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Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin sets off on a worldwide journey of discovery to find out why animals of different species make friends with each other as well as why apex predators make friends with humans.
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Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers 3 godzin temu
The lesson I take from this is: If our children share nurseries and kindergartens across the world, we'll have no wars and conflicts. Or at least near to zero.
Fernando Porrales
Fernando Porrales 8 godzin temu
What a delightful video, animals can teach us love for one another in a very big way, the most amazing example was the cat breastfeeding the ducklings...
Mikhail Mendeleev
Mikhail Mendeleev 9 godzin temu
I once had a baby rabbit that was rejected by its mother. And my cat who's kittens all died accepted the baby rabbit as it's own.
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 9 godzin temu
poverty breeds war! in all species! do a show on the bigger picture! it breeds poachers as well! get youre show on track instead of greed!
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 10 godzin temu
when there is survival instinct is due to not enough food. humans are no different! thats why the poor often end up in jail or killed. wake up! there is no reason for any animal or human to be hungry or without adequate shelter, love,education etc. that is only due to greed and idiocy from the unconscious rich! wake the fuck up. you speak of this like its something new? and you are supposedly educated? what is wrong with not understanding the obvious???
Ayvee Staker
Ayvee Staker 10 godzin temu
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 10 godzin temu
cortisol with that stress hormone is just as bad for humans! In a dysfunctional family who chooses a scapegoat child who often dies young because they are abandoned by the family. No love equals wanting to die. It is sick.
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 10 godzin temu
plus they are fed so survival is not an issue! fun is whats left! no different than humans! wake up!
Dalton Brennan
Dalton Brennan 10 godzin temu
Actually stress is either beneficial or harmful or a little bit of both depending on what you believe it is if you believe it's harmful then it's getting pretty harmful effects if it you believe it's preparing you for what's about to happen or repairing you for further down the line then it's going to do that...
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 10 godzin temu
whats going on? they need social contact and are in captivity! so they need each other as they had such crappy lives before. They want love like all o us!
Chuck Berries
Chuck Berries 12 godzin temu
who is the narrator?
S D 15 godzin temu
Bcoz stomach is fulll. No hunger ...
TiWanTiWa Abibiman
TiWanTiWa Abibiman 15 godzin temu
Give the Rhinos weapons and see how poachers and hunters act then! Humans are parasites!
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 16 godzin temu
Fun Fact : Orang Utan was literally means (Jungle People) People means Orang , Hutan means Jungle in Malay 🇲🇾
Carved Cuts
Carved Cuts 17 godzin temu
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how they nailed this video format. Most video's like this are super corney and target a younger audience. But this was actually interesting and fun to watch. Love this content!
Milkbvr 20 godzin temu
THE WINK THO - 55:23
Cachorro Laser
Cachorro Laser 22 godzin temu
I was NOT expecting to see Doc Antle from Tiger King making an appearance in this documentary D:
Jannalyzer Dzień temu
The most unlikely couples you can find are you aunts, uncles, and in laws. It's scary.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord Dzień temu
Love to those who do this amazing work
Magnus Payne
Magnus Payne Dzień temu
Hey that's the guy from Tiger King 45:28
Inga912 Dzień temu
Her rhino bum remark
Brandie Gange- Bobo LG
Brandie Gange- Bobo LG Dzień temu
similar to humans, these animals survived hard times together, forging an unbreakable bond; so beautiful!
Russell Williams
Russell Williams Dzień temu
Awesome content. Thank you RW!
Aoife Murray
Aoife Murray Dzień temu
so cute and amazing
Alias Afe
Alias Afe Dzień temu
Most of these animals are deprived of their own kind. That's why. Mostly.
Jr R
Jr R Dzień temu
Transkindom 🙄
TAT RATS Dzień temu
My mate has a cat 2 dogs a ferret and cat and they get along pretty well
frank garner
frank garner 2 dni temu
hoddsy1 2 dni temu
The crocodile man beats all of these
hoddsy1 2 dni temu
Sadly they got into an argument and the dog was eaten by the cat
Brenda Christner
Brenda Christner 2 dni temu
Who cares...just embrace it,learn to live with one another as they do! P.S. how much are you paid to do yer great job?
Lars Niemann
Lars Niemann 2 dni temu
Der Schuldige ist immer der Käufer!!
Blake Cushing
Blake Cushing 2 dni temu
Lack of hunger creates miracles in nature. What happened with humans? We Lie to much to see life as it is. Honest.
