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Jah Cello
Jah Cello 3 minut temu
Agony Aunts is my favorite show on this channel. I love getting to see into the mystery of everyday life of Robert Fripp. And with all due respect, Robert's wife is exactly the kind of women I hope to find. If they had decided to have children, I wonder what they would have been like.
Jason Dotson
Jason Dotson 15 minut temu
My god, this is my guitar hero who I met backstage at a King Crimson show, nearly twenty years ago, and he refused to allow me to take a picture of him! I've met dozens upon dozens of my heroes, and not one of em said that they'd prefer to be not photographed. My god, I certainly wouldn't have been able to embarrass himself with his image as well as he's doing here, I don't think. Strange times weez be in, fo sure. No stages for the elites, as well as the pheasants, apparently.
Terry Ronning
Terry Ronning 18 minut temu
Great grill!
Gary Cendrowski
Gary Cendrowski 23 minut temu
Thanks for the magic chords! Robert do you play any other instruments besides guitar ( other string instruments or piano, dulcimer, drums ECT)
luvyesmusic I
luvyesmusic I 25 minut temu
No offense, Robert, but Toyah looks so good/beautiful, that she is starting to make you look more handsome. :-) You two make me smile, and even laugh. LOL!
William Heffelfinger
William Heffelfinger 33 minut temu
Definitely is agony to sit through this.
jperryfan 33 minut temu
I love what Toyah said about interviewing Jim Morrison. A key to understanding Jim is that it wasn't just fame that messed Jim up. He came from a military family & while Light My Fire was just released and becoming a hit, His Father Rear Admiral George Morrison was commanding a battle ship that was sailing into the Gulf Of Tonkin at the same time.
Mitch Sell
Mitch Sell 33 minut temu
jperryfan 43 minut temu
I Pick A Section & Rock Out! Love it! Long live Bobby Wilcox!
Out ofTheDesert
Out ofTheDesert 49 minut temu
Stay forever young, girl!
José Chorão
José Chorão 49 minut temu
So much talk... Just Play please.
Upenda Sana
Upenda Sana 50 minut temu
Louis Theroux has done quite a good interview with Sia on BBC sounds.I think they quite good friends and she opens up alot about her "mental health struggles"and traumas she has suffered so i think "staying sane" has been a struggle for her not just because pf her fame but other reasons too.I always find it funny when people assume it only the famous people who struggle with these things or the lot of rock stars or artists.
1ls376 58 minut temu
The Dark Side of YT.
deathb4digital Godzinę temu
Toyah, You mentioned some 90's favs so the question has to be asked... Blur or Oasis? Thanks to RF for that edgy magic chord!
workwillfreeyou Godzinę temu
I want me some : Toyah.
Mr. C
Mr. C Godzinę temu
Mr Fripp and Toyah....thank you for helping me feel youthful after all these years. Bravo !
Carol Doyle
Carol Doyle Godzinę temu
MtnLiner Godzinę temu
They are a fine pair.
The Peerpod
The Peerpod Godzinę temu
I hate Musicals! Actors acting then all of a sudden breaking into song. Because of my loathing of the genre, I have decided to write a musical. I will kick it's ass! I am writing a musical set in Flint, MI. and Paris from 1908 to 1925. The music from the era is public domain. DEAR AGONY AUNTS: If I create a new melody and lyrics within the old melody of a public domain song, may I copyright the whole song or just my new parts?
philmorrod Godzinę temu
Lucynine Godzinę temu
10:51 Thank you so much, you both! Hugs. (Sergio)
jvin248 Godzinę temu
You should get more bee hives again, whether cared for by you or by a friend. Bass player Flea keeps his own bees, and it seems like one of The Who does as well (or perhaps that's model trains).
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan Godzinę temu
I've never seen any washing on that rack.
Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari Godzinę temu
Ok enough now please!! Fripp in a tutu is going too far.
Travis Wyatt
Travis Wyatt Godzinę temu
Robert and Toyah...Monty Python or The Young Ones?
