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Aqila thegirl
Aqila thegirl 4 godzin temu
I so liked
The Legit Potato
The Legit Potato 4 godzin temu
This song is so comforting
Maygen Ann Phillips
Maygen Ann Phillips 4 godzin temu
Wow I think I liked the small funny girl meets world Sabrina better😂 and wouldn't mind if Olivia went back to being page as well
Fanny Rathier
Fanny Rathier 4 godzin temu
On repeat 💕💕🤩🤩💕💕
irish joyce
irish joyce 4 godzin temu
it wasnt even Olivia s" fault sabrina was talking nonsense.
Mike Gray
Mike Gray 4 godzin temu
i love this song!!!!!!
lydia sherwood
lydia sherwood 4 godzin temu
I mean I guess I'll say it, Olivia vocals are better and her lyrics are better too...
AALIYA FREEMAN 4 godzin temu
I'm 15 years old and i was a huge fan of Sabrina carpenter but now I don't like her Like girl Olivia Rodrigo was saying nice stuff and she's was saying she's insecure when she's around you and you're rubbing in her face saying that he's yours and making her feel more bad about her self I hope your happy
Mabel King
Mabel King 5 godzin temu
i love the song but olivia didnt even do that much
ross 269954
ross 269954 5 godzin temu
We desperately NEED: Kygo x Ed Sheeran ❤️🌴🎶 Kygo x Passenger collab too ❤️🌴🎶
ross 269954
ross 269954 5 godzin temu
No wonder Kygo wants to work with Ed after the success of this and “I See Fire” remix! ❤️❤️❤️🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴❤️❤️❤️
ross 269954
ross 269954 5 godzin temu
ross 269954
ross 269954 5 godzin temu
KYGOO DA BEST 😍😍😍😭😭😭🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴🎶🌴😭😭😭😍😍😍
Anijae Booker
Anijae Booker 5 godzin temu
In love with this song
Melissa Kaleka
Melissa Kaleka 5 godzin temu
Why am I so invested in this obvious marketing stunt between three celebrities I've never been interested in?
Rafa Player
Rafa Player 5 godzin temu
0.01% indo 99.9% english
Hiliana Luster
Hiliana Luster 5 godzin temu
(My Opinion) She said she was gonna tell her side but all she had said was that “she can try to get under my skin but “he’s” on my skin” Honestly in my opinion that was unnecessary to (sort of) brag about it and she didn’t even say or describe what it felt like to her all she did was (sort of) brag. !!(My Opinion)!!
Peter Llanos
Peter Llanos 5 godzin temu
Oh man, this is good, good vibes good vibes
Theforbiddenname Z
Theforbiddenname Z 6 godzin temu
Love the original, but I love this even more !
Caitlin Nave
Caitlin Nave 6 godzin temu
This song is the pettiest song that I have ever heard. Olivia didn't bash Sabrina in any way, there was no need for Sabrina to get butt hurt unless she felt guilty to be honest
• Carson •
• Carson • 6 godzin temu
Y'all talking about some guy named mark, Gurl I got this from a Roblox game 😭😭
Malia Henderson
Malia Henderson 6 godzin temu
2021 Anyone
DJ Rojas
DJ Rojas 6 godzin temu
🔥 🔥 🔥
Happy Bunny Queen
Happy Bunny Queen 6 godzin temu
bts lover
bts lover 6 godzin temu
Is he the ONLY one who understands how I feel sometime I want to die but he helps me know it will get better
nora blades
nora blades 6 godzin temu
this is a whole mess huh
Nikka Sangual
Nikka Sangual 6 godzin temu
Who’s there because of Bae Suzy’s performance during her 10th anniversary fancert? ✌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️
taj i taj
taj i taj 6 godzin temu
To brate Srbine ;)
Kimaaya Mehta
Kimaaya Mehta 6 godzin temu
I know Sabrina is supposed to be Cady but in this song she was really acting like Regina
Indro Marwanto
Indro Marwanto 7 godzin temu
Aim is Indonesia ☺️🥰aku cewek
Ivy Joy Rosario
Ivy Joy Rosario 7 godzin temu
So it’s under her skin
Daniel Domițian
Daniel Domițian 7 godzin temu
yuliana 7 godzin temu
u mfs are saying this is too much yet dont keep the same energy w olivia. yes sabrina couldve just not written ab it, but the same goes for olivia. she couldve just kept sabrina out of her song and made it about all ab josh. if olivia can write ab sabrina, sabrina can write ab olivia. or no one writes ab anyone.
حسن خزام
حسن خزام 7 godzin temu
بحب هل غنيه كل مانام بسمعها
Grinse Katze
Grinse Katze 7 godzin temu
My Playlist says thank you 😃👍
Grinse Katze
Grinse Katze 7 godzin temu
My playlist says thank you 😀👍
Bridgett Cumby
Bridgett Cumby 8 godzin temu
I love this song because its makes me feel calm and relaxed. Where has this song been all my life.
София Алиса
София Алиса 8 godzin temu
Why am I listening to this? I am in a happy relationship...
Idiot girl
Idiot girl 8 godzin temu
okay then 😳
RKO Slam28
RKO Slam28 8 godzin temu
I mean... Olivia was petty first because she didn’t have to mention anything about what should be their private business. So that’s kinda instigating. I don’t blame (Sabrina) for defending herself. Also drivers license isn’t that great imo.
