!
Mel 12 dni temu
Just showing, how close they are to us.
Joseph Chatfield
Joseph Chatfield 12 dni temu
Maybe because a lot of things that we created - is because we studied nature. The wright brothers gotten to the full understanding of how to fly - by examining birds and sharks.
James Hartt
James Hartt 12 dni temu
@2:00 Even the chicken knows she so cute...
Italiano Siciliano Mistro
Italiano Siciliano Mistro 12 dni temu
And we eat them🥺😔
Terry Sampson
Terry Sampson 12 dni temu
So precious
Jimnesstar L. Nonglait
Jimnesstar L. Nonglait 12 dni temu
👍🦨🦦🦔🐿️🐫🐪🦙🦥🐘🦏🦒🦘🐒🐒🦍🦧🐐🐏 Thanks for the 2 years ago.
SumJediScum :3
SumJediScum :3 13 dni temu
6:07 yooo monki got that copped da drip 😤👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥💯
nick shryock
nick shryock 13 dni temu
I want to see the humans acting like animals compilation. Much more to the point.
Katherine Klevenow
Katherine Klevenow 13 dni temu
Or maybe it's humans acting like animals
Nicole Mmdu
Nicole Mmdu 13 dni temu
a bit self centered to think they aren't just acting as themselves. they're not mimicking us, we just have things in common.
Rostik K
Rostik K 13 dni temu
i think we need video where's humans acting like animals
ana peixoto
ana peixoto 13 dni temu
Wendy Somers
Wendy Somers 13 dni temu
Wendy Somers
Wendy Somers 13 dni temu
Wendy Somers
Wendy Somers 13 dni temu
moxalic11 moxalic11
moxalic11 moxalic11 13 dni temu
8:29 то чуство когда даже у игуана есть телка))
kris best
kris best 13 dni temu
Loved all of this everyone who doesn,t watch it all is. missing out.
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 13 dni temu
Loved it when the horse grabbed the nasty kid by the hair and threw it down! That's what you get for hitting a horse twice, brat. The animals were incredible. What smarts.
Randy Orton
Randy Orton 14 dni temu
That Orangutan one is my favourite 👍. Just how Human those apes are, it's shocking.
Łukasz Specjał
Łukasz Specjał 14 dni temu
When we transcendence, someone will eventually take our place
Оксана Вернер
Оксана Вернер 14 dni temu
Anandita Arya
Anandita Arya 14 dni temu
7:05 fuck that person that's a pacarana and he ISN'T taking a shower: that's animal abuse ! He's trying to get it off because it's stinging it's skin !
とある日の思い出 14 dni temu
7:49 『ヤバーーーーーイ!!』
Mycology hiking club
Mycology hiking club 14 dni temu
the crazy thing is that nobody wants to think of or acknowledge is that we are the most complex animals on earth and you can find traces of our behavior in all living creatures we all come from the same place evolutionarily speaking and we are all racing to the same goal whatever that may be
Christine Hannah
Christine Hannah 14 dni temu
0:36 That’s just siblings fighting over food.
Yi Jin Toh
Yi Jin Toh 15 dni temu
Gibbons from Malaysia's gibbon conservation society need help! Some of their juveniles were featured in BBC's primates film and the founder has been recognized by IUCN SSA as the only Malaysian certified for 'instigating successful rescue and rehabilitation of gibbons and siamangs'. However recently the Malaysian government wildlife department (Perhilitan) raided the center twice and forcibly seized a total of 8 gibbons, leaving 4 behind. They do NOT have a warrant. There has been an ongoing court case but it is NOT finalized yet, the reason behind why they are rushing to take the gibbons is unknown, but many say it's a power move and corruption. Videos of the first raid were recorded and posted but during the second raid, the center staff were not allowed to witness the handling process. After the staff left, bloodstains were found all over the gibbon enclosure. Perhilitan refuses to tell us where the seized gibbons are brought to and show how they are doing. This is extremely alarming and the psychological trauma inflicted on the gibbons during this process can undo the years of rehabilitation efforts, if the gibbons manage to survive. Many of the gibbons had been paired up and being separated and treated so violently is severely stressing these highly sensitive animals out. Footages of perhilitan's own gibbon enclosure have been posted online, they were forced to live in concrete rooms, cages, and even showcased in cages surrounded by spotlights and loud traffic noises. In comparison, gibbon conservation society's gibbons live in the forest and are taken care of strictly according to IUCN's guidelines. Their work in gibbon rehabilitation is internationally recoynized. The Perhilitan does not care and will not care if the public outrage does not get loud enough. We need the global community's help to save the gibbons. Not only because they include the most endangered primate species but also because they are highly sentient beings and not mere goods to be snatched around for human greed. Link to petition is here: and you can find the full story here: and find updates through gibbon conservation society's instagram @gibbonconservationsociety and their founders Instagram @bamarrogancia.
