How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps

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Mentour Pilot

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Cool aviation stuff! 馃憠馃徎
What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training?
In todays Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that needs to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway.
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Chapters in the video:
00:00 Intro
01:06 Enter the cockpit
02:15 Get Headset
02:55 Set Radio Frequency
03:58 Set Audio Control Panel
04:30 Talk to Air Traffic Control
06:00 Set Emergency code
06:50 Tell ATC how much fuel you have
07:13 Control Auto pilot
07:55 Start Descending
09:25 Control Turn
10:30 Control Speed
11:25 Set your seat
12:55 Your instruments
13:40 Autoland setup
15:16 Slow down
16:14 Select Flaps
17:35 Set Autobrake
18:55 Arm approach
22:15 Lower gear/flap 15
25:30 Control on the ground
28:00 Landing
29:00 Shut engines down

Technophant 12 godzin temu
I'm watching this while flying just in case
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 16 godzin temu
Cleared to call you TEACHER? I am Brazilian ... almost impossible teach anyone what a jet plane averege peole think it is supposed to be...instead, you are able to guide a mere mortal to land this sort of hundreds tons monster...Congratulations!!!!! YOU are the smartest Pilot and Flight Teacher all of the world...Again: Congatulations, Teacher!!!!!
Decimal Digger
Decimal Digger 16 godzin temu
How would you even know how to switch on radio , reality check you gonna crash and burn .
Richard on Dauntless
Richard on Dauntless 19 godzin temu
Great video, far more interesting than expected, thanks for including even the little things like, shutting down the engins. Now, download this video.
Fortress 21 godzin臋 temu
If ever become the last man standing, I'll just bring out my android phone and click on how to land a passenger's airplane and listen to this instructions before I'll start controlling the aircraft.
Charlie Irvin
Charlie Irvin Dzie艅 temu
I Love flying and now that I got my Lesson I want my Pilots Licenses . I Know its Not that easy and simple and can't get them in one day. But I can still Dream . Maybe it will come true .
Melvin Douglas
Melvin Douglas Dzie艅 temu
Im sorry, but this is a bit too much to expect from a passenger who has never piloted an aircraft. More realistically all that should be required is contacting air traffic control for instructions. No one will remember anything else.
Kun Dzie艅 temu
Its over. If be turning the radio knobs until we crash.
Samuel Matheis
Samuel Matheis Dzie艅 temu
who else in the beginning of video thinking ok ok please turn to the front! haha
raxxtango Dzie艅 temu
linkuei83 Dzie艅 temu
Now I can safely escape the Langolier land and back into present.
The X-Punisher
The X-Punisher Dzie艅 temu
I would do it just to tell the ATC that we're gonna be in the hudson and try to do it even if i can go back to LaGuardia
Thong La
Thong La Dzie艅 temu
I will save this video on my phone forever, just in case.
YouTuber Consuming
YouTuber Consuming Dzie艅 temu
you showed how to switch from IC to RT, but you didn't show the push to talk button or where it is
Speedbird Dzie艅 temu
Its not from IC to RT, its a toggle switch to IC or RT馃槈Meaning that it is a PPT button, but there is also a PTT button on the yoke.
Saket Roy
Saket Roy Dzie艅 temu
I am going to land the plane as i am only left in this plane and i hope this video will help me to land this plane. I'm pretty scared
Beverly Wilcox
Beverly Wilcox 2 dni temu
Great video! Old aviation joke: a good landing is any one you can walk away from; a great landing is one where the aircraft can be used again.
Beverly Wilcox
Beverly Wilcox 2 dni temu
Why use the right seat? If a passenger is flying the airplane, it's probably a passenger with private pilot's license. In that case, they will be more comfortable, and steer on the ground better, if they are in the left seat. If it's a small plane flight instructor, they will pick the seat they are most comfortable in anyway. This also lets the passenger/pilot work the autopilot and avionics with their right hand, which is more comfortable for most people.
