Yelawolf x Caskey "Billy And The Purple Datsun" (Official Music Video)

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Yelawolf x Caskey "Billy And The Purple Datsun" (Official Music Video)
Directed by: @Legitlooks
Song produced by: @locke_music
Yelawolf Blacksheep Album
Copyright 2021 Slumerican & Black Sheep
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Célime Mörbt
Célime Mörbt 6 godzin temu
This Album is pure perfection
Seth Barnett
Seth Barnett 6 godzin temu
Swoop up and pour up,
Ms Taj
Ms Taj 10 godzin temu
Just climbed a mountain listening to this song, over and over...
Chris Englehart
Chris Englehart 14 godzin temu
No disrespect, But does Caskey not look like it Thugged Out Malcolm in the middle?!
Jason D.
Jason D. 22 godzin temu
Paul Rudd has face taddoos???
chris jackson
chris jackson Dzień temu
Dude that horn is fuckin sinister
Daniel Ethier
Daniel Ethier 2 dni temu
Why is he talking about taking a shit ..drop a duce or is he talking about playing cards
Twig NC
Twig NC 2 dni temu
See how Yela said he's the trailer park Tupac and nobody disagreed or got mad about him comparing himself? That's because he's a great. Better recognize, bitch.
Fedi Mayn Toolaid
Fedi Mayn Toolaid 2 dni temu
It's only a good album because Yela on his old style :D I've followed this dude since Pissin' in a Barrel of Beez
Ablock Abk
Ablock Abk 2 dni temu
Wow I need to go rob something I’ll be back !!!!!
Jacob Griffey
Jacob Griffey 2 dni temu
Dean Palermo
Dean Palermo 2 dni temu
Beat is evil as fucK
Unpopular O’pinion
Unpopular O’pinion 2 dni temu
I like yela but as I’ve aged rapping about pills and meth and shit is played out and I can’t get down with it.
Mark Schram
Mark Schram 2 dni temu
so glad i found you on Dyrdeks's Show, blown away, Mad Props, way to Rep, u breakin in a tough talented industry:)
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice
Lonny J Dunn Jr LDaVice 2 dni temu
Yelawolf this isn’t music man. This is murder on a record 😌
Juliya Bazer
Juliya Bazer 2 dni temu
Абсолютный protect! ))))
torri malm
torri malm 3 dni temu
101bigboyd 3 dni temu
I've listened to this over 15 times and bought the album. Still can not listen to this shit enough. Catfish Billy
Marissa Lyn
Marissa Lyn 3 dni temu
I’ve never wanted a lock necklace more damn😍
Ryano Mr. MissinHear-OpCaHsSaH
Ryano Mr. MissinHear-OpCaHsSaH 3 dni temu
#iamcallinCASKEY #fr$$styled #dhet
NaTa$ 3 dni temu
SLUMERICAN 4 eVeR U already KnOw WHERE’s RITZZ? Wolfinstien 🙏🏾 🖕🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤘🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌🏻
wade wilson
wade wilson 3 dni temu
Beat is hard as fuck. Sounds like alchemist but it ain’t.
Mr DH 3 dni temu
Google bobby bipolar...caskeys twin
Travis Coulbourne
Travis Coulbourne 3 dni temu
Man I swear that beat has the sound from the app called plague lol
Isaac Manzanares
Isaac Manzanares 3 dni temu
I hope whoever reads this experiences negative energy and bad experience...🖕
Sean Harvey
Sean Harvey 3 dni temu
bear8256 3 dni temu
These guys Suck!
Jessie Gerdes
Jessie Gerdes 3 dni temu
Two of the best of 2021
Sherri McClanahan
Sherri McClanahan 4 dni temu
The rapper at the top of comments .... For some reason it keeps deleting my comments.... But lil who really gf, bra u at the wrong place fam... Us listening this dont mess with u like that... Theres lvl to it and u not even close.... And why u comment stealing there cloat like get out here lame
Sherri McClanahan
Sherri McClanahan 4 dni temu
Windex got comment on all yela wolf and youngsters shit.... He prolly got more comments on this than some of his videos . what he doing tho...
