Types of People Portrayed by Minecraft #7

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This is types of people portrayed by minecraft #7. In this video, I go over tons of types of people and show it off in minecraft. We have Wallibear doing something insane for the 200iq player. We have a noob who has NO IDEA how to make a portal and tons of other things like people being gullible and getting tricked to mine their diamonds with stone. Don't miss this video :)
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
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InstinctCat_ www.twitch.tv/instinctcat_
k4yfour www.twitch.tv/k4yfour
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
GrandPOObear www.twitch.tv/grandpoobear
illumina1337 www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
lackingtoast www.twitch.tv/lackingtoast
Blocksssssss www.twitch.tv/blocksssssss
Tfue www.twitch.tv/tfue
zgnh_ www.twitch.tv/zjnh_
Quin69 www.twitch.tv/quin69
jacksfilms www.twitch.tv/jacksfilms
tommyinnit www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
Dylqnnnn www.twitch.tv/dylqnnnn
KingJazza www.twitch.tv/kingjazza
qsoren www.twitch.tv/qsoren
PartyDude717 www.twitch.tv/partydude717
BTMC www.twitch.tv/btmc
N1kiiiiii www.twitch.tv/n1kiiii
ThatWatsonGuy www.twitch.tv/thatwatsonguy
AngelstaXx29 www.twitch.tv/angelstaxx29
mightyalssa www.twitch.tv/mightyalyssa
xQcOW www.twitch.tv/xqcow
Hrry www.twitch.tv/hrry
minklman www.twitch.tv/minklman
Fyroah www.twitch.tv/fyroah
uhcmacros www.twitch.tv/uhcmacros
forsen www.twitch.tv/forsen
Qurp0 www.twitch.tv/qurp0
Zimulated www.twitch.tv/zimulated
Tubbo www.twitch.tv/tubbo
jojosolos www.twitch.tv/jojosolos
Kashy www.twitch.tv/kashy
A0EHypickle www.twitch.tv/a0ehypickle
bebelnirk www.twitch.tv/bebelnirk
Pedguin www.twitch.tv/pedguin
SmallAnt www.twitch.tv/smallant
notacultistlive www.twitch.tv/notacultistlive
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Vallen gaming
Vallen gaming 6 godzin temu
aaaa bodo bodo zhynh38dny
AB just4U
AB just4U 8 godzin temu
Streamers pees in their pants : Ohhhhoooooo !!!! Somebody clip that 😮😮😮😮
SpookyScarySkeleton 9 godzin temu
0:00 (slam) (slam) (Slam) (SLAM SLAM Slam slam) Pog
Tore del valle
Tore del valle 18 godzin temu
2:34 Dream is wario
Bidulata Mandala
Bidulata Mandala Dzień temu
Is that you?
Bonkify Dzień temu
Lol btmc always dies
iplayuno Dzień temu
3:01 a wilbur fan i can guess because face cam
Melon__L0rd Dzień temu
Saad Playz
Saad Playz 2 dni temu
Games react is a savage
The Criminal - Official Channel
The Criminal - Official Channel 2 dni temu
7:56 i need that song name
Martin Džara
Martin Džara 2 dni temu
samuel sidney
samuel sidney 2 dni temu
2:31 scared = noob
Wolf- mations
Wolf- mations 2 dni temu
PRO TIP: you can change the key-bind for dropping items ;) (reduces the chance of dropping an item accidentaly)
Roel Harkema
Roel Harkema 3 dni temu
Lucky Guy 2 used creative or spectator
Said Döğer
Said Döğer 3 dni temu
Its Me
Mirza Aziz
Mirza Aziz 3 dni temu
2:25 this is not pou
jenvic docayag
jenvic docayag 3 dni temu
i wish i have some minecraft :(
Boss Panda
Boss Panda 4 dni temu
3:33 thank me later
Fake Beast
Fake Beast 4 dni temu
6:20 the noob 😂😂😂
Deep 4 dni temu
5:55 my first win in bedwars be like
Gaming guy 67
Gaming guy 67 4 dni temu
At 0:38 isn’t a 10000iq play it’s not like invented it
Arush Awasthi
Arush Awasthi 6 dni temu
So u mena btmc is a high school dropout i no offence
Ryder Kelly
Ryder Kelly 6 dni temu
Philza mincraft lost his hardcore world after 4 years
G Van Doorn
G Van Doorn 6 dni temu
I9rpp -
I9rpp - 6 dni temu
0:00 Little kid LOL
Melon Boy
Melon Boy 6 dni temu
4:28 oh thats Penguin!
Victor santos
Victor santos 6 dni temu
Victor santos
Victor santos 6 dni temu
5:21 My brain: FAT HACKER UR TRASH WHY USE FAT HACKER My eyes: So he randomly shot somewhere and the idiot ran to his shot, OK
Mōshi Môsh Gacha
Mōshi Môsh Gacha 7 dni temu
Good video
Owen gaming
Owen gaming 7 dni temu
2:32 I love how Tommy got scared and he said *gasp* AHHHH
krzysztof malinowski
krzysztof malinowski 7 dni temu
a poco mam whcodzic na wasz sklep gówniany
Pizzo 7 dni temu
It's so much more painful to watch if they are on hardcore...
david _
david _ 7 dni temu
TitleHeroes 8 dni temu
je suis le seul francais ???
maria julia gandini
maria julia gandini 8 dni temu
Si juegas krunker sabras quien es kashy :D like se juegas krunker... DALE LIKEEEE
Zeke Stone
Zeke Stone 8 dni temu
stop the threats in the next five seconds or I will call you mean names behind your back.
