Let's Play: Code Vein
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Daniel Joseph Edwards
Daniel Joseph Edwards 20 godzin temu
Pls Akira toryima add super 17 or super buu. Move set for super 17 - flash bomber , thunder eraser , shocking some thing ball , energy drain , energy field , full power energy wave . Now for super buu the basics of kid buu but different for the last final , majin abortion. So that's the people I wanna see make up the attack movesets bye.
ACE 20 godzin temu
Can we get more guest characters from other fighting games like virtua fighter and dead or alive ? Also kazuma kiryu please please 😢🙏🏻
Ed Da Bawsh
Ed Da Bawsh 20 godzin temu
They killed off Bruce and replaced him with a Saints Row 3 brute? Hmph! *MUDA DAH!!*
Abyssツ 21 godzinę temu
Can’t wait to get some info on ssj4 gogeta
Jerome Lapiz
Jerome Lapiz 21 godzinę temu
How can I download that app?
aditya kusuma
aditya kusuma 21 godzinę temu
Mohon dijawab... KAPAN RILISNYA SARJONO, udah setahun gw nunggunya😂😂😂
dash ic
dash ic 21 godzinę temu
Wow, 😱
Biertje Bommetje
Biertje Bommetje 21 godzinę temu
Bring gundam on xbox 🤯👏
Devin Carmichael
Devin Carmichael 21 godzinę temu
HulkVahkiin 21 godzinę temu
Should probably try this game soon
la hencho
la hencho 22 godzin temu
day 264, still no official news. i grow weak and am unsure whether i shall survive until the release date within the next century
Farnoodwtf 23 godzin temu
Little nighmares 3
Tony Stank
Tony Stank 23 godzin temu
Now just imagine how much dmg would the Yonkos do if it was in real life haha😅
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd Dzień temu
I dont understand. Will i be able to watch within xenoverse2?
Yair Aton
Yair Aton 21 godzinę temu
Devin Butler
Devin Butler Dzień temu
These DLC's keep taking funds out of my account lol.
the most crap youtuber ever
the most crap youtuber ever Dzień temu
Little nightmares 2is amazing
the most crap youtuber ever
the most crap youtuber ever Dzień temu
Humber lll
Keenッ Dzień temu
So nobody is gonna talk about why there's a car on the top of the gcorp huh
Earl Tecson
Earl Tecson Dzień temu
appreciating the fact derren is in an ad for a horror game
悪魔愛猫 Dzień temu
東京都民は自粛する気ない様なので 後程 彼らを連れてきましょう そして東京消しましょ
Hamoody Aif
Hamoody Aif Dzień temu
Kenshi X
Kenshi X Dzień temu
So...no one is gonna talk about the fact that they actually used Shintani's art to promote something???
Cococrash11 Dzień temu
Awesome Tales of Thursday's Tales of Vesperia Video.
日常観察者エバ Dzień temu
Jeremy Shank
Jeremy Shank Dzień temu
Eternal Ring prequel/sequel?
la hencho
la hencho 22 godzin temu
nah its a new thing, the cycle in dark souls lore seems radically different than this game but who nose, i cannot say for ceratin, perhaps a 90 percent unlikely
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Dzień temu
Can you please bring Luffy vs Sanji Faceoff back into the game because if you do it with the Luffy and Sanji card in the shop then please do it again on the extra island Luffy vs Sanji Faceoff
Divyank Rastogi
Divyank Rastogi Dzień temu
I really want to know his story. This character is just amazing!!!
randomguestobserving Dzień temu
Is it true that AC7 should get a VR Mode originally ? I just bought it for nostalgic reasons, cause I played the first two editions on PS1 back then. Its fun, yes, but not being able to implement Track IR support for a PC edition AT LEAST (AFTER TWENTYFIVE YEARS - not to mention VR) is quiet lame & also embarrasing...
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dzień temu
"Muszę opodatkować wszystkich Polaków"
u Dzień temu
I dont want new characters i just want a new tekken 😡😡
El CAp¡¡ck
El CAp¡¡ck Dzień temu
Timothy Mckey
Timothy Mckey Dzień temu
Leroy smith ◀️ sephiroth.
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri Dzień temu
Why is the thumbnails Little Nightmare 2?.
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri Dzień temu
@Miyo strange.
Miyo Dzień temu
That happened for last week's stream too.
Hai Diriku Sendiri
Hai Diriku Sendiri Dzień temu
@Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri Your welcome
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri
Artoria Pendragon Idilfitri Dzień temu
@Hai Diriku Sendiri yeah probably, either that or they changed it. Thank you btw.
Hai Diriku Sendiri
Hai Diriku Sendiri Dzień temu
Your eyes wrong see the thumbnails
Alec McInnis
Alec McInnis Dzień temu
It was Young Ring when it was first announced
VERGIL Dzień temu
Gundam verses ✖️ Gundam vs online ✔️
AustinYT Dzień temu
Is this available on Xbox
LucaZ Dzień temu
nerf him already.
Kydan Dean
Kydan Dean Dzień temu
It’s kind of a shame that some of the scenes were scrapped I mean I get it but they would’ve been so dynamic in the final game could’ve brought a little bit more to in already epic game
luissito 164
luissito 164 Dzień temu
You can customize the cars to your liking or it is already completely personalized.!?
Chidozie Uche
Chidozie Uche Dzień temu
Pls dbzr2
The209 Scout
The209 Scout Dzień temu
Welp rip kiryu looks like its back to yakuza lad for him
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dzień temu
위대한조피디 Dzień temu
和訳(多分合ってる) Dreams. 夢。 Nothing more than outside stimuli, playing out in theatre of the sleeping mind. 眠っている心の中の劇場で行われる外部からの刺激にすぎません。 Or so believed philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. 哲学者フリードリヒ・ニーチェはそう信じました。 Or perhaps dreams are as Freud believed, a communication of our will, our desires. もしくはフロイドが信じたように、我々の意志、欲望との会話なのかもしれません。 A manifestation of our deep subconscious. 深い潜在意識の発現ということです。 But what of nightmares? ならば悪夢はどうでしょうか? Some would say they serve an evolutionary purpose. ある人たちはそれが我々に進化のための目的を教えてくれていると言います。 A survival mechanism. 生き残るための装置ですよね。 Our minds planning escape from our everyday anxieties. 我々の心は毎日の不安感から逃げ出すために動いています。 But perhaps not. しかし、そうでないかもしれません。 Perhaps they are the influence of an external, malevolent force. それら(悪夢)は外部から来る邪悪な力の影響力なのかもしれません。 Timeless. 変わらず Ageless. 永遠なるもの。 Take being chased. 追われるのを受け入れてください。 Is it really subconscious, telling you to run from your problems? 貴方が持っている問題から逃げろと言っているのは、我々の潜在意識でしょうか? Or is it the nightmare itself, preying upon you drawing its strength from your weakness? それとも貴方の弱さから力を得て貴方を苛める悪夢そのものでしょうか? And in an instant you are trapped. 貴方が捕らわれた途端、 The nightmare holding you down. 悪夢は貴方を締め付けます。 Stopping you from finding a solution as evolution would have intended. 貴方が思っている答えを探すのを妨げます。 And then suddenly, you're falling, as nightmares never work alone. 悪夢が独りで動かないように、貴方はあっという間に崩れ落ちます。 Faster and faster, in fits of terror, and then... in the blink of an eye, you're back in your childhood classroom. もっと早く、もっと早く近づけて、貴方が恐怖に怯えたその瞬間…瞬く間に貴方は学生時代の教室に戻ります。 It feels so familiar. 慣れている感じがするのでしょう。 Yet warped. それが捻くれるまでは。 Like your childhood memories dipped in a fairground mirror. まるで遊園地の鏡(姿が歪んだように見える鏡)の中に貴方の幼い頃の思い出が入っているようにですね。 And there's this tight knot in your stomach. 胸くそが悪くなったような An uneasy feeling. 不愉快な感じがするでしょう。 It feels so wrong, yet so real. 何か間違っている気もしますが、まるで本当にあったような感じがします。 Because when you wake, breathing hard and dripping in a cold sweat, the feeling remains. 貴方が目覚めたとき、その感じがそのまま残り、息苦しくなり、冷や汗をかいているからですね。 The nightmares have crossed into the physical world. 悪夢が精神と現実の境を超えてきたのです。 Every time we turn a dark corner, or reach blindly under the bed, they have us wonder... is there someone, something, behind me? 我々が暗い部屋の隅っこを振り返ったり、ふとベッドの下を覗いてみたり、その悪夢が余計なことを考えさせますね…誰かが、何かが、私の後ろにあるのかなって。 Nightmares will affect us in ways we can't even begin to explain, and yet... we may not even remember them. 悪夢は言うに言われない形で我々に影響を与えます。…が、我々はそれを覚えられないかもしれませんね。 But they will remember you. しかし、彼らは貴方のことを覚えて、 And they will return. いつか戻ってきます。 Good night, and sleep tight. 皆さん、いい夜を。
Byron Jefferson
Byron Jefferson Dzień temu
Shame we haven't heard anything new since the DLCs got rolled out
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera Dzień temu
I liked this game.
Baccin Games
Baccin Games Dzień temu
SO QUERO DIZER UMA PLAVRA PARA A BANDAI NANCO: VAO TOMA NO [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yaya Dzień temu
I need this game already! I loved code vein so much and this looks kinda similar to it. I hope it’s difficulty is the same
Knysiek Dzień temu
Every time she says "Yhorm the Giant" I'm getting goose bumps This is epic
Matek Game Dev
Matek Game Dev Dzień temu
Is it a prank ?
Hristo Chakalov
Hristo Chakalov Dzień temu
Does anyone know the song from this clip?
Gerard Bowrin
Gerard Bowrin Dzień temu
this might sound weird but imagine if we saw samoa joe from wwe or take from soul calibur
BieliN Dzień temu
Żołądlikowe Felicybracje
Żołądlikowe Felicybracje Dzień temu
not even Mariusz Pudzianowski
This makes so much sense The hunter we all are afraid of forests and jungle because of the danger We all are afraid of teachers and their strictness We are all afraid of the doctor who put the injections on us And we are all afraid of people who betrays us as they say the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy but it comes from a friend The distorted and cursed makes sense as things we see in the dark which are not real but they always look weird It’s just the dark side of real life
animasyon ve filimler
animasyon ve filimler Dzień temu
turk olan varmi
R C Dzień temu
Hope a new Budokai Game or Raging Blast game is coming. Hell even Kakarot 2, just for the love of god not Xenoverse 3. Or especially not Fighterz 2.
DavidBillManoy Dzień temu
PD must be jealous, since they cannot add the S15 and the 370Z.
SMGA Dzień temu
Oh my god, I still remember this game and Ginyu Force, but I don't have money. if they can make a beta or test version of Dragon Ball Fighterz, that is my wish😞
SINISTER Dzień temu
The xenoverse CACs look a bit shaded with raging blast 2 graphics😂
Hiszbul Bahri
Hiszbul Bahri Dzień temu
In thumbnail i expect, wow good realese for ps4. I faith graphic is great. but after i watch video, -_- Graphic like ps2
Megat Ahmad Raif Mohammad Effendi
Megat Ahmad Raif Mohammad Effendi Dzień temu
goodnight sleep tight and face the fears and fight
Someone says :
Someone says : Dzień temu
Bruh goodnight.... nah m8
Anas Ahmed
Anas Ahmed Dzień temu
The... HECK
Siobhan Morgan
Siobhan Morgan Dzień temu
I'm hoping there is a Little Nightmares 3 because near the end of the video, you can see those things ( don't know what they are called) on the wall behind him. There are 3 of these things so I'm thinking, will there be a Little Nightmares 3??? If that was the case, I'll be SO excited!!
Guard1anKn1ght 2 dni temu
Still the best soulcalibur out of all of them nothing could compare to the memories in rid game combined!
Sigurður Sigbjornsson
Sigurður Sigbjornsson 2 dni temu
Bn, will there be a LN3 ? And also you guys have alot of creativity.
Farnoodwtf 22 godzin temu
I have an idea whate happens to six after leave mono and ride to the mirror (Any thing about mirror)
Raincoat girl
Raincoat girl 2 dni temu
I believe its a sequel
agus rohman
agus rohman 2 dni temu
Next Little Nightmare 3
味噌シードmm 2 dni temu
Alisa Elizabeth
Alisa Elizabeth 2 dni temu
C-can let's start making little nightmares 3? :'(💔
Chimi Aku Aku
Chimi Aku Aku 2 dni temu
Deekay 2 dni temu
plot twist: after the tournament someone attacks Conton City, destroyes it and then we move on to Xenoverse 3. Imagine?
El Lorenzo
El Lorenzo 2 dni temu
The ads must be paying big price
Milkra 2 dni temu
We’re never gonna see this are we
la hencho
la hencho 22 godzin temu
it shall be released within the next century
YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium 2 dni temu
Bright Manesh
Bright Manesh 2 dni temu
Is there offline co op available?
Sonu Kardam
Sonu Kardam 2 dni temu
Mhytzki Takahashi
Mhytzki Takahashi 2 dni temu
Why you bully me 0-0
Why you bully me 0-0 2 dni temu
Me watching at night* Me: that just gave me chills
the2thrones 2 dni temu
Yup, he sure was undone. Sadly