Beverly Wilcox
Beverly Wilcox Dzie艅 temu
But wouldn't taxiing be further down on the priority list than ability to follow ATC instructions on setting up the avionics and autopilot in the air? When the autopilot clicks off on the ground, the speed will be down to the point where everyone will probably survive. (Don't get me wrong, as a non-current little plane CFI, I loved the opportunity to see what might have been if my eyesight hadn't been up to airline standards.)
Beverly Wilcox
Beverly Wilcox 2 dni temu
@Mentour Pilot Thanks for responding - these are great videos and I've been hooked on them since I found them a few days ago.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 dni temu
Under no circumstances should a non trained person try and maneuver on the ground, I choose that seat partially for that reason.
rva1945 2 dni temu
If there is no other option...but let麓s keep in mind that only a well trained pilot knows how to cope with bad weather, technical problems, like engine fire or flame-out, loss of hydraulic pressure, electrical problems, etc. So in an ideal situation... well it could be possible. Add the person's mood and attitude about aviation.
william santiago
william santiago 2 dni temu
I am gonna download this video on my phone coz this may come in handy someday.馃槣
Andy Manser
Andy Manser 2 dni temu
Great video eye opener enjoyable watch skill involved quite amazing
Jahlen Johnson
Jahlen Johnson 2 dni temu
Wouldn鈥檛 the first part already been done by the pilots?? So you wouldn鈥檛 have to set the frequency or anything?
Jahlen Johnson
Jahlen Johnson 2 dni temu
@Mentour Pilot thanks for the info! Hopefully I never have to use it in real life 馃槀. The delta museum near my house has a flight simulator for the public and as soon as they reopen I鈥檒l be using all your tips. 馃グ
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 dni temu
You would need to switch over to the emergency frequency because otherwise, you will need to do several frequency changes throughout the flight.
Fw Wryh
Fw Wryh 3 dni temu
The hardest thing is putting in the radio frequency for ATC.
Philippe Constant
Philippe Constant 3 dni temu
Should have more described the radio comm. This is the most important, impossible to figured out for a inexperienced person. The last conscious/living passenger of flight Helios 522 (breathing in a oxygen bottle after all crew and passenger passed out, due to a undetected decompression) could not operate the radio, so he never had the chance to do anything, and the plane crashed after consuming all fuel
Speedbird 2 dni temu
Sorry for nitpicking馃きIt wasnt a decompression, but lack of pressurization馃槈
Your Tuber
Your Tuber 3 dni temu
"out oh break"
Your Tuber
Your Tuber 3 dni temu
"out oh pile lot"
Robert Sell
Robert Sell 3 dni temu
But where is the "butter the runway" button. If Im going to landing a plane as a passenger I gotta show off a bit
Your Tuber
Your Tuber 3 dni temu
Tiago D'Agostini
Tiago D'Agostini 3 dni temu
This was probably waaay scarier in the 70's :P
Alvino Melgoza
Alvino Melgoza 4 dni temu
I don't know way but im stressed out and feel i need to pay very close attention.
Lj LaValle
Lj LaValle 4 dni temu
Wow, almost 2 million viewers would like to be prepared to land a commercial jet in the event of an emergency : )
Your Tuber
Your Tuber 3 dni temu
nah bruh they just being curious... comes natural being human
OptimusPrime49 4 dni temu
Imagine you remember everything of this video and know you are in this very unlikely event that you have to bring down the plane. Everyone on board except from you is unconscious... you enter the cockpit and all you see are grey colours and a weird stick that replaces the traditional yoke... damn.
INDIAN MEN ONLY 4 dni temu
Houston we have a problem
Ben Mendoza
Ben Mendoza 4 dni temu
rokie 4 dni temu
reminds me of that one scene from the bee movie
NerdsKlub 4 dni temu
RIP to people who thought this is a real plane
jorge mejia
jorge mejia 4 dni temu
It鈥檚 a long video; but I couldn鈥檛 bring myself to stop watching 鈥榯il the end! big fan of yours over here! hope you keep on posting and stay healthy.
mike woodley
mike woodley 4 dni temu
Good to know if the ever chicken salad is off
16nowhereman 4 dni temu
I could probably land any airplane, it just won't be in one piece.
