Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him - Part 2

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Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him
I saw the poor dog when I went to the groceries, he was lying on the side of the road, freezing to death.
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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan
Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him
Stray Dog Was Freezing
Dog Rescue
Freezing Dog
Rescue Freezing Dog

PawMeow 2 miesięcy temu
We posted about the dog on the social media in our country, and we were surprised how much interest he got. There were more than 30 requests for adoption. We chose carefully and the dog will go to a Russian woman who lives 200 km away in a house with another small breed dog.
Niesha 10 godzin temu
I'm so glad you found him that night. He looks like he's been through a lot. I wish him all the love his heart can hold on his new home💗💗💗
Mixie Blue Magic
Mixie Blue Magic 16 godzin temu
Why not you?.. maybe he'd really be happy if you were the ones who would truly adopt him.. 😔
Melissa Simmonds
Melissa Simmonds Dzień temu
Bless your hearts 💜🙏💜
Kevin C
Kevin C Dzień temu
Need to find his owners and abuse them and then leave them outside in the cold to freeze to death
Jane Harris
Jane Harris 2 dni temu
Thankyou for rescuing him and showing him that not all humans are cruel pyschopaths. 😔🙏💚🧡
Swuad Monoxpsi
Swuad Monoxpsi 37 minut temu
I have one cat in the Bildung Lets do oit
Denzel lara
Denzel lara 48 minut temu
If you protect or save a dog they will save or protect you in return
Sxnsxt Stxrz
Sxnsxt Stxrz Godzinę temu
I am so glad the doggo is happy now and now healthy and safe. Ty so much for helping this innocent little doggie. God bless you guys and the doggo
Heather pepperfly13
Heather pepperfly13 2 godzin temu
How he's doing now??? 💕
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 2 godzin temu
i love feeding dogs human food
Shweta Gujar
Shweta Gujar 4 godzin temu
Little koki was crying,how sad😔☹
Violet Huckvale
Violet Huckvale 6 godzin temu
Why would u abuse that poor thing?😭😭😭😡 as long as it has a home and a happy family to live with we will all be very 😃😃😃 i have a dog she is like a like sister to me
Park Mohi
Park Mohi 6 godzin temu
Thank you for being so kind. I hope you get all the love you give them. ❤
vlchvsk 9 godzin temu
Ама то е момиче, не е ли? 🙂 Много миличко
Anjali Kashyap
Anjali Kashyap 9 godzin temu
God bless you baby
tutimelati kanin
tutimelati kanin 9 godzin temu
Vijay Narayanan
Vijay Narayanan 10 godzin temu
God bless you 🙏
Grace Potato
Grace Potato 10 godzin temu
You guys are amazing people. ❤️❤️❤️
Tim TT
Tim TT 11 godzin temu
3:00 My dog loves cat food.
Nicolas Balcer
Nicolas Balcer 11 godzin temu
Kinda understand what your saying because i live in poland
Ιωάννα 11 godzin temu
Thank for all animals who you have help i wise the best for you
Chris Randles
Chris Randles 12 godzin temu
I wish u kept him🥺🥺😥😭😢😓
Nina R
Nina R 12 godzin temu
Haunted Gamer FF
Haunted Gamer FF 14 godzin temu
I am a child. I want to help as much as i can but my father doesn't likes stray animals. I don't know why. I feel very i sad that im not able to help these poor animals . 🥺😭 What can i do , my father even don't allow me to touch them .
Jane Harris
Jane Harris 14 godzin temu specialty are saving cats. My place too small to accommodate dogs as well. How many pets do you have? 🧡
Shanika Anderson
Shanika Anderson 14 godzin temu
What kind of soul-less pos must you be to abuse an animal?!!! Boils my blood 😡
john smith
john smith 15 godzin temu
How could you abuse such an adorable dog. People who abuse animals should be prosecuted to fullest extent and treated no more different than if it was a human being.