Dakota Patterson
Dakota Patterson 4 dni temu
I said FUCK CASKEY but I take it back, he gots some fuckin BARS!
Chad Michael
Chad Michael 5 dni temu
Caskey EVERYONE can see through you ~ you an emotional wreck 💯 Hey yelawolf ~ you getting dirty hanging with this CLOWN ~ Caskey you a theif and a fraud ~ can SOMEONE help his career wit a tissue ~
j. kiser
j. kiser 5 dni temu
Caskey brings that gully out in Yela! *Nshvlle TN*
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 5 dni temu
Can we get a Saudi rapper in here called yallawolf
Kristopher Cheek
Kristopher Cheek 5 dni temu
Fake bands
Tomas Larsson
Tomas Larsson 5 dni temu
I'm a tough guy and this song is scary.
Frank 5 dni temu
🤘💀🤘 rusty butcher
maga account
maga account 5 dni temu
This is it. The stuff. That really fucks.
twitch nlmb
twitch nlmb 5 dni temu
I've grown to like caskey they both fire i like how they throw back n forth to each other in there songs
Johnathan Sokolov
Johnathan Sokolov 5 dni temu
One of the best in this album, keep doing what your best at 🔥🔥
absoluteform3 6 dni temu
Caskey do yourself a favor and stop drawing on your face. I see you in public im calling the cops
Zyldjian Reyes
Zyldjian Reyes 6 dni temu
That beat is dope AF.
Chris Blahblah
Chris Blahblah 6 dni temu
Outstanding 🔥🔥🔥
casey360360 6 dni temu
This album is the best birthday present I've ever gotten man.
jeremy higdon
jeremy higdon 6 dni temu
I wanna live this lifestyle.
Marc Ortiz
Marc Ortiz 7 dni temu
These two white boys are a breath of fresh air man. I love cas and wolf. Greatest $#!% 2021
Jeff H
Jeff H 7 dni temu
Ima be 50 in two weeks 4/20 and all I do is bump this type stuuuuff 💯 2021 keep ya head up we got this
David Farley
David Farley 4 dni temu
Real Recognizes Real
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer 5 dni temu
That’s dope as fuk! Never change ! Gives me good vibes reading this my mom is 50 she likes yela too
Alarex Rez
Alarex Rez 8 dni temu
Not that good
Dick Tator Tot
Dick Tator Tot 8 dni temu
So it's cool to look like a strung out junkie? Got it.
Retrograde45 WesternCiv
Retrograde45 WesternCiv 8 dni temu
On repeattttt
Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott 8 dni temu
Transformation Generation
Transformation Generation 8 dni temu
I never even heard this Caskey kid b4. This kid is badass. Does he write his own bars. I'd like to write for him. That's my style.
Megan Perry
Megan Perry 5 dni temu
Bra facts youngster got recruited.... And he growing under all these real ass mf ... He bout to be him
MURDAHSIDE 8 dni temu
Tim Linglefeltcher
Tim Linglefeltcher 9 dni temu
joeler jedi
joeler jedi 9 dni temu
Look me up. I want this shit to rise up. Rise boys.
joeler jedi
joeler jedi 9 dni temu
This is thee shit. No one has this ATM eccept everyone who trys the new shit. Its what they all want to sound like!!!
John Patrick
John Patrick 9 dni temu
Make more songs like this
ScorpionP2C 9 dni temu
Caskey seems to be a cheap ripoff of Die Antwoord and I even see the art going that direction. Shame its not innovative, just rehashed ripoff like hollywood.
G H 9 dni temu
Not a single datsun to be seen, let alone a purple one.
Rocco R
Rocco R 9 dni temu
Yela killing it lately.. damn
Rhenthalin 9 dni temu
Not a single Datsun in the entire video
Bong Radio Records
Bong Radio Records 9 dni temu
aye man... keep writin these ryhmes..
Arie Dial
Arie Dial 9 dni temu
What comes around goes around, ceiling fan ❤💯😀💥
Timothy White
Timothy White 9 dni temu
These guys have solved the problem of the receding hairline: just tattoo some shit up there, no one'll notice B
CheezMcfly 9 dni temu
Well damn...