Go Merrick
Go Merrick 9 dni temu
Lol I realize Most Of like the 10000 Iq Is Mostly Wallibear xD
Adam 9 dni temu
I once finished Minecraft under 9 minutes
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 9 dni temu
5:30 hes so dumb he had water bucket in his iventory and if he would right click the bed it would teleport him on it
Raccoon Bae
Raccoon Bae 9 dni temu
the Portal didn't work because of the version he was using
Liang Cai
Liang Cai 9 dni temu
Did anyone notice in the lucky guy to it says set own game mode to survival mode
Jason Harrington
Jason Harrington 9 dni temu
Nothing is better then Aaron’s animals I don’t care about your channel and minecraft
Liam McNulty
Liam McNulty 10 dni temu
Garrett Wolfe
Garrett Wolfe 10 dni temu
0:08 no, i dont think i will
robotic boy 26
robotic boy 26 10 dni temu
What the h is "pog"
Bryant 10 dni temu
2 spanish
Michelle Winer
Michelle Winer 10 dni temu
I am sniper and others but sniper is most
Lillian the Garchomp XD Vang
Lillian the Garchomp XD Vang 10 dni temu
Tom Wilby
Tom Wilby 11 dni temu
Sorry, I just got dared to roast youtubers :/ You sound like an even more annoying BBH. So sorry, love yours and BBH's vids.
Shubith 11 dni temu
The ??? Is actually gamers react
Shubith 11 dni temu
The noob
ANCESTER16 NAY 11 dni temu
5:17 vs plpost.info/chat/na-1qpqom51_sG0/wideo.html
•Oreo• 11 dni temu
Kutta Gamer
Kutta Gamer 11 dni temu
0:11 Oh you can!? Say my mean real name! >:)
kot 11 dni temu
Bhumi Gupta
Bhumi Gupta 11 dni temu
Wallibear is always 1000 iq
orhan şanal
orhan şanal 12 dni temu
Fuddin MC 1180
Fuddin MC 1180 12 dni temu
ShadowD 12 dni temu
-8:32 Satisfaying 2K
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 12 dni temu
Half of the time that 1000iq player is same
skype mee
skype mee 12 dni temu
The noob the idiot
Michael Michaca
Michael Michaca 12 dni temu
5:55 xQcOW should not be talking
xd SafwanBoi
xd SafwanBoi 13 dni temu
1:20 The most epic beyblade battle i have ever seen
TheAltoAccounto 13 dni temu
Iker Gonzaga
Iker Gonzaga 13 dni temu
POV:ur from bionic
Lam Souvanna
Lam Souvanna 13 dni temu
3:34 super rage
Emmy Hurley
Emmy Hurley 13 dni temu
The insult is great bc i already is called names behind meh back :)
Kami Badji
Kami Badji 14 dni temu
Is real but wallibear is a pro live dream
arga Caca
arga Caca 14 dni temu
hahahahaha a noob making end portal LOL but i like this video
Kleinblatt 14 dni temu
I am the cursed stuff finding guy lol
Emma Greaves
Emma Greaves 14 dni temu
Poor tubbo!
mark Ivan Oinal
mark Ivan Oinal 14 dni temu
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez 14 dni temu
Ja jajaja video divertido
Unknown 14 dni temu
If a human has 1000iq he would understand how to make somebody fly and flee
HerobrinePlayzMC 15 dni temu
2:37 do...............
Daryl Jean Cenas
Daryl Jean Cenas 15 dni temu
I buy the clip its merch it's pretty sick
Filip Förstberg
Filip Förstberg 15 dni temu
I love that video
Ghazala Jabeen
Ghazala Jabeen 15 dni temu
Once upon a time I was in the nether and I had full diamond enhanced armor and weapons and I died I lost all of my stuff I was sad
gabriela urriaga
gabriela urriaga 15 dni temu
FlipyRuf 16 dni temu
0:33 pog champ face
MarkPlaysRoblox 16 dni temu
g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g f g' g g g g g g g g g gg g gg g \g g g g g g g g g g g g
soviet godzilla
soviet godzilla 16 dni temu
0:03 it's the hard knock life
Fishy BOY
Fishy BOY 16 dni temu
0:10 of course I will sub now 😒
Izan Morales
Izan Morales 16 dni temu
The smallant is not true happy is lain
Alana Prem
Alana Prem 17 dni temu
I’m the baby rager
Fates [GD]
Fates [GD] 17 dni temu
2:24 50000 IQ
Fates [GD]
Fates [GD] 17 dni temu
1:35 MC Central Survival Games Top 5?
aldhaniel cruz
aldhaniel cruz 17 dni temu
1:20 just a good gaming chair
KirbyTube 17 dni temu
2:34 wAaAaAaAaAA!
Buns Gacha
Buns Gacha 17 dni temu
I like your uploads its funny and don't forget to subscribe gamer react
karin Cristine Alves Almeida
karin Cristine Alves Almeida 17 dni temu
jojo is a noob LOL
AMONGY KABUTO 17 dni temu
JManu 17 dni temu
who smashes the table then calmy says POG
Arrayyan 18 dni temu
The easily scared:omg why you shock me Me:that not scary at all coward
Arrayyan 18 dni temu
The misclicker he drop his diamond sword its so hard to find that diamond
Russell Calimag
Russell Calimag 18 dni temu
2:32 R.I.P. Tommyonnit🤣🤣🤣🤣
Old star gamer
Old star gamer 18 dni temu
Girlfriend Is nothing FREEFIRE is everything
Walter 2.0
Walter 2.0 18 dni temu
Would you do a react like your name says
Frank Luna
Frank Luna 18 dni temu
7:56 NOOO
Frank Luna
Frank Luna 18 dni temu
2:32 Aye aye aye you can’t do that to Tommy
Jarek Kwiatkowski
Jarek Kwiatkowski 18 dni temu
I'm normally the sniper
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