Galileo Chiu
Galileo Chiu 5 dni temu
well thanks, you might have saved my life in the future
Milton Ogendi
Milton Ogendi 5 dni temu
i did not know a plane can land with the autopilot on.
Lauren Arigo
Lauren Arigo 5 dni temu
Aren鈥檛 most flight attendants on major airlines taught how to engage auto land and get do these things so. You would really be one of last people on the plane because both pilots sometimes three for long hall and any where between 2 to 6 flight attendants. I feel like to loose that many people you would have to loose the cockpit and then there is nothing to fly.
Speedbird 5 dni temu
No, flight attendants actually got other things to do..
kefkaZZZ 5 dni temu
As a non pilot I have to say saving an entire airplane full of people from some impossible situation is an all time favourite fantasy.
Adan Chavez
Adan Chavez 3 dni temu
Des Moore
Des Moore 5 dni temu
Dont forget to engage the parking brake !!!
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 6 dni temu
Im drunk.
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 6 dni temu
yeaaaaah. Im dead. :(
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 6 dni temu
I ate a Chicago hot dog and we are ALL going to die :(
Psycho Sorcerer
Psycho Sorcerer 6 dni temu
Step 13: vomit from the stress and realization of how many people will harass you about interviews
YakPaks truck
YakPaks truck 6 dni temu
Who else is watching this while tryna land a boeing 747 whos pilots are gone?? 馃馃徎馃馃徎
Speedbird 5 dni temu
Anthony Holroyd
Anthony Holroyd 6 dni temu
What if you're not a nervous flyer - but a safety critical railway worker who would be a pilot if he had the money!? 馃ぃ馃ぃ If you join the railways, they pay to train you You wanna fly? That'll be 100K please 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Coco Pony
Coco Pony 6 dni temu
Just connecting the radio to air traffic control is harder than rocket science. Me and everyone on board would鈥檝e dead before we ever managed to speak to ATC
B Kay
B Kay 6 dni temu
Got the headset on and I'm dead.
Ingvild Kvakestad
Ingvild Kvakestad 7 dni temu
Welp I could maybe do it. I atleast already know flap settings lol.
Russell Strom
Russell Strom 7 dni temu
How similar is a airbus?
Speedbird 6 dni temu
Not very..
sive ndobeni
sive ndobeni 7 dni temu
Tuning the radio is a science on its own
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 6 dni temu
Gustav Agenbacht
Gustav Agenbacht 7 dni temu
On the next flight where a captain hassles me over drinking too much, open hatch, down and out he goes. Not needed, I'm a pilot now meself. Okay things will be a little hot once I pull the handbrake up and get the plane into neutral, I realize. A few people will like me less, but look. I didn't watch this for nothing. On a serious note. Brilliant video, Mentour Pilot, and thank you. You never know when this vital information may save hundreds of lives.
Jason Baumgartner
Jason Baumgartner 7 dni temu
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your new pilot speaking. I am currently watching a PLpost video on how to fly this particular plane but I'm confident in about 20 minutes that I will be able to guide this plane all the way to the scene of the crash. It appears we have 8,000 pounds of fuel left which should be enough to give everyone time to drink as much alcoholic beverages as possible. Please bring a few up for me. Thanks for flying Delta, or as we'll now call it, Omega."
Philip Samuel
Philip Samuel 4 dni temu
It is a 31 minute video and we just have 15 min at hand
Blue Flu
Blue Flu 7 dni temu
馃樄馃檧I am going to find the mini bar and get f-ed up for the crash.
