DarkSouls76 LETS SLAY SOME DEMONS! 6 godzin temu
Dan Wise
Dan Wise 6 godzin temu
I love donkeys I wish I could have bunch of them 🙂
Ani Olson
Ani Olson 6 godzin temu
Oh gosh... Steve -1, Human - 0. Too cute
Chris 6 godzin temu
Its called locking the door
olivecat 6 godzin temu
i like how she started clapping like “yeah great job lil buddy”
Garv Wadhwaney
Garv Wadhwaney 6 godzin temu
The only time it's ok to snitch.
TormentedTerrorizer 6 godzin temu
"Its over, I have the high ground."
Ernie sotelo
Ernie sotelo 6 godzin temu
Hey gator don't play no shit! Ya hea--yha feel me! Gator never been about that Gator never been about playing no shit!! Will Ferrell
Dude 6 godzin temu
NY Militia
NY Militia 6 godzin temu
Mom: No PS5 No Christmas Boy: and so then I just said fck it and snitched
sheths 6 godzin temu
Wife: Uhhh Jesus Christ wtf Meanwhile Husband: On call 📞 Yeah me and Shawn played 9 holes. No wonder men are more happy than women
Boyhasnoname Franco
Boyhasnoname Franco 6 godzin temu
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec 6 godzin temu
More of this and I will subscribe
F B I 6 godzin temu
The short arm cat: bruh why u gotta do me like that The other cat: [ Muffled maniatical laughter ]
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham 6 godzin temu
Well that’s a quick way to shit your pants
Brian Ellinger
Brian Ellinger 6 godzin temu
Apparently it was from someone pretending to be my mother and the trash board members of some crime family who did that
Welhy Nole
Welhy Nole 6 godzin temu
This is definitely a regular routine for that croc haha
Carlos Baquero
Carlos Baquero 6 godzin temu
Now I’m curious about the rpm’s at which it separated
fishbuffalo18 6 godzin temu
Lady, amazed you caught this - what's with the guy fishing? Did he turn away or something and not see it?
Adris Lea
Adris Lea 6 godzin temu
Storm of X-Men: I summon the horrendous wind and rain. Feel the fury of the nature... Open the doors! (A moment later...) My apology, it's the wrong store.
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec 6 godzin temu
You can't script this 😂
Dec. gyrrl
Dec. gyrrl 6 godzin temu
U couldn't even see her little face😂
Mike Ktaco
Mike Ktaco 6 godzin temu
Wow got to love the PLpost algorithm!
Oxana Klachkova
Oxana Klachkova 6 godzin temu
yaguchi tk
yaguchi tk 6 godzin temu
:Doggy doggy? ; Yes mommy? : Eating berries? ; No mommy : Telling lies? ; No mommy : Open your mou-
nom prenom
nom prenom 6 godzin temu
That guy is a chad
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn 6 godzin temu
Had a dog who would bite at the leash but never had one who jumped.
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 6 godzin temu
ZRAIARZ 6 godzin temu
This is like when a kid imagines how cool college will be and this is one of the scenes shown.
Mongkol Kongkaphan
Mongkol Kongkaphan 6 godzin temu
The world need more pple like her. And good you man wish you a successfully in life..
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 6 godzin temu
Yes me is the chosen one 😌
STAR 6 godzin temu
She was 4 feet away from the Aliigator, so had a good reason to freak out.
good gamer t.v
good gamer t.v 6 godzin temu
BrokenNena V
BrokenNena V 6 godzin temu
That's awesome, respect OoO
Zylin Jay
Zylin Jay 6 godzin temu
Short legged cat : **tries to punch** Grey cat : *no.*
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall 6 godzin temu
Where does your food come from America? Love to bite the hand that feeds you?
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall 6 godzin temu
@It’s Yaboi lol soon to end lol
It’s Yaboi
It’s Yaboi 6 godzin temu
Right!? how else am I supposed to get my avocado toast and my toiled cleaned in my privileged California suburb!
T T 6 godzin temu
Brian Peck
Brian Peck 6 godzin temu
It's not about the size of the paws in the cat but about the size of the cat in the paws.