Alan Mansfield
Alan Mansfield Godzinę temu
The weird next door neighbours I wish I had...
John Sutherland
John Sutherland Godzinę temu
Toyah and Robert I love you both
Rotchana Sowanna
Rotchana Sowanna Godzinę temu
I have a question. Robert , what do you think the future of progressive rock will be? Do you think people will be listening to king crimson in 50 years time? Or do you think it will become a relic of the past? Love you both.
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan Godzinę temu
Thank you Hank Marvin for inspiring this man to play guitar.
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan Godzinę temu
Great lockdown stuff. On a par with the Ukele Orchestra of Great Britain.
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan Godzinę temu
He can play anything. Wish he used a Strat though occasionally.
James Warhol
James Warhol Godzinę temu
Much respect to Toyah for mentioning Lou Reed as one of her early influences. Reed, for me, was an absolute creative and artistic musical genius who was constantly exploring new ways to express himself be it delicate love songs, soul crushing rock, droney jams or theatrical concept albums. As a live performer he never played the same song twice in the same way. While he had a full life, imagine if he and Bowie could have each produced another twenty years worth of music/art!
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan Godzinę temu
Such energy.
Rhod Sullivan
Rhod Sullivan 2 godzin temu
She married well. What a great combination. Always loved Toyah. Looking as lovely as ever.
Nigel G
Nigel G 2 godzin temu
Robert been at the cooking sherry? 😆
tony bant
tony bant 2 godzin temu
Toyah and Robert. Love these shows. Mad on Shoestring still. Any memories of your episode and is that Weston pier. Love Danced in it. Love the Thai restaurant in Pershore how about you two?
Richard Parker
Richard Parker 2 godzin temu
Robert....how did you carry on playing?
Nasty Game
Nasty Game 2 godzin temu
In all your travels what would be your best or worst Canadian experience?
chris 889
chris 889 2 godzin temu
You two always make me smile, only came across your videos by chance 😊😊
Murmaider X
Murmaider X 2 godzin temu
muff cabbage. and your guitarist sucks. my kid brother is better.
slippy27 2 godzin temu
Always have great taste in outfits😝
Jonathan Newell
Jonathan Newell 2 godzin temu
Mr Fripp still kicking ass....
EdEdelenbos 2 godzin temu
Thanks as always
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 2 godzin temu
gotta cover Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan 2 godzin temu
You Guys Rock🎸🎸
Ηλίας Βούλγαρης
Ηλίας Βούλγαρης 2 godzin temu
Brian Grant
Brian Grant 2 godzin temu
Oh please, Angular Square... don’t let them ruin Spellbound. Siouxsie... now then, there’s a true punk icon
alun davies
alun davies 2 godzin temu
Fabulous guys!!!
Martin Francis
Martin Francis 2 godzin temu
Living proof that - age is just a number, growing up is entirely optional and positivity is the key.
slippy27 3 godzin temu
More vids in that outfit please 🤤
Tak Nothing
Tak Nothing 3 godzin temu
Hello Robert! Some decades back I had the great honor of a very small part in the production of an album which featured two fine musicians you have played with: David Cross and Kieth Tippett. The name of the album was Low Flying Aircraft. So, I was just wondering if you ever heard it and if you can offer a critique. Thank you!
slippy27 3 godzin temu
Looking so nice in the glasses 😝
Alan Long
Alan Long 3 godzin temu
Love you both.
Gary Citro
Gary Citro 3 godzin temu
I've got a question: Robert is famous for his litigious protection of King Crimson copyrights, and rightfully so. The last few months of Sunday Lunch have featured the absolute staples of the rock and roll guitar repertoire. Has he received the rights to play these on PLpost or has he contacted the artists before doing so? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but a friend of mine made his own little films for PLpost, and when he tried putting some Eno or Philip Glass music in the background, he was hit with the equivalent of a cease and desist immediately, and it would have cost him a fortune to use each of them!
luvyesmusic I
luvyesmusic I 24 minut temu
Tis true.