Dyc DC
Dyc DC 7 dni temu
Thank u sir for making the video over this topic. I am glad. God bless u sir.馃憤馃憤馃憤
RAAKESH SINGH 8 dni temu
Honestly I have only flown Sims, but if you fly fighter jets, then you will bang your head in passenger planes, they are too sluggish for guys who are used to fighter jets
paulclaytoncalendar clayton
paulclaytoncalendar clayton 8 dni temu
Thanks for this video, I found it fascinating. Will deffo down load the app. Paul UK
Svein Einar Hagen
Svein Einar Hagen 8 dni temu
Very usefull for me playing msf 2020
Bernie Short
Bernie Short 8 dni temu
Excellent an amazing video. Please just in case we had to, how do we silence an audio alarm should one happen, I would think it most important not to have a horn sounding and distracting a novice.
Speedbird 7 dni temu
1:10馃槈 But anyway, pull the aural warning circuit breaker which is just behind your left shoulder when you are in the left seat.
Trump Supporter
Trump Supporter 8 dni temu
Do all planes have 'auto land' ? For those which don't you should do a video for them too.
Speedbird 7 dni temu
This is just for the 737NG, so for other aircraft it is a bit different anyway. But in general all commercial jets have auto land as far as I know馃
Freddie Berry
Freddie Berry 8 dni temu
So why isn't there an automated landing or remote way to do this?
Speedbird 7 dni temu
Not yet developed, approved and implemented.
Aloysius Flartey
Aloysius Flartey 8 dni temu
Your instructions fail as you do not show what buttons or is that for security?
LJ Andrewes
LJ Andrewes 8 dni temu
Literally nobody could figure out the radio. The best thing to do would be to drink all the booze on the aircraft, find a seat in first class and enjoy the in-flight entertainment until flame out time. Then drink more and start screaming.
Jeffrey Dodson
Jeffrey Dodson 8 dni temu
"Is there anyone who knows how to land this plane?!?" "Well, I'm not a pilot, but I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night..."
florin nicolae
florin nicolae 8 dni temu
Piece of cake.
DaySee Builder
DaySee Builder 8 dni temu
Instructions unclear Landed vertically
Bertie Pimplebum
Bertie Pimplebum 8 dni temu
I would pay to do this in a flight simulator.
Trump Supporter
Trump Supporter 8 dni temu
And I bet you can.
Sen Lirazan
Sen Lirazan 9 dni temu
Cockpit panel buttons for autopilot just below the frontshield V NAV, L NAV ,APP, IAS/MACH, INIT REF etc..that controls and represents the altitude, speed, knots blah blah blah auto breaks, and for the handling is engaged bar, parking brakes,trust levers, and the flaps control numbering from 2 5 9 15 25 30 for landing blah blah to many to mention 馃槀 I'm seriously dead. What the fxxk i am watching this and why not dreaming before of becoming a pilot.
Sen Lirazan
Sen Lirazan 9 dni temu
After watching this am now out of my delusional mind and started being proud to my self thinking that i can make land this huge flying object in the future. Im a Hero 馃槀
Bill Plant
Bill Plant 9 dni temu
Excellent instructor well done.馃憦. Seriously I would prefer if control centre had a take over button, Or a screen in the cockpit clearly showing what to do, simply just following instructions, Rather than playing..hide and seek with the controls. Today鈥檚 technology they can do anything, I mean they made the covid vaccine in months,馃挱 Come on Boeing.. Astra Zeneca Is way ahead.
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter 9 dni temu
I'm a militarily helicopter pilot and every time I fly commercial, I can't help but imagine what would happen if something happened in the cockpit that lead to the first officer and captain being incapacitated. I've always imagined that with a little instruction from the ATC controller and with the help of a trained flight attendant, we'd be fine.
Leon Guendoo
Leon Guendoo 9 dni temu
Thanks for a very interesting and informative video Mentour. Would have liked to see the rudder guides and the brake in the footwell a bit more to make it clear which one not to press. I think the flight attendants should also be given a short course on these basic steps so they can assist whoever is left to fly the plane, or if they have to do it themselves, and have these important emergency steps available somewhere in the cockpit, especially up to the point of how to establish communication with air traffic control.