Cars&Guitars 2 dni temu
I'm generally confused why so many people disliked this, and I don't have a problem with it I just really want to know why so if someone disliked could you comment and tell me why, thanks.
ToykoVersace 4 godzin temu
they get it in their recommendations, but they don't like animal content and dislike the video for less future animal content
Vishvesh Patel
Vishvesh Patel 2 dni temu
Nobody gonna mention how Liz Bonnin is super beautiful? ❤️🥺
Rob Dedrick
Rob Dedrick 2 dni temu
I lived about 25 miles south of there . My GSP pup was playing with a 400 lb Black Bear .
Jason Matas
Jason Matas 2 dni temu
The reason why I am upset is because PLpostrs keep bringing up these videos of animals being unlucky monkeys dying baby monkeys dying it’s just not cool if I was an adult I would sue PLpost but since PLpost is not a person I would have to see the company
jamie bizness
jamie bizness 2 dni temu
Hmm this is interesting if compared to humans . If you wanna call society a form of captivity. Then we are displaying a similar nature to this . Might explain people obsessions with pets . Dogs cats birds etc . Take it one step further and you can ask why people justify having pets. Misery loves company. I'm certain if people were allowed to roam free. The friendly relationships displayed like in this doc would not happen. Its like a form of Stockholm syndrome
Tomislav Prpic
Tomislav Prpic 2 dni temu
Moral of the video: we should be more like dogs
xonslaughtlioness 2 dni temu
Good watch! 8D The last one.. 😆😆😝
Beni B0y
Beni B0y 2 dni temu
Yo that’s doc antel from tiger king lol
Beni B0y
Beni B0y Dzień temu
@mojo jojo shut up like no way shut up? Or you actually telling me to shut up?
mojo jojo
mojo jojo 2 dni temu
shut up
LuckySRStrike 2 dni temu
Good Friends like These
Diane Newton
Diane Newton 2 dni temu
We once had a Labrador that kept adopting kittens. She never had.a litter of her own but her series of kittens seemed to satisfy her nurturing needs. The kittens would get older and leave her after 4-5 months.
ROSE A Desjarlais
ROSE A Desjarlais 3 dni temu
Excellent video. Thank You.
JemHadar422 3 dni temu
The host is hot 🤩
mojo jojo
mojo jojo 2 dni temu
Rahmbo21 3 dni temu
scientists ^^
Haoting Yang
Haoting Yang 3 dni temu
how possible a cat be a friend with ducklings. ducks are cat's dinner
R O C R O C 3 dni temu
Nicely done. Thank you.
Helen Ver
Helen Ver 3 dni temu
The question is: why can't humans do this with other humans.
alyssa g
alyssa g 4 dni temu
Am so sad that the tigers dear that is her daughter got eaten by a other Lion
Evelyn Murphy
Evelyn Murphy 4 dni temu
Great reporting Liz,as usual you’re empathic deliverance makes us all melt wit awe.!!!😇☘️🇮🇪
Antimony Cup
Antimony Cup 4 dni temu
44:00 LOL @ Doc Antle, pre-Tiger King fame.
Frog Man
Frog Man 4 dni temu
Turns out dogs aren’t just mans best friend but friends with anything that moves
Cavarice 4 dni temu
Them Giraffe 🦒 legs got Charles all fucked up in the head.
Doug G
Doug G 4 dni temu
Even tigers and polar bears know dogs are the good guys
person face
person face 4 dni temu
"What an incredible animal friendship" - footage cuts to an image of Rolf Harris crouching down with a pot of lube and a terrified Chinchilla.
Doug G
Doug G 4 dni temu
The host is SUPER cute:)
Mary Reynolds
Mary Reynolds 4 dni temu
Ok... so the huskies and polar bears. Just look at the paw differences!! LOOK, crazy
Ruud Van Looy
Ruud Van Looy 4 dni temu
Don't give them food for 3 or more days and see what happens to their friendship then.
Becky Jean
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A animator
A animator 4 dni temu
I fell asleep and when I woke up it was on this
DevInDenver 23
DevInDenver 23 4 dni temu
44:00 Doc Antle from Tigerking!
Louise Jamie
Louise Jamie 5 dni temu
Baloo Leo & Shere Khan absolutely melt my heart ❤️❤️😬
Scott Kinter
Scott Kinter 5 dni temu
See how ignorant science had made people but if a scientists told you something different from what you know to be true; you'll agree with science. Scientists don't have much common sense or imagination, most science is a waist of money and should be discontinued. They have to use cute little innocent animals to distract you from them being wrong. Imagine what truth you would learn if you questioned all science but instead I'll get rude comments because I done idolize science....... and I won't, you can keep it.