Soo4 Woo5
Soo4 Woo5 10 dni temu
Wtf!!! 👏🏼 deez 2 spittin some real gangster shit💪
Rachel Corona
Rachel Corona 10 dni temu
Trust homie ain't running and hurdle nuthing in those skinny jeans they sealed the deal straight got his cap peeled
abe kornelsen
abe kornelsen 10 dni temu
This is harder than any m&ms em can spit
Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams 10 dni temu
John Patrick
John Patrick 10 dni temu
Lukas Morski-Zmij
Lukas Morski-Zmij 10 dni temu
Sorry shiit dope but cant stop me from saying this ... When I walk in I get more intension than you face tatoos ...
Vakeiniux 10 dni temu
This tune got me speedin'... 😂
TorontoLibertarian 10 dni temu
The two different flows is a trip.
Mike Boyeas
Mike Boyeas 11 dni temu
caskey's verse is one of the best EVER...
Tiene 9 dni temu
Frank A
Frank A 11 dni temu
I so need to start rapping. I can do this.
john breen
john breen 11 dni temu
This is like the first week of college. I went in the wrong room and the overhead had a gruesome picture of dead body. It was a forensics class. Not for me but I’m glad someone is doing the work.
MissGarland20 11 dni temu
Got Daym.
Austin Delarosa
Austin Delarosa 11 dni temu
Yelawolf and upchurch need a song
Sean Berry
Sean Berry 11 dni temu
Jay Owen
Jay Owen 11 dni temu
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
Faq me wen caskey gets on 1:46!!
nitro goose
nitro goose 11 dni temu
This shit is hard as fuck 🔥🔥
Amanda D
Amanda D 11 dni temu
Yes 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌
Shashi chamane
Shashi chamane 11 dni temu
Without YELAWOLF this sucks and without CASKEY is would be just nonsenses...🤨 🤳
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
Purge is on!!!
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
Million dolla mullet!! Opening intro!!
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
Such an awesome piece of music!! Everyone involved! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
phill renn
phill renn 11 dni temu
Wen caskey, gets in!!!
kano morojele
kano morojele 12 dni temu
🤣😂Lmao!! that Clip at 0:16 like Yelawolf has his arms folded because Caskey's Girl is taking too long to come outside. - In other News: Fire song!😎🔥🔥
Lord Vanderson
Lord Vanderson 12 dni temu
Roll Tide
Greg Fore
Greg Fore 12 dni temu
Pure dog shit. Hip hop sure has digressed. No talent whatsoever. No I can’t do what they’re doing. Why would I? Are there no true musicians anymore that actually play instruments and write meaningful lyrics. The fact that people can relate is not a good thing
Bobby _booshay
Bobby _booshay 12 dni temu
hurt inside
hurt inside 12 dni temu
Deadidolizedpoet 12 dni temu
Its a shame you didn't go with someone else for this song. Don't like caskey
jamsa10 12 dni temu
Hi, my Daddy's Datson was spotted illegally parking in Mexico: now, their secret police are scarier, than the usual CIA- Ma, borrowing his car, chaperoning / designated sober driving, Ms. Evelyn, the Catholic Ma Ma of the future City Council Member: she got a ticket for parking in the restaurant in Mexican territory... ... apparently someone didn't know Daddy's car was on call ... and He was not materialistic - oriented- and He (who my Ma Ma's Dad let marry), got a ticket for parking in the doctor's reserved space when he was supposed to be on call. So as far as Ma Ma letting Him drive without a chauffeur: we're not sure if Billy 'Jean' was in charge of asking Dr. Thorp to be at Valley or not. S.
kidsicko0 9 dni temu
Makes perfect a tip jar at a soup kitchen..
Brittney Mcneal
Brittney Mcneal 12 dni temu
I've been following caskey forever ..everytime he speaks ...I die lmao 🥰😻
sourabh tupe
sourabh tupe 12 dni temu
Caskey was super dope....
D1MAN 12 dni temu
I'm down for Yelawolf Blacksheep 2 🔥🔥🔥 underrated af
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