4 Prank Products That Will SCARE Your Friends!

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DOPE or NOPE 6 miesięcy temu
Fun fact: someone went into my office and turned the witch tapping prank off because it kept scaring people lmao Just thought u all should know that Love, Tan
Mohammad Nabi Mukhlis
Mohammad Nabi Mukhlis 29 dni temu
@Ian suss
Mohammad Nabi Mukhlis
Mohammad Nabi Mukhlis 29 dni temu
Jay Wayne
Jay Wayne 4 miesięcy temu
I am happy that we didn't have to see tanners ugly face
BuilderBro 5 miesięcy temu
@FirstGryphonXX no my dad is in the isle of wight
FirstGryphonXX 5 miesięcy temu
@BuilderBro oh was your daddy too busy failing NNN
Nickfredy Gutierrez
Nickfredy Gutierrez 12 dni temu
Spirit Halloween anyone?
Natalie Arbuckle
Natalie Arbuckle 13 dni temu
I’m here on Tuesday,March 30,2021 and the amount of views on this video is 666k !!!!!!!
call of terraria
call of terraria 13 dni temu
666k views lol
jakey Dee FPV
jakey Dee FPV 14 dni temu
Shadow Shifter
Shadow Shifter 18 dni temu
8:53 what is a stye.
Galaxy_onYT 18 dni temu
hannah lowkey bad
Laya Isaac
Laya Isaac 19 dni temu
Why is Michael not in the videos anymore
Shayshay Unicorn
Shayshay Unicorn 21 dzień temu
I think I have my self a new ring tone 😌
SUCubing Miesiąc temu
I couldnt stop laughing while I was watching
Rec room spirit VR
Rec room spirit VR Miesiąc temu
I have fright in the box and jumping spider
SlightlyPsycho Miesiąc temu
Yo that jumping spider is horrifying. Saw it a few years ago
Virginia Dellinger
Virginia Dellinger Miesiąc temu
Thank you guys for all of the great laughs! I have been dealing with a lot of depression, all I have to do is watch ypu guys. Thank you
F in chat
F in chat Miesiąc temu
I always love Nope.avi
DCP Dripp
DCP Dripp Miesiąc temu
When Matt started punching the jack in the box, I look and it outfit and does he not look like Conner mcgregor 😂
Dakoda Thompson
Dakoda Thompson Miesiąc temu
Imagine they have that which that tapped on the window when Nelson broke in to the studio wonder how much that would scare him
Delilah Cook
Delilah Cook Miesiąc temu
Is it just me or does Tanner and Matt’s outfits look like they traveled to the 70’s
Kayla Woodbury
Kayla Woodbury Miesiąc temu
Dude you think that's 70s?! How old are you? That's 90s! 🤣
Caroline Pring
Caroline Pring Miesiąc temu
What is this? Throw back Thursday?😂
/gamemode infinity
/gamemode infinity Miesiąc temu
yes down below
youtube viewer
youtube viewer Miesiąc temu
rarest emoji ☃
Taylor Koepf
Taylor Koepf Miesiąc temu
Any of these would've have gotten me good. I'm wayyy too easy to scare. I was at my grandma's once and hadn't been there in a while. You can see down the hallway to the bedrooms from the living room and it was dark in the hall but there was light shining down it from the living room. I got spooked from a long bathrobe hanging on a door hook at the end of the hall because it looked like a person peeking around the corner 😂
Adam Benson
Adam Benson 2 miesięcy temu
Can you show woods more love
Yamazaki Michio
Yamazaki Michio 2 miesięcy temu
omg im dying so hard because of that spider
Super bunny Boom
Super bunny Boom 2 miesięcy temu
u look like vsauce
Tanyth Ford
Tanyth Ford 2 miesięcy temu
If lonely gunner still worked there
Amy Zimmerman
Amy Zimmerman 2 miesięcy temu
I love how much effort they out in the Harry Potter ringtone, i am deffinitly using it (I LOVE HARRY POTTER)
HeyItsSloth 3 miesięcy temu
Dude, panera is awesome
シʏᴏᴏxɢɪ 3 miesięcy temu
Best part of the video 12:33 😂
Amada García
Amada García 3 miesięcy temu
Anyone else loved how Shenelle just took a quick look and knew what was wrong or is it just me? 💜 Maybe for someones it's more easy or not so impressed but I think it was very cool
Louisa Lewis
Louisa Lewis 3 miesięcy temu
wheres Michel
Shontell Vann-little
Shontell Vann-little 3 miesięcy temu
What episode is the jukebox from?
