Susi Lestriani
Susi Lestriani 12 godzin temu
Im fallin love with this song so muchhhhhhhhh
Isabelle Snow
Isabelle Snow 12 godzin temu
Am I the only one that thinks Olivia isn’t filipino. Like it’s been written in multiple articles she’s filipino but it’s clear she’s latina. So I feel like her mom either had an affair with a different man or she’s adopted.
leo lorusso
leo lorusso 12 godzin temu
magnificent, pure, sad, everything in the middle.
Landmine lover
Landmine lover 12 godzin temu
this is so bad 💀
S M 12 godzin temu
someone educate with me how she got so famous. tiktok? famous backstory? related to someone? great song, deserves number 1 on the charts!!
Angela Hmarz
Angela Hmarz 12 godzin temu
Celine Terra
Celine Terra 12 godzin temu
My mom always told me to never tell a girl your insecure and jealous of her because she will rub it in your face lol
xuxii 12 godzin temu
Oliviaaaa I love you🥺🥺
Assia Yaya
Assia Yaya 12 godzin temu
Je le réécoute tous les jours 😌🤚
Preet Kaur
Preet Kaur 12 godzin temu
i love this so much.
Deni Kadiev
Deni Kadiev 12 godzin temu
cried at: all the song tbh
Iva Ostojic
Iva Ostojic 12 godzin temu
Look how many dislikes u have a lot of people dont like u and hate u like me
Blue Xoxo
Blue Xoxo 12 godzin temu
Linda Thao
Linda Thao 12 godzin temu
62 million views & 3.6 Million likes Now, that's impressive. ♡
Ky_Franz 12 godzin temu
I came here earlier... 52M views and 986k likes and now...... Wutttt the?
Mary Rose Abay
Mary Rose Abay 12 godzin temu
Played it like hundred times💯😩 gosh I'm so obsessed with this song
AMINAH SHARIEF 12 godzin temu
62 million🤯 Go Queen!🥰
Lord Sage
Lord Sage 12 godzin temu
The song is good but why are people sad over it
ok 12 godzin temu
Im coming back to this comment every year 2021: such a good song, see yall next year 2022: 2023: 2024:
Lily Reitter
Lily Reitter 12 godzin temu
Wow... this is my 1000th time im listenig to this
Rogelio Herbolingo
Rogelio Herbolingo 12 godzin temu
This song does have similarities of Taylor Swift's Teardrops on my guitar, 'She's got everything that I have to live without' -Taylor Swift. 'She's everything i'm insecure about'- Olivia Rodrigo
Jivika Jeyakumar
Jivika Jeyakumar 12 godzin temu
Have u seen Sabrina Carpenters new Song?.... " maybe blond was the only rhyme u found"...or... "don't drive yourself crazy"..., welp
Fatima Jamal
Fatima Jamal 12 godzin temu
I wanna know why there are 62m views and only 3.6m likes🙄💔 Besides that, best song that came out in a while. She's so good❤
Luis Chave
Luis Chave 12 godzin temu
This made me want to drive off a bridge lol, this stupid, I’m gonna dip my ears in bleach
ok 12 godzin temu
This is like tiktok, normally it would take so long to get 60 million likes. But this girl gets it in 2 weeks and its her first song
Sophia Tortilla
Sophia Tortilla 12 godzin temu
She's a heather and this is a really good song can't stop listening!
s t a r r y x d r e a m s
s t a r r y x d r e a m s 12 godzin temu
I listen to this on repeat😌
Anna Jeanne Asilo
Anna Jeanne Asilo 12 godzin temu
Feel the pain Olivia.. I can't get over this song. Road to next Tay2x hehehe☺️💖🇵🇭
Tutoriales de CapCut
Tutoriales de CapCut 12 godzin temu
Luis Chave
Luis Chave 12 godzin temu
Chloe McFarland
Chloe McFarland 12 godzin temu
merely a hole for SaMo
merely a hole for SaMo 12 godzin temu
This song literally makes me feel SICK with emotion especially the red lights stop signs bit it makes me feel like I’m literally going to die lmfao
Tania Springer
Tania Springer 12 godzin temu
Hits so different when you broken up with your boyfriend
Jivika Jeyakumar
Jivika Jeyakumar 12 godzin temu
Vanessa Alvarez
Vanessa Alvarez 12 godzin temu
Jivika Jeyakumar
Jivika Jeyakumar 12 godzin temu
Certified E-Bruh
Certified E-Bruh 12 godzin temu
why does this song have 80 million streams on Spotify Olivia isn't that famous
brr brr
brr brr 12 godzin temu
saket amp huhu. . .