Mel *
Mel * 16 godzin temu
I don’t understand how humans can do anything hurtful or harmful to a innocent dog or any kind of animal. I look at my little doggy and she has never seen any abuse. If anyone hurt her I would risk my own life! I love her like she is my own child. I’m so happy you found this doggy a nice lady to live with and feel love for the rest of the life of the dog 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Gerry Jackson
Gerry Jackson 16 godzin temu
Seriously amigo, there's absolutely no way you need teaching to be a better person... You're doing just fine
Viviane N
Viviane N 16 godzin temu
Sophie Nguyen
Sophie Nguyen 18 godzin temu
He looks so much healthier then the last video. Thx for giving him a home and food
Frank White
Frank White 18 godzin temu
Thank you for being there for this poor animals and rescue them! ❤️
ibrahim cocugu
ibrahim cocugu 19 godzin temu
Lilibeth Hansell
Lilibeth Hansell 19 godzin temu
# save the doggos
ray cunningham
ray cunningham 19 godzin temu
You guys are legend's...
chris Bamo
chris Bamo 20 godzin temu
id take him
CleoWorks 21 godzinę temu
All Abusive Owners: Start to deteriorate poor pets. Me: *You had the gall to ABUSE POOR ANIMALS and show your face in public.*
William Rivera
William Rivera 21 godzinę temu
love your work guys
Shadow Of The Lone Wolf
Shadow Of The Lone Wolf 21 godzinę temu
Meanwhile thousands of homeless people die from cold everyday and no one gives a shit, just because they don't look cute, humans are so shallow.
Uwe Trax
Uwe Trax 22 godzin temu
M.W Eric
M.W Eric Dzień temu
Been around dogs most of my life and I can say this...there are days where I prefer them to people because unlike people.....They never turn on or betray you.
꧁ʙᴏʏ TM ʜᴀᴄᗴʀ꧂ Kamado
꧁ʙᴏʏ TM ʜᴀᴄᗴʀ꧂ Kamado Dzień temu
Laura C
Laura C Dzień temu
Thank you for rescuing the dog I love my dogs so much they are my fur babies
Tensaye Lisanwork
Tensaye Lisanwork Dzień temu
You are a good person keep doing what you're doing God bless you
dainy k joy
dainy k joy Dzień temu
In Kerala (State In India) Animal Rescue teams are rare...I wish there could be more and more Animal Rescue teams every where, every district..and we could save so many life's... Unfortunately there are only few teams...😔 Wish for more Animal Rescue teams In Kerala🤞
Cameron Snoek
Cameron Snoek Dzień temu
Could this be a Cavalier mix in any way? His face reminds me of my Cavalier :D
Syed Khalid Ahmed
Syed Khalid Ahmed Dzień temu
Awesome. No words to describe the act of humanity, you showed. I truly respect you. Big thank you.
enerel awral
enerel awral Dzień temu
pls dont give him a cat food if you give him she act like cat
Sarah m
Sarah m Dzień temu
Thank you❤❤
Chris Souch
Chris Souch Dzień temu
I love animals
Mya Waring
Mya Waring Dzień temu
God Bless you guys ❤️🥰
Jsjjs Jsjjsjs
Jsjjs Jsjjsjs Dzień temu
Aminath Azmeela
Aminath Azmeela Dzień temu
he is soooo cute😽😽😽😽😽😽😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💋
Reya Harshini
Reya Harshini Dzień temu
Heros :)
Dzień temu
If you abuse your pets your life will he shorter like you die on age 75
Kanta Punwani Bali
Kanta Punwani Bali Dzień temu
Thank you! You are wonderful people.
joey Dzień temu
He's so cute hope he finds his owner
Mochiland 2000
Mochiland 2000 Dzień temu
Lupiina x
Lupiina x Dzień temu
dustbunny1977 Dzień temu
Food, love and comfort, what more can you ask for? Great job! 👍👍
Arani Dzień temu
I always get so emotional when I see animals getting mistreated. I’ve been saying this for months but we don’t deserve animals.
SandeajasM Fernandes
SandeajasM Fernandes Dzień temu
This dog must be the luckiest stray
SandeajasM Fernandes
SandeajasM Fernandes Dzień temu
This dog must be the luckiest stray
World Worlds
World Worlds Dzień temu
One think that didn’t make sense to me was how did you know he was being abused???
Kau Prako
Kau Prako Dzień temu
Dog is god
Jane Harris
Jane Harris Dzień temu
@mixiebluemagic......people like me do 🙏💚
R A R Dzień temu
By the way, when he didn't want to go out in cold, I wonder if he thought you were booting him out like the others did. It's nice that you didn't.
R A R Dzień temu
I love how you call him going to the bathroom as his morning job, my mom used to call it the same thing, a job. I thought that was her original thing, but I suppose it's common, she called herself a little ol' country gal.
