Who Can Buy The 10 Best Target Products?!

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Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡ bit.ly/BuyDopeOrNopeUS
Who Bought The Best Walmart Haul?! ➡ plpost.info/chat/yJ-5eXi1tZpug5g/wideo.html
Race To Buy The BEST Walmart Products Challenge! ➡ plpost.info/chat/08W9qGK1n6dxd5w/wideo.html
DAY NUMBER THREE OF DOPE WEEK!!! Today we are running through Target!
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DOPE or NOPE 6 miesięcy temu
Jake Rivas
Jake Rivas 5 miesięcy temu
Dope week dope week dope week dope week dope week dope week dope!!!!!!
Lil Gecko Tube
Lil Gecko Tube 5 miesięcy temu
PLEASE LEAVE A LINK TO THE SINGING MACHINE EDIT: Nevermind, I found it >:) amazon.com/Singing-Machine-XL-Black-Karaoke-STVG782BK/dp/B07FGQSK91?ref_=ast_sto_dp
Grier Watson
Grier Watson 6 miesięcy temu
@Michael Reyes I dont know
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 6 miesięcy temu
@Grier Watson do I know u?????????
Grier Watson
Grier Watson 6 miesięcy temu
@Michael Reyes !aaa
ItsjustJordanCy a
ItsjustJordanCy a 12 dni temu
I haven’t watched dope or nope since 2020... he grew his hair back?!?!
Katelyn Heiser
Katelyn Heiser 22 dni temu
Please do more hunt vids.
Becca s
Becca s 2 miesięcy temu
I used to work at Target and this dude literally came in dressed as a taco in that same costume.
Luke AwesomeTV
Luke AwesomeTV 2 miesięcy temu
Luke rankin to Play bope nope 😎🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 play game
XxAdamOfficialxX 2 miesięcy temu
Fun Facts: If you cut off the top of the Kool-Aid Pop Toy you can get a Kool-Aid drink
MonocleMaddog 2 miesięcy temu
i got the exact same yu-gi-oh pack that tanner got at target 😂
Evil Olive
Evil Olive 2 miesięcy temu
10:22 look at Tanner in the background
Leah Fox
Leah Fox 2 miesięcy temu
Me being a Bob Ross fanatic and getting way too hype about the poster.
Natalie Mitchell
Natalie Mitchell 3 miesięcy temu
I agree with Matt Masks don't work because if they did California wouldn't see cases rising. LIKE FOR REAL PEOPLE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.
Faith Torrence
Faith Torrence 3 miesięcy temu
At 8:47 is it just me or was there no person pusing tht thing behind Matt
Redpanda8008 3 miesięcy temu
Did anyone else notice tanner at 10:24
Blueberry island
Blueberry island 3 miesięcy temu
Oh baby I got pie pies
JasonHanMan man
JasonHanMan man 4 miesięcy temu
7:11 "do you think masks actually work" hahahahha i agree matt
Bishoy Siluman
Bishoy Siluman 4 miesięcy temu
Bishoy Siluman
Bishoy Siluman 4 miesięcy temu
Ferdinand Kurniawan
Ferdinand Kurniawan 4 miesięcy temu
"It needs a mega candy" Vat19 with their giant gummy worm: Hey,
Nail x trips
Nail x trips 4 miesięcy temu
Van man
Van man 5 miesięcy temu
Tanner trying Matt jokes allday
Bass Catcher
Bass Catcher 5 miesięcy temu
What happened to the little Mexican dude?
Jaden Fong
Jaden Fong 5 miesięcy temu
Tanner says no candy, goes to candy isle anyway
Miles Bookstaber
Miles Bookstaber 5 miesięcy temu
Miles Bookstaber
Miles Bookstaber 5 miesięcy temu
Talon Clinger
Talon Clinger 5 miesięcy temu
pat why didn't you just say what was on lunas's list
Talon Clinger
Talon Clinger 5 miesięcy temu
apple pie bro you are making me hungry
Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts 5 miesięcy temu
Tanner "mega desk support" MaTt "Patrick and lunaa"
hyde 6 miesięcy temu
Dalyla Purifoy
Dalyla Purifoy 6 miesięcy temu
youtube is not sending me my post notifications
Shadow_Drift127 6 miesięcy temu
Bob Ross wins always
NSC gaming
NSC gaming 6 miesięcy temu
Please just keep politics out of vids
1337azaltuth 6 miesięcy temu
2:24 -did they seriously not see each other?!
Xavier 6 miesięcy temu
They started on that isle
Datrebor 6 miesięcy temu
Tanner has hands down the best products. Matt has the funniest products.
Omar Munoz
Omar Munoz 6 miesięcy temu
YES I LOVE YUGIOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hayley Bollins
Hayley Bollins 6 miesięcy temu
Has anyone else realised that every time they start one of these videos they have started it in the food aisle.😂😂😂
lintyhook5 6 miesięcy temu
Am I the only one who's not a fan of Dope Week? I just wanna see Dope or Nope like normal.