سوكينة سوسو
سوكينة سوسو 8 godzin temu
اشتركو بقنتي اني مشتركة
Bf24 tt
Bf24 tt 8 godzin temu
Amazing vocals🔥🔥🔥
Sophia rivera
Sophia rivera 8 godzin temu
Honestly Sabrina is a grown adult olivias not and she is bragging abt a guy I think it’s kinda shady and childish olivia was complementing her too soooo...
hann9750 hann9750
hann9750 hann9750 8 godzin temu
This is just mean! Olivia’s song wasn’t meant to be rude or hurtful! And hate to break it to Sabrina but Olivia’s song is 100000000000/100000000000000000 times better! So bye! 🤬🤪
ᎬᏆᏓᏆᎡᎾ KᏆᎡᏆᏚᎻᏆᎷᎪ 9 godzin temu
I'm not crying you are
Swish McGee
Swish McGee 9 godzin temu
When COVID is over
Hey Dragon
Hey Dragon 9 godzin temu
Madel Taguba
Madel Taguba 9 godzin temu
Dami mong alam sabrina magbebreak lang di naman kayo
jessica_stylinson 9 godzin temu
its kinda a bad song tho like...olivia complimented her like girl ✋😩
Renate Faulhaber
Renate Faulhaber 10 godzin temu
ItsAriaxX 10 godzin temu
Who else married carl ?? I sure did butttt i lowkey wanted noah LMAO
David Emanuel Music
David Emanuel Music 10 godzin temu
Inspired bye Alan Walker sing me to sleep ???
Lil S h a w t y
Lil S h a w t y 10 godzin temu
Who tf is mark??? I'm here because i love sza-
Hansini Bhagya
Hansini Bhagya 10 godzin temu
Mark is a member of kpop group NCT
Nathan 10 godzin temu
But blonde didn't rhyme with anything in Driver's License I-
Rafa Sousa
Rafa Sousa 10 godzin temu
this is so stupid like Olivia Rodrigo complimented her but this song is Trashig and making Olivia Rodrigo feel more sad Like girl get a life and leave a 17 year girl old Alone... PEROIDT
Dipal Upadhyay
Dipal Upadhyay 10 godzin temu
Who is because they heard this on a Radio?
Lovely Abby
Lovely Abby 10 godzin temu
Respect your pillow it catches your tears when no one else will I didn’t make this btw it’s copied
Joschua 10 godzin temu
Kennedy Mesteth
Kennedy Mesteth 11 godzin temu
This shit too much😂
Mário Bentes
Mário Bentes 11 godzin temu
Sadaf Imami
Sadaf Imami 11 godzin temu
You play for me you play for me ...... You play for meee 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😇😇😇☺☺😊😋😉😉😉😉😚
Vishavjit Buttar
Vishavjit Buttar 11 godzin temu
i like how she does not say bad words in her songs great song!
КРЕЙЗИ YouTube 11 godzin temu
Original forever
Ana Ana
Ana Ana 11 godzin temu
Ok but the song sounds good tho 👌
Deejay Raid-One
Deejay Raid-One 11 godzin temu
elle a tué l'original avec mufasa dommage
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 godzin temu
2020 - You Broke Me First 2021- Drivers license
Leon Kell
Leon Kell 11 godzin temu
Ahmed Kamran
Ahmed Kamran 12 godzin temu
I don’t like that these 2 r fighting but their fight Is bringing amazing music to the world
Wave Music - Lyrics No Copyright
Wave Music - Lyrics No Copyright 12 godzin temu
Great! 👌
Marley Hernandez
Marley Hernandez 12 godzin temu
its all a publicity stunt lol. you think the three of them had songs about each other just randomly written?
SimplyManat 8 godzin temu
I wrote a song in a day once it’s very possible
Etienne Botha
Etienne Botha 12 godzin temu
Great song and has a lot of meaning to me . This is one of the best songs ever .
Gökhan Can
Gökhan Can 12 godzin temu
La la la from Turkey 🇹🇷😃😎
Herr Vorragend
Herr Vorragend 12 godzin temu
oooold: original: PPK - Resurection
sevgi aydın
sevgi aydın 12 godzin temu
Kelvianys Martinez
Kelvianys Martinez 12 godzin temu
Im sad 😭😭😞😞
Wolflover18 12 godzin temu
I got goosebumps with this song.. it hits home for sure. Such a good song
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 godzin temu
will die, but GOD is eternal and stop the doubt. believe to see! God bless you all, brothers and sisters!
Uniquely_ Everything
Uniquely_ Everything 12 godzin temu
lovie _1
lovie _1 12 godzin temu
Olivia literally complimented her wtf-
Donatella Masotto
Donatella Masotto 12 godzin temu
Honestly feel like this is an underrated song it has such good beats and the lyrics are so good I honestly like both Olivia and Sabrina but people are giving so much hate to Sabrina for giving her opinion about this whole thing and also it’s not just Olivia who made her write this song it was Joshua too he obviously mentions her in his song lie lie lie.He says I am not the only one to blame as he mentally gestures to Sabrina.So honestly I’m on sabrinas side for this one.Also people are saying that Olivia is under her skin for writing something about her in her song drivers license but I think that when drivers license came out that’s when hate was coming out to Sabrina because Olivia barely knows Sabrina referring to her as the blonde girl.I think this song proves that she isn’t what she seems and that she doesn’t need to be getting hate from olivias fans when it’s not even a song mainly about her so this song is her side of the story and all Sabrina Olivia and Joshua have given their side of the story.
SimplyManat 8 godzin temu
She just repeats the same thing over and over again
Jahairah Thomas
Jahairah Thomas 12 godzin temu
for those wondering mark lee did a cover on this song