HWH 15 dni temu
SAD to see some animals incarcerated forever in a small space like the seal in a small fish tank and those in the zoos...
It’s _Wolfplayz YT
It’s _Wolfplayz YT 15 dni temu
The bulls following the car was like me following a cat jajajajaja
Home At Last
Home At Last 15 dni temu
THE most annoying and grating accompanying music on PLpost.
ZombyWoof 15 dni temu
3:52 I never thought I would see the day we would weaponize stampedes.
David Bailey
David Bailey 15 dni temu
Let us ALL be friends of NATURE. Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote something like..... If U are a friend of Nature you will feel inwardly united with everything that lives in Nature.
Faith Obiero Obiero
Faith Obiero Obiero 15 dni temu
thug life gorilla
Светлана Вансович
Светлана Вансович 15 dni temu
Мы люди, самые глупые создания на этой планете!!!!
BKB 15 dni temu
Animals acting like Humans because Humans are acting like animals...
Alejandra Parker
Alejandra Parker 16 dni temu
🙏🏼Peace and Blessings. These animals were trained..the only one acting was the bear and the horse that slapped the girl favorite 1/1/21 11:40PM🇺🇸
Stupid lizard
Stupid lizard 16 dni temu
4:20 when a simple dog can understand when and where he can cross the road, but some people don't.
miguel casiano
miguel casiano 16 dni temu
I hate humans for enslaving humans for sport and pleasure. No living thing deserves to live out their lives in captivity. Even humans were treated this way in the past by rich scumbags.
Roe Bloxy
Roe Bloxy 16 dni temu
What a greatness. Animals, the invention of God, God with his infinite creativity do *GREAT* things, and with my human words I don't know how to explain how *GREAT* God *TRULY IS.*
Corporate Serf
Corporate Serf 16 dni temu
The orangutan wringing out a wash cloth blew me away. Wonderful animals.
Yetro Tagabundok
Yetro Tagabundok 16 dni temu
6:42 The annoying bully fish kicking sand in the face of the other fish, who was minding his own business. LOL! Wait til that bully fish kicks sand on a bobbit worm...
Alexander Lavrov
Alexander Lavrov 16 dni temu
its rare to see animals acting like human but alot to see human acting like animals.