《Sakura Chan》
《Sakura Chan》 3 miesięcy temu
*animatronics gonna make noise* purple guy: *laugh in puting kids in animatronics*
The Maxwell B Channel
The Maxwell B Channel 4 miesięcy temu
I actually like all the products
The Maxwell B Channel
The Maxwell B Channel 4 miesięcy temu
I actually don’t like the spider jumper product keep that in mind
Janelle Cedeno
Janelle Cedeno 4 miesięcy temu
Does anyone know where they got the jukebox? I low key want one 😂
Remya Kamal
Remya Kamal 4 miesięcy temu
Please make a video of harry potter prodcts
Tenisha Wallace-Barber
Tenisha Wallace-Barber 4 miesięcy temu
4:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my sides.
Clover Adventures
Clover Adventures 4 miesięcy temu
Pennisball 4 miesięcy temu
I’m not a doctor but isn’t it a little dangerous to jump scare people while they come up the stairs
Annie The Bulldog
Annie The Bulldog 4 miesięcy temu
I love that Matt broke the last product! Lol 😂
Awesomebot86 4 miesięcy temu
All I need is to put them in front of a mirror
ꪖꪶꫀ᥊ꪖ 4 miesięcy temu
You should have hung the gost thing on the door then closed it so when you open the door it goes off
I I 4 miesięcy temu
Dude this is the first non 24 exact minute doe or nope video I’ve seen
Leeleemarye 4 miesięcy temu
With the creepy clown in a box you should have gotten someone to dress as a clown and walked behind the person you’re trying to scare, after they’ve been ‘scared’ by the box clown.
HDGamer 5 miesięcy temu
Yo Michael looks like my biology teacher
Samuel Hatley
Samuel Hatley 5 miesięcy temu
while trick or treating, I was horrified by those spiders. I also have arachnifobia so... I just ran as soon as I got my candy with the ones with those spiders.
angela everitt
angela everitt 5 miesięcy temu
My kids when they where like 2 and 5 loved The killer clown Freakshow Jack-in-the-Box one that I got for Halloween....until one of them broke it cuz he played with it alot and that made my two-year-old cry wish i could find the same one again
Joevanie Praquilles
Joevanie Praquilles 5 miesięcy temu
I miss Michael being with you guys.
Zane 5 miesięcy temu
you should put the jack-in-the-box in a drain hole like pennywise... he
Adelaide Mendenhall
Adelaide Mendenhall 5 miesięcy temu
did anyone else notice the trump mask from the last video behind Matthias?
The NorthStar
The NorthStar 5 miesięcy temu
I actually jumped with Tanner after matt spread the legs, for some reason
King Silver
King Silver 5 miesięcy temu
20:27 lol it triggered her Fight AND Flight
Harn 2006
Harn 2006 5 miesięcy temu
My friend has one of the first product and we were playing with some thing and it fell of the wall onto me so I started running but the hands were stuck of me so it was chasing me while laughing.
Jaylan Forde
Jaylan Forde 5 miesięcy temu
Is it just me or does woods sound like Tom holland
Haleigh Browning
Haleigh Browning 5 miesięcy temu
The Karen voice kinda sounds like ClapTrap from Borderlands
KingOfAnime117 5 miesięcy temu
That karaoke machine is one of the best things they ever bought
Leigha Tolar
Leigha Tolar 5 miesięcy temu
Odd story: When I was 8 I went to Halloween city and press three buttons at once which activated 3 different robotic jump scares. At that time I was slightly separated from my parents in the store and when I got scared I screamed so loud and went into a little ball and actually started crying my parents found me and started laughing because I did it to myself. End of story
Noodle 5 miesięcy temu
What year is it? Do be looking good though
Nariman Hassanian
Nariman Hassanian 5 miesięcy temu
Saved by the bell cap and matthias looks like a skinny Charles bronson🤣🤣🤣
Lil Gecko Tube
Lil Gecko Tube 5 miesięcy temu
11:45 Please tell me where I can buy this microphone! 😂😂
Instant Entertainment
Instant Entertainment 5 miesięcy temu
Really got two unskipablle adds😒
Parker Teeter
Parker Teeter 5 miesięcy temu
Anyone notice that tanner is wearing mega green.