Robert Lemaster
Robert Lemaster 3 godzin temu
Well I'll be, some of them do age like fine wine! Time has been good to her.
Harvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel
Harvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel 3 godzin temu
Gorgeous absolutely Gorgeous
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky 3 godzin temu
Whatever she takes I wish she give my wife some , Robert you lucky man 👨 you 🙀
VinniethePanda 3 godzin temu
I don't get it Toyah, I listened to you in the 80's, watched you in Minder, you're 10 years older than me...yet you look younger than ever and I look like one of the guys from Cocoon who they forgot about!!!
Jacob Calham
Jacob Calham 3 godzin temu
Sheep farming in barnet is one of the best punk rock albums of all time.
Nigel Pickett
Nigel Pickett 3 godzin temu
I am so glad you (Robert) have kept your accent, as a black country man I moved to Newcastle in 1990 and lost my black country accent unless I go back down there where after half an hour you wouldn't know I'd been away.' BTW, fabulous necklace there Toyah.
Ghost XGames
Ghost XGames 3 godzin temu
que melão
Linda Noble
Linda Noble 3 godzin temu
I think you said that you can't be in a room with the doors closed... Isn't that door fully closed??
Paul Shindler
Paul Shindler 3 godzin temu
At this point your voice may be in better condition than Billy's!
graeme mitchell
graeme mitchell 3 godzin temu
You two are fabulous
achet honey badger
achet honey badger 3 godzin temu
pokies... (.) (.)
Mein Kamph
Mein Kamph 3 godzin temu
Rabbits as pets are awesome. Sadly because they are prey animals. So what is awesome, A normal life cycle for a rabbit is short. So from birth to dinner, the rabbit is full of life. They never stop having fun with life. That's why pet rabbits are awesome. They never grow old ! ! !
Jack South
Jack South 3 godzin temu
Toyah & Robert, love what you’re doing on here, tbh I’m not in a good place myself right now, but watching your vids on here cheers me up. Please keep it up, lots of love to you both,
Stephan Nieto
Stephan Nieto 3 godzin temu
Old man: looks at her like " the things I'd do to you if I wasn't out of Viagra 😂.
1964 Strat
1964 Strat 3 godzin temu
Over 3.5 million views.....holy nipples Batman.
Stephan Nieto
Stephan Nieto 3 godzin temu
I feel like drinking a glass of milk now lol
Andrea Palumbo
Andrea Palumbo 3 godzin temu
Spending time with the two of you is such a lovely break in the madness!
Scottie Barnett
Scottie Barnett 3 godzin temu
The master at work again.
Mad max 666
Mad max 666 3 godzin temu
Robert you are a lucky man
Linda Noble
Linda Noble 4 godzin temu
You can absolutely get a white rabbit like Willyfred... You just need to contact rescues.
Old Geezer Gaming
Old Geezer Gaming 4 godzin temu
I’m gonna try that magic chord tomorrow sounds fab
I'm not fat, Paul. It's power.
I'm not fat, Paul. It's power. 4 godzin temu
Toyah and Robert sure do make a great quartet
LauHuX51 4 godzin temu
Also known as a what fruit? Born and raised in Maryland, USA, always called them persimmons ~ and of course they are delicious, straight off the tree or baked into a pudding! Thank you, and Robert, so much for helping everyone smile through these trying times.
Prof.Heinous 4 godzin temu
I have to turn the the volume down when this starts so the the neighbours don't hear lots of rude words - catches me every time - Robert wash your mouth out with soap and water!
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 4 godzin temu
Suggestion for Sunday Lunch, based on the Willyfred story - - Jefferson Airplane's *White Rabbit.* I think Toyah would slay the vocals on that one!
beth susan
beth susan 4 godzin temu
Toyah's costume last week was lovely and a bit steamy. In the interest of fairness, would Robert please give us some eye candy next week?