MisterCED 6 miesięcy temu
6:40 o2cool pls
Crafts by Lucy B
Crafts by Lucy B 6 miesięcy temu
I love Bob Ross. He's always a winner for me
Creeplyawsomeness 1
Creeplyawsomeness 1 6 miesięcy temu
XilverXoul 6 miesięcy temu
8:13 Kind of looks mike Michael
Rica Teofi
Rica Teofi 6 miesięcy temu
Saima Khatun
Saima Khatun 6 miesięcy temu
Anthony White II
Anthony White II 6 miesięcy temu
I thought that was a Thanos chia pet at first 🤣
Miguel Avila
Miguel Avila 6 miesięcy temu
Paige Norwood
Paige Norwood 6 miesięcy temu
Omggg my mom was literally in the background hahahah
Shining FireHeart
Shining FireHeart 6 miesięcy temu
I'm a YuGiOh card opener and I'm loving Tanners pick
Cloney_Boi 6 miesięcy temu
My step mom got my dad the koolaid man when he graduated I use it as a nightstand though
Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley 6 miesięcy temu
Am I the only person that saw the random shelving go rolling behind Matthias with none pushing it at 8:47 ?
Scraf 6 miesięcy temu
Sad to see this channel is dying
Noah Koski
Noah Koski 6 miesięcy temu
You guys should do a nope week
kerrien Critchley
kerrien Critchley 6 miesięcy temu
can we talk about how at 8:45 the cart behind matt has no one pushing it..?
yve's art
yve's art 6 miesięcy temu
Tanner wins today's
Molly Crawford
Molly Crawford 6 miesięcy temu
Tanner: goes big Matt: doesn’t because he knows he has to pay for it
MegaLisa830 Bright
MegaLisa830 Bright 6 miesięcy temu
lol! It's not a 'flavor' of a candle, it's a 'scent' of a candle! You don't eat candles! XD
Pea Fjärdhammar Johansson
Pea Fjärdhammar Johansson 6 miesięcy temu
Why do they say roze when it is a Danish, Norwegian Ö (ø), it is well that you say röze (røze
herşey burda
herşey burda 6 miesięcy temu
Bazelgeuse 6 miesięcy temu
While Tanner seemes more random and funny when he picks out his things; Matthias is calculated and really thinks things through. Honestly it's a double win for me.
Sabrina C.
Sabrina C. 6 miesięcy temu
thumbs up for Tanner for having a REAL mask 👍 thumbs down for Matt for having a bs mask 👎
Rishab 123
Rishab 123 6 miesięcy temu
Target is underrated for electronics and toys
The Winchester Bros
The Winchester Bros 6 miesięcy temu
Friend: How's your day? Me: Dope Week Friend: Did you do anything cool today? Me: Dope Week Friend: ...Is that all you have to say? Me: DOPE WEEK!!!!
Sunfire Pixie
Sunfire Pixie 6 miesięcy temu
Omg Tanner 😭😭 yu-gi-oh cards!!!! Yes!!!
Ericson 6 miesięcy temu
MildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortnite
MildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortnite 6 miesięcy temu
Kool-Aid man
jenna pontious
jenna pontious 6 miesięcy temu
No cause spiders lives matter
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon 6 miesięcy temu
Not fair Matt gets to shop with the judge
Scarlettt xD
Scarlettt xD 6 miesięcy temu
I guess that bob ross poster really was a happy accident lol
Jackal 6 miesięcy temu
Gotta admit I laughed so hard when I heard tanner say his theme was mega desk. Have a good day everyone!
Abrar Mulla
Abrar Mulla 6 miesięcy temu
I think the name of the channel should be SHOPPING IN MARKETS. Like if you want them to change the name.
