Film Theory: There Is Only DAD D̩̿̃̊a͎̓̄͋D ͈͘DÁ̘̪͡d ̒̇͞d̻̈́̚a͌͊͋͋͌D̡̻͊̒͞ ͈̆͐̌͒ͅd̰̘͝͡Á͕̪̄̚͢͟͠D̜̖̈͆̚ͅ

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The Film Theorists

Miesiąc temu

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Who is Dad? No, not YOUR dad or MY dad. DAD! The man at the center of the new surreal series on PLpost. While familiar with the creator, I only came across this channel a little while ago and when he made a video with MY FACE as the thumbnail (even though it was deleted soon after), I knew I had to sit up and pay attention. There is some WEIRD stuff going on behind the facade of neon colors and dance music. Who is Dad? WHAT is Dad? Well Theorists, we are about to find out.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and "Inside A Mind"
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Dad Miesiąc temu
Andrew Bondarenko
Andrew Bondarenko 24 dni temu
ronik7102 Miesiąc temu
makes sense
Tracy Litke
Tracy Litke Miesiąc temu
NO ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Jordan
Dawn Jordan Miesiąc temu
yea right
JT Duck
JT Duck Miesiąc temu
Sana Savannah
Sana Savannah 3 godzin temu
I hope DAD gets his own theory video series, this is so interesting!
StreagZach 5 godzin temu
I saw dad in a lofi hip-hop stream, I thought it was weird that he was verified so I looked at the channel and I just thought it was really weird. I really wish I would've screenshot it when it happened
PoobisDongle 7 godzin temu
12:29 jump scare
Benaiah Papalii
Benaiah Papalii 9 godzin temu
Man this reminds me about dhmis
audmey jovain
audmey jovain 17 godzin temu
no you or not fine
The Cool show
The Cool show 23 godzin temu
So... it’s Wanda vision
John Williams
John Williams Dzień temu
It’s all fun in games until he plays as William afton
Logan Marino
Logan Marino Dzień temu
mat run
Shawn Hale
Shawn Hale Dzień temu
So one thing I came across, is that the story notes are just really fleshed out encounters for the Blue Man Group.... including the musical aspect, and Dad sure seems like he could’ve been one at some point....
Shawn Hale
Shawn Hale Dzień temu For reference. It seems to be three musically inclined beings in an augmented/simulated reality. That said, I know from a mentor that the requirements for being a blue man in the real life world are pretty strict, but Nathan seems a possible candidate, physically. That said, Dad seems to be a non-mute, significantly more fleshed out piece of the concept BMG has been working out since 2003, although their material has petered out substantially since “shake your euphemism,” as far as I can tell.. At the least, I can’t help but draw conclusions from my own love of “the complex,” as an album and as a live show. It was amazing when it came out, and I’m sure it’s still great now. (Live, that is)
jane woodard
jane woodard Dzień temu
The backwards With captions on it’s says my felling is near my feat
SmallTiddyGothGF Dzień temu
Ahahaha as soon as you started explaining what Dad was with wanting to be the best pop star and all I was like "oh so he's like Poppy". So im glad that comparison was drawn ahaha
Slava Kid
Slava Kid Dzień temu
hack my band mi 2
J12 12J
J12 12J 2 dni temu
How do you put those little lines around the letters?
Bemal-Gaming -
Bemal-Gaming - 2 dni temu
alternative title: *LISTEN TO MOM*
Kryxx 2 dni temu
Nathan's Goodbye youtube video changed its name, he says he got hacked
Killer 29
Killer 29 2 dni temu
Has anyone solved the spectrograph?
Riley Elliott
Riley Elliott 2 dni temu
Someone hug my I’m scared! 😭
Riley Elliott
Riley Elliott 2 dni temu
Olifireball 3 dni temu
Did.. did math at (or dad) change the name of this video? Idk I might just be growing crazy.
Oscar Sandy
Oscar Sandy 3 dni temu
Bro finally someone menches scott the woz.
Themagictntpenguin 3 dni temu
why do i remember watching this way more than a month ago
xXRiku-sanXx Gacha
xXRiku-sanXx Gacha 3 dni temu
Is it just me, or is when he shows the “Act 2, act 2, act 3” strips look like the bi flag? Just me? *o k a y . . .*
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam 3 dni temu
Mathew pathew is uncovering info:..;:.must inter File boot up..;:...**stop down**...:;..