Mubarak Mubu
Mubarak Mubu 16 dni temu
And now Humens act like animals
Jane 17 dni temu
Achei a galinha indo receber a ' sua criança ' q chegava no ônibus escolar, fofa. Achei o ratinho se esfregando com sabãozinho, ao se banhar, o máximo rsrsrsrs... Achei o jeitinho do salsicha ir brincar, meigo e lindinho... Achei a garota, infernizando o cavalo, batendo no animal sem qq razão, enqto provavelmente um adulto filmava, dois seres ditos humanos, ruins de coração. E o cavalo ao se defender, tvz ainda tenha sofrido, posteriormente, alguma punição. Eu amo animais... Amo toda a criação de Jeová Deus ( Salmo 83:18 ). Lemos em Apocalipse 4:11, o seguinte : " Digno és, Jeová, nosso Deus, de receber a glória, a honra e o poder, porque criaste todas as coisas, e por tua vontade elas vieram à existência e foram criadas. " E realmente, devemos ser mt gratos a td q Jeová criou e nos deu d forma tão amorosa e generosa. Lemos em Gênesis 1:31 : " Depois Deus viu td o q tinha feito ( criado ), e td era mt bom... " Agora pensa cmg... Se o Todo poderoso, q não há ninguém semelhante ou superior a Ele, viu td o q criou na terra, e achou q " tudo era muito bom "... , imagina como td deve ser excepcional para nós, q somos seres tão pequeninos e de fato, tão dependentes de q a criação opere em harmonia, para q nós ( e toda a criação entre si msm ) possamos ter uma vida realmente boa e feliz, gratificante em todos os aspectos. Devemos olhar o mundo e o q vemos, temos, podemos fazer, etc, e refletir... em qto amor, criatividade, bom humor, generosidade, e assim por diante, Jeová ' despejou ' em Sua criação, para q td fosse assim.... simplesmente ótimo, especial, lindo, totalmente perfeito... Não é sem motivo q lemos em 1João 4:8, q " Deus é amor. " Ele não possui amor. Ele o ' personifica ' . Isso é simplesmente demais, a meu ver ... Me comove msm rsrsrsrsrsr .... Tvz realmente tenhamos q parar para pensar sobre como demonstramos gratidão por td q Jeová, fez, faz, e fará por nós e td q existe... Mas vou adiantar a resposta a essa questão, já q a resposta encontra-se na própria Bíblia. Lemos em Romanos 13:10, q o amor é o cumprimento da Lei ( Lei de Deus ). E em 1 João 5:3 diz q amar a ' Deus significa o seguinte : q obedeçamos aos seus mandamentos ; contudo, os seus mandamentos não são pesados " , ou seja, não são difíceis ou impossíveis de se obedecer. Ou seja, qq pessoa disposta a obedecer à Deus, pode fazê-lo. E Jeová ajudará a esta pessoa a ser íntegra e leal a Ele. Portanto, para q agrademos de fato à Deus, para tornar Jeová feliz com kd pessoa à nível individual, o q é necessário é q aprendamos o q Deus ensina em Sua Palavra, a Bíblia, e depois, ponhamos em prática o q aprendemos em nossa vida ; harmonizemos o nosso íntimo com o q Deus diz ser errado ou não, com o q Ele deseja q sejamos, ou não. Com isso em mente, tb podemos analisar uma outra coisa, q é na vdd um assunto vital para kd pessoa. Lemos em João 17:3, q a vida eterna depende de conhecermos a Jeová e a Cristo Jesus, Filho de Jeová Deus. Porq qdo fazemos isso, aprendemos os ensinos q eles transmitem na Bíblia e podemos nos tornar pessoas obedientes à Deus. Ou seja, nossa salvação, depende de sermos obedientes à Deus. Os txts d Salmo 37:10,11,20,29, apoiam isso, pois dizem o seguinte : q as pessoas q são más ( ruins ), e q se opõem ( ou não obedecem à Deus ), serão destruídas, mas os mansos e justos ( aos olhos de Jeová ), viverão para sempre na terra, tendo grande alegria na abundância de paz. E para aqueles q são amantes de animais e da natureza, Jeová promete q realizará o seguinte : - Apocalipse 11:18 _ Deus destruirá os q destroem ou arruínam a terra. - Isaías 11:6-9 _ Tanto pessoas, como animais, conviverão de forma harmoniosa e em paz, entre si. Sabe qdo estas profecias, e outras mais, q tb são animadoras ( Isaías 33:24 ; Isaías 65:21-23 ; apocalipse 21:4 ; Atos 24:15 ; etc ), se