Speedbird 8 dni temu
The flight attendants actually have work to do, so no..鉁嬸煆
Tracey Klotz
Tracey Klotz 9 dni temu
what button do you push to hear atc?
Speedbird 8 dni temu
No button, just the correct frequency馃檭
Noseefood 9 dni temu
so basically it lands by itself
1$ headset for a 100 million dollars airplane
Speedbird 8 dni temu
Its a Bose headset, so no..馃槈
ultraman nexus
ultraman nexus 9 dni temu
Forget it I will just accept ""I'm going to diie"".
Paul Brandt
Paul Brandt 9 dni temu
Or MS flight simulator;p
Paul Brandt
Paul Brandt 9 dni temu
Guess with auto pilot and land possibly...
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 9 dni temu
got it! thx, good enough to party, ;p first step was to panic right!? j/k yeah panic is a waste of energy one should never do that.
War CommanderNomics
War CommanderNomics 9 dni temu
ME sitting in a sinking air craft with no wif or cell data working so I Cannot watch this video.....Ah crud.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 9 dni temu
I'd be asking where the peanuts are stashed.
Jan Hammer
Jan Hammer 10 dni temu
So they use imperial units not metric at least as far as altitude?
Speedbird 9 dni temu
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 10 dni temu
Otto the Autopilot approves.
Walter Hynson
Walter Hynson 10 dni temu
great now can you do the same for a "cessna150"
noah thao
noah thao 10 dni temu
F this..too difficult.just tell me how to lower the plane and have the airplane speed reduce.
Speedbird 9 dni temu
Lower the plane and reduse the speed at the same time??馃お
Denis Ure
Denis Ure 10 dni temu
The answer is simple. Depends on the passenger:)
Aviation Of ROBLOX
Aviation Of ROBLOX 10 dni temu
Aviation Of ROBLOX
Aviation Of ROBLOX 10 dni temu
@Mentour Pilot Jag viste att du var svensk f枚r att du sa Boeing svengelsk dialekt
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 10 dni temu
Hej Hej
tatiana kerina tarp
tatiana kerina tarp 11 dni temu
Now please, how to land the same aircraft MAnually :))). (If we dont have fuel enough to land there where the automatic landing is possible) Just for lulz :)
tatiana kerina tarp
tatiana kerina tarp 11 dni temu
I dont think so. If you played 100 s of hours flight simulation with modern (!!!)planes. Plus you need to be 200% cold blooded and quick to learn. And time. If you have some hours to practice before landing. So, these 3 conditions in place...maybe (before video).
Randolph Slaven
Randolph Slaven 11 dni temu
I'm trying to find the full video on the app so i can pay and download it but having difficulties finding it, can anyone help?
Chandana Hettiaratchi
Chandana Hettiaratchi 11 dni temu
Very good educational programme Good luck
Bright Mulenga
Bright Mulenga 11 dni temu
Too many buttons. Can't they just computerize most of those buttons
Alan M
Alan M 11 dni temu
Imagine an 18-30 flight to alacante..... You'd have a fight on your hands to be the first to have a go 馃槀馃槀
Chew Stephen
Chew Stephen 11 dni temu
......AAAAAAnnnnnddddddd the plane crashes itself.
Sabih Akber
Sabih Akber 11 dni temu
they gotta make the radio easier. i got lost on step 1.
omgwerockhard 12 dni temu
If i was in this position the one thing i would dread the most is the pedal thingy, afraid that im doing it wrong
iLL fATheR
iLL fATheR 12 dni temu
Your are awesome
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 12 dni temu
Thank you!
A 12 dni temu
You might want to get a lawyer to check your disclaimer at the beginning though
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 12 dni temu
It鈥檚 entertainment, no passenger will ever get access to the cockpit.
Steven Noble
Steven Noble 13 dni temu
6 minutes in... "Well since i can't even figure out the radio I wonder if I'll crash or get shot down first."
killer1986chris 13 dni temu
change your squawk code to 7500 for extra assistance
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