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam 3 dni temu
File:201.:must keep ova 🔺=👁
Ánh Ánh
Ánh Ánh 3 dni temu
Hello mat i found something kinda creepy at the part when he is talking backward sometimes appears up in the pop up word it said:my feeling is near my feet
Ánh Ánh
Ánh Ánh 3 dni temu
Oh yeah also the words pop up in the subtitles
The Dreamers
The Dreamers 4 dni temu
part 2 ??
Kirsten MS3
Kirsten MS3 4 dni temu
1:53 Why is there a picture of Ryan (Nexpo) when you've got Nick's (Night Mind) channel logo and even mention Night Mind by name? Time to fire that editor.... (jk. But that is a slight goof.)
Kreemsikl 4 dni temu
Saw 12:29 and nearly jumped back 27 feet
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam 4 dni temu
daD yebo
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam
Captain.Sudhir. sraM morf nam 4 dni temu
daD yebo
smams productions
smams productions 4 dni temu
j frey
j frey 4 dni temu Um... Dad? Edit: Two things. One i didnt mean MY dad i meant dad the youtuber, And two... I didnt watch the vid link all the way so.. You should.
Galaxy Stuidos
Galaxy Stuidos 4 dni temu
I REALLY want him to cover Bread Boys, but IDK if you can get theory material out of it. Would be nice to see though.
User Pass
User Pass 4 dni temu
12:39 he is the game master
Derek 5 dni temu
Thank you Mathew Pathew for showing me to Dad
marcella griffin
marcella griffin 5 dni temu
YT Gamer0729
YT Gamer0729 5 dni temu
YT Gamer0729
YT Gamer0729 5 dni temu
Yeah totally
Rex Chai
Rex Chai 5 dni temu
The cloistered albatross rhetorically fancy because bag acromegaly squeak pace a cheap team. troubled, simplistic millisecond
stuart maher
stuart maher 5 dni temu
Isabella Legates
Isabella Legates 5 dni temu
Isabella Legates
Isabella Legates 5 dni temu
Lucy Sparkling
Lucy Sparkling 5 dni temu
Why do I feel like dad is a sequel to poppy?
josua gedionk.s
josua gedionk.s 5 dni temu
He said "Add to his power" me learning progamming to make a bot that make acc:W H Y Y E S
HoDang Son
HoDang Son 6 dni temu
Dad eats Flavored Osmotic Oral Dinner. The main ingredient is red. His main form of communication is telepathy, seeing as he speaks without moving this jaw as most do. His main attack weapon is axe, a Melee woodfelling device he most likely stole off of neighbor. Neighbor's shed is an issue of contention for him, as he is jealous of it and seeks to out do it or destroy it. He obeys the server. The server has rules as an employer would. He enjoys it's order. As should you. As should malvin.
Alfrog 6 dni temu
That’s what she said
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw 6 dni temu
Dad are challenging matpat by a frame battle dad you lose why 12:29
ว่าน บุญเหมาะ
ว่าน บุญเหมาะ 6 dni temu
It's just normal day dad is fine
Miss Waffles
Miss Waffles 6 dni temu
Ummm matpat you might want to see this
Ashita Yadav
Ashita Yadav 6 dni temu
You should make a video on Rebecca Zamolo
Louise Nolan Hehir
Louise Nolan Hehir 6 dni temu
yanderequeen 6 dni temu
My feeling is near my feet???
TheHappiestTem 6 dni temu
How dose one use sepctrogram I want to use on end of video
Cookies 6 dni temu
8:53 I reasearched Kepler-22B a while ago, so i got low-key excited when he started talking about it lol
tekachi 7 dni temu
Ivan Frani
Ivan Frani 7 dni temu
FYI @ 1:52 is Nexpo not Night Mind.
Helicopter Boi
Helicopter Boi 7 dni temu
dd anyone put that last sound at the end of the video in a spectrogram?
Pugs for Fun
Pugs for Fun 7 dni temu
Why are you cruising Dad Dad is the best
Charlie Roberts
Charlie Roberts 7 dni temu
12:29 my soul left my body
Muhammad Rahman hakim
Muhammad Rahman hakim 7 dni temu
Mat you are saved by that. The food helps you
Debbie Paje
Debbie Paje 8 dni temu
dad even made a video about *you* .