Hcky. 97
Hcky. 97 6 miesięcy temu
8:36 actually matt the real puzzles are ikea furniture
Master Emeralds
Master Emeralds 6 miesięcy temu
Why was Tanner there when they went into the electronics
モンスター Monsuta
モンスター Monsuta 6 miesięcy temu
What happened to michael
Jelly Toast
Jelly Toast 6 miesięcy temu
i went to Target and bought a whole thing of cheese puffs bc you guys did, thanks a lot haha XD
Baylee Przybyla
Baylee Przybyla 6 miesięcy temu
The avocado is mega green
Souper Sime
Souper Sime 6 miesięcy temu
Matt wearing mega green mask
nickhimself 6 miesięcy temu
It's been sad to see the megalomaniacal "joking" become so extreme that Matthias is now actually telling his employee to call him "daddy." I get that he's "joking," but you really need to question the frequency at which these jokes are funny and relevant enough for him to speak, and often repeat. How many times is it funny to make jokes about how many things you can afford to buy? How many times is it funny to make a joke about your electric car? Just because you used to struggle doesn't mean you carry that handicap forward, Matthias. You've begun speeding towards Actually Being A Bad Person Land, and I hope you can take stock in what you've achieved, then realize you can do more for your friends/employees and this time it does mean stepping back and admitting you're taking more than you need to. You brag about your belongings to your best friend who clearly works his butt off (they all do), but is nowhere near you. Nothing about that is funny. Would it be okay on a more skewed scale? Is bragging something you find virtuous, and hope for your children to pick up from your behaviors? That is what your children will see when they watch your videos. They won't understand how to articulate what your doing as wrong, but they will begin transacting relationships, and using currencies to command friends. They won't necessarily be from money directly, but derived from the opportunity to have the money. I don't find humor in gloating over finances, especially when transactional relationships are in play. Laughing at how much money you have AT the people you are paying (you live in a mansion and your main employees live together as roommates, bud. understand where your line of contribution toward their welfare has ended) is condescending, and not funny. It sucks to write this comment, because I really don't want to interact. I've enjoyed DoN for a while now (Michael & the couch were the best days, imo). I've been noticing this downward trend in behavior only become further exacerbated as time has marched forward. It really sucks, man. I really feel for Tanner. He takes it like a champ, but Jesus it can't feel good inside to have someone call you their best friend, while you know their paycheck obliterates yours despite your contributions being seemingly very similar in most regards. I'd watch Tanner, Michael, Liz, and Shenelle, (sp?) and enjoy the experience far more. Just saying.
Zain Rahmani
Zain Rahmani 6 miesięcy temu
Dude I work at Target if I saw these guys id freak out and run to em
Golden Freddy gaming
Golden Freddy gaming 6 miesięcy temu
I have a raspberry pi too and it's awesome the things you can do with it are plenty and it is mostly portable
Nick 6 miesięcy temu
How did you guys get away with filming in the store?
Lab Rynth
Lab Rynth 6 miesięcy temu
1:13, them just blocking the isle, no worries
BjBrian 6 miesięcy temu
Its matt and his son budget matt just hanging out
Brendon boss
Brendon boss 6 miesięcy temu
Trump is trash. Not a dope a nope
Nailah 6 miesięcy temu
is pat a trump supporter?😬
Josh PaperDragon
Josh PaperDragon 6 miesięcy temu
3:35 Tanner back at it again with the dresses 🤣💃
Josh PaperDragon
Josh PaperDragon 6 miesięcy temu
I still have no idea what mega desk is and its kinda annoying. not about to look at random videos about it.
Larissa Dawn
Larissa Dawn 6 miesięcy temu
I'm pretty sure Pat is already kind to women so he doesn't need any practice at being nice to the other gender
n o e l l e
n o e l l e 6 miesięcy temu
"Manure for Megadesk" i'm dYing 😆
Stephanie Alberty
Stephanie Alberty 6 miesięcy temu
Pat should have caught on that if he wanted it, Matt wouldn't get it. So he should've said "Yeah I don't need that" so Matt can get it 🤣🤣👌
chyanne 6 miesięcy temu
tell my why i have the same shoes as matt😭
cool _boy
cool _boy 6 miesięcy temu
What is mega desk?
Ari Moskowitz
Ari Moskowitz 6 miesięcy temu
plpost.info/chat/xKe6g5rCwG99p5g/wideo.html go to this vid it’s this channels first which is Mathias’s first
NaLuGruViaGaLeJeRza FT Forever!
NaLuGruViaGaLeJeRza FT Forever! 6 miesięcy temu
"It's an avocado. Thanks." - some random kid on Christmas.
Monica Stetar
Monica Stetar 6 miesięcy temu
OMG! Tanner...STOP touching your mask
Its_Izumi_ Afton
Its_Izumi_ Afton 6 miesięcy temu
The bob ross
Assmoses 6 miesięcy temu
im just here for the yugioh cards
Malaysia Miles
Malaysia Miles 6 miesięcy temu
“Get outta there little guy” - tanner 2020 😂😂💀💀
Michael 101
Michael 101 6 miesięcy temu
so how much did you spend on all of this because damn
_Lestari Eva_
_Lestari Eva_ 6 miesięcy temu
Ligit everyone working for Matt favorite Line: I Hate This Guy-
Cian Fawcett
Cian Fawcett 6 miesięcy temu
Hi what's pats ps4 user name
D Will
D Will 6 miesięcy temu
“I can’t take off the mask” “Smell through it you think masks actually work” 😂😂 couldn’t have said it better
Benjamín Borbón
Benjamín Borbón 6 miesięcy temu
What’s mega desk?
Mr Jake Raynor
Mr Jake Raynor 6 miesięcy temu
Bob Ross is the best
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