Purple Love
Purple Love Dzień temu
Stee Zy
Stee Zy Dzień temu
So you decided to film it and put it om youtube rather than helping the poor animal right away
Patricia Addison
Patricia Addison Dzień temu
He looks so cute I want a dog now I was also crying a little bit because this is so sad 😞🥺🥺
Lisaplayzrb Dzień temu
He’s very lucky to be alive! All lives matter even in the sake of animals!
Ash Carroll
Ash Carroll Dzień temu
Sir thats a He not a she dogs have a way of peeing by gender.
Khloe Grace
Khloe Grace Dzień temu
Well umm it’s not actually a boy because if you look at the way it peed boys would lift a leg and girls squat down like that so I’m pretty sure it’s a girl
Sonnie - One_World_Vibe_Tribe
Sonnie - One_World_Vibe_Tribe Dzień temu
Thank you for being human!!! You are role models of kindness
Mr S
Mr S Dzień temu
Thank you
ammata thammavongsa
ammata thammavongsa Dzień temu
The superb architecture tentatively shrug because mirror methodically clear amongst a third offence. black, spooky season
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Dzień temu
Fantastic ♥️♥️👏👏👏👏♥️♥️
Satan Dzień temu
From now on, Every time he sees or gets a sausage from his new owner, he will think of the person who saved his life!
Renee Herrejon
Renee Herrejon Dzień temu
Your an angel 😇😇😇😇😇 many blessings too and who helps you...
Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp Dzień temu
You guys are amazing for saving him
Leaning glytical
Leaning glytical Dzień temu
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar 2 dni temu
Wouldn’t he be cold outside and also,take care of him just put a we we pad
Ian 2 dni temu
Massive thank you from the doggie you are lovely people.🆑👍👍
Iva YT Games ツ
Iva YT Games ツ 2 dni temu
I can't understand Who you need to be to beat or hurt animal?! We got lucky that have a amazing human like you. :)
Stephanie Kruit
Stephanie Kruit 2 dni temu
This is beautiful! Amazing people who saved this dog, this sweety.. because every animal deserves love and a good home
Nita Ell
Nita Ell 2 dni temu
Did he ever go to the vet, tho?🤔
riaj karim
riaj karim 2 dni temu
God bless you 👏🏾
jjimy woods
jjimy woods 2 dni temu
Respect to you both .Absolute beautiful people!!
Landybryce 2 dni temu
He/she is so cute
TrueCuLLurz 2 dni temu
What a sweet dog! He's so thankful that you rescued him and he shows his appreciation by constantly wagging his tail. Thank you for saving his life!!!
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Allah'im bütün Hayvan'lari Koru Korusun Ya Rabbim , Amin . 🤲🤗🥰🐆🐕🐅🐆🐕🐅🤗🥰🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Maasallah cok Tatli cok Seker cok güzel Maasallah ... 🤲🐅🐕🐆🥰🤗😍🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Allah Nazar'lar'dan korusun cok Tatli C. Allah Özene Bezene Yaratmis Maasallah ... 🤲🐆🐕🐅😍🤗🥰🐆🐕🐅🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Maasallah cok Tatli Maasallah ... 🤲🥰🤗😍🐅🐕🐆🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Maasallah Sübhaanallah cok Tatli Süß Goldig ... 🤲🐆🐕🐅😍🤗🥰🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Thank you very much ... 🤲🐅🐕🐆🥰🤗😍🐅🐕🐆🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Allah razi olsun ... 🤲🐆🐕🐅😍🤗🥰🐆🐕🐅🤲🤲🤲
Hanne Kalim
Hanne Kalim 2 dni temu
Allah'im bütün Hayvan'lari Korusun Ya Rabbim , Amin . 🤲🥰🤗🐅🐕🐆😍🐅🐕🐆🤲🤲🤲
MxcoyYT 2 dni temu
Gorgeous looking dog
suryadharma wangsagunawan
suryadharma wangsagunawan 2 dni temu
All thumbs up to the thing that u did to the adorable dog This world need more people like u toward dogs May GOD take care of them dogs
Linda B
Linda B 2 dni temu
Brilliant ,,,,, there is no better feeling , than to know you have saved a life.... I hope his life from now on is a loving caring one ❤️
RangerJaxMax May
RangerJaxMax May 2 dni temu
Would so like to meet the previous owners, hurt their legs and leave them in a forest in thick snow. thank you. Sausages are the BEST food when you have had little, or less than quality, else plus abuse.
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