AshyboiVice 8 dni temu
I don't know if I'm crazy but either Dad is in season 3 of the show Lucifer ( Episode 14 of season 3 around 17 minutes into the show i believe ) or they got an actor that looks extremely similar to him.
peebumz27 8 dni temu
I regret to say that I thought the thumbnail was Doug Walker
Bacon TV
Bacon TV 8 dni temu
Plot twist: Dad is in Wanda Vision
darlingdeth3 8 dni temu
pigheadplayz 1
pigheadplayz 1 8 dni temu
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts 8 dni temu
I don't remember adding this video to my watch later list.
Luca Boyle
Luca Boyle 9 dni temu
My feelings are near my feet if you turn on subtitles that’s what it thinks Nathan or whatever his name is
Adoka-Chan 9 dni temu
Matpat it's worse than you think
GTstang80 9 dni temu
Film Theory: Steamboat Willie is an animal torturer?
fredgreninjao kun
fredgreninjao kun 9 dni temu
bill cipher 5:28
bossmah567 9 dni temu
this is hard, the simulation theory is the closest. but theres something to do with quantum tech here. perhaps inspired by movies like player1? maybe something like this? but metaphor. there r other movies that explain this idea i have better, but i forgot the names. like this feels a whole like a metaphor for some of the ideas people have about whats going on right now. i think theres a clue in quantum violation. something about 3 particles in 2 boxes but in quantum the particles are never in the same box??! some kind of violation of nature. a clue perhaps, not so much simulated reality but a 'controlled reality' of sorts?
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 9 dni temu
Did you know he made a video about matpats dark secrets
infinity metalsonicy
infinity metalsonicy 9 dni temu
I can hippety hoppty that in 2:11 the photo Language:(my first language!) Tamil Translates to her when I saw that I had to confirme I am not seeing things lol
CHILL LARO 9 dni temu
caden likes scrambled eggs
caden likes scrambled eggs 10 dni temu
Lol the part hes been hiding in a fortnite bush tho
Sandy Manley
Sandy Manley 10 dni temu
The person DAD is cheating with is Lily from the ATNT
Chris the fire Beast
Chris the fire Beast 10 dni temu
Continue these video it is interesting
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez
Giovanni Franco-Gonzalez 10 dni temu
. . Y did he mention "William Afton" in there. So "William Afton" was recreating his loved ones into some-things such as robots and he has a large family?. .
josuke higashikata
josuke higashikata 10 dni temu
i should just go back to watching anime
Piece Taco Main
Piece Taco Main 9 dni temu
OMG_UnicornYt 10 dni temu
Can you cover OwO too please? Like if you agree
gxgginc 11 dni temu
stuff like this deeply disturbs me and i might not ever sleep again...
Matteo Lisi
Matteo Lisi 11 dni temu
You should try solving wilbur soot's arg
a 11 dni temu
12:28 "This edible ain't shi-"
salma begum
salma begum 11 dni temu
Is this just me or does dad creep you out this is how many people have the same problem 👇🏻
blue angel
blue angel 11 dni temu
I think it's becouse he's a human but looks like a weird animation
salma begum
salma begum 11 dni temu
Micheal Scarpinato
Micheal Scarpinato 11 dni temu
Dad has been active in the comment section in across alot of Matt's videos. We may want to investigate further. Hack maybe Matt is in on it waiting for one of us to figure somthing out Idk. Maybe I'm looking to far into it.
A girl, a cat and a depressed demon in the corner
A girl, a cat and a depressed demon in the corner 11 dni temu
13:34 - MatPat, are you ok...
KashTGM 11 dni temu
Dad! I missed you! SIKE! I know you’re not my Dad!
KashTGM 11 dni temu
LOL 11 dni temu
VericerGuy 11 dni temu
12:28 that scared me holy frick
Jemart Martinez
Jemart Martinez 12 dni temu
Purple guy his joined in the dad channel
Super. Waluigi Jordan
Super. Waluigi Jordan 12 dni temu
WTF is Melvin
justin kydd
justin kydd 12 dni temu
What if dad us part of the dark party. And is a actually trying to get to the guy that looks like him. Sorry i couldn’t remember his name.
traffic cone
traffic cone 12 dni temu
Diane looks like that girl from the AT&T commercials
Michelle Mcgillen
Michelle Mcgillen 12 dni temu
Are you ok did you it everybody said he said Andy video but he's fine and he should a video of of you say no baby server
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson 12 dni temu
Dad is Andrew WK. Not kidding. Party party party.
Tom varghese Joy
Tom varghese Joy 12 dni temu
when matpat says he was called out the screen shows captions in tamil / telengu
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