Shopcash Cashshop
Shopcash Cashshop 5 dni temu
Forget to feed them a day
Alice Willis
Alice Willis 5 dni temu
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Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 5 dni temu
These kinda relationships remind me of Madagascar
Matin jonson
Matin jonson 5 dni temu
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Mike B
Mike B 5 dni temu
The foolish meteorology pathomorphologically snow because green internally peel as a distinct pantry. debonair, like hamster
Lydia Stormberg
Lydia Stormberg 5 dni temu
My dog is literally friends with a stick haha
Col7777 5 dni temu
I think most times if they start out young and grow up together they know no difference but try it when they are adults it doesn't always work.
F Anderson
F Anderson 5 dni temu
these dogs are so cute:]
Cristian Margineanu
Cristian Margineanu 5 dni temu
just stop feeding the animals and see how friendly they are, that's your science right there :))
Julian Waugh
Julian Waugh 5 dni temu
Romulus and Remus were suckled by a wolf.
Boakye Yiadom
Boakye Yiadom 5 dni temu
Waaoooo,it soo amazing I love it
Margherita Malaspina
Margherita Malaspina 5 dni temu
Per me gli animali selvatici dovrebbero avere i loro spazi senza troppi scambi con altre razze. Vediamo che proprio le interferenze umane nel loro mondo sono pericolose. Basta un passaggio di un loro particolare virus che abita abitualmente solo nel loro patrimonio genetico e faccia un passaggio all' uomo o viceversa per fare un disastro. A loro o a noi. La natura non deve avere troppe alterazioni che già l'uomo ha purtroppo commesso a loro svantaggio. Riducendo i loro habitat naturali.
nice 5 dni temu
44:12 wait wasn't that guy in tiger king? And a bad guy? I think he was the one that basically had a cult
Something KooL
Something KooL 5 dni temu
I think there is about to be a animal uprising against humanity 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Patrick sheehy
Patrick sheehy 6 dni temu
Wtf it’s doc antle from tiger king
Abraham Amdrades
Abraham Amdrades 6 dni temu
Isn’t that one guy one of the competitors to the tiger king
sam henry
sam henry 6 dni temu
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Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal 6 dni temu
Divided by species, united by poachers
HAM6BONE9 6 dni temu
That Doc guy is in Tiger King. Not the best person apparently lol
prime Higher Education institute
prime Higher Education institute 6 dni temu
Good and Nice video
Dashe Burner
Dashe Burner 6 dni temu
The profuse grandson dolly skip because router typically wander beside a dusty parallelogram. internal, illegal answer
Zack Allen
Zack Allen 6 dni temu
Oh my. Thats doc antle from tiger king.
Sharon Kahan
Sharon Kahan 6 dni temu
How could someone give a thumbs down to this video? Speaks really poorly of their humanity...!
Haley H
Haley H 6 dni temu
"this is the only unlikely animal companionship that was created without the interference of humans" - proceeds to pick up deer and place in the dog bed so they can meet.
Fatih 7 dni temu
Yet americans marketing animal love, hate human even harsher than no fiercest animal do. “For years there were wars fought over oil; in a short time there will be wars fought over water,” Vice President Harris said
MaskedMarvyl 7 dni temu
I wonder who Her mate is?
Arthur Adam Harrison Bailey
Arthur Adam Harrison Bailey 7 dni temu
The scrawny venezuela conceivably greet because galley phytochemically perform amidst a somber latex. endurable, easy link
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida 7 dni temu
orangutan: oonk banana dog: BWOOF, IS FREN? orangutan, now holding dog: ook fremd dog, in orangutans arms: MONKE FREN!!!
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 7 dni temu
Have any of you people ever heard of a book called the Bible? It says that in the end times, "The Lion shall lay down with the Lamb". Look it up.
Dino Dragon
Dino Dragon 7 dni temu
Is that capybara-puppy person on tiktok?
Nowaru Chan
Nowaru Chan 7 dni temu
I don't understand how people cant understand this. Kindness and kinship isnt exclusive among humans. Its a law. But some will always break that law.
Wendy Buthenuth
Wendy Buthenuth 7 dni temu
I enjoyed this entire Documentary of animals.
mark walburg
mark walburg 7 dni temu
Just watched the movie "men behind the sun"... I desperately need this on repeat.
Tomi Igo
Tomi Igo 7 dni temu
Oh Shut Up humans. They don't belong together. And certainly in that cage. 06:23
Una 7 dni temu
There's hope for humans
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