Klara Burgos
Klara Burgos 12 godzin temu
Top top top
Itzz Patty
Itzz Patty 12 godzin temu
that sound a soo goodd olivia!<33
Starry Nights
Starry Nights 12 godzin temu
This hits different when your single
Damain Rivera
Damain Rivera 12 godzin temu
Kimberly Reyes
Kimberly Reyes 12 godzin temu
KC Ackerman
KC Ackerman 12 godzin temu
di ako broken. di ako broken. di ako broken. pero olivia namernnn
Maldonado Sisters
Maldonado Sisters 12 godzin temu
New favorite song
Liberty Gantner
Liberty Gantner 12 godzin temu
I was thinking it's some Disney kid song that is catchy but sucks, bruh this is literal gold.
gvc 12 godzin temu
"cause you said forever now I drive alone past your street" just hits deep
Maldonado Sisters
Maldonado Sisters 12 godzin temu
I was gonna hate on u but this song is SO GOOD 😊
God's Blessings
God's Blessings 12 godzin temu
Roller coaster emotions. Ugh..
heyooo 12 godzin temu
I'm not brokenhearted but why am I crying?!
Maxwell Davis
Maxwell Davis 12 godzin temu
Not typically into this type of music but I can appreciate the raw artistry and talent this girl has. Brought me to tears ❤️
MarkJared Apolonio
MarkJared Apolonio 12 godzin temu
Getting her Driver's License is like finally getting her ticket to be freed from what's been hurting her.
A dose of reality with Amana
A dose of reality with Amana 12 godzin temu
Driver’s license (Olivia): 2 weeks ago Lie lie lie (Joshua): 1 week ago Skin (Sabrina): 1 day ago They could have planned this and we all could be getting set up by then
sailor crystal
sailor crystal 12 godzin temu
got pretended to be dating by someone. i still love him. he is so nice to me still. i had my birthday yesterday. we were basically flirting like we always did. i still love him. i am so into him.
BABYCOOL_BOY 777 YT 12 godzin temu
How can dislike this song
heyooo 12 godzin temu
She looks like Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, They are both beautiful. 💙
Avakin Victoria Chic
Avakin Victoria Chic 12 godzin temu
POV: you are seeing very early comments having alot of likes , maybe even yours perhaps?
Sareena A
Sareena A 12 godzin temu
This song is so good she can actually sing.... unlike Sabrina
Yanick van Rijs
Yanick van Rijs 12 godzin temu
She’s being overhyped
shirley salas
shirley salas 12 godzin temu
we all love you Olivia Rodriguez just that boy mean just left you wow its ok your famous anyway kk we love you have a great life and if you die im die with you
BABYCOOL_BOY 777 YT 12 godzin temu
Bro this song a vibe
Fun Fun
Fun Fun 12 godzin temu
62 millions views
*{Silly clown}*
*{Silly clown}* 12 godzin temu
💛One thing it’s ok oliva that your sad that’s he’s gone and your telling your side and that’s ok but he’s gone so let him go you might get someone that is going to Stay so don’t drive yourself insane 💛 take a time to relax don’t get another love bird so soon because you might just hurt them and stop only blaming it on them because there happy so be happy for them to and blond really give her more respect please💛
DC DesignCraftyz
DC DesignCraftyz 12 godzin temu
Who is here after sabrina's song skin . I have to say they both are so pretty and talented. But this love triangle damn.
Gis C.
Gis C. 12 godzin temu
SHE'S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I found her more pretty than the blond girl😂 just saying. don't kill me cause I am mother of two cats.
John Joseph Bautista
John Joseph Bautista 12 godzin temu
Kinda reminds me of the old Taylor Swift 😊
APEX LEGEND 12 godzin temu
shes just a kid and she be talking about heartbreak lol
Glenna Cassandra Macayan
Glenna Cassandra Macayan 12 godzin temu
Girl, just leave them alone cuz you deserve better 💙💙💙😘😘😘
Girly D. Delos Reyes
Girly D. Delos Reyes 12 godzin temu
my heart is so heavy with this songgggg. 😭💓
MANO BLINK 12 godzin temu
I'm dying for this☹
Cateida1 12 godzin temu
That's exactly my life😖
isa lloyd-still
isa lloyd-still 12 godzin temu
Joshua Pierce
Joshua Pierce 12 godzin temu
Imagine if conan gray and olivia writing a song together. i’m telling you... this should happen
LIA' s slimes
LIA' s slimes 12 godzin temu
Number of people who believe that the best song in this love triangle is Olivia's song 👇
Kinjal Adhikari
Kinjal Adhikari 12 godzin temu
first driver license then lie lie lie and skin are they responding to olivia
Brenna Johnson
Brenna Johnson 12 godzin temu
Okay but did like anyone else notice she was driving in the middle of the road? Just me?
Lol Lolol
Lol Lolol 12 godzin temu
1:52 she got her drivers license but drove in the middle of the road, give that goddamn license back
I simp This
I simp This 12 godzin temu
everyhour I go back here a million views is added, in a month this might hit a 100 million views ❤😲
Trendz Now
Trendz Now 12 godzin temu
She does not need to be blonde. . . to be beautiful, she is already beautiful that way she is. . .
Its Tess
Its Tess 12 godzin temu
you're probably with that blonde girl Who always made me doubt She's so much older then me She's everything I'm insecure about Dang... that hits different 👀
Olivia Colombia
Olivia Colombia 12 godzin temu
It's Cristey
It's Cristey 12 godzin temu
1000000x coming back here to hear this song again. Such a bop
mariela ricohermoso
mariela ricohermoso 12 godzin temu
Who's here again, after hearing Sabrina's skin..