cumprirão ? Qdo se cumprir o q pedimos na oração q mts conhecem como Oração do Pai Nosso ( Mateus 6:9,10 ). Ou seja, q o Reino de Deus, no céu, venha governar sobre a terra, e assim, a vontade de Deus Jeová, se cumpra aqui na terra. Em Daniel 2:44, lemos q Jesus é quem foi escolhido por Jeová, para reinar sobre a terra, e q este Reino, ou governo, substituirá todas as formas de governo humanos, q são limitados e impotentes para solucionar de maneira definitiva, td q existe de ruim e prejudicial no mundo. Visto q como já foi analisado, para demonstrarmos q amamos à Deus, temos q nos tornar pessoas obedientes a Ele, e q para ter vida eterna, ou salvação, precisamos aprender sobre Jeová e Jesus, e viver d acordo com o q aprendemos, entendermos o q a Bíblia realmente ensina, para podermos pôr em prática, da maneira q Jeová aprova, é algo mt importante, tanto para Deus, q deseja o nosso melhor ( 2 Timóteo 3:16,17 ) e nos salvar, como para nós, q desejamos ser obedientes a Jeová, porq Ele merece, e isso, pode resultar em nossa salvação. Foi criado um site, inteiramente gratuito, q nos ajuda a fazermos exatamente o q consideramos : aprender sobre as vdds da Bíblia e saber como viver d acordo com estas. O site é esse : Nesse site, poderá, se desejar, fazer um curso da Bíblia on-line. E caso queira, poderá solicitar um estudo bíblico, gratuito, no dia, horário e durante o tempo q for conveniente para vc, ao preencher uma ficha no site . E visto q estamos vivendo em época de pandemia, para q todos nós não arrisquemos nossa saúde e tvz nossas vidas, os estudo bíblicos solicitados, estão sendo realizados via telefone e aparelhos eletrônicos. Agradeço aos q leram meu comentário. Obrigada. Sei q ficou meio extenso. Mas o conteúdo do q escrevi, se baseia no q a Bíblia nos ensina, pode significar nossa vida eterna, e alegrarmos o coração de Nosso Criador ( Gênesis 1:27 ), se formos obedientes a Ele. Então acho q é importante divulgar o q Jeová deseja nos ensinar, pois muitas pessoas não conhecem a Bíblia de forma mais abrangente. Estimo q todos estejam bem e assim permaneçam. Se cuidem. : )
Stephen Curie
Stephen Curie 17 dni temu
The dry calf coincidingly empty because care neurally preach minus a illegal mallet. cumbersome, hysterical shock
Cuda FX
Cuda FX 17 dni temu
that crab was NOT a good start! :_D
Katia Tonatto
Katia Tonatto 17 dni temu
crowncontrol 17 dni temu
lmfao rodent sumo wrestling at its finest
Anders Backlund
Anders Backlund 17 dni temu
This is so stupid, its only animals acting like other animals and humans are animals who have the same behavior as other animals.
Lori C
Lori C 17 dni temu
The music is creepy!
Fereshteh Najjari
Fereshteh Najjari 17 dni temu
Happy New year 🎉 ✨ 😁
Beedy KH
Beedy KH 17 dni temu
*_Orangutans_* are impressive!!
KMF. MMA 17 dni temu
0:31 yes , is so fucking rare to see animals fighting
Mick Carson
Mick Carson 17 dni temu
That part at 5:40 shits me. A bestia lity act. Women and their mentality when it comes to gorillas. They get carried away as if they're lovers. 😣
GOD 17 dni temu
whts with the creepy hip hop music lol
frixtale 24
frixtale 24 18 dni temu
Ok mouse or what ever that was bathing itself that takes the cake
Nzinga Bee
Nzinga Bee 18 dni temu
This music is horrible 😐
Monique Mcphee
Monique Mcphee 18 dni temu
Love the horse giving it back to the little girl
ɴɪɴᴏ 18 dni temu
Next time don't add gay music. thanks
Not funny commenter I think
Not funny commenter I think 18 dni temu
Most of this is just how animals be
Ays 19 dni temu
0:00 me waiting for my food to cook in the oven
Supernova 2020
Supernova 2020 19 dni temu
Hahahahaha that funny animal whatever it is that is using shampoo and showers lol xD
Markus Blubb
Markus Blubb 19 dni temu
Life is life. Difference make the humans self
Elizabeth Long
Elizabeth Long 19 dni temu
˚仌.◔ ◔'˚仌.'
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