Drew Comi
Drew Comi 5 miesięcy temu
Drew Comi
Drew Comi 5 miesięcy temu
Gabe F
Gabe F 5 miesięcy temu
i want the old dope or nope
Bofo 345
Bofo 345 5 miesięcy temu
Bring Michael backk !!!!!!!
the hamscheesy
the hamscheesy 5 miesięcy temu
He just gets scared front of spider his own trap big Oof
Lazy Fox Plays
Lazy Fox Plays 5 miesięcy temu
As someone who has help set up Halloween props, the Dope or Nope set should buy some boards that have trigger input and outputs, buy a couple motion or sound sensors, and then they can have all these props activate how they want them too. With enough length of wire, and some delays, you can have it go off when you want it to. So have the bottom of the stairs be a trigger with a delay so it triggers at the top of the stairs right as they get to it.
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 5 miesięcy temu
Lol, did anyone else notice the fact that Matt's hat matches the logo AND THE WALL BEHIND HIM?!
Will 5 miesięcy temu
Anyone realized the video was shot on September 2nd?
DoubleDipYT 5 miesięcy temu
Since roze was terminated is Michael gonna make a comeback on dope or nope?
Radical Mary
Radical Mary 5 miesięcy temu
Boy I lost my sanity long ago.
Anvay Kudva
Anvay Kudva 5 miesięcy temu
Man I really miss Michael
Ericson 5 miesięcy temu
T3CHN0 P03T 5 miesięcy temu
Fun Fact: Harry Potters recognizable song is actually known as Hedwigs Theme.
Jarred Wise
Jarred Wise 5 miesięcy temu
It’s jarring seeing matt like the skeleton
Seaweed Monster
Seaweed Monster 5 miesięcy temu
Matt reminds me of HITMAN.
spitting .hatred
spitting .hatred 5 miesięcy temu
Y'all should cancel out the mics in the edits every time someone's using the karaoke machine, I think it would be even better then ✨
Dabi Todoroki - Aizawa
Dabi Todoroki - Aizawa 5 miesięcy temu
tanner you don't have friends, stop pulling a kokichi and lie. matt has friends, and he looks cool. get dunked on
Lucy Allen
Lucy Allen 5 miesięcy temu
awwwww I was Micheal
Emu May
Emu May 5 miesięcy temu
The But
The But 6 miesięcy temu
More fnaf
Red Tears101
Red Tears101 6 miesięcy temu
Thanks for the new ringtone
Naomi Seaton
Naomi Seaton 6 miesięcy temu
DRESS UP A DOG IN A SPIDER COSTUME!! And let him run around and scare people 😂☺️
Sadie Wright
Sadie Wright 6 miesięcy temu
When you are using the microphone, take off your mic because when it's on, your normal voice drains out the other voice.
shark mask
shark mask 6 miesięcy temu
the team is back to gather 17:03
Sarah the thanator
Sarah the thanator 6 miesięcy temu
That's how waluigi will get in smash dusgised as matt
Morgan Hartrich
Morgan Hartrich 6 miesięcy temu
Thanks for the ringtone 👍🏻
Zack Hughes
Zack Hughes 6 miesięcy temu
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly 6 miesięcy temu
Love your videos but I think it would be funny to have tanner when doing the Karen voice go out of the room with the mic and leave the box in the room so we don’t hear his voice on top of Karen voice.
CreatorMystic 6 miesięcy temu
Thanks for the new alarm/ringtone 😂
Khall 6 miesięcy temu
the work attire that's allowed is a harassment charge wairing to happen.
Daniel DiGiovanni
Daniel DiGiovanni 6 miesięcy temu
Anyone else notice the clock is set to 2019 in orange base? Is that on our because 2020 has been so terrible.
Strawberry-Tree 6 miesięcy temu
What happen to peanut butter and jealous
abhishek singh
abhishek singh 6 miesięcy temu
Why did he sound like courpse?
Lxving Jake
Lxving Jake 6 miesięcy temu
LEVI ASH 6 miesięcy temu
I thought tanner was going to say da bomb 00:19
Incorrect Fanfiction
Incorrect Fanfiction 6 miesięcy temu
Does the deep voice on the karaoke machine sound like the voice in trivia murder party
Tuff Mccullough
Tuff Mccullough 6 miesięcy temu
m.plpost.info/chat/vt6zf6rRxamCiaQ/wideo.html who remembers this video
Nippefilms 6 miesięcy temu
At the start tanner was so still I thought the video froze on one side
lil trash venom
lil trash venom 6 miesięcy temu
U guys should do the first product in the night
revocrednu_GT 6 miesięcy temu
“Will you teach me to football” lmao love that line from the longest yard lmao Also pat take that spider and prank tanner with it when he least expects it lol! He reacts so easily lmao
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