Anita Bonghit
Anita Bonghit 6 godzin temu
good ole dads
Deeeeeyn 6 godzin temu
Me vs my brother (I’m the short one :<)
Nice 2 you
Nice 2 you 6 godzin temu
I guess the alligator said he don't need it
gisann ramharack
gisann ramharack 6 godzin temu
They deliberately did that
ØNE SHØT 6 godzin temu
Im the 8th comment
T-Wain 6 godzin temu
I just wanna know the rest of the Shawn story.
August 6 godzin temu
Is this the bite of '87?
Tiana Nu
Tiana Nu 6 godzin temu
Calico: you wanna figh- Grey cat: You smoll. Period.
DivaDelgado128 6 godzin temu
That was the perfect end to my busy day.
Deeeeeyn 6 godzin temu
Calico : *ataaaac* Grey cat : *no no*
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 6 godzin temu
Wow this’ll probably get millions of views
Pinas-4-ever 6 godzin temu
*_Queen of Fake falling._* 🤣
Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer 6 godzin temu
Standing on glass door during a hurricane.......good idea! 🤦
mwebtex 6 godzin temu
Little did she know that something far worse than a crazed deer with large antlers smashing through the window was on its way (COVID).
Purvi Joshi
Purvi Joshi 6 godzin temu
When you dog is part kangaroo:
Sumeet winner
Sumeet winner 6 godzin temu
This is torture on baby ,keeping such attractive colour drink and keeping him away
marie sandal
marie sandal 6 godzin temu
do insurance cover that?
Freiya2011 6 godzin temu
It wants to run or at least go faster to burn off energy, but the person walking that dog is as fast as a snail. So this is no joy but frustration. If you have a dog adapt to its needs.
Lovecraft IDV
Lovecraft IDV 6 godzin temu
This just made my entire week, so freaking cute
Suman Samwal
Suman Samwal 6 godzin temu
She is a queen👑 😂lol
Yogee Yogee
Yogee Yogee 6 godzin temu
Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma 6 godzin temu
I used to do same with my bunny they used to sleep in my hand and than I give them to there mommy my bunny was so close to me whenever I come from school we play and I used to color him make him dresses and many things .... .. . . . But why bunny's have such a short life time No worry my bunny would definitely enjoying in heaven
J L 6 godzin temu
That's a weird roach
BRENT Conlon
BRENT Conlon 6 godzin temu
Really she's there with another dude lol
Professor Frink
Professor Frink 6 godzin temu
It's not crazy unless it's the original Jenga blocks.
Teabonesteak 6 godzin temu
Buddy on the phone?
Sir BaEn[Z]
Sir BaEn[Z] 6 godzin temu
They don't realize that you can actually turn off the sensors so it won't open by movement anymore.
sirpibble 6 godzin temu
Woman: JESUS CHRIST! JESUS CHRIST! Man: yeah so uhh, me and shawn were...
Rylee Olmstead
Rylee Olmstead 6 godzin temu
she dig 😼 she throw 👐🏻 she want SNOW❄️
cryvsspy 6 godzin temu
at least that's one kid that will have some character when she grows up
Luke A
Luke A 6 godzin temu
What kinda class was that because that prof is chill asf
walkie talkie
walkie talkie 6 godzin temu
Where is the action?
Marko 6 godzin temu
The smart grey cat ran off. It could see the calico was going to go craZy and come inside. Best to avoid a “fur-ball” type fight. My tough little calico would have....
TC 6 godzin temu
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Daniel C. Freteval
Daniel C. Freteval 6 godzin temu
Disgusting human creation
Afifa Iqbal
Afifa Iqbal 6 godzin temu
Best thing i saw this morning.
JayRico 6 godzin temu
bf just cocc blocced other bf lmao
AvionicsGuru 6 godzin temu
Dogs like pigs ears and Donkeys like human ears 😉
James Taihuttu
James Taihuttu 6 godzin temu
First guy: Come on, door...cooperate! Second guy: Yes man, cooperate damn it! Door: Not todaaayy...
_____________________________________________ 6 godzin temu
Sn0wbearYT 6 godzin temu
